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Anti-Nugent outrage is selective

It is difficult to believe the hypocrisy of groups that complain about the scheduled appearance of Ted Nugent at the Northwest Ohio Rib-Off (“Nugent at Rib-Off is wrong for Toledo,” Readers’ Forum, July 20). These groups all seem to say they support freedom of speech, but they only believe in speech that conforms with their bias.

The local NAACP and Toledo Community Coalition say they want an open dialogue about race relations. Mr. Nugent has said some controversial things, but that is his right. His right is no greater and no less than the right of the groups who wrote letters.

When was the last time that these complainers wrote letters to the editor to object to a rap artist? Those artists use racial slurs and promote illegal behavior, including killings. Where were the NAACP and the coalition when those artists came to Toledo?


Swanton, Ohio


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Apology for Nugent illogical

When I saw the headline of the July 27 Readers’ Forum letter “Sorry for the Ted Nugent invitation,” I thought that Blade management was taking the right approach. However, after I read the words of Allan Block, the chairman of Block Communications Inc., I saw that you still don’t get it.

It’s good that Mr. Block is sorry Mr. Nugent was invited, but a shame that he believes Mr. Nugent’s words, views, and previous actions do not meet “the very high standard for uninviting him.”

The example Mr. Block gave of the long tradition of political slander is weak and poorly stated. The logic seems to be that because it was done in the past, it’s all right to continue to do it. Under that premise, slavery still would be legal, women wouldn’t be able to vote, and our military and schools still would be segregated.

The Blade missed an opportunity to do the right thing and encourage our city to be better.


River Road

2 wrongs don’t make a right

It may be historically accurate that, as Mr. Block said, “personal name-calling against a president of the United States is part of a long tradition of political slander that goes back to the founding of the Republic.”

But that doesn’t make it right, justified, or civilly responsible. Two wrongs don’t make a right.


Schneider Road

Rocker has rights: Offended? Don’t go

Mr. Nugent has the right to his opinions, just as all of us have. People who are offended by him shouldn’t go to the Rib-Off.


Erie, Mich.

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