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Real Estate Transfers

Real estate transfers

April 12, 2004


Ronald and Mary Ann Kujawa to Lisa Newton, 537 Dexter, $45,000.

Bridget Billian to Todd Balog, 326 Champion, $11,000.

Margaret Martin to Joshua Bock and Kristi Beach, 814 Kipling, $80,000.

James Woods and others to Carmen Clarke, 1521 Ottawa, $38,000.

Arlene Wagner, successor trustee, to Greg and Trudy Nash, 710 Sandralee, $114,500.

David and Sharon Todd to Jeannine Goulette, 836 Ogden, $86,000.

James Rousos to Frank Dobnikar and Elizabeth Miller, 2717 Midwood, $126,500.

William and Joyce Zunk to George and Barbara Thompson, 3532 Lincolnshire Woods, $126,000.

Christopher Hutchins to Kaynell Cotton, 310 Chorus, $73,000.

Charles Horner to Mary Jeremy, 1713 Navarre, $35,900.

John and Sharon Wilson to Northwest Title Agency of Ohio & Michigan, Inc., trustee, 3850 Peru, $27,301.

John Thompson, Jr., to Stephen and Abbylee Lukac, 3324 Morrell, $105,000.

Joan Verhoff to Carolyn Matthews, 2562 Beaufort, $103,800.

Patricia Imm to David and Christina Carr, 1516 Oak, and 307 and 309 Greenfield, $70,000.

Charles Sasse to Christie Kennelly, 3117 Astor, $132,000.

Ruben Gonzalez, Jr., to Tina and Jose Garcia, 117 Emery, $17,000.

Joseph Redman to David Hackett, 422 Starr, $1,400.

Residential Funding Corp. to Guy and Karen Cameron, 1118 Cady, Maumee, $80,000.

Tanya and Jerome King, Jr., to Citifinancial, Inc., 2731 Byrnwyck, Maumee, $134,000.

Citifinancial, Inc., to Gerard Property Management Ltd., 2731 Byrnwyck, Maumee, $150,000.

Robert Parker, Jr., and others to Richard Zimmerman, 1602 Park Ridge, $193,000.

Midland Agency of Northwest Ohio, Inc., trustee, to Eagle Creek Builders and Developers, Inc., 2535 Cherry Lake, Sylvania, $55,900.

Midland Agency of Northwest Ohio, Inc., trustee, to Eagle Creek Builders and Developers, Inc. 8801 Cedar Bend, Sylvania, $58,900.

Hallmark Development Co. LLC to Diamond Pointe Homes LLC, 6214 Steeplechase Pkwy., Whitehouse, $47,500.

Alok and Vasanthi Krishna to Midland Agency of Northwest Ohio, Inc., trustee, 1815 and 1819 South Byrne, $110,500.

Robert and Julie Reynolds to Jennifer Raitz, 2520 North Ontario, $47,000.

Swaran Mavi to Metropolitan Title Co.-Ohio LLC, trustee, 907 North Ontario, $7,700.

Barbara Mechel to Julie Decsman, 2302 Berdan, $93,400.

Donald Fabris to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., 4103 Commonwealth, $69,000.

Sergio Villegas to Diego Villegas, 571 South, $36,000.

Residential and Exempt

Stacie Hommel to Michael Leonard, 1966 Burr, $86,000.

Eddie Phillips to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., 1915 Macomber, $64,000.


Damas Parking Co., Inc., to JAJ Development Co. Ltd., 221, 225, and 231 North Huron, $300,000.

Shaheda Ahmed, trustee, to Asem Safi, 1238 Flaire, $450,000.

Golf and Park LLC to Carson Property Group LLC, 1421, 1452, 1509, 1510, and 1520 Brooke Park, $990,000.

James Biedermann and others to Sonja Biedermann, trustee, 2337 South Detroit, Maumee, $32,500.

