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Imagine, station denied

For those who couldn’t part with under $6 a year — that’s a pack of cigarettes or a large specialty coffee — so that the kids of northwest Ohio would continue to have a fun, educational venue such as the Imagination Station, shame on you (“Science center pins its hopes on provisional count ballots,” Nov. 8).

What a pitiful statement about the adults in this area who want to complain about Toledo not having anything for kids to do, then vote against funding an awesome venue.

I thank those who voted for the levy. I share your disappointment.


Greenlawn Drive


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Obama voters to put up with a lot

It is interesting that the Americans who re-elected President Obama are willing to have continued high unemployment rates, massive government deficits, a growing $16 trillion national debt, a no-growth economy, higher taxes, and little or no support of Israel.

They also will continue to listen to a President who proposes same-sex marriage and abortions, both of which are a violation of God’s word. That is sad.


Ryewyck Drive

GOP happy now over Issue 2 loss

Ohio Republican Party Chairman Bob Bennett found something in the election to celebrate: the defeat of Issue 2 (“Ohioans reject both state issues by wide margins; Constitutional convention, redistricting proposals lose,” Nov. 7).

Proposal 2 would have prevented the legislature from gerrymandering election districts in a way that favors the party in power. Gerrymandering is against everything that this country stands for. The Republicans’ glee over this defeat is shortsighted, because Democrats can play the same game should they attain a majority in the state legislature.

I applaud the good-government, pro-liberty efforts of the proponents of Issue 2. I hope the next time around they will achieve victory.


Broadway Street


Election restores faith in voters

The election results have restored my faith in the power of the individual voter.

Despite the millions of dollars poured into state and national political campaigns by Michigan billionaire Manuel Moroun and super-political action committees, and by the ill-conceived Citizen’s United ruling of the U.S. Supreme Court, all voters didn’t fall under their spell. Many voted sensibly. Hurrah for the citizenry.


Petersburg, Mich.


Headline casts pall on early votes

Your Nov. 6 headline “Citizens turned away from early vote site” was misleading. Nowhere did the article say that any individual was disfranchised from voting. Anyone who was in line at 2 p.m. was allowed to vote.

Those people who showed up after 2 p.m. to vote should have known that they missed their chance to vote early by waiting to the last minute.


Sylvania Township


Post-election silence is nice

On the day after the presidential election, my mailbox was void of political flyers, nobody rang my doorbell, and I did not receive unwanted phone calls. Silence is golden.




UTMC’s reputation undamaged

It is surprising that the doctor who wrote the Oct. 14 Readers’ Forum letter “UTMC reputation hurt by fiasco” says he no longer will refer patients to the University of Toledo Medical Center because of the botched kidney transplant.

This was an unfortunate, isolated incident that was inadvertently caused by employees within the operating room. The protocol has been rectified and the matter resolved for all future patients.

Moreover, the letter writer will deprive his patients of being treated by several outstanding UTMC sub-specialists who are internationally recognized and have no equal in our region.

UT President Lloyd Jacobs and Dr. Jeffrey Gold, UTMC chancellor and vice president for biosciences and health affairs, need to have the executive in charge of the hospital handle this matter. Drs. Jacobs and Gold should turn their attention to how to continue to improve programs and attract highly qualified faculty members to a medical school that has a relatively small patient volume.



Editor’s note: The writer is president of Lippman Health Care Advisers and former president and CEO of Mercy Health Partners and St. Vincent Mercy Medical Center.


Hospital is better at apologizing

My sister was a patient at UTMC for 13 days in September. Upon her admission she was given a wrist band indicating she was a “fall risk” because of her lack of mobility.

Upon discharge, no provision was made to assure that she had a method of leaving the hospital safely. She was permitted to leave the hospital on the arm of her daughter, to walk home, about a quarter-mile away on a path devoid of a sidewalk.

No one at the hospital cared enough to return any of the phone calls I made that afternoon to ask how and why this event had transpired.

Three days later, when I was able to reach someone, I did receive an apology.

I surmise that while UTMC doesn’t care enough to fully examine the conditions of a patient discharge, it does care enough to practice apologizing.


Prouty Avenue

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