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Nice thing about diets: You can start over

Diary of A Fitness Newbie. ...

Dec. 31- After tonight, no more Cheetos. No more Packo hot dogs. No double-chip chocolate cookies.

Must remember: The trick is to change your thinking. Cheetos? Mourn them not! No, look instead with enthusiasm to the satisfying crunch of celery! Mmm!

Also, keep repeating: Nap, bad. Walk, good.

Jan. 1 - Started out the New Year with a bracing walk around the block. Well, OK, down three houses to the Shermans and back. Tsk, all right, then. If you must know, I went down the sidewalk as far as next door, where I threw the neighbors newspaper up onto their porch and then returned for breakfast.

Hey, it s a start!

Breakfast: Quarter-cup fresh blueberries over small bowl of oatmeal. No sugar. Small glass of fresh orange juice. Coffee with dollop of skim milk.

When s lunch?

Jan. 4 - Whew! Tough weekend! Forgot to account for all those New Year s Day open houses when making the ol diet plan.

Still, did OK. Stayed near the carrot-and-celery trays. Asked for Virgin Marys. Skipped the cream-based soup in favor of consomm . Didn t want to hurt the hostess feelings though; when she passed around her home-made brownies, I had a little corner of one. Or two. I ll just walk an extra block tomorrow morning.

Jan. 7 - Brrr! Sure is cold out there! Morning walks aren t so easy. Maybe I could stay in and do an exercise tape instead.

Breakfast: Fresh blueberries over oatmeal. No sugar. Small glass of juice. Coffee with skim milk. Slice of the kid s leftover pepperoni-and-extra-cheese pizza.

Jan. 8 - That Denise Austin is really annoying. “Goood! You can DO IT! Couldn t stand her tape for more than seven minutes. Note to self: Do ab work on your own later.

Breakfast: Blueberry cobbler with extra whipped cream.

Jan. 9 - Joined a gym! NOW I ll get buff! Except it sure is crowded there. Barely found a place to park. Who are all these people?

And how about that guy who kept glaring at me?! How was I supposed to know it s polite to towel down the machines after you use them. I mean, I ve never been in this place in my entire life!

Dinner: Broiled chicken breast. Salad. Tablespoon of couscous. Eight sugar-free Fudgesicles. Maybe nine; hard to tell, I ate em so fast.

Jan. 11 - Did OK over the weekend. Well, except for that unfortunate Buttered Popcorn Incident at the movies. Oh, and the Sunday morning IHOP Moment of Weakness.

Question: Does a carmel-mocha n whipped cream latte have many calories? It s just coffee, right?

Jan. 13 - Wow! Haven t lost a single pound, despite all this dieting and exercise! Talk about discouraging. Maybe the celebratory pancake breakfast was premature.

But since it s only Tuesday, and I ve already blown it, might as well go easy on myself this week. I ll start again in earnest next week.

Note to Self: Low-fat frozen yogurt is on sale at the supermarket. Buy two!

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