Tuesday, February 09, 2016
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Adnan Syed defense: 'We proved our case' for murder retrial
BALTIMORE (AP) -- An alibi witness who was never called, cell phone data that was misrepresented and other legal failures more than justify a new trial for Adnan Syed, his defense lawyer argued Tuesday, closing an unusual hearing prompted by the popular "Serial" podcast's extensive re-examination of the murder case.... 2/9/2016 5:37 PM

AP PHOTOS: New Hampshire voters gather to vote for president
NASHUA, N.H. (AP) -- Starting at the stroke of midnight, when a handful of small towns opened their polls, tens of thousands of New Hampshire voters cast ballots Tuesday, choosing their favorites among the pack of Republicans and Democrats who hope to one day be president.... 2/9/2016 4:38 PM

New England digs out from latest storm; snow in Mid-Atlantic
BOSTON (AP) -- A wind-driven winter storm that brought blizzard conditions to Cape Cod fell short of forecast snowfall totals and spared the Northeast the widespread power outages that had been predicted.... 2/9/2016 4:21 PM

Red Lobster enjoys sales surge after mention in Beyonce song
NEW YORK (AP) -- Red Lobster says it's feeling the "Beyonce Bounce."... 2/9/2016 6:03 PM

Yearly one-night homeless count draws criticism, defenders
NEW YORK (AP) -- Over the past few weeks, thousands of clipboard-toting volunteers have fanned out across some of the nation's largest cities, tasked with a deceptively complex job: counting the number of homeless people sleeping on the streets.... 2/9/2016 5:41 PM

Closing arguments held in cop's trial in stairwell shooting
NEW YORK (AP) -- The rookie police officer who shot an unarmed man in a dark public housing stairwell says what happened was a deadly accident. Prosecutors call it manslaughter and say he acted recklessly and then did little to help the dying man.... 2/9/2016 6:00 PM

The architecture of white supremacy still evokes pain
BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (AP) -- Growing up in the 1950s, William Bell had to enter Birmingham's segregated Lyric Theatre though a side entrance, marked "COLORED," that was walled-off from the elegant lobby. He climbed a dimly lit stairwell to watch movies from the steep balcony where black patrons had to sit for generations.... 2/9/2016 4:57 PM

Gun, drug, car deaths loom large in US longevity gap: Study
CHICAGO (AP) -- Guns, drugs and cars contribute substantially to the life-expectancy gap between the United States and other developed nations, a study found.... 2/9/2016 4:25 PM

Woman finds artwork by father killed in Vietnam
SAN DIEGO (AP) -- Erika Colligan spent three decades searching for her father's artwork - paintings the South Vietnam pilot made for the U.S. Air Force aviators who trained him during the Vietnam war.... 2/9/2016 5:21 PM

Fat Tuesday in New Orleans: Floats, masks, trinkets and more
NEW ORLEANS (AP) -- Thousands of people bundled up against the cold winds as they lined up along the main streets of New Orleans on Tuesday to see the culmination of the city's famous Mardi Gras celebration.... 2/9/2016 4:52 PM

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