April 13, 2004


George and Carol Moore, trustees, to Charles and Karen Pelland, 542 East Central, $28,000.

Port Lawrence Title and Trust Co., trustee, to Donald and Lois Brandi, 1502 Southridge, Waterville, $271,000.

Patricia Evola to Todd Shay, 4749 Wickford East, Sylvania, $129,900.

Deborah Wood and others to Joseph Beuhler, 1160 Harding, $30,000.

Terry and Annabelle Pelfrey to Gregory Starr, 4839 292nd, $59,500.

Kenton Mulvany to Prudential Relocation, Inc., 2738 Daleford, $147,500.

Prudential Relocation, Inc., to Eric DiSalle, 2738 Daleford, $147,500.

Richard and Angela Heath to Todd and Brenna Koback, 137 Bromich, $104,000.

Andrew and Tammy Eckhart to Kimberly Morgan, 3845 Dikway, $109,900.

Riverside Partners Group Ltd. to Michael and Lisa Nowak, 0 River, Maumee, $55,000.

Carol Retzke to Joseph and Tambra Perry, 2825 Powhattan Pkwy., $81,000.

Matt Kennedy Kustom Homes, Inc., to Linda Folger, 5824 Porsha, Sylvania, $230,900.

RDM/Webb Builders, Inc., to Dianna Keefe, 2004 Sandown, $110,000.

Kenneth Opaczewski to Ryan Forbes, 2235 Dunham, $73,000.

Wingate Building Co. to Thomas White, 725 Satin Leaf, $177,500.

Jeffrey and Sandra Page to Judith Edminster, 3212 Woodley, $162,000.

Robert and Carol Galuzny to John and Sharon Staton, 528 Lawson, Oregon, $179,000.

Patricia Momenee to Ernest and Tina Persley, 3413 Upton, $81,000.

Stephen Newman and others to Prudential Relocation, Inc., 9072 Stonybrook, Sylvania, $239,900.

Prudential Relocation, Inc., to Sreedhar Billakanty and others, 9072 Stonybrook, Sylvania, $239,900.

Gary and Beverly Blakeman to David and Bernice Palus, 7630 Grenlock, Sylvania, $180,000.

Fannie Rodgers to Justin Snyder, 2060 Eileen, $83,500.

Joseph Tack and others to Linda Whetsel, 3561 Sherbrooke, $112,500.

Timothy Gunn to John Brewis, 5916 Staghorn, $92,500.

Ian Murphy and others to Tina Hudson and others, 4203 Albar, $121,500.

Westhaven Group to Larry and Pamela Vernon, 849 Circleview, $90,000.

Larry and Pamela Vernon to John and Heather Hoenig, 849 Circleview, $106,000.

Jerry Throne, Jr., and others to Joseph Horak, 5060 Valley Forge, $139,000.

Dianna Keefe to Jade and Michelle Moores, 2635 Villa, $152,500.

Midland Agency of Northwest Ohio, Inc., trustee, to Stephen Koder, 2271 Big Hickory Run, Sylvania, $52,000.

Gregory and Michelle Rummell to Katrina Mitchell, 2919 Midwood, $101,500.

Barbara Nash to Midland Agency of Northwest Ohio, Inc., trustee, 8 Riverhills, $1,200,000.

Midland Agency of Northwest Ohio, Inc., trustee, to Amy Galvan, 620 Whisperwood Pkwy., Holland, $231,000.

Paul and Luann Kornowa to Michael and Kimberly Kastner, 6944 Hickory Ridge, Sylvania, $436,500.

Citifinancial Mortgage Co., Inc., to RECA LP, 1022 and 1029 Baker, $5,000.

Bank One NA, trustee, to George and Carol Moore, 3392 Otto, $26,500.

Lukecorp, Inc., to Kevin Wright, 3649 Watson, $62,500.

James Rizor to Lisa Kennedy, 1573 Jermain, $50,000.

