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Real Estate Transfers

Real estate transfers

Sept. 16, 2004


American General Financial Services to Paul Heidebrink, 416 Potter, $4,000.

Patrick and Amy Gustine to Jeffrey and Laura Swafford, 3602 Edgevale, $430,000.

Linda Cousino to Ann and James Mahon, 111 Gramercy, $74,500.

Daniel Minard, trustee, to William and Susan Jones, 1949 Marlow, $59,900.

Howard Guss to U.S. Bank NA, 445 Heathshire, $50,000.

Nationscredit Financial Services Corp. to Harner Enterprises Ltd., 445 Heathshire, $32,000.

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Evelyn Rosales, 4326 North Haven, $82,000.

Tyrone Waters to Lisa Lopez, 130 Mettler, $52,000.

Cary and Angela Garnett to Matteo Sofo, 4169 Hurley, $99,800.

Billie Christian to Vicki Lippert, 360 Hiett, $27,500.

Pledged Property II LLC to John and Jeanette Hrovatich, 3146 Stickney, $9,000.

James and Elaine Allen, co-trustees, to John and Susan Rapp, 3403 Plainview, $95,000.

Deutsche Bank Trust Co. Americas to Lisa Rios, 5838 and 5842 Bay Shore, Oregon, $72,500.

Household Realty Corp. to Adam Akers, 5333 Seaman, Oregon, $98,600.

Jacqueline Moffett to Mortgage Banc Corp., 1789 North Parkway, Maumee, $80,000.

Linda Cousino to Ann and James Mahon, 111 Gramercy, $74,500.

Daniel Minard, trustee, to William and Susan Jones, 1949 Marlow, $59,900.

Howard Guss to U.S. Bank NA, 445 Heathshire, $50,000.

Nationscredit Financial Services Corp. to Harner Enterprises Ltd., 445 Heathshire, $32,000.

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Evelyn Rosales, 4326 North Haven, $82,000.

Tyrone Waters to Lisa Lopez, 130 Mettler, $52,000.

Cary and Angela Garnett to Matteo Sofo, 4169 Hurley, $99,800.

Billie Christian to Vicki Lippert, 360 Hiett, $27,500.

Sept. 17, 2004


James and Heidi Jurski to Patrick Hoskins, 801 Linda, $114,000.

John and Nancy Laipply to Faith Mohr, 843 Maple, Waterville, $136,000.

Mary Dressell, trustee, to Daniel Brown, 5963 Wildwood, Whitehouse, $298,000.

Robert Thomas to Kacy Christian, 335 Cyril, $25,750.

Dennis Brady to Lorelei Menke, 5229 Pageland, $120,000.

Florence Gregory to Adam Trame, 407 West Crawford, $62,000.

Gary Ashton to Jessica Hall, 6061 323rd, $85,500.

Bryan and Kelly Rose to Gary and Theresa Ashton, 3468 147th, $85,000.

Carol Gray, trustee, to Ruth Lovell, 5554 Westowne Ct., $137,000.

Mary Lucas to John and Karen Tscherne, 2947 Eastmoreland, Oregon, $180,000.

Lesley Butler to Donald and Barbara Phillips, 2423 Ragan Woods, $185,000.

Christine Guerrero to Kathleen and Martin Rambush, 4417 Stannard, $111,000.

Martin and Kathleen Rambush to Cassandra and Charles Bensch, Jr., 4208 Birchall, $108,500.

Tom and Katherine Stewart to Eric and Kacy Watson, 40 Hidden Meadow, Holland, $199,000.

Mattie Sanders to Albert and Charlene Brown, 1334 and 1340 Prospect, $55,000.

William and Linda Cupps to Julie Henry-Sapp and Robert Sapp, Jr., 641 Clarion, Holland, $93,200.

Adam Nye to Harold and Myla Dodson, 7115 Railroad, Holland, $90,000.

Westhaven Group to Michael Sawmiller and Jennie Carter-Sawmiller, 3122, 3124, and 3126 Pomeroy, $32,000.

Christie Stiles to William Stiles, 3811 Wallwerth, $66,200.

Gregory and Melanie Schmidt to Helen Baldwin, 5738 Candlestick Ct. East, $152,000.

Thomas Richard to Heather and Chad Browning, 144 Bromwich, $111,000.

Bonnie Yusko to Bank One NA, 2605 Locust, $20,000.

Bank One NA to Jeffrey Moore, 2605 Locust, $15,200.

Edward Severhof, successor trustee, and others to Timothy Herman, 5001 Prestler, $82,900.

