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Letters to the Editor


Editorial on NFL a fumble

Your July 27 editorial “Call an audible, NFL” needed to be better researched. The National Football League is a huge supporter of the United Way.

Many past and current players support a variety of programs, usually within their communities. A lot of them have started foundations.

Many of these athletes are among the best examples of millionaires who donate their time and money to help the less fortunate.

You really dropped the ball on this one.

K. Robb
Willys Parkway

Cartoon of BAX closure offensive
Your July 26 editorial cartoon about BAX Global leaving the Toledo area offended me, an employee of BAX for more than 13 years.

The cartoon portrays BAX in a negative way. The cargo hub is going nowhere; it is being closed by the parent company.

As a long-time employee, I can say we are not happy. Family life is being ripped apart. I would think that in this economy, The Blade would be a little more sympathetic to the community.

Nathan Longsdorf
Customer Service Representative
BAX Forwarder Network

BAX’s leaving to bring silence
In response to noise complaints from people who lived near Toledo Express Airport in 1994, then-Toledo Mayor Carty Finkbeiner said deaf people could be moved into homes around the airport.

Now that BAX is leaving Toledo Express, will people who can hear be able to move near the airport again (“BAX Global to close, end 700 local jobs,” July 23)?

Joseph Pflager

Put TARTA issue on fall ballot
Sylvania Township Trustee John Jennewine wants to delay a vote on whether to pull out from the Toledo Area Regional Transit Authority until spring (“Sylvania Twp. eyes TARTA pullout,” July 27). Township officials need more time to study the details, he said.

We still have to vote, so put it on the fall ballot. I am getting tired of seeing empty buses.

Martin Abrams
Sylvania Township

Don’t need TARTA? Close post offices
Since the people of Perrysburg and Sylvania Township have no need for TARTA, why don’t their post offices close, because apparently they are able to drive where they need to go with no problem?

Arnold Buehler
Riviera Drive

Fiberglas Tower loan a bad idea
The latest attempt by the owner of the Fiberglas Tower to persuade Toledo taxpayers to agree to accept responsibility for a $10 million loan should be avoided (“Fiberglas Tower plans scaled back,” July 21).

Eyde Co.of Lansing owns the building that has stood vacant since Owens Corning moved out in 1996. Since then, the building’s sole purpose has been as a base for communication antennaes on its roof.

The idea that Eyde is going to develop this crumbeling eyesore into retail space and 90 residential units is bait to lure our tax dollars into its pockets.

How many times must Toledo’s elected representatives be led down this path before they learn their lesson? The Museum Place, Commodore Perry, and Hillcrest Hotel apartments and the Edison steam plant project are examples of what happens when developers hoodwink the city into bad investments.

Congratulations to Councilman Adam Martinez for leading the call for sanity, saying he would vote for the loan only if “the taxpayers’ money is protected.”

Mike McMahon
Robinwood Avenue

Unreturned call sign of disrespect
The latest example of the lack of respect among our political leaders is the refusal by House Speaker John Boehner of Ohio to return telephone calls to the President (“President, speaker trade barbs on debt talks,” July 23).

This is unheard of. It shows just how unimportant the speaker thinks President Obama is.

This is most certainly not a teaching moment for future potential leaders of our country, or is it?

Henry Rybaczewski
Douglas Road

Abortion bill goes against Lord
In commenting on Gov. John Kasich’s signing of a bill to ban late-term abortions, state Sen. Nina Turner of Cleveland said: “Even the good Lord gives us choice” (“Kasich signs late-term abortion ban,” July 21).

Yes, He does, but our Lord said: “Thou shalt not kill.” Whether in or out of the womb, the baby needs protection, not rejection.

The time for a woman to have control over her body is before conception. Afterward, her body is a sacred receptacle of the new life within her.

Joan Cousino

Hot vehicles pose danger to animals
When the projected high temperature is 90 degrees, the inside of a car with the windows up can reach a temperature of 160 degrees in minutes. Where is your dog? I hope not in the car.

Dogs can cool themselves only by panting and through the pads on their paws. They don’t sweat like we do. A dog can die from being left inside a vehicle that’s unattended by the owner.

If you see a dog in a car alone, look for signs of overheating: restlessness, heavy panting, lethargy, a dark tongue, or vomiting. Check nearby for the car’s owner.

If that’s unsuccessful, note the details of the car and contact the proper authorities. If it’s necessary to free the dog, get a witness before trying to remove the animal from the vehicle.

This should be common sense, but I see animals (and in some unbelievable cases, children) left in cars while the “responsible” adult is inside a store.

Jonathon Addington
Lima, Ohio

Teen, unwed mom pregnancies decried
Pregnancies among teenage girls and unmarried women are spiraling out of control. The financial cost has to be straining the already stressed Medicaid program.

We can place most of the blame for this pregnancy surge on female and male celebrity role models, for eliminating what little was left of morals in this country.

Maybe one of the companies that make birth control devices should reinvent the chastity belt. Once the belt is attached, lock it and throw away the key.

Marvin Gagnet
Commonwealth Avenue

Where’s money to save Libbey?
What is wrong with Lucas County? The commissioners want to spend thousands to restore the former sheriff’s residence, but for Libbey High School, the money doesn’t seem to be there (“Former sheriff’s home spared; County sets aside $21,000 to stabilize vacant building,” July 14).

At least people know where Libbey High School is.

Marilyn Henricks

Photo of Vergara sadly low quality
I was surprised at the incredibly poor quality of Sofia Vergara’s photo on the cover of Parade magazine last Sunday.

As one of America’s most beautiful and recognizable women, she deserves better. And I, as a loyal male reader of The Blade, deserve better.

Sid Davisson

Winehouse not to be celebrated
Why acknowledge the death, let alone celebrate the life, of Amy Winehouse, a loser who chose her self-destructive actions and who in her own words declared her addictions as fuel for her so-called musical creations (“Singer struggled with addictions,” July 24)?

Art is art, but she was not an artist.

Shellie McKnight

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