Westhaven Group to Chad and Annamarie Johnson, 3429 Aldringham, $109,000.

Midland Agency of Northwest Ohio, Inc., trustee, to James H. Johnson Custom Builder LLC, 7327 Northquay Ct., Holland, $51,100.

Midland Agency of Northwest Ohio, Inc., trustee, to James H. Johnson Custom Builder LLC, 7330 Northquay Ct., Holland, $51,100.

Jeffery and Kathy Steers to Adam Stevens, 165 Concord, Waterville, $97,000.

Midland Agency of Northwest Ohio, Inc., trustee, to James H. Johnson Custom Builder LLC, 523 Whisperwood Pkwy., Holland, $50,700.

Diane Kurfis to Bank One NA, trustee, 10808 Cable, Whitehouse, $60,000.

Bank One NA, trustee, to Cara Gross, 10808 Cable, Whitehouse, $108,100.

Louisville Title Agency for Northwest Ohio, Inc., trustee, to Orchard Hill Home Builders, Inc., 4950 Yosemite Pkwy., Sylvania, $54,781.

Port Lawrence Title and Trust Co., trustee, to Shannon and Patricia Kreuz, 9552 Arbor Mist Ct., Sylvania, $47,583.

Judith Gaines to Centex Home Equity Co. LLC, 2613 Locust, $16,667.

Jill Ramirez to Patricia Woods, 4002 Fairview, $10.

Susan Beck to Patricia Woods, 2456 Auburn, $10.

Melvin and Mary Teall to Joanne to Donald Soll, Jr., 5628 and 5630 310th, $124,000.

Bernard and Kelli Tufts to Louis and Mary Miller, 2243 Bucklew, $118,500.

Sue Lewis to Zenaida Martinez, 5707 Berthath Ct., $75,000.


Jewish Federation of Greater Toledo to MCCC Investments LLC, 1215 Flaire, $58,300.

Golf and Park LLC to JTR Properties LLC, 1401 Brooke Park, $220,000.

Golf and Park LLC to JTR Properties LLC, 1412 Brooke Park, $206,500.

April 14, 2004


Dawn Development Co. LLC to James and Susan Wylie, 1429 Riverwalk Ct., Waterville, $180,081.

Ann Kolwitz to Mark Cousino and others, 638 Anmarie Ct., Oregon, $225,000.

Louisville Title Agency for Northwest Ohio, Inc., trustee, to Kayleen McCollam, 7259 Bay Harbour Ct., Maumee, $71,800.

Virginia Redden to SN Funding Trust, 1944 Ashcroft, Oregon, $23,400.

Peter and Ruth Swartzbaugh to Sheila Jackson, 3946 Londonderry, $145,000.

James Meyer to Sharon and Vincent Gschwind, 4805 Burnham, $105,000.

Margaret Kilcorse to Randy Piasecki, 717 Countway, Holland, $78,500.

Morris Oberlin to Shane March, 2356 Cheltenham, $90,000.

ABN Amro Mortgage Group, Inc., to Westhaven Group, 3915 Drexel, $56,250.

Bank of New York, trustee, to Ervin Mitchell, 1339 Pinewood, $4,200.

Melvin Reed to Linette Stewart, 1218 Fernwood, $1.

Bank of New York, trustee, to Brian Uram, 605 Acklin, $14,000.

Wells Fargo Bank Minnesota, trustee, to Scott Gerharter, 815 Woodward, $13,900.

Louisville Title Agency for Northwest Ohio, Inc., trustee, to Joseph and Diane Gagel, 5837 Red Leaf, Monclova, $50,000.

Ammie and Rosa Smith to Bank One NA, 719 Indiana, $10,000.

Bank One NA to Walls Memorial Chapel, 719 Indiana, $9,000.

Iris Zajac to C.B. Leasing Ltd., 4024 Greenbrook Ct., $112,000.

