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Letters to the Editor


Abortion editorial uncaring

Your July 5 editorial "Abortion agenda," which criticized an Ohio House bill that would protect our unborn when a heartbeat is detected, is out of line.

If there were an effort to save whales or eagles, I'm sure The Blade would be the first to hail it. Yet when people act to save the unborn, they get criticized.

I believe life begins at conception.

Steve Cherry



Global warming more than CO2

Many scientists dispute the Al Gore model of global warming ("Climate bullies," editorial, July 4).

To suggest that the temperature of the Earth is determined by a single component, carbon dioxide, is illogical. Water vapor and solar activity contribute more to earthly temperatures than carbon dioxide.

Terry Sommers

Hill Avenue


Concerts' loss sad for Toledo

It is hard to accept that we no longer have free Sunday night concerts ("Music Under the Stars was one of the joys of summer," op-ed column, July 4).

I have trouble with the argument that lower attendance had anything to do with it. Because the Toledo Zoo provided the venue at no cost, it is hard to believe that corporate sponsors could not take up whatever cost remained.

Can't the Toledo Symphony or the Toledo Concert Band find anyone to take charge of a few concerts a year in place of Sam Szor, who is in poor health? That is really sad. This community is poorer because of the lost concerts.

Paul Wroe

309th Street


This free concert draws applause

We attended the free concert sponsored by The Blade on June 30. Newspapers are having a difficult time in this economy, so you should be commended for using your resources to make it possible for those who filled the Peristyle to enjoy a fabulous concert by the U.S. Army Jazz Ambassadors and the Toledo Jazz Orchestra.

I think those who took advantage of this largess would join me in thanking you for your part in making it possible.

Virginia Bamonte

Archbold, Ohio


Stopping violence begins at home

Going after guns to stop violence is a lost cause ("Ending gun violence," editorial, June 29).

Solving violence must begin with teaching right from wrong, respect for life, and controlling anger, all of which come back to values.

The teaching of values can only come from the home. Obviously, the heads of our homes are falling down on their responsibility.

Milton C. Mann



Trail expansion would be an asset

Your July 6 article "Land purchase near, will add 11 miles to multiuse trail" mentions that an old railroad bridge by the Ohio Turnpike could be a part of this project. Including the bridge could have a huge positive impact on our area.

Poughkeepsie, N.Y. did this with results far beyond expectations. The Walkway Over the Hudson is a converted railroad bridge and trail that has attracted droves of people. It's a beautiful, unique walking experience

The trail/bridge idea will be a great asset for the Toledo area.

Bruce Baer

Parkwood Avenue


Jeep plant poised for the future

Chrysler Group LLC's Toledo Assembly complex is building the 2012 model year Jeep Wrangler, and early next year could retool for a future product ("Fiat's push for higher global sales puts Toledo factories in overdrive," June 24).

This is a boon for Toledo. While other auto plants around the country are building current vehicles at corporate average fuel economy of 28 miles per gallon, we in Toledo can be retooling for the 2016 model year CAFE of 34.1 mpg and progressing toward 2025, when the requirement could be 56 mpg.

Toledo's Jeep complex, if the right steps are taken, will leapfrog all other Fiat plants and virtually all other automakers, foreign and domestic. The survival of Fiat in America will depend on huge sales of highly fuel-efficient vehicles, allowing Fiat's other plants to sell lower-efficiency models until they also can retool for the future.

The days of 19 mpg gas-guzzlers are over; some people don't realize it yet. I hope future planners at the Toledo complex do.

Scott Fisher

North McCord Road


SB 5 must pass to rein in unions

There has been a lot of talk about pushing the defeat of Senate Bill 5, and making the Kasich administration appear guilty of abuse of power ("SB 5 opponents: 89,610 signed in Lucas County," July 2). The bill includes provisions that would prohibit public employees from striking and limit what they can negotiate.

The problem exists because of decades of greed and power-grabbing by union leaders and politicians of both parties. These shortsighted people have indebted generations of taxpayers to give union government employees pay, fringe benefits, and retirement pensions that exceed the ability of taxpayers to pay for them.

Unions have helped make vast improvements in employee safety, work conditions, and pay. But when collective bargaining became greedy, unions crossed the line and need to be stopped.

Austerity measures must be taken for the sake of future generations. The time is now to show some backbone and pass Senate Bill 5.

Jim Krumm

Springfield Township


Kasich, GOP ruining Ohio

Since Gov. John Kasich and his Republicans have controlled state government, the quality of life in Ohio has dramatically decreased.

Senate Bill 5 is designed to destroy the wage scale of Ohio's employees. Now our state allows guns in bars, drilling in state parks, privatized jails, and funding cuts to local governments. Expect increased shootings in bars, oil spills, well-water pollution, inmates prematurely unleashed on public streets, and cuts in local fire and police services.

The governor may be balancing the budget, but he is only willing to do it at the expense of the health, safety, and wallets of Ohioans.

Paul Szymanowski

Curtice, Ohio


Is Marina District repeat of history?

Is China's purchase of Toledo's Marina District good for Toledo ("City, Chinese duo seal Marina deal," July 3)?

At the dawn of the Industrial Revolution, Europe imported raw materials to feed its machines and create jobs for its citizens. Foreign countries, depleted of their raw materials, lost jobs and had to buy goods from Europeans. Net profits flowed back to Europe.

Now, amid the Technological Revolution, a similar situation appears to be occurring between Toledo and China. In essence, we are selling our land for money we spend on goods manufactured in China. Net profits from this real estate will flow back to China.

So have we made a good trade with China, or will we live to regret this sale?

James Stewart

Shoreland Avenue


Congress should buckle down

The job of members of Congress is to produce, debate, and pass legislation. They should stop pointing fingers and blaming others.

Now is the time to get serious. The Aug. 2 deadline for reaching a deal on the debt limit is imminent.

Tom Garcher

Barbara Drive


Rising gas prices dampen holiday

The great American rip-off: When we plan our holiday trips, gasoline companies plan to gouge us ("Fluctuations in fuel prices reroute some travel plans," June 30).

Ted Georgoff


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