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Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Ohio remap restricts who votes

Blade Editor David Kushma’s Sept. 25 op-ed column, “Ohio gerrymander another GOP overreach,” is too true.

Unfortunately, this is the new political reality — power for power’s sake, and winning by destroying the ability of your opponents to cast a meaningful vote (or any vote at all; see the new voting laws in Ohio and many other Republican-controlled states).

As far as I recall, there has never been this kind of attempt to restrict who votes since Reconstruction.

I don’t think even Mr. Kushma’s plea to reasonable Republicans will result in anything more than a sly smile as they read his words. Our friends and neighbors who support these illogical positions think only of what they hope to get out of these kinds of changes, instead of using their considerable intelligence to anticipate the unintended consequences.

I hope Mr. Kushma continues to write about this very important issue of power grabbing and disfranchisement of the majority sweeping through Columbus, Washington, and dozens of other state capitals all over the nation.

Sandra Clark
Crary Drive

Maps encourage one-party rule

It is important that voices such as Mr. Kushma’s be heard on the issue of Ohio’s gerrymandered redistricting maps. Having one party dominate the state legislature and congressional delegation could hurt Ohio for years.

Our state has been pivotal in almost every presidential election in my lifetime. Yet you would think from the maps that Ohio voters were split 65 percent to 75 percent in favor of Republicans.

Senate Bill 5 was just the first round of the steamroller politics we can expect from Republican officeholders if the voters or the courts do not prevent one-party rule very soon. It is obvious that fairness will have to be imposed on Republicans. Otherwise, there will be many more costly referenda and court challenges to every heavy-handed action taken by them.

Dick Stein

Laughter still is the best medicine

The Sept. 27 Readers’ Forum letter “Cancer is no joke” took exception to a picture of a woman in a tank top that said: “Save The Ta-Tas.” As an 18-year survivor of breast cancer, I proudly wear my “Save The Ta-Tas” apparel.

Without a sense of humor, I never would have made it through treatment. Proceeds from the sale of these items are donated to the cause.

My mother died at age 38 from breast cancer. I have a cousin and a niece who are cancer survivors. We are happy our lives were saved, if not our “ta-tas.”

Barbara Northrup
307th Street

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