JCW Development Ltd. to Thomas and Julie Cox, 10135 Blue Creek North, Whitehouse, $39,500.

Port Lawrence Title and Trust Co., trustee, to Midland Agency of Northwest Ohio, Inc., trustee, 95558 Arbor Mist Ct., Sylvania, $46,193.

Steven Trawford to Robert and Enid Sullivant, 5696 Corey Cove, $223,000.

Rose Glennon to Fred and Dorothy Gilbert, 588 Prouty, $12,000.

Judith Dutton to CU Members Mortgage, 2513 Olivewood, Oregon, $51,334.

Barbara Traynum to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., 742 Avondale, $10,000.

William and Melanie Taylor to Federal Home Mortgage Corp., 944 Gramercy, $60,000.

Frances Cannaley and others to David Grocki and Carol Hayes-Grocki, 548 Knower, $12,000.


Babysave Foundation to Pregnancy Center of Greater Toledo, 716 North Westwood, $280,200.

Housing East Redevelopment Corp. to Lisa Buschmann, 310 and 312 Whittemore, $90,000.

April 15, 2004


Dorothy Neuhaus Coss to Jerry McCarver, 1013 Waverly, $26,000.

Gerald Loyer to Walter and Icie Loyer, 4546 Douglas, $90,000.

Marlene VanFossen to Renee Grant, 6086 Curson, $97,000.

Roger and Kathy Casey to Neil Lott, 272 Elgin, $54,500.

Evelyn Eckman to Jason and Leah Cowell, 529 and 533 Lynnhaven, $57,216.

Fifth Third Bank, successor trustee, and others to Port Lawrence Title and Trust Co., trustee, 3356 Brookside, $525,000.

Donald Means and others to Wayne and Debra Pratt, 2029 and 2033 Brussels, $86,000.

Christopher and Kellie Roach to Scott and Amy Nowak, 5951 Elden, Sylvania, $141,000.

Gary and Lisa Fadil to Michael Bowser, 7330 Sioux Trail, Holland, $227,500.

Chad and Joanna Niemann to Northwest Title Agency of Ohio & Michigan, Inc., trustee, 2416 Orchard, $210,000.

Roscom Enterprises, Inc., to Gerald and Karin Austin, 4525 and 4527 North Lockwood, $76,167.

Holly Thompson to John and Barbara Maloy, 1532 Bradmore, $75,000.

James and Margaret Hentges to Morris Oberlin, 3012 West Bancroft, $143,000.

Bret Bonaminio to Ronald and Kermitta Karpinski 5137 Bennett, $82,400.

Kelly Builders, Inc., to Allan Devine and others, 9361 Rocky Water Ct., Sylvania, $43,000.

Shawn Madalinski and others to Shawn Madalinski, 709 Sandralee, $7,500.

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Daniel Bukowski, 2535 Wyndale Ct., $91,000.

First National Bank of Chicago, trustee, to Karla Grant, 3302 Jeannette, $37,000.

Christopher Presley to Gus Nicolaidis, 5909 Buchanan, $55,000.

Dick and Grace Gau to Tripp and Lina Cantwell, 4404 Old Saybrook, $180,000.

Huntington National Bank to Samuel Mallette III, 1536 Freeman, $6,000.

Robert Schmidt to Jeanette Woodruff, 4685 Ventura, $72,050.

Linda Kaczmarek to Fawn River Properties LLC, 1306 Noble, $19,250.

Larry Donnelly to Fawn River Properties LLC, 235 East Park, $25,850.

Linda Kaczmarek to Angela Schliesser, 334 Everett, $26,675.

Charles Eddy, Jr., and Eileen Taberner to Kurt Nielsen, 2617 Midwood, $103,900.

James H. Johnson Custom Builder LLC to Jeff Williamson, 747 Whisperlake, Holland, $289,870.

Audrey Gottschalk to John Pohlmeyer, 3841 Watson, $65,000.

