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Real Estate

Real estate transfers

March 24, 2003


Joseph and Margaret Kill to James and Virginia Todd, 439 Fifth, $73,500.

Joseph and Margaret Kill to Virginia Todd, 350 Fourth, $67,500.


March 25, 2003


Port Lawrence Title and Trust Co., trustee, to Christopher and Stacey Grubbs, 10127 Saddle Bridge North, Whitehouse, $39,900.

Wells Fargo Bank Minnesota NA, trustee, to Wray and Floy White, trustees, 2521 and 2525 Cawdor, Oregon, $75,000.

David Powell to Bank of New York, trustee, 1508 Western, $19,143.18.

Murray and Constance Luther to Sherry and Ralph Pierce, Jr., 517 Thackeray, Maumee, $229,000.

Sherry and Ralph Pierce, Jr., to Rick and Christy Diegel, 515 Arlene, Maumee, $170,000.

Port Lawrence Title and Trust Co., trustee, to Terry Gamby and others, 10161 Saddle Bridge South, Whitehouse, $36,900.

Cendant Mobility Financial Corp. to Murray and Constance Luther, 5810 Putter Place, Waterville, $254,000.

Robert Brower to Keith and Ellen Yarnell, 3848 Brookfield, $147,000.

Zachary Hill to Primacy Closing Corp., 2666 and 2670 Northwood, $102,500.

Primacy Closing Corp. to Jorge Martinez, 2666 and 2670 Northwood, $102,500.

Mary Traczyk to First Indiana Bank, 4516 McKain, $67,000.

First Indiana Bank to Jeffrey Antoine, 4516 McKain, $79,900.

Patricia McNett to Vicissitudes Ltd., 231 East Central, $14,000.

Vincent Ventresca to John and Sandra Konecny, 26 West Poinsetta, $60,000.

Bessie Monroe to James Murray, 2412 Auburn, $15,000.

James Lauffer to Lindsay Flynn, 2006 Birkdale, $61,000.

Todd and Tracey White to Larry Reinhart, 3316 and 3318 Maher, $62,000.

Jean Lastowka-Resele to Cendant Mobility Financial Corp., 8958 Stonybrook, Sylvania, $236,500.

Cendant Mobility Financial Corp. to Toby and Tracy Roscoe, 8958 Stonybrook, Sylvania, $218,000.

Donald and Karen Muscatell to Cendant Mobility Financial, 6457 Coppersmith, Sylvania, $155,500.

Cendant Mobility Financial Corp. to Bonny Lapoint, 6457 Coppersmith, Sylvania, $150,000.

Caroline and John Arroyo to Toledo Zoological Society, 309 Amherst, $85,000.

UYI Ltd. to Joyce Seger and others, 6143 North Lathrop, Berkey, $49,000.

Lawrence Wagner to Susan Meade and others, 3178 Goddard, $125,000.

Patrick Kemper to James and Sandra Lyell, 5555 and 5559 Comet, $38,000.

Homegold, Inc., to R-Glad, Inc., 2359 Warren, $5,000.

Jeffrey Buck to Lori Fincher, 737 Andora, $74,413.28.

Joe Sayre to K & K Real Estate, 6027 Fairhaven, $60,000.

K & K Real Estate to Zalmai Sedique, 6027 Fairhaven, $56,000.

Dallas Mullins and others to IDOB Ventures, Inc., 422, 426, 430, and 434 Beachview, Curtice, $1.

Grantley Ltd. to Veronica Hicks, 4127 Garden Park, $87,000.

Kenneth Michel to Molly Mickel, 3216 Drummond, $55,000.

James and Evelyn Berning to Shaun and Brooke Davis, 544 Waybridge, $99,750.

Salomon Brothers Realty Corp. to Westhaven Group, 1600 Colton, $29,900.

Caroline Siska to Marsha Koch, 4834 Imperial, $136,000.

George Scarvelis Builders Inc. to Matt Kennedy Kustom Homes Inc., 5824 Porsha, Sylvania, $42,000.

