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Letters to the Editor


Blair made an error in judgment

Toledo Catholic Bishop Leonard Blair is a good man, but his announcement that local parishes and schools can no longer raise funds to support the Susan G. Komen Foundation is a mistake (“Bishop of Toledo bars assistance to Komen group,” July 12).

His logic is that the foundation does nothing that offends our Catholic church today, but might someday, so we should not support it. This reasoning could apply to any organization, foundation or group, and just doesn’t hold water.

Public outcry against Bishop Blair’s position is understandable, but people need to be careful that they don’t apply the same false logic in criticizing the Catholic Church. It would be wrong to judge an entire faith based on one act. Good people and good religions sometimes make mistakes.

Stuart F. Cubbon

Kenwood Boulevard


Komen race, foundation lauded

For the past few Septembers I have run in Toledo’s Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure. It has been a thrill to join thousands of runners, walkers, breast cancer survivors, and supporters whose main goal is to assist in the fight to eradicate breast cancer.

I commend the Komen foundation for all its activities across the country to raise funds so that essential research can continue. An organization devoted to keeping people alive should receive our deepest respect and admiration.

Gerald Bazer

Sylvania Township


Bryan area fosters doctor development

Your July 11 story “Prarie practitioners” reminded me of the many wonderful country doctors we have in our rural areas of northwest Ohio.

The Bryan Area Health Education Center covers Defiance, Fulton, Henry, Paulding, and Williams counties. We work with the University of Toledo College of Medicine to place medical students in clinical rotations. They work one on one with a physician to see firsthand how medicine is practiced in a rural area.

A typical comment from students is that rural physicians really know their patients and families because they live in the communities in which they practice.

Since 1980, we have placed 2,877 students with physicians who have donated their time to teaching these future physicians.

As we face a physician shortage in rural America, our program and others like it will continue to provide high-quality learning opportunities for medical students in rural and underserved areas across the country.

Patsy Miller


Bryan Area Health Education Center



Sandusky area training physicians

You did not have to base your story about medical students spending part of their training in small-town clinics and hospitals in Minnesota.

The Sandusky Area Health Education Center is a community-driven, nonprofit organization that works to improve access to health care in rural and medically underserved areas.

SAHEC’s primary mission is to educate medical students at physicians’ offices in Erie, Huron, Ottawa, Sandusky, Seneca, and Wood counties. The students spend three to five weeks with local physicians.

This past year, 107 physicians taught 183 students. Sixteen former students now practice in our six-county area.

Dr. James Scherger

Interim Director

Sandusky Area Health Education Center



Social Security threat not right

Threatening not to mail August’s Social Security checks is unacceptable (“Both sides turn up heat on debt limit; Obama warns of delay in Social Security checks,” July 13).

Some of those who depend on those checks do not have reserve funds. Why are they and the rest of us being punished for some arrogant politicians’ behavior?

Why is Social Security targeted? It is a plan we paid into as a retirement account. Our money should still be there.

If someone has quietly spent that money without my permission, I want that person held accountable.

Rodney Stroshine

Ottawa River Road


Quit bickering; raise debt limit

Both parties need to stop bickering and raise the debt limit before they destroy an already fragile economy.

The issue of deficit reduction and tax increases or decreases is a separate matter for Congress to resolve.

Quit playing chicken with the local, national, and global economies because we cannot agree in a bipartisan fashion. Failure to raise the limit will result in an economic disaster that will be the fault of both parties.

Brendan Buckley

Orchard Trail


GOP looks to hurt seniors, the poor

I am tired of hearing how Republicans plan to cut the deficit on the backs of seniors, the unemployed, and the poor.

Republicans plan to cut services that are needed, but they don’t want to touch tax cuts for the wealthy.

What did the tax cuts for the wealthy do but add to the deficit? Because of the arrogant posturing of Republicans, seniors may not get their Social Security checks next month.

I am a senior citizen who relies on my Social Security check because my husband and I lost everything in the last three recessions led by the Republican Party. It seems every time Republicans control Congress, this country goes in the hole.

Josie McConnell

Sunset Boulevard


Are seniors an Obama priority?

If the debt ceiling and taxes are not raised, there will not be enough funds to pay our government’s bills.

President Obama has the responsibility to prioritize and pay those bills of highest value. If he chooses not to send out Social Security checks, as he has threatened, it shows that senior citizens are not a priority for him.

Pat Dooley



Leave Medicare, Social Security as is

Leave my Social Security and Medicare alone. If not for the sweat of the middle-class American worker, this country would not be what it is today.

I am tired of paying more and more taxes. Why doesn’t the government go after large corporations?

Bill Pohlmeyer

Branbury Road


When do haves, have-nots reverse?

How high do our tax rates have to go before the haves and the have-nots begin to reverse roles?

It looks as if the Obama Adminstration means to find out.

Edwin F. Durivage

River Road


How Obama’s words measure up

Great presidential orators:

“We have nothing to fear but fear itself.” — Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

“Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall.” — Ronald Reagan.

“Pull off the Band-Aid. Eat our peas.” — Barack Obama.

Paul D. Lumbrezer



Korean War signs on I-280 too small

In 2002, a five-mile stretch of I-280 between the Ohio Turnpike and the northern border of Wood County was named the Korean War Veterans Memorial Highway to honor those who fought in that conflict.

Last year, work was done in that area. When we asked what happened to the signs that identified that stretch, we were told one was taken down during construction and the other one was missing.

New signs were put up, but they are so small you can’t read them. This is a dishonor to those who served, died, and remain missing in that war.

Shirley Davis


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