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Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Closing of embassies a weak move

The decision to close many U.S. embassies emboldens those who made the threat (“Al-Qaeda leaders plot major attack, U.S. says; Embassies shut after al-Zawahri message to Yemen,” Aug. 6). Our government should speak from strength, not weakness.

Anyone who served in the military knows that a show of weakness can only lead to disaster. Of course, the news media think this is the proper thing to do.

I’m ashamed of the leadership in Washington that is unable or unwilling to increase the military presence at our embassies.

I suppose we will provide aid to those countries that allow the threat of attacks on our sovereign soil, which our embassies represent. God help us.


Erie, Mich.


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Who’s behind Mideast tension?

Blade columnist S. Amjad Hussain went back more than 1,000 years to prove that Christian groups have also committed terrorist murders (“Dear Reader: Brush up on history and religion,” op-ed column, Aug. 5). His column was published on the second day of a shutdown of American embassies throughout the Middle East. Intelligence sources had reason to believe Americans were in danger of attack.

Dr. Hussain asks why the Muslim Brotherhood should not be given a chance in Egypt. I wish Dr. Hussain would address another question with equal vigor: Which religion is known to be closely associated with those who are planning terrorist attacks in 2013?


Monclova Township


Cyclists need to be aware of drivers

In response to your July 24 article “Port Clinton man hit, killed while bicycling”: In suburbs with a lot of two-lane roads and no bicycle paths, a bicyclist is asking for trouble.

I ride every day if possible. A cyclist riding with traffic cannot see whether a motorist coming from behind is pulling out to pass. A cyclist who wears a helmet may not hear the motorist.

A cyclist riding into traffic can see a motorist coming. If the motorist is texting or otherwise not paying attention, the cyclist can pull off the road to avoid a collision.

A cyclist on low-traffic roads may be a sitting duck.




Stop foreign aid; help U.S. needy

I am saddened to see our country subsidizing the world with foreign aid (“U.S. has spotty record on cutting aid after coups,” July 7). What happened to the adage that charity begins at home?

It is time we start taking care of our people, and cease all foreign aid until more Americans rise above the poverty level.



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