Thursday, July 10, 2014
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6 dead, 4 children, in suburban Houston shooting
SPRING, Texas (AP) -- A father opened fire at a suburban Houston home Wednesday, killing four of his children as well as two adults who were with them, and critically wounding his 15-year-old daughter, authorities said.... 7/10/2014 1:30 AM

AP Exclusive: Disabled often banned from voting
LOS ANGELES (AP) -- At a time when election officials are struggling to convince more Americans to vote, advocates for the disabled say thousands of people with autism spectrum disorder, cerebral palsy and other intellectual or developmental disabilities have been systematically denied that basic right in the nation's largest county.... 7/10/2014 1:49 AM

Dodgers found partly responsible in fan beating
LOS ANGELES (AP) -- A San Francisco Giants fan who suffered brain damage in a beating in a Dodger Stadium parking lot won his negligence lawsuit Wednesday, with a jury agreeing that the Dodgers didn't provide adequate security and were partly to blame for the attack.... 7/9/2014 10:21 PM

First singing, then tragedy at Maryland camp
MANCHESTER, Md. (AP) -- More than 100 young campers sang songs, read stories and prayed in an open-air pavilion, as they did each night at the River Valley Ranch camp. Then, the sky began to darken and a light rain began to fall.... 7/9/2014 9:37 PM

Colorado completes 1st legal pot market study
DENVER (AP) -- Colorado is smoking pot by the ton, and visitors are, too.... 7/9/2014 10:30 PM

A look at what's next for gay marriage in the US
SALT LAKE CITY (AP) -- Utah's decision to ask the nation's highest court to review a federal appeals court ruling in favor of gay marriage nudges the issue closer to the U.S. Supreme Court.... 7/9/2014 6:08 PM

New York police see risks with drones' popularity
NEW YORK (AP) -- One private drone crash-landed in midtown Manhattan. Another caused alarm by hovering over Times Square amid tight security during Super Bowl week. Most recently, authorities say, another had a close brush with a police helicopter near the George Washington Bridge.... 7/9/2014 6:35 PM

California man faces prison for economic espionage
OAKLAND, Calif. (AP) -- A Northern California chemical engineer is facing more than 20 years in prison for a rare economic-espionage conviction for selling to China the technology that creates a white pigment.... 7/10/2014 1:52 AM

Survey: Rapes not investigated at 2 in 5 colleges
WASHINGTON (AP) -- A survey of colleges and universities finds a lack of coordination between many campuses and local law enforcement in handling sexual assaults, and that many schools have gone years without investigating such cases.... 7/9/2014 7:10 PM

Utah to appeal gay marriage ruling to high court
SALT LAKE CITY (AP) -- Utah has decided to go straight to the U.S. Supreme Court to argue against gay marriage, meaning the nation's highest court will have at least one same-sex marriage case on its plate when it returns in October.... 7/10/2014 1:24 AM