Louisville Title Agency for Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to Eagle Creek Builders & Developers Inc., 2589 Spruce Loop, Sylvania, $49,000.

McCarthy Builders Inc., to Doris Holliger, 2009 Silverpine Ct., $24,900.

Thomas and Teresa Clayton to George Vanderhoof, 3424 Corey, $245,000.

Albert and Cheryl Jackson to Patrick Kollars and others, 6826 Maplewood, Sylvania, $130,000.

James and Tiffany Huss to Brian Volmar, 652 Woodville, $30,000.

Terry and Mary Gamble to Associates Home Equity Services, Inc., 1570 South, $30,000.

Mae Randall and others to Richard Rohrer, 6043 Red Oak, $74,900.


March 25, 2003


Park Center LLC to Deerpoint Development Co. Ltd., 5742 and 5755 Park Center Ct., $390,000.


John and Elizabeth Wyckoff to Deborah Mason, 845 South Berkey-Southern, Swanton, $38,900.

Michael Munger to James and Rose Kenzie, 10218 Angola, Swanton, $200,000.


March 26, 2003


Simon Martinez, Jr., to Juliana Ruiz, 536 Eastern, $1.

Ronald Grab to Lena McWhorter, 3815 Stannard, $114,375.

Charter One Credit Corp. to Stanley Sikora, 2214 Denton, Maumee, $133,000.

Justin Waggner to Edwin Valentin, 520 Buckeye, $34,000.

Ralph Smith to Ari Siegel and others, 3235 Plainview, $82,500.

Gordon and Dorianne and Gordon Katz to Catherine Hinds, 4831 Carskaddon, $260,000.

Marc Grabow to Jeanene Chapa, 2382 York, $20,000.

Jeanene Chapa to Sybille Monteith, trustee, 2382 York, $30,200.

Julie Hardy to Gerald Ludwig, 2428 Brown, Oregon, $86,000.

Richard Rozanski to Brian Cousino, 3126 Cragmoor, $65,000.

Mitchell Development Co. to David and Sharon Glesser, 3098 Pebble Ct., Maumee, $44,900.

Perry and Virginia Graves to Firstar Bank NA, 1468 Ingomar, $30,000.

Shirley Karam to Rose Deiners, 4139 Templar, $108,000.

Larry Cannon to Gene Jackson, 5744 Rambo, $85,000.

Dunster Brolinson, trustee, to Molly Menard, 3755 West Alexis, $60,000.

Billy and Debra Cantrell to Robert and Julie Jones, 8257 Fawn Crest, $184,900.

Lajoie, Taylor, and Associates Ltd. to Safeguard Security Properties, Inc., 4906 Marble Cliff, Sylvania, $219,000.

Bradley and Dawn Burdue to Darby Benroth, 1407 Abbott, $89,000.

Ruth Nichoson to Mark Christian and others, 4536 Rambo, $102,400.

Charles and Mary Marsh to Jean Lemberand, 347 Oconnell, $34,000.

Ryan Bordner to Kate and Christopher Snyder, 2156 Aberdeen, $81,000.

Vincent Alexander to Cynthia Baggett, 766 Spencer, $74,295.

Michael and Jackie Stalter to Carol Fields, 1010 Scribner, Maumee, $140,000.

Carol Fields to Erin Al-Hammoudi, 219, 225, and 227 East William, Maumee, $102,500.

Michael Siwajek and others to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., 5956 319th, $30,000.

Kostas Stratidakis to Peggy and Eugene Largent, Jr., 462 Parker, $35,000.

Timothy and Rebecca McDermott to Joseph Rudski, 736 Colima, $77,000.

Amy Lahnum to Brian Gronau, 1206 Richard, Maumee, $95,800.

Gadir and Douglas Horne, Jr. to Leader Mortgage Co., 56 Garfield Place, $41,000.

Leader Mortgage Co. to KBM Housing Enterprises LLC, 56 Garfield Place, $37,000.

RE Seaman Builders Inc. to Amy Culler, 7564 Olympic Pkwy., Sylvania, $318,375.