Port Lawrence Title and Trust Co., trustee, to J. Moses Construction Ltd., 10160 Saddle Bridge South, Whitehouse, $38,900.

Lynette Miller to Devenia Moody, 3239 Maple, $25,000.

Michael and Sarah Krafty to Ricky Lawrence, 2133 Laurel Valley, $155,900.

Dale Bak to Gloria Cade and others, 524 Cadillac Ct., $5,000.


Bank One NA, trustee, to Constance Owens, 3202 Franklin, $10,000.


Rose Szalkay to Avalon Homes Building Co. LLC., 4056 Brown, Oregon, $40,000.

April 16, 2004


Cynthia Crowl to Allison Taylor, 3702 Woodmont, $115,450.

Robert and Eileen Bensen to Michael and Denise Stokes, 11940 Neapolis-Waterville, Whitehouse, $248,000.

April Franklin to Lorene Vnuck, 3145 Brock, $98,000.

Mohammed Hussein to Clareece Williams-Dyer, 1826 Mansfield, $61,500.

Lisa and John Hrifko, Jr., to Craig and Pamela Mead, $212,500.

Cendant Mobility Financial Corp. to Ryuji and Itsuko Yashird, 9017 Bear Creek, Sylvania, $242,750.

Richard Holmes to Ruben Trevino and others, 8821 Kellie, Sylvania, $374,000.

Franklin Credit Management Corp. to Mapleway Group Ltd., 1537 Freedom, $21,000.

Sandra Benge to Paul Hochandel, 1767 Wilton, $66,330.

Hallmark Development Co. LLC to Bradley Group Inc., 9719 Fairmeadows, Whitehouse, $47,500.

John Wirth, successor trustee, to Joan Verhaff, 4212 Stannard, $132,000.

Stuart Longmuir to Trudy V LLC, 1533 Holloway, Holland, $66,000.

Dean Beauch to Kathlene Morse, 5859 317th, $68,000.

James Devers to John and Patti Schwab, 2037 and 2041 Idaho, $57,000.

John Osenbaugh, Jr., to Valkie Litz, 572 Yondota, $76,800.

Gail Pantanella to Gregory and Aleasa Machnicki, 276 Stillwater, $124,000.

Rose Development LLC to Barton and Laura Lea, 4731 Cinnamon, Sylvania, $95,000.

Mark Vercellotti to Bank One NA, trustee, 1818 Mulberry, $12,000.

Bank One NA, trustee, to Walter Mattox, 1818 Mulberry, $6,250.

Joseph and Diana Wagner to Patrick and Christy Ghaster, 820 Liberty, Waterville, $168,000.

Jeffrey Malicki and others to Jennifer Rozick, 2004 Woodbridge, $85,000.

Midland Agency of Northwest Ohio, Inc., trustee, to Scott and Amy Huntsman, 2821 Maple Colony, $70,900.

First Union National Bank, trustee, to Wilbur Todd, 413 Elizabeth, $6,200.

Steven Stricklin to Robert and Illia Kinsey, 3408 Glenwood, $5,100.

Louisville Title Agency for Northwest Ohio, Inc., trustee, to Joe Brown Builders, Inc., 2926 Deep Water, Maumee, $64,500.

Colleen and Michael O'Neil to David Roberts and others, 3021 Lambert, $110,000.

Kathy Rocha and others to Rose Hartford and others, 6141 Bryan, Oregon, $21,800.

Megan Demeter to Susan MacPhee and Marcus Gray, 2534 Goddard, $156,000.

April 19, 2004


Mark Stowe to Cendant Mobility Financial Corp., 537 Bridgewater, Oregon, $265,900.

Cendant Mobility Financial Corp. to David and Caris Dykema, 537 Bridgewater, Oregon, $265,900.

Jodi Kowalski to Eric Balazs and others, 5909 Staghorn, $110,000.

Tom and Maggie Kuhman to Jason and Heidi Reed, 4360 Rugby, $150,000.

