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Don’t bash Enright or unions

Some people are bashing unions and the appointment of Shaun Enright to Toledo City Council (“Unions’ power debated after Enright selection,” Jan. 14). What is wrong with being a union member?

I am retired from the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 8. My union worked for, and gave its members, a safer work environment, health-care benefits, and the skills and knowledge from a four-year — now a five-year — apprenticeship program, to be productive and responsible electricians.

Mr. Enright, who is a Local 8 union brother, has proven to be honest, dedicated, and resourceful. Given the chance, he will prove to naysayers that those on City Council who voted for his appointment made the right choice.




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Council needs a better member

I didn’t care for the lecture by the writer of the Jan. 18 Readers’ Forum letter “Enright an example of turnaround.” The writer said I should celebrate the appointment of Mr. Enright to City Council because he was on the wrong path early in life and changed direction.

I would hope that someone who instead chose the right path early in life could be an example for young people in our city. In Toledo, there are such people who would represent other reliable, hard-working Toledoans who don’t happen to be employed by a union.

I don’t know how a union employee is going to maintain an impartial stance and represent residents when he votes on labor contracts with city employees.


Holly Glenn Drive


McNamara gets praise for vote

Hooray for Toledo City Council President Joe McNamara for not being a puppet (“Union label shouldn’t require political uniform,” op-ed column, Jan. 20).

I thank him for having the guts to go against the Democratic Party line and vote for former Toledo Mayor Jack Ford for the council vacancy instead of Mr. Enright. Mr. McNamara make a decision that he felt would be right for the city.


Springfield Township


Shame on council for ignoring Ford

Shame on City Council. Mr. Ford has better qualifications to be on the council than Mr. Enright does.


Erie, Mich.


Why not headline of ‘G.I. Joan’?

You could have chosen a better headline for your Jan. 25 editorial "G.I. Jane." Why not “G.I. Joan”? G.I. Jane conjures up the memory of Hanoi Jane Fonda, which makes me want to puke — again.


West Bancroft Street

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