Thomas Koopman to Federal National Mortgage Association, 3744 Manchester, $90,000.

Suzanne Harrington to Beverly Maunz, 3858 Revere, $72,000.

Walter Brady to Ronald and Marlene Banas, 933 West Wayne, Maumee, $120,000.

Saba Builders Co. to Sean and Jody Doyle, 7642 Long View, Maumee, $325,500.

Alan Properties Inc. to Matthew and Melinda Valentine, 7860 Royal Hampton, Waterville, $41,500.

Michael Worland to Trisha Valentine and others, 4540 Brookline, Sylvania, $147,000.

Kenneth Eichner to John Eichner, 3851 Berkeley, $45,000.

Transtar Builders, Inc., to Joseph Basch and others, 3946 Wrens Nest, Maumee, $401,000.

Latrice Richardson to Sky Bank, 1417 Mott, $18,000.


5330 Angola Road Investments Co. Ltd. to Estes Express Lines, 5320, 5330, and 5420 Angola, $3,100,000.


March 27, 2003


Louisville Title Agency for Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to Marcus and Cheryl Hand, 3252 Lexington Glen, Monclova, $49,900.

Cecelia Cummins to Jeremy Flack, 5500 Black, Waterville, $42,500.

Wells Fargo Financial America, Inc., to William Crosser, Jr., 3444 Queenswood, $84,536.08.

Lagrange Development to S. McGrew, 1814 Locust, $74,900.

Christopher Olson to Larry and Judith Kincaid, 725 Moore, $18,000.

Jeffrey and Jill Korotnayi to Jacob Timm, 9045 and 9047 Neowash, Waterville, $164,800.

Kevin and Jody Kuball to Sarai and William Zorn, 5923 Summer Place, Sylvania, $256,000.

Ryan and Amanda Dubbs to Carl and Amy Nelson, 2343 Georgetown, $104,900.

Bradley Fredrick and others to Jennifer Cox, 2521 Charlestown, $119,000.

Tonya Susor to Gerald Keller Jr. and others, 527 Sylvandale, Oregon, $125,000.

Ralph and Grace Hesson to Bryan Autullo and others, 7650 Sioux Ridge, Maumee, $255,000.

Kimberly Gratcl and others to Cynthia Cherry, 834 Atlantic, $78,000.

David and Mary Newland to Melvin Sprauer, 5684 Cushman, Sylvania, $76,735.

Joyce Tanner to Nancy Harrison, 907 North Erie, $16,000.

Louisville Title Agency for Northwest Ohio, Inc., trustee, to Shawn Brown and Kimberly Riker-Brown, 703 Whisperwood Pkwy., Holland, $211,900.

Mitchell Development Co. to Forrester Wehrle Homes, Inc., 7236 Stonewater Ct., Maumee, $54,900.

Mitchell Development Co. to Forrester Wehrle Homes, Inc., 3070 Pebble Ct., Maumee, $50,900.

Clyde Kynard to Ronan and Renee Ott, 2302 Nebraska, $72,000.

Four Howards Ltd. to Douglas Grodi, 509 Bush, $12,100.

Eastern Star Investments Ltd. to Ali Ismail, 129 Worthington, $32,000.

Lillian Griswack to Alvin McCallum, 1960 Chase, $10,000.

TCIF REO1 LLC to Jeff Sniadecki, 1969 North Erie, $6,000.

William Fountain to Michael Black, 446 Fassett, $1,000.

Marcia Briggs to James Lindke, trustee, 2535 West Village, $75,000.

William and Francissa Bailey to Charles and Judith Kovach, 40 East Weber, $26,500.

Joseph Brown to Hussein Obeid, 1842 Brownstone, Unit B-31, $43,000.

John Manning and others to Joni Manning, 5403 Clover, $34,000.

Louisville Title Agency for Northwest Ohio, Inc., trustee, to Robert Tonkel to 4642 Rhone, Maumee, $58,000.

Louisville Title Agency for Northwest Ohio, Inc., trustee, to Richard Compton, 7266 Longwater, Maumee, $34,900.