Edward Mueller to Steven Zasodni, 1108 North Huron, $57,000.

Brenda Kiss to Nancy and William Watts, 530 Barker, $59,200.

Cedar Creek Valley Ltd. to G. Joan Gillig, 5170 Bay Ridge Ct., Oregon, $117,600.

Scott Gosch to Toledo Zoological Society, 1763 Spencer, $70,000.

Louisville Title Agency for Northwest Ohio, Inc., trustee, to Northcreek Properties LLC, 3046 Lexington Glen, Monclova, $51,900.

Oben and Martha Shockley, trustees, to Aldean and Willie Neely, 1017 Evesham, $22,000.

Jacob Forrest to Natasha Baker, 3639 Wallwerth, $90,200.

Westhaven Group to Cheryl Venson, 3208 Cottage, $32,000.

Lawrence and Patricia Hess, trustees, to Gary Hayes, 156 Roseanna, $85,000.

William Schulz to Homecomings Financial Network, Inc., 1801 Barrows, $33,334.

Sherry Smith to Kelly Kromenacker, 2141 Talbot, $72,000.

Teena Liber to Roberta and Philip Dickey, 2246 Lynn Park, $155,000.

Betty Simkus to Todd and Carrie Gangluff, 536 Walden, $36,000.

Kathy Riggle Sullivan to Amy Suto and others, 1604 North Stadium, Oregon, $88,500.

Charles and Rosalie England to Valerie Jurski, 357 Wrexham, Unit 101, Maumee, $104,000.

Eric Komorowski to Joshua and Linda Knauss, 4859 Bowser, $99,500.

Greg and Toni Parrish to Eric Komorowski, 2547 Gracewood, $118,000.

Michael and Kristin Bowman, trustees, to Pamela Douglas, 4550 Westway, $113,500.

Arlo and Joyce Grodi to Gregory and Kathryn Onnenga, 5854 East Heights, $139,900.

Jerry and Belinda Conrad to Michael and Dawn Coffman, 5805 Hunting Creek, $135,500.

Jodi Perry to Chase Manhattan Bank, trustee, 847 Woodsdale, $53,334.

Ottawa Street Investors Ltd. to Kellen and Corinne Smith, 110 Ottawa Unit 3B, $188,500.

Provident Bank to Justin Waggoner, 1947 North Superior, $13,000.

James Boyd to Midland Agency of Northwest Ohio, Inc., trustee, 5620 Harvest, $25,000.

Timothy and Amy Kauzlick to David Bringman, 1178 Hidden Ridge, $141,500.

Michael Moore to Charles Kreger, 1121 Waterville-Monclova, Waterville, $106,000.

Keith Smith and others to Scott Gosch, 1612 Wayne, $36,000.

Chuck and Joan Salah to Michael and Colleen O'Neil, 5873 Pickard, $182,000.

Joseph and Wanda Bublick to Jason and Cara Buss, 7908 Royal Hampton, Waterville, $268,500.

William Merrill, co-trustee, and others to Matthew Pobieglo, 4923 Harvest, $91,500.

Joseph Wlodarz to Patricia Clement, 3845 Heatherdowns, $131,000.

Port Lawrence Title and Trust Co., trustee, to Christopher and Angela Bittel, 4335 Cranberry, Sylvania, $99,821.

Barbara Thrasher to Amanda Wilkins, 5134 Ford, $73,300.

Helen Muller to Joseph and Susan Vetter, 4710 Glendale, $109,000.

Courtney Mierzwiak to Linda Loesch, 5849 Rega, $63,000.

Dennis and Alice McDarby to Karen Henderson, 3111 Mulberry, $70,500.

LaVonne Davis to Matthew Dewood, 414 Conrad, $32,000.

Louisville Title Agency for Northwest Ohio, Inc., trustee, to Northcreek Properties LLC, 3901 Hollyhock, Maumee, $56,050.

