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Letters to the Editor

Gun-control call is a charade

The Blade does not understand why more gun-control laws are not adopted to prevent future tragedies like Newtown (“Shameful and disgraceful,” editorial, March 24). The answer is simple.

Newtown was committed by a mentally ill person using his mother’s guns. He killed his mother. He entered the Newtown school and murdered small children. He then committed suicide. How would any existing or proposed gun law have prevented this?

Isn’t the real problem mental illness, not the gun?

Many of us are not willing to be burdened by restrictions, taxes, laws, or harassment that do not address the problem or present a viable solution. Many do-gooders believe that the Second Amendment should be disregarded and all guns should be eliminated from private hands, while masking their proposals as solutions to the Newtown crimes.

When a real solution is suggested, we will listen.




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On guns, you seem hypocritical

The National Rifle Association must be winning the battle for America’s hearts and minds. Otherwise, you would not be reduced to publishing such a pitiful editorial.

It is shameful and disgraceful that The Blade is reduced to promulgating the fiction that modern sporting rifles “have no use for hunting, recreational shooting, or self-defense.” How absurd.

You print pictures of guns to advertise movies. You print classified advertisements for private sales of firearms. The average reader must assume a certain level of hypocrisy in your editorial policy.

You are against modern sporting rifles, except when you can make a buck from them.


Oak Grove Place


Anti-gun stand inconsistent

Your editorial criticized the Senate’s backing down on assault-weapons bans. Yet in the same edition, you displayed a half-page picture of a woman brandishing an assault weapon for a movie publicity pose.

In the comics section, you displayed more irresponsible posturing about assault weapons in the “Doonesbury” strip.


Oak Harbor, Ohio


National Guard could be at schools

Training and arming teachers and hiring guards for schools are not the way to protect ourselves from shootings.

We have a wonderful national protection force available: the National Guard. Those in the Guard are trained and armed, and are paid for their service.

Posting one or two Guard members, depending on need, at schools is the way to go.


Monclova Township

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