Wilbur and Kay Hamilton to Mary Wisher, 2231 North Centennial, $162,450.

Mitchell Development Co. to Ann and Howard Fink, 3097 Pebble Ct., Maumee, $50,900.

Ronald and Therese Zaciek to Tammy Koleff, 315 Dexter, $43,500.

Grantley Ltd. to Matthew Mueller, 4516 Glendale, $165,000.

Peter Griffin to McGowan-Northwoods Ltd., 4544 North Holland-Sylvania, $177,500.

Gary and Sandy Reinhard to Gary Haney and others, 4705 Waterville-Monclova, Monclova, $137,500.

Judy and Edward McCabe to Melissa Jeffers, 1440 Colton, $51,000.

Teresa Gilbala to Rosemary Flick, 4551 Vermaas, $100,000.

Louisville Title Agency for Northwest Ohio, Inc., trustee, to James H. Johnson Custom Builders LLC, 736 Whisperlake, Holland, $47,550.

Louisville Title Agency for Northwest Ohio, Inc., trustee, to Wingate Building Co., 808 Satin Leaf, $23,900.

Saba Custom Homes LLC to Michael and Kelly McCullough, 8122 North Bridge Way, Maumee, $319,900.

James H. Johnson Custom Builders LLC to Michael and Angela Worland, 3130 Lexington Glen, Monclova, $329,900.

US Bank NA to Randy Sherwood, 849 Kingston, $24,900.


Mercurio Developers Inc. to MJB Realty LLC, 5951 Renaissance Place, Units B and C, $350,000.


Midland Agency of Northwest Ohio, Inc., trustee, to Michael and Tonya Gosselin, 9655 Sylvania-Metamora, Sylvania, $42,825.


March 28, 2003


Donald and Vickie Everett to Reloaction, 7218 Regents Park, $256,000.

Reloaction to Anand Ravindran and others, 7218 Regents Park, $256,000.

Carol Walls to Stephen and Lorine Koepke, 446 South Harefoote, Holland, $93,600.

Harold Lindberg to William Koch, Jr., 10040 Jeffers, Grand Rapids, $77,500.

George and Mary Magill, trustees, to Charles and Karen Pelland, 335 East Central, $24,400.

Brian and Pamela Byrd to Jack Collidge and others, 2124 Grantwood, $128,500.

Murel Kontak to William Carr, 5561 Rambo, $110,000.

Debora Hunt to Kristi Wright and others, 5846 Staghorn, $106,000.

Ruth Koretsky, trustee, to Asbury Properties Ltd., 1847 Mansfield, $47,000.

Cathaleen and Richard Eggers to Danny and Shari Bullock, 452 and 458 Potter, $33,900.

Edward and Barbara Fisher to Chase Manhattan Bank, trustee, 3546 Hoiles, $37,334.

Chase Manhattan Bank, trustee, to Christopher Bittel, 3546 Hoiles, $48,250.

Louisville Title Agency for Northwest Ohio, Inc., trustee, to Dorothy and Noel Hill, Jr., 7319 Longwater, Maumee, $35,900.

Louisville Title Agency for Northwest Ohio, Inc., trustee, to Ronald Vondeylen, trustee, 7330 Longwater, Maumee, $35,900.

James and Janet Striggow to Michael Bacon, 1216 and 1220 Prouty, $30,000.

Patrick and Mary Benedict to Stephen Weidner, 6011 East Cobblestones, Sylvania, $298,500.

Paul Fischer to Javier Angel, 4253 North Lockwood, $86,000.

Jacob Wolff and others to Jody Sherman, 2105 Delence, $68,000.

Kenneth Goetz to Arbid and Heyam Wehbi and others, 2762 Eldora, $94,500.

James Daniels to Eric Floyd and others, 1936 Loxley, $50,000.

Harriet McPartland to Thomas and Diana Schreiner 2118 Alvin, $64,500.