Charles and Martha Whalen to Christopher and Kelly Jacobs, 8311 Providence-Neapolis-Swanton, Neapolis, $146,950.

IQ Property Investment & Management Ltd. #2 to James Klempner, 1561 Basswood, $12,000.

Jason and Bonita Johnson to Robin Dunn, 2703 Algonquin Pkwy., $135,000.

Carleen Derminer to Richard Corbitt, 518 Heathshire, $74,160.

Bruce Wetzel, successor trustee, to John and Melinia Cercek, trustees, 4656 Cabriolet, Maumee, $270,000.

Federal National Mortgage Association to Larry Oberdorf, Jr., 3643 Hoiles, $54,750.

Annette Hoyt to Shelly Heintschel, 4964 and 5004 Trellis Way, Sylvania, $84,600.

Michael and Janell Storey to Adam and Jennifer Eilerts, 3429 Indian Trail, $164,000.

Herman and Lequency McCardell to Roy Head, 946 Griffin, $3,000.


Willow Development Ltd. to Ben & Bill Co. Ltd., 8939 Airport, Holland, $182,000.

General Electric Capital Business Asset Funding Corp. to AAA of Northwest Ohio, 308 New Towne Square, $473,000.

William Frisk to Michael Shull, 2018 Glenwood, $9,750.

Sullivan Acquisition LLC to Realty Income Corp., 5735 and 5743 Jackman and 1705 West Alexis, $780,000.

Sullivan Acquisition LLC to Realty Income Corp., 5069 Monroe, $600,000.

Sullivan Acquisition LLC to Realty Income Corp., 1001 Jefferson and 121 and 135 10th, $350,000.

Sullivan Acquisition LLC to Realty Income Corp., 1946 South Byrne, $425,000.

Central Office Park Ltd. to Jody McCollum, 0 King, $75,000.


. 20, 2004


Robert and Margy Lane to Michelle Perry and others, 3225 Mulberry, $66,950.

Priscilla Rohloff to Kevin Heintschel, 2846 Oak Grove Place, $75,000.

Roy and Janet Ocheske to Peggy Hymore, 634 Sweetwater, Oregon, $275,500.

Richard Baumgartner Builders to Kent and Cynthia Walcutt, 7865 North Branch, Monclova, $255,000.

Kathryn Cole to Kimberly Smith, 219 California, $98,900.

Mitchel and Jennifer Barkley to John Nitz, 4011 Eastway, $82,000.

Robert and Barbara Layman to Sherry and James Nhyan, 5254 Fredelia, $227,000.

Federal National Mortgage Association to Vincent Stewart, 5510 Fleet, $42,000.

Kendalbrook Co. Inc. to Louisville Title Agency for Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, 4847 Deer Brook Ct., Sylvania, $375,000.

Alberto and Eloisa Vargas to Barbara Pinter, 615 Arlene, Maumee, $172,000.

Irene Chlebowski to Matthew Myers, 3549 Sherbrooke, $105,987.

Donald and Nadine Blair to Christopher White, 7309 Apache, Holland, $220,000.

Ronald Kusz to Kristine Potts, 3533 Torrance, $52,250.

Kristine Potts to Michael and Debra Welch, 3533 Torrance, $60,000.

James and Jill Delong to Andrew and Christine Duvall, 6740 Pelton, Whitehouse, $134,700.

John Shultz and others to Deborah Dubbs, 636 Berry, $14,000.

Stephen and Byronna Bare to Upper Room Tabernacle Church of the Living God, 738 Willard, $27,000.

Ellen Weber to Claude and Jamie Jackson, 1448 Kenyon, $110,000.

Robert and Mary Lambrecht to Tracy and Annabell Gardner, 362 White, $93,000.

Rohit Trivedi, trustee, to Jason and Bonita Johnson, 2408 Cannons Park, $230,000.

Deutsche Bank Trust Co. Americas to Robert and Elizabeth Rosenbrook, 2731 Fremont, $10,000.

George Hileman to Northwest Title Agency of Ohio & Michigan Inc., trustee, 3019 Hartman, $27,000.

Marjorie Lumm, trustee, to Ellis and Judith Patterson, 4046 Waterville-Swanton, Swanton, $350,000.

Benjamin and Elsa Delacruz to Landmark National II Corp., 1266 Kirk, Maumee, $91,000.

Sandra Linke to Homeq Servicing Corp., 2420 Airport, $46,667.

Sylvan Lakes LLC to Daniel and Pamela Ulrich, 7825 Hawkins Ct., Sylvania, $42,900.