Sandra Mather, trustee, to Bob Parks, 1214 North Erie, $300.

Louisville Title Agency for Northwest Ohio, Inc., trustee, to Orchard Hill Home Builders, Inc., 7602 Olympic Pkwy., Sylvania, $60,046.

Port Lawrence Title and Trust Co., trustee, to Orchard Hill Home Builders, Inc., 5719 Breeze Bay, Sylvania, $59,341.

Residential and Agricultural

Karl Wolfert to John Burchfield, 12705 and 12755 Sylvania-Metamora, Berkey; and 5701 Berkey-Southern, Berkey, $190,000.

Commercial and Industrial

Lisa D'Ascenzo to Toni Battle, 311 and 321 Bush, $97,900.


Kott Enterprises Ltd. to Brian and Angela Boehm, split from 6429 West Bancroft, $141,000.


Robert Schetter to Timothy and Rene Schetter, split from 13900 Old State Line, Swanton, $25,000.

Paul and Terry Herman to Michael and Angela Briones, split from 11735 Veler, Martin, $35,000.

April 20, 2004


Churchills Supermarkets, Inc., to Lynxs Ltd., 6014 and 6024 Dorr, $262,500.

Port Lawrence Title and Trust Co., trustee, to Gregory and Robin Smale, 4639 Terra Ct., $89,900.

Vivian Boyd to Anissa and Nathaniel Floure, Jr., 3542 Turret Green, $135,500.

Henry and A. Alice Hinojosa to Ingrid Wood, 3816 Almeda, $67,000.

Nicholas and Rebecca Sarantou to Elise Smith, 4311 North Haven, $79,400.

Josephine Meeker to Syed and Tabinda Rehman, 1625 South Crissey, Holland, $280,000.

Mark Hopkins to David Sobczak, 2208 Olin, $100,000.

Sharon Luzius to Jacob and Tammy Jablonski, 638 and 642 Olyander, Holland, $108,500.

Ronald Carter, successor trustee, to Frederick and Gloria Kasten, 1547 Eaton, $119,000.

Joseph and Clara Vass, trustees, to Gabriel Corey, 2133 Dority, $105,000.

John and Tonya Henegar to Jerry and Mindy Miller, 2738 Edwin, Oregon, $145,000.

Anthony and Laura Galati to Eric Jones, 2241 Berdan, $84,900.

Timothy and Jill McCready to John Kozak and others, 3915 Buell, $98,400.

Danny and Theresa Telema to Eileen Kozlowski, 10651 Longnecker, Whitehouse, $110,900.

Dorothy Rowland to Danny and Theresa Telema, 5529 Marriatt, $112,900.

Alberta Miller to Michael Miller, 1046 Slater, $40,872.

Northwest Title Agency of Ohio & Michigan, Inc., trustee, to Floyd Williams, 434 East Weber, $61,900.

Elsie and David Detwiler, co-trustees, to Georgia and Patrick McHugh, 5679 Monroe, Bldg. 4, Apt. 1107, Sylvania, $112,000.

Fannie Mae to Michael Parsil, 2859 Elmwood and 8606 and 8608 Manci, Sylvania, $80,000.

James H. Johnson Custom Builder LLC to Michael and Marjorie Eversole, 682 Whisperlake, Holland, $319,000.

Mary Anne Douglas to Lisa Bush, 6064 Reo, $107,500.

Michael and Laura Wilson to Jeffrey Mendelsohn, 3608 Greengate, $121,025.

Earnest Bolton to Melvyn Hurston, 829 Circleview, $114,000.

Warren Reuther to Chong Cha, 6940 Cedar Creek, $299,000.

Gene Marney to Valentina Beene, 1705 Milburn, $1.

Sharon Markley to Tina Markley, 140 Dearborn, $34,500.

Christopher Koenig to Sandy Straub, 1022 Scribner, Maumee, $143,500.