Louisville Title Agency for Northwest Ohio, Inc., trustee, to Clearwater Custom Homes, 5826 Red Leaf, Monclova, $45,000.

Bay Financial Savings Bank FSB to Walter Crockrel Jr., 1639 North Erie, $10,000.

Wells Fargo Bank Minnesota N.A. to Ricarda Edwards, 921 Tecumseh, $8,000.

Charles and Jeanne Wechsel to Daniel Crandall and others, 5015 Trellis Way, Sylvania, $74,500.

Tamara Scott to Port Lawrence Title and Trust, 550 Woodville, $5,000.

Charlette Young to Charlotte Blanchard, 1307 Thatcher, $61,700.

James and Merry Kutz to Charter One Bank, 1411 Colton, $13,334.

Louisville Title Agency for Northwest Ohio, Inc., trustee, to Dale and Jane Kyser, 7101 Offshore, Maumee, $225,000.

Jeffrey and Carol Klocheska to Carrie and Richard Hrebic III, 923 Wright, $81,750.

Dale and Jane Kyser to Louisville Title Agency for Northwest Ohio, Inc., trustee, 5083 Black, Monclova, $225,000.

John Zankl and others to Roman Rozanski, 5042 Hallgate, $100,000.

Wingate Building Co. to Wilbur and Kay Hamilton, 719 Wind Breeze, $155,125.

Mary Battle to Lucretia Davis, 1133 London, $16,000.


Michael McMahon to Louisville Title Agency for Northwest Ohio, Inc., trustee, 1115 Alexis, $394,500.


Riverside Mercy Hospital to Investment Properties LLC, 1609 North Summit, $150,000.


March 31, 2003


Martin Garcia to James and Lynn Boden, 331 West Poinsetta, $90,000.

Robert and Kathleen Christ, trustees, to Daniel Borowski, 5858 Malden, $108,000.

Joseph and Dena Brady to Federal National Mortgage Association, 4904 Douglas, $54,667.

Lila Thornton to Demecia Wade, 2814 Letchworth Pkwy., $90,000.

Young Shon, trustee, to Rex and Daphne Sims, 2930 Manley, Maumee, $350,000.

Irmgard Wurth to Rose Development LLC, 5861 Flanders, Sylvania, $337,855.

Louisa Arvantis to Rose Development LLC, 5831 Flanders, Sylvania, $306,475.

Nancy Welch to Rose Development LLC, 5851 Flanders, Sylvania, $340,055.

Brenda Lake to Erin and Jason Thompson, 2727 and 2729 119th, $124,000.

Steven and Christy Johnson to Kristy Garey, 5216 Davewood, $111,800.

Matthew Spradling to Suzette Hurt, 5224 Adella, $96,000.

Emad and Regina Elaasar to Timothy Winter, 647 Nicholas, $76,000.

William and Tracy Tunis to Christian and Erica Scharer, 2718 Talmadge, $220,000.

Kenneth McFadden to Clifford and Domonique Stallworth, 132 Everett, $73,000

Tina Kerr to Robert Kerr, 643 Wyman, $75,000.

Robert and Christina Kerr to Tina Kerr and others, 4201 Stannard, $142,500.

Karen Rayoum to Gherin Johnston, 10555 Angola, Swanton, $106,494.

James and Michelle Nixon to Joseph and Monica Ball, 1115 Joyce, $98,000.

Bernard Grzegorzewski to Danyell Copeland, 206 Mettler, $43,460.

Donna Dick to Heather Heroux-Buck and James Buck, Jr., 1947 Belvoir, $106,000.

David and Myra Maier to Joshua Zunk, 4808 293rd, $112,400.

Robert and Euella McDonald to Charleen Hartzell, 2126 Robinwood, $115,500.

Theresa Brister to David and Lorrie Latham, 1115 Moran, $53,400.

Christopher Curnutte to Federal National Mortgage Association, 444 Sunset, $75,000.

Bernard Hartzell Jr. to Anthony Hartzell and others, 1513 Holloway, Holland, $85,000.

Richard Currier to Brenda Lake, 5308 Ketukkee Trail, $128,000.