McGowan-Northwoods Ltd. to James and Kathryn Silk, 5935 Outpost, Sylvania, $86,000.

Barry Ellison to Scott Minnick, 2446 Fulton, $10,000.

Midland Agency of Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to Margaret Mortimer, 6936 Clearview Cove, Holland, $182,905.

Home Source Construction LLC to Milisa Butler, 8820 Cedar Bend, Sylvania, $295,300.

Daniel Davis, Jr., to Robert and Katie Gray, 552 White Oak, $200,000.

Thomas Moeller to Michael and Nadine Morse, 1408 Laurel, $78,500.

Warlenda Caulton to Bankers Trust Co. of California NA, 3908 Burton, $54,000.

Dorothy Streeter to Wells Fargo Bank Minnesota NA, 1372 Fitchland, $16,667.

Darnita Zeigler to Bank of New York, trustee, 2750 Inwood, $66,667.

Tajac Limited and others to Thrush Properties Ltd., 5913, 5915, 5917, and 5919 Staghorn, $357,500.

Erma Hutchinson to Mary Sullivan, 466 North River, Waterville, $252,400.

James and Kay Ladd to Matthew and Vicki Hogrefe, 5624 Fairview, Sylvania, $155,000.

Glenna Espinoza to Timothy Olejniczak, trustee, 1029 and 1031 Newbury, $1,500.

Farice McCann to Mitchell's Investments, 1035, 1037, 1039, 1041, and 1045 Indiana, $5,000.

Clifford and Jacqueline Russell to Kim Pratt, 853 Blum, $10,000.

Roberta Slawski to Joseph Andrzejewski, 942 East Broadway, $38,800.


Maumee Valley Habitat for Humanity to Patricia Flores, 6113 Lewis, $64,750.

Nucharee Pipatjarasgit, trustee, to Nautical Treasures Seafood Restaurants-Property Division LLC, split from 2060 West Laskey, $235,000.

David and Ruth Gomez to Bobby Vinson, 308, 316, and 320 Oak, $50,000.

Sept. 21, 2004


Jason and Phyllis Farkas to JP Morgan Chase Bank, trustee, 1716 Homestead, $46,666.

Wachovia Bank NA, trustee, to Daniel and Bernice Davis, 664 Phillips, $35,500.

Archibald and Anna McAuley to Marilyn Borst, 2545 Broadway, $202,500.

Sandra MacDermid to Kevin Dietsch and others, 2640 120th, $121,000.

Lon Woodard and others to Steven and Diane Paskiet, 2672 Gunckel, $97,500.

Bryan and Debra Roth to Brian Warner, 4349 Commonwealth, $87,500.

James and Karina Lamoreaux to Carrie Haddix, 6918 South Fredericksburg, Sylvania, $194,000.

Kenneth and Stephanie Marable to Michelle Thornbury, 2143 Alvin, $107,100.

Louisville Title Agency for Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to Gregory and Melanie Schmidt, 8514 Snapdragon, Monclova, $51,300.

Norman Beal to Thomas Peterman and others, 4493 289th, $128,000.

Richard Berkey to Deborah McMillan, 3346 and 3350 Island, $155,000.

Martin Bihn to Keith and Jennifer Schrader, 1867 Ashcroft, Oregon, $100,000.

Louisville Title Agency for Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to Edward and Sandra Lepiarz, 7267 Clipper Ct., Maumee, $63,800.

Leslie Meyer to John Makay, 6818 Fenwyck, Maumee, $115,000.

John Bamford, successor trustee, and others to Philip and Tammy Ludwig, 406 East Wayne, Maumee, $137,000.

Joyce Belonga, successor trustee, to Beverly Meyer, 3419 West Lincolnshire, $128,500.

Alan Properties Inc. to Joseph Bublick, 7958 Meadowview, Waterville, $43,900.

Marcia Stobel and others, successor co-trustees, to Paul Mechling, 2338 Heatherwood, $155,000.

Wells Fargo Bank Minnesota NA, trustee, to Douglas and Michelle Avery, 12544 and 12550 La Fontaine, Curtice, $25,500.

John and Dorothy Gaddus to Metropolitan Title Co.-Ohio LLC, trustee, 514 Raymer, $21,500.

Donald Wright to Kevin and Deborah Wright, 641 South Teachout, Curtice, $170,000.

LaSalle Bank NA to Jose Martinez, 224 Knower, $13,600.

William Malik to Douglas Lett, 541 Sandralee, $107,000.

