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Libertarians don’t want to run nation

I have a bulletin for E.J. Dionne, Jr., about his June 11 op-ed column, “Why libertarianism can’t run a country”: Unlike Republican and Democratic progressives who come from the misguided notion that they are intelligent enough to run the country, libertarians don’t want to do that.

What libertarians want from government is protection and freedom so that the country can run itself. We are living with the mess created by progressives who micromanage a country.

Libertarians back a noninterventionist foreign policy where we are not invading, bombing, or embargoing — the blowback of which are incidents such as the Boston Marathon bombings.

Libertarians also know the damage caused by the income tax and the Federal Reserve and would not reform them, but abolish them.

The closer we can get to the libertarian view, the better life will be for everyone.


Drummond Road


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Agencies valued as public protectors

I agree with Mr. Dionne’s explanation of Michael Lind’s argument, but missing in such discussions is the concept of growth over time. Libertarians seem to default to the Constitution — where and when it suits them — but the Constitution makes no provisions for the rise of technology or industralization.

Libertarians want to do away with some government agencies that protect the public.

It boils down to what the public wants to endure: a society where deregulation greatly accelerates profit at a loss to the environment and the middle class, or sensible regulation where both sides profit.

It isn’t the government that has to go, it’s the lobbyist.




To enjoy bacon is life’s pleasure

I’ve been struggling with the idea whether the government needs to spy on journalists and its justification for doing so. After reading Blade food editor Daniel Neman’s June 18 column, “Enough with the bacon!”, it has all become clear: This bacon hater is a major threat to national security and his anti-American rants must be stopped.

In all seriousness, our love affair with “pig candy” has been going on for centuries, and Mr. Neman’s attempt to swim upstream will not stop bacon lovers from enjoying the tasty treat.


Perrysburg Township


Sequester layoffs just a scare tactic

I read your June 9 article “Squeezed by the sequester” with amazement. People from all over the country are affected by budget cuts. This tells me that managers in the federal departments making these cuts in personnel are poor planners, or spending hogs when it comes to their yearly budget allotment.

These layoffs are purely political and a scare tactic.


Glenbrook Drive

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