Bernard and Lucille Maas to Nathan Wright, 3841 Ellenridge, $166,000.

Craig Kondalski to Federal National Mortgage Association, 6217 Foxcroft, $56,000.

Louisville Title Agency for Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to Stephen and Norma Peiffer, 5865 Red Leaf, Monclova, $315,000.

Christopher Honisko and others to Federal National Mortgage Association, 1832 Balkan Place, $50,000.

Angela Deiter to Federal National Mortgage Association, 268 Maryland, $28,000.

William and Rosie Granberry to Land Battle, Jr., 1244, 1246, and 1248 Avondale, $5,000.

Carl Hackney to Barbara and Dale Emerick, 2723 Eldora, $15,805,46.

Scott Sutter to JLE Enterprises LLC, 2343 Rosedale, $17,000.

Residential, Commercial, and Agricultural

Fleitz Marina, Inc. to Gary and Laraine Meinke, 0, 425, 435, 445, 455, 465, and 475 Park Colony; 422, 426, 432, 436, 442, 452, 462, 466, 472, and 476 Coolie; 0 Galbraith; 425, 426, 435, 436, 445, 446, 455, 456, 465, 466, 475, and 476 Riceland; and 11001, 11009, 11017, 11025, 11033, 11101, 11109, 11117, 11125, 11135, 11141, and 11151 Corduroy, all Curtice, $695,000.


Bryan and Patricia Couperthwaite to Ellyslynn Ltd., 9211 Airport, Monclova, $380,300.


April 1, 2003


Louisville Title Agency for Northwest Ohio, Inc., trustee, to Robert and Rhonda Witty, 8509 Royal Birkdale, Holland, $288,500.

Mehring Co. to Karen Grossman, 3416 Amberwood, $407,700.

Louisville Title Agency for Northwest Ohio, Inc., trustee, to Sibasis Sahoo and others, 6939 Running Brook Way, Holland, $168,500.

Gene Smith to 1st Choice Builders LLC, 222 East Indiana, Maumee, $35,000.

Mennis and Lois Forth to Alaska Seaboard Partners LP, 2301 and 2303 Valentine, $24,000.

Port Lawrence Title and Trust Co., trustee, to Trista Ailstock, 1432 Rollins, $106,000.

Aileen Tomaszewski to Luke Dewey, 5606 Comet, $118,000.

Kenneth and Nancy Schneider, trustees, to Douglas Rechtine, 8510 Willow Glen, Holland, $320,500.

Dwight Cain to Don and Tara Waggoner, 308 Roseanna, $105,000.

Timothy and Anna Keating to Loren McHenry, 5706 Kirkland, $101,000.

Rudy Benavidez to Douglas Wright, 4718 Southaire, $80,000.

Larry Shartzer to Tom Baumgartner and others, 5323 Winona, $90,000.

Richard and Deborah Caswell to Jill Gill, 5466 Thornbrook Trail, $120,000.

Craig and Amy Bourcier to Rodney and Lori Cundiff, 12060 Neapolis-Waterville, Whitehouse, $355,000.

Redden Smith to Joanne Geoffrion and others, 4147 Lowe, $38,000.

Louisville Title Agency for Northwest Ohio, Inc., trustee, to Joseph and Cathy Schuette, 804 Satin Leaf, $37,000.

Jose and Teresa Montalvo to Jose Esquivel and others, 1121 Peck, $9,000.

Donald Iiams to Bank One N.A., 568 Dover Place, $43,000.

Bank One N.A. to Jeremiah St. John and others, 568 Dover Place, $47,500.

Linda Schnell to Craig and Stacy Palmer, 3631 Harley, $115,000.

Kathleen Metzger to Timothy and Rachel McGrady, 430 North Holland-Sylvania, $96,000.

Amy Gross and others to Rosalie Heckman, 1846 Cass, $150,000.

Kraig Gerber and others to Ryan Householder, 1752 Pilgrim, $69,000.