John and Helen Gercak to Paul and Karen Granata, 4315 Rose Garden, $186,000.

Arlene and Ralph Gerig to Sandra Kellogg, 5315 Fleet, $67,980.

Kirk Holdcroft to Southview Builders, 1642 Copley, $10,658.

Jeffrey Monroe and others to Jason and Pamela Marquis, 216 Edgerton, Waterville, $148,400.

Wells Fargo Bank Minnesota NA, trustee, to Norman and Ruth Lott, 905 Cuthbert, $41,000.

Provident Bank to Michael and Earline Barfield 814 St. John, $8,500.


Churchill's Super Markets Inc. to Gray Fox Development Ltd., 2041 North Holland-Sylvania, $1,000,000.

Louisville Title Agency for Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to Bloomfield Lakes Apartments LLC, 22 Turtle Creek Circle, Swanton, $2,560,000.

Sept. 22, 2004


Natalie Heninger to Daniel Jimenez, 5964 Red Oak, $87,600.

Vincent and Joan Vargas to Jennifer and Bashar Younan, 5333 Pageland, $95,000.

Decker Homes to Dennis Winkle and Bonnie Johnson-Winkle, 4014 Secluded Ravine Ct., Maumee, $69,000.

Bertha Barker to BMT Properties Ltd., 2372 Fulton, $39,000.

Daniel and Andrea Smeltzer to Hammad Amer, 7256 Apache Trail, Holland, $222,500.

Shirley Anaszewicz to Brian and Teri Pratt, 5448 Armada, $93,000.

Carl Wasserman to Tara Cole, 468 Parker, $48,000.

Angela Losie to Franklin and Tina Leach, 2327 Pickle, Oregon, $76,100.

Lagrange Development Corp. to Sonja Brown, 52 Rockingham, $84,200.

William and Jacqueline Hatch to George and Barbara Sauerwein, 2001 Hurd, $88,900.

Bernard and Nancy Hill to Tracy Crowder and others, 3406 Coral, $91,000.

Robert Lulfs to Lori and Richard Fligor, Jr., 4313 Weckerly, Monclova, $170,000.

Andrew and Gayle Kriston to Richard and Marie Wilson, 11816 and 11822 Van Dyke, Curtice, $15,000.

John and Pauline Walker to Veronica Collins, 2170 Marlow, $100,000.

Edward and Darlene Thielen to Brandi Hampton, 235 Knower, $53,000.

McCarthy Builders Inc. to Frieda Dodge, 4262 Crystal Ridge West, Maumee, $29,900.

Heather Browning to Christopher and Alicia Browning, 5117 Janet, Sylvania, $103,000.

John and Marie Sheets to Joyce Mueller, 1717 Eaton, $138,000.

Forestview Building Co. to Bonnie Kortes and Michael Kiss, 4012 Azalea Circle, Maumee, $445,000.

Suzanne Goss to Philip and Mabel Coates, 1453 Prouty, $25,000.

Donnell Wolf to Elliott Drake, Jr., and others, 327 Dale, $45,000.

Philip and Mabel Coates to Elizabeth Pentony, 1453 Prouty, $35,000.

Philip Segur to Bryan Jameson, 6104 Merle, $97,778.

Mary Hobbs to Metropolitan Title Co.-Ohio LLC, trustee, 1416 White, $23,335.

Midland Agency of Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to Home Source Construction LLC, 2527 Cherry Lake, Sylvania, $55,900.

Olde Farm Inc. to Angela and Brian Gardner, 4257 Herdmans Circle, Maumee, $59,900.

Dolores Flynn to Robert Flynn, 3301 Ravenwood, $134,000.

Merry Achter to Federal National Mortgage Association, 5758 Pickle, Oregon, $120,000.

Hugh Moore Inc. to Fritz and Inge Wackernagel, 6425 Madison, Sylvania, $169,900.

Robert Jacksy, successor trustee, to James Olive, 4052 Talmadge Ct., $130,000.

Harry and Patricia Malpass to Charles and Linda Cannon, 5545 Bentwood, $181,500.

Michelle Lara to David Rodriguez, 1330 North Ontario, $3,000.


Dunbar Real Estate Co. to Carl Mockensturm Haas, trustee, 4900 North McCord, Sylvania, $1,650,000.

Port Lawrence Title and Trust Co., trustee, to Payak Real Properties LLC, 2680 Tremainsville and 5211 and 5215 Springdale, $168,000.

Top Properties 2708 Glenwood Ltd. to Manhattan Manor LLC, 3563 East Manhattan, $282,900.

