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Dueling agendas rock Rossford

Nine bite-size Lemmon Drops to nibble on while pondering your last-minute shopping strategy:

  • Well, this is a first. I'm using "gay marriage" and "Christian rock band" in the same sentence.

    Just goes to show that I haven't seen it all when it comes to holier-than-thou types and hypocrisy.

    Call it a hunch, but I suspect the people most upset with Rossford High School's decision to cancel a performance by a Christian rock band are adamantly opposed to gay marriage. Taking it a step further, one might assume that their opposition to gay marriage is rooted in a belief that it is part of a "homosexual agenda."

    So, from that standpoint, you'd think they would at least have an appreciation of the concerns from those who believe Pawn's performance is part of a "religious agenda." But they don't.

    If you believe society should be wary of a "homosexual agenda" but not a "religious agenda," you probably have holier-than-thou tendencies. (Not that there's anything wrong with that.) One slope is no more slippery than the other.

  • I'm thinking the Lucas County Democratic Party should temporarily move its headquarters to an elementary school. A fifth-grade classroom seems like the appropriate setting for the debate between the "A team" and "B team" about who should succeed Ray Kest as Lucas County treasurer.

  • The most hassle-free airports in the country? My list would start with Toledo Express and end with Detroit Metro.

  • Let's hope the person in charge of vetting Bernard Kerik for the position of homeland security chief will be reassigned to a job with less responsibility.

  • Memo to Santa Claus: You might want to save your biggest lump of coal for Sherman Dreiseszun, the owner of Southwyck Shopping Center.

  • In this space last week I wrote about how I am starting to agree with the people who say Toledo's stagnation is the result of what amounts to single-party rule by Democrats. Several thought-provoking responses from readers gave me a better understanding why the city has been wandering aimlessly for decades.

    An excerpt of an e-mail from Ned: "I have long maintained that the political imbalance creates a loser's attitude. Republicans have no clout, no say; Dems have clout, but are neither inspired nor motivated to really do anything other than pad their own personal nests. They have no reason to put their necks on the line for us. Therefore, we have a lot of low-quality leaders who are self-styled heroes here, but couldn't buy an introduction in other cities."

  • As another year winds down, this sentence from a Feb. 26, 2002, article is a pretty good measuring stick regarding progress on the Marina District: "The plan calls for cleanup of the former industrial site to begin [in late 2002], with construction of an arena to start in 2004 and to open in 2005."

  • Raise your hand if you thought we'd see the price of a gallon of gas in the $1.30s again.

  • I received a Christmas card from former Toledo radio personality Art Barrie the other day, and inside he scribbled a note that has been gnawing at me ever since:

    "One time years ago I was interviewing a philosopher who, as he was leaving, said to me, 'I hope this is the worst Christmas you ever have.' I've pondered the meaning(s) of this many times since."

    OK, I'm stumped. Perhaps that explains my D in my college philosophy class.

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