Ronald and Joanne Champion to Steven and Amy Trussell, 9006 Orchard Lake, Holland, $275,000.

John Davis to Vincent Davis, 1144 Grand, $17,000.

John Davis to Vincent Davis, 1432 Buckingham, $5,500.

Gerald and Robin Roberts to Christopher Mackey and others, 2352 Middlesex, $154,000.

Ameriquest Mortgage Co. to Jewel Properties LLC, 1056 Klondike, $5,000.

Earl and Joann Thomas to William and Terry Metzler, 2247 Midlawn, $154,000.

Bank of New York, trustee, to James and Sandra Putman, 26 Willamont, $46,100.

Brent and Heather Wettle to Sagan Hill, 2830 Latonia, $115,000.

Westhaven Group to Phillip and Karen Mohr, 2309 Portsmouth, $85,000.

Westhaven Group to Phillip and Karen Mohr, 610 North Byrne, $53,600.

Frederick and Jacquelyn Inman to Michael Gardner and others, 2120 Perth, $96,000.

Roy and Gina Champion to Ted and Sylvia Craig, 139 Longmeadow, Holland, $215,000.

Christopher White to Eric Sniegowski, 6212 West Bancroft, $93,000.

Terry Dawley to Christopher and Rebecca White, 2809 Wicklow, $117,000.

Marjorie and Haynes Lee, Jr., to Kreg Morrin, 5845 Viramar, $106,500.

Norman and Heather Fortner to Kristalle and Kristopher Depue, 529 Southover, $94,000.

Bessie Emch to James Beatty, 936 Prouty, $42,840.

Lisa Hoye to Matthew and Janelle Sowers, 4911 Weldwood, Sylvania, $140,000.

Robert and Kim Craft to Grant and Patricia Gelb, 6843 Shieldwood, $185,000.

Robert and Audine Rutledge to Jeffrey and Heather Beam, 3760 Wheatlands, Sylvania, $160,000.

Lieutenant and Margaret Echols to Christal Brooks, 1111 Junction, $100.

Eva Jenkins to Charles Johnson, 932 Butler, $27,000.

Ronald Ledzianowski to Larry Piddock, 4203 Douglas, $65,000.

Thomas Ford, Jr. to Lisa and Todd Kochheiser, 156 Bromwich, $95,500.

Timothy Dirrim and others to Mark Amos, 2634 Goddard, $180,000.

Jeanne Kemper to Robert Stephens, 2438 Dublin Place, $141,500.

Stacey Huber and others to Mark Huber, 3727 Bowen, $45,000.

Diana Kehren to Pamela Przybylski, 5146 Regency, Unit 1, $94,000.

Charles Breeden to Walter Momgaudas, 155 Minerva, $60,500.

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Kirk and Barbara Holdcroft, 2719 Rathbun, $75,500.

Robin Barber, co-successor, and others, trustees, to Stacy McKie, 4907 Brinthaven, Sylvania, $66,000.

Sylvia Wojnowski to Lori Durbin, 548 East Oakland, $65,500.

Wingate Building Co. to Giles Davis III and others, 704 Satin Leaf, $163,050.

Michael and Lorraine Miller to Jeffery and Maureen Glore, 3044 Dorian, $158,000.

Sloan Development LLC to Todd Debouver, 8367 Water Park, Holland, $48,900.

John and Deborah Pozsik to Michael Shull and Cheri Copeland-Shull, 2016 Scottwood, $325,000.

Wehrle Development Ltd. to Mary and William Sexton, 3901 Hampstead, Sylvania, $182,500.

Daniel and Sandra Faulkner to Chantal Fair, 540 Apple, $83,500.

Donald and Janet Meyers to Anthony Garzony, trustee, 5308 Main, Sylvania, $70,000.


Mohammed Almaya to Munthir Al-Qetrani, 1139 North Ontario, $110,000.

Rick Nowak to Ronald and Kelly and Ronald Lawniczak, 5517 Glenridge, $272,000.


Kenneth Langenderfer, trustee, to Midland Agency of Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, 7718 West Central, $750,000.

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