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Legacy of Armstrong lives on

As we say goodbye to Neil Armstrong, I remember lying on the floor with my dad watching the moon landing ("Neil Armstrong's legacy," editorial, Aug. 28). What a true hero: humble, reticent, determined simply to do his job and his duty.

We could use more heroes like him, instead of the narcissistic personas that permeate just about every fiber of society these days.

Mr. Armstrong came at a time and with an attitude that inspired millions of people -- children, really, like me -- to realize a lifetime of dreams.

Some of us looked at Mr. Armstrong and at the space program for a message that we could do anything we wanted. Among my tiny school class of 32 from a small town, that inspiration led us to have careers with huge worldwide computer companies, do things our parents would have never imagined, and develop items we use every day and now take for granted.

I am an Internet engineer with a role in ensuring that more than 150,000 customers can communicate. Mine was not a big dream, but I could realize it because of what thousands of people such as Mr. Armstrong made possible through their contributions to the space program.

In so many ways, Mr. Armstrong was one cool dude.

Dan Miller


Transplant doctor, donor restored life

My son received a kidney transplant last November at University of Toledo Medical Center, the former Medical College of Ohio; Dr. Michael Rees performed the transplant ("Get a second opinion," editorial, Sept. 5). I have great respect for Dr. Rees, for his expertise, and most of all for his compassion for his patients and their families.

I am thankful to Dr. Rees and to the living donor. They gave my son his life back.

Mary Ostrosky

Oakridge Drive

Cartoon puts focus on poor economy

I applaud The Blade for publishing Chan Lowe's editorial cartoon in the Aug. 6 Pages of Opinion. It says a lot about the socioeconomic division in our society. However, as it should, it leaves a lot unsaid, especially about this year's presidential election.

President Obama believes that the federal government has a necessary role in people's lives as we all suffer economic pain. This means the government must be bigger to address the concerns of its citizens.

Mitt Romney believes the opposite. To him, government must be small and uninvolved in economic activity to allow business to reboot itself during bad economic times, such as now. People must look out for themselves until the economy heals, allowing businesses to rehire unemployed and underemployed workers, regardless of the suffering they endure.

This election is critical to the economic and political stability of our society. Either the federal government is part of the solution to these poor economic times, or it's part of the problem. We must not allow well-off, capitalist-centered Tea Party-type Republicans to profit at the expense of the suffering populace.

We should vote for President Obama and all other Democrats.

William Snitch

Lynbridge Lane

New U.S. 24 earns kudos for ODOT

Congratulations to the Ohio Department of Transportation for the new road to Napoleon ("Expanded U.S. 24 ready to open today after decades of struggle; 200 gather near Waterville to celebrate Fort to Port project," Aug. 29). I drove this new section. It is great.

Not only does the highway have gentle curves to reduce boredom, it also has been built higher than the surrounding terrain. This elevation improves roadway drainage, a major enemy of highway durability.

I also noticed the extra-long on-ramps, which give drivers added time to accelerate and blend into traffic. What a blessing.

Jon Lee

Perrysburg Township

Map of new road would be helpful

The long-anticipated road has gone from an idea to reality. But has anyone thought about publishing a map or giving directions to the interchanges on this new road?

Motorists can get on westbound U.S. 24 from U.S. 475/23 and can get on and off in the Napoleon area, but what about points in between?

Don Decker

Springfield Township

Editor's note: An ODOT spokesman said motorists can gain access to U.S. 24 at the tie-ins near Waterville and Napoleon and interchanges at State Routes 64, 295, and 109. A map is available at

Romney, Ryan have business acumen the country needs

Our country faces two main problems that need to be fixed immediately: creating more jobs and reducing the national debt.

Our top executive to handle both problems should be a successful businessman with government experience. In that case, the only choice for our next president is Mitt Romney.

His vice president should be a man with a plan and federal budget experience. That would be Paul Ryan.

Why bother with a November election for president and vice president, when only two competent men are running?

J. Murray Stewart

Shoreland Avenue

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