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Monitoring of our calls goes too far

Some argue that mass monitoring of the U.S. population will someday be useful in stopping a terrorist attack (“Data mining by NSA legal, judge rules; Opposing opinions hint at Supreme Court fight,” Dec. 28). Because something is effective, that does not make it legal, moral, or desirable.

The cost of the National Security Administration’s monitoring of every communication is something very precious: our rights, our freedom, a good society. A surveillance state is the essence of totalitarianism.

We need to step back from the abyss and reclaim the courage to uphold our fundamental rights: the freedoms of speech, of association, and from unchecked, unjust governmental power in our lives.


Courville Avenue


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China on moon cartoon is loony

I don’t understand the intent of Kirk Walters’ Dec. 17 editorial cartoon, which depicts a Chinese lunar rover leaving tire tracks on the U.S. flag on the moon.

The United States succeeded with six manned lunar landings almost 45 years ago, when China was still in the relative Dark Ages under Mao Zedong. Our astronauts brought back hundreds of pounds of lunar material, which has provided an understanding of the moon.

If the implication is that the Chinese have one-upped us, that is off base. This is nothing more than a propaganda stunt by a Communist regime, apparently with money to burn.




Cartoon makes light of the jobless

The Dan Wasserman editorial cartoon you published Dec. 12 was reprehensible. It showed U.S. Sen. Rand Paul (R., Ky.) saying that extending jobless benefits would be a disservice to the unemployed. That same day, few jobs were featured in your classified ads section.

I have been collecting benefits since June. It is a full-time job to fulfill the requirements to receive those benefits.

I am embarrassed that The Blade would publish this cartoon.




Street snowed under by leaves

A survey on The Blade’s Web site the other day asked people whether they thought snow removal was handled well. I voted no. How could I say anything else, when Toledo city workers haven’t picked up the leaves yet on my street?

We have to contend with frozen snow and leaves that have narrowed my street to the point that it’s hard to navigate.


Burroughs Drive

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