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Letters to the Editor

Postal unit creates own woes

The troubles with the U.S. Postal Service are of its own making ("Postal patience needed," March 5). My letter carrier pulls into our driveway, shuts off the truck, gets out, locks the driver's-side door, walks to three homes, returns to the truck, drives to another three houses, and repeats the process.

Stopping and starting the truck has got to take more time than walking the route. Imagine this happening thousands of times a day, all around the country. With the price of gasoline going higher, I would have the trucks parked as much as possible.

When we have a replacement carrier who walks, my mail usually arrives by 11 a.m. My mail used to be delivered at 12:30 p.m. every day. Now it is delivered between 1 and 5:15 p.m.

The mail processing center in Toledo is scheduled to close because the carriers and their bosses don't see how they could be more cost-effective.

Dale Perne'
Talmadge Road

Agencies need to be accountable

It's not a shock that the Economic Opportunity Planning Association of Greater Toledo has been investigated and found to have questionable standards ("EOPA probe shows misuse of U.S. funds; Lot-mowing, gardens cited," March 6).

How many more times is federal money going to be squandered without transparency? The city's Neighborhoods Department underwent an internal investigation that outlined allegations of widespread mismanagement, bid-rigging, and possible misuse of federal funds.

No wonder there's a deficit in the federal budget. The government hands out millions of dollars to organizations with no checks and balances. When is this going to stop?

It's time for the people in this city to remind those who are employed by federal, state, and local governments that they work for the public. When agencies are suspected of wrongdoing, a federal investigation needs to find out why such practices continue.

I support The Blade's investigation. Without you, who knows what would be going on in this city behind our backs?

Jim Kurek
Ivy Place

TPS bid to run Head Start criticized

I can't believe Toledo Public Schools wants to take control of the Head Start program ("TPS, agency square off in bid to run Head Start; EOPA accuses board of sheer money grab," March 1.) Is it for the grant money the school district is looking to get its hands on? TPS is having a rough time running its own schools.

Head Start is not just for the black community, or to offer employment solely to African-American Toledoans. Head Start should offer equal opportunity to everyone interested in the program.

Both TPS and the EOPA have experienced many problems in the past few years, so why not move on?

Head Start classes at for-profit day-care centers appear to be doing well. Why not let a for-profit company run the program? These centers already know the rules and regulations required by the federal government, so they have a foot in the door.

Genevieve Threet
Parrakeet Avenue
Editor's Note: The letter writer is a former Head Start parent aide and teacher.

Is TPS angling for Head Start grant?

Does Toledo Public Schools want in on Head Start because of the $13 million grant that would finance the program?

Are we talking about the welfare of children or money that could help TPS coffers?

Thomas Baker
Donegal Drive

Reproduction bill for men a 'joke'

A proposed state law that would prevent men from having vasectomies or require them to get psychological evaluation before getting prescriptions for Viagra is a joke ("Female lawmakers push bills on male reproductive health," March 9).

I had a vasectomy after our second child was born because birth-control pills were causing my wife to have what doctors called cancer blotches. I realized that two children was all we could afford. I had to pay for this procedure, which insurance did not cover.

I and probably 99 percent of all other men do not want a bunch of politicians in our bedrooms. Shouldn't lawmakers be working on the economy or something of urgency?

Richard Arledge
120th Street

Limbaugh grating? Then don't listen

I didn't hear conservative radio talk-show host Rush Limbaugh's unkind criticism of Sandra Fluke, but I know that he apologized ("Limbaugh's attack deserves scorn," Readers' Forum March 11). As a result of Mr. Limbaugh's unwarranted remarks, the law student's cause has received more publicity than she could buy. Is that a blessing in disguise?

Those who disapprove of Mr. Limbaugh's language should not listen to his program.

Phyllis Martin
McComb, Ohio

Limbaugh dodges punishment

MSNBC's Ed Schultz was suspended for a week for a slur against conservative radio talk-show host Laura Ingraham and then was able to return ("Schultz the face of Democratic Party?" Readers' Forum, March 11).

That's far more than Mr. Limbaugh will ever get for what he said about Ms. Fluke. It seems that if you are Republican, you can get away with trash talk.

Anyone, Republican or Democrat, should be held accountable. No woman should be degraded by any man.

Joanna Remley

Mandate threatens First Amendment

The federal mandate that requires employers to pay for contraceptives and abortion-inducing drugs and the religious exemptions to that mandate are incorrectly presented by the majority of media as a church/government issue. It really is an attack on the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

The First Amendment gives all citizens the right to worship as they please, without government interference. This part of the mandate is a threat to one of the liberties that has made this country great.

Alvera Sams

Fracking column seemed balanced

I do not know Janetta King of Innovation Ohio, but I believe she is referring to a type of drilling called high volume slick water horizontal hydraulic fracturing. I believe her Feb. 19 op-ed article was fair and balanced ("Columnist wrong about fracking," Readers' Forum, March 5).

I have concerns related to this new technology, which is not the same technology used in the 1960s. This is a more recent method of extracting gas from shale rock layers.

With fracking done on a large scale, shouldn't our nation be concerned about our supply of potable water? Leasing of land is another issue; some people feel pressured into signing a lease when they would not ordinarily do so.

I appreciate Ms. King's article, because I care deeply about our environment and water supply.

Leslie Harper
Grand Rapids, Ohio
Editor's Note: The letter writer is a member of the Northwest Ohio Alliance to Stop Fracking and the Southeast Ohio Alliance to Save Our Water.

Cats need to be herded

I love dogs, but when will the Lucas County dog warden do something about all the cats running loose?

Cats aren't licensed, they damage flower beds, and they get into garages. Can't anything be done about cats that are taking over the city?

Robert Price

Biased? Writers should stop, think

I have been reading, and have been published on, your Pages of Opinion for decades. I like what people say, even when some opinions make no sense.

I have seen some claim that The Blade is biased. If that was so, many letter writers would not be published. People should think about that before they call you biased.

Bruce Whalen
Fredonia Avenue

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