Michael and Barbara Reese to Brian Poland and others, 2731 Sherbrooke, $122,000.

Violet Yennie to David Hall, 4843 292nd, $43,100.

Scott Christy to Sarah Washtak, 2101 Cummings, $88,000.

Kathy and William Turner, Jr., to Jason and Shannon Ulery, 2319 Notting Hill, $234,300.

Dale Bak to Scott Minnick, 2516 Locust, $15,000.

Georgia Shinaver to Mark and Denise Leese, 2070 Idaho, $49,000.

Alberta Kolvey to Mark Potter, 1129 Mason, $41,200.

Elinda Ewing to Carie Hurst, 339 Richards, $83,000.

Richard and Laura Hamman to Robert and Melissa Heinemann, 5549 Brook Point, $127,000.

John and Theresa Coleman to Eric Davis, 2451 North Holland-Sylvania, $168,700.

Homer and Diana Yarrito to Raymond and Paulina Gust, 5121 Oakridge, $114,000.

Midland Agency of Northwest Ohio, Inc., trustee, to Cealashea Baggett, 2665 West Village, $156,900.

Diana Marksch to Dennis Gardner, 9623 Old State Line, Holland, $49,500.

National City Bank, Cleveland, to Andrew and Marsha Kott, 3309 Elm, $26,000.

Citifinancial Mortgage Co., Inc., to Kevin Machon, 3409 Glenwood, $6,300.

Michael and Amy Covyaw to Timothy Nidek, 4426 Drummond, $116,000.

Infinity Group Limited to Norman and Amy VanNess, 6117 Reo, $138,500.

Pauline Holman to Amanda Puccetti, 1585 Crestwood, $103,000.

Michael and Sheila Bonner to Donald and Charlene Kuhn, 6105 Grainfield, Sylvania, $171,000.

Alice Cutlip to Hope Gomez-Rudess and Robert Rudess, Jr., 722 Page, $19,500.

Berthold and Marilyn Rossnagel to Rick and Jody Murd, 3512 Rushland, $130,000.

Daniel Garcia to Bryan Shimman, 2138 and 2142 Genesse, $30,000.

Angela Sondergeld to Bryan Ahumada, 1215 Starr, $53,500.

Shelly Moore to Laura Knisel, 5705 Bernath Ct., $105,000.

U.S. Bank NA to James Ike, 529 East Central, $13,500.

Residential and Exempt

Eric Small to Leandra Stratton, 2200 Scottwood, $99,000.


Louisville Title Agency for Northwest Ohio, Inc., trustee, to James and Rickelle Litten, split from 14045 Brindley, Swanton, $41,500.

April 21, 2004


Thomas Adams to Charles O'Neal, 528 Whitlock, $85,000.

Frank and Sue Semersky to Christopher Schults, 2642 Gradwohl, $194,000.

Barbara Page to John Fronk, 10922 Waterville, Whitehouse, $130,000.

Dawn Development Co. LLC to David Joens, 1412 Riverwalk Ct., Waterville, $207,000.

Brian Heil to Paula Riley, 917 Village Trail, Maumee, $96,000.

Donald and Virginia Aldrich to James Micenec, 120 Second, Waterville, $108,500.

William Holt to Frederick Genzman, 627 Brynhaven, Oregon, $135,000.

Julie Chilcote to Tiffany Strabley, 844 Toronto, $82,500.

Lisa Jessee and others to Michael Moon, 538 Ansonia, Oregon, $126,000.

Northwest Title Agency of Ohio & Michigan, Inc., trustee, to James Hill and others, 3617 Burton, $88,000.

Joseph Zawisza to Susanna Zavodyuk, 3722 Almeda, $78,500.

Jay and Susan Beaver to Jason Schreiner, 3635 Torrance, $84,100.

Cassandra Hines to Margaret Lapham, 5917 Ryewyck, $116,000.

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