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Double dipping is wrong

I pay taxes to the city of Toledo, and I do not want to pay Toledo Police Chief Derrick Diggs both a $102,132 annual salary and a $71,000 pension (“Wrong is wrong,” editorial, April 5).

If it means he will have to retire or shop around for another job, fine. That would make room for a new chief. There surely is an up-and-coming officer on the force who would make a fine chief.

Toledo needs increased hiring, not double dipping.




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Diggs doesn’t deserve bashing

I disagree with Toledo City Councilman Joe McNamara’s criticism of Chief Diggs’ recent retirement and return to his job (“Police chief quietly returns after retiring; Council may not make Diggs’ reappointment permanent,” March 27). Comparing Chief Diggs to someone who is forced to delay retirement or has no retirement money to look forward to is illogical.

Chief Diggs paid into the Deferred Retirement Option Plan and is entitled to draw on that account. He also deserves to receive a salary for the difficult job he holds.

Someone who doesn’t plan well for retirement should not be compared to someone who has a successful plan. Chief Diggs should be praised for his wise planning.

Many people have access to more than one income. What about someone who is paid to serve on City Council and has a lucrative law practice? Should people work on council for free?

Chief Diggs is doing a great job fighting crime in Toledo. We need to pay the man what he is due and move on to more serious problems that face Toledo.


Barrows Street


Satellite chips could track guns

Why not put computer satellite chips in guns (“Senators find gun-control compromise; Amendment seen as best opportunity to advance legislation,” April 11)?

We live in a technologically savvy world. My cell phone company not only can access the geographic location of my phone, but also can turn it off if I don’t pay my bill.

Why can’t we use this technology to track guns that are fired, and have the ability in case of emergencies to shut down the gun so that innocent lives are not taken?

Satellite chips also may have other benefits, such as in forensics and evidence gathering.

Integrating satellite chips in all newly manufactured guns and retrofitting older guns could be a practical solution.


Residence Drive


Background checks foolproof?

The media and politicians are hopping on the gun-control background check bandwagon.

Did Christopher Dorner, the rogue Los Angeles killer police officer, pass a background check to become a cop (“Sheriff: Ex-cop died from own gun,” Feb. 16)? If so, how did his background check protect anybody?


Islington Street

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