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Letters to the Editor

Writers miscast Obama

I am befuddled by the opinions of some Readers' Forum writers. They belittle President Obama, ignore his accomplishments, and deny him his victories.

Are these readers so unaware of world affairs that all they can do is repeat right-wing hate remarks? Or are they so against the President that they can’t stand united behind him?

President Obama inherited a mess left by eight years of George W. Bush and his failed policies. Mr. Obama saved us from going into a depression, got us out of an unjust war, took out our No. 1 enemy, saved millions of American jobs, and made strides in green energy.

People may not always agree with his polices, but he is the President and deserves respect.

A lot of the blame has to go to Republicans, who for the past four years have concentrated on how to remove Mr. Obama from office instead of moving our county forward. Shame on them.


Grand Rapids, Ohio


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Congress makes the decisions

The U.S. president cannot be a king or dictator, because our government prevents it. Who really runs this country? Congress does.

Congress makes the laws, the budget and finance committees control the purse strings, and Congress can override a presidential veto. If the budget and finance committees decide not to fund a measure, it’s as good as dead.

Those who labor under the illusion that a president is the almighty ruler need to familiarize themselves with how our government functions.


Islington Street


Candidates must tell it like it is

Why don’t our presidential hopefuls quit bashing each other and admit that our country is so far in debt it would be impossible to reduce it?

We send billions of dollars to other countries so that they will be our friends. If we have to buy friendship, what do we really have?

Please, candidates, tell us the truth and quit promising to take us to the promised land.


Weston, Ohio


Romney right about 47%

The writer of the Sept. 30 letter “Romney unaware of how others live” is typical of people who regurgitate political ads.

If you listen to what Mr. Romney said about the 47 percent, he did not mean people on Social Security, veterans, or people who get unemployment benefits.

He was talking about people who are capable of working but feel they are entitled to government handouts.

He said he was not going to waste his time campaigning for votes he will never get. He was speaking the truth.



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