Tuesday, May 03, 2016
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Teacher sick-outs close most Detroit schools for a 2nd day
DETROIT (AP) -- Nearly all of Detroit's public schools were closed for a second consecutive day Tuesday after hundreds of teachers called out sick over concerns that many may not get paid if the financially struggling district runs out of money.... 5/3/2016 3:48 PM

AP Exclusive: Dozens escaped from mental hospital since 2013
LAKEWOOD, Wash. (AP) -- When a man accused of torturing a woman to death broke out of Washington state's largest mental hospital with another patient in early April, officials called it a rare occurrence and cited only two other escapes in the past seven years.... 5/3/2016 4:24 PM

Prosecutor: Same gun, same DNA in 'Grim Sleeper' slayings
LOS ANGELES (AP) -- A serial killer preying on vulnerable young black women on the rough streets of South Los Angeles eluded police for two decades until someone rifling through a dumpster in 2007 noticed red fingernails poking out of a garbage bag.... 5/3/2016 3:55 PM

St. Louis jury awards $55M in Johnson & Johnson cancer suit
ST. LOUIS (AP) -- Johnson & Johnson has been ordered to pay $55 million to a woman who claims its talcum powder caused her ovarian cancer, the second such judgment against the manufacturer in three months.... 5/3/2016 4:41 PM

Deputies posted outside funeral for 6 of 8 slaying victims
WEST PORTSMOUTH, Ohio (AP) -- Deputies were posted outside the church where the funeral for six of the eight family members killed in rural southern Ohio was being held Tuesday as authorities continue chasing leads on the slayings.... 5/3/2016 3:51 PM

Video: Inmate shocked with stun gun 3 times before death
LILLINGTON, N.C. (AP) -- A jail inmate who was backing away from an officer was shocked with a stun gun three times and left alone for about 20 minutes in a padded cell where he died, according to a video released to a North Carolina newspaper.... 5/3/2016 3:59 PM

CDC: Preschoolers with ADHD often given drugs before therapy
NEW YORK (AP) -- Too many preschoolers with ADHD still are being put on drugs right away, before behavior therapy is tried, health officials say.... 5/3/2016 5:17 PM

Federal official: DC subway hasn't improved safety
WASHINGTON (AP) -- Washington's subway system did not make meaningful safety improvements between a deadly collision in 2009 and a fatal fire in 2015, and some of the safety problems date back to the system's first fatal accident in 1982, federal investigators said Tuesday.... 5/3/2016 6:05 PM

Once a powerbroker, ex-NY Assembly speaker awaits sentence
NEW YORK (AP) -- Former New York Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, a consummate backroom dealer who wielded power for more than two decades, awaited his sentence on federal corruption charges Tuesday in one the steepest falls from grace in the state's lineup of crooked politicians.... 5/3/2016 5:12 PM

DC celebrates another year of record-breaking tourist crowds
WASHINGTON (AP) -- More than 19 million U.S. tourists visited Washington in 2015, an increase of 1 million over the previous year and a record for the nation's capital as its tourism industry continues to make steady progress since the Great Recession.... 5/3/2016 5:43 PM

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