Sept. 23, 2004


Kenneth and Stephanie Marable to Michelle Thornbury, 3726 Elmhurst, $116,280.

Kenneth Marable to Michelle Thornbury, 2134, 2138, and 2138 Wyndhurst, $158,100.

Anne and Donald Barto to Bijesh Kanani, 1208 Higley, $87,000.

Carolyn Kaplan to Chris and Chris Matthy, 8224 Elkhorn, $215,000.

Willie and Ruthie Paris to Maurice Parker, 398 Pinewood, $87,000.

Roger and Suzanne Augustyniak to Jason Barker, 2528 108th, $88,500.

Lisa and Henry Marshall, Jr., to Anthony Czerniakowski, 5325 Harvest, $96,900.

John Willhauck to Dawn Ferow, 3908 and 3910 Upton, $58,500.

Stanley Young to Jan Young, 11045, 11947, and 11951 Dike, Curtice, $40,000.

Lawrence and Jean Reinhart to Anthony and Carol Bullimore, 3737 Pickle, Oregon, $127,500.

Alexander and Helen Gorniak to Pauline Dedes and others, 2043 Glen Arbor, $177,000.

Grzegorz Bloniarz to Andrea Debagio, 615 East Hudson, $66,900.

Rozella Whitaker to Michelle Brown, 3649 Westland, $83,300.

Tony Linzmeier to Lazara Sanchez, 3066 West Laskey, $104,000.

Evelyn Franz and others to George and Lori Brenner, 211 Clinton, Maumee, $86,000.

Kay Fletcher Usko to Sara Aden, 2649 Westcastle, $133,000.

Robin and Stephanie Homer to Janis Krabill, 1841 Heatherdowns, $124,000.

Rose Haukedahl to Roswitha Jordan, 8300 Hidden Forest, Holland, $232,500.

Eric Reinker to Edgar Apt, 2575 Shoreland, $124,050.

Aaron Coakley to John Pattie and others, 5211 Bennett, $57,000.

William and Peggy Hoot to Bank One NA, trustee, 1565 South, $30,000.

Bank One NA, trustee, to Andrea Holland, 1565 South, $52,000.

Louisville Title Agency for Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to J. Thomas Signature Builders Ltd., 8453 Snapdragon, Monclova, $51,300.

Kimberly Higgins to Jilian Biesiada, 6142 Bahiamar, $117,500.

Baroness Johnson to Merle Stokes, 1015 Norwood, $13,500.

Kristina Becker to Richard Molnar, Jr., 4833 Naomi, $110,090.

Jeffrey and Janet Sulewski to Dale and Jennifer Storey, 2216 Havenwood, $185,000.

Michael and Sandra Bartko to John and Patricia Graber, 7135 Heller, Whitehouse, $179,900.

Henry Vanausdale and others to Kim Rodriguez and others, 130 West Crawford, $120,000.

Matthew Yeager to Mary Venia, 6010 Black Oak, $91,000.

Michelle Rummel and others to Michelle Rummel, 905 Woodward, $22,700.

Richard Talda, successor trustee, to Nandini Bhattacharya, 4411 Holly Hill, $187,000.

Sylvia Gentry to Orvil Robinson and Barbara Jones-Robinson, 331 Heathshire, $53,000.

Robert and Madonna Arellano to David Laytart and others, 2816 116th, $114,500.

Margo Maxwell to Karry Loch, 3702 Lincolnshire Woods, $129,000.

Zachary Kaczala to Jennifer Schiekh, 1137 Raymil, Holland, $175,000.

Reynaldo Uballe, Jr., to Janet Hunt, 1722 Grand, $54,400.

Osman and Sanela Perviz to US Bank NA, trustee, 421 Arden Place, $33,400.

US Bank NA, trustee, to James Klempner, 421 Arden Place, $23,000.

Kenneth and Kathy Davis to JP Morgan Chase Bank, 2441 Auburn, $30,000.

Shelia Ellison to Wells Fargo Bank Minnesota NA, trustee, 1148 Indiana, $12,000.

Key Trust Co. of Ohio NA, trustee, to Timothy Wing, 2111 and 2115 Sandown, $77,500.

Jeffrey Bohner II to Joseph Crapsey, 1019 Gordon, $30,000.

Bilal Rabai and Mary Stedwill-Rabai to Corey and Michelle Wax, 4138 Orono, $140,500.

Hugh Moore Inc. to Peter and Jennie Samonides, 6416 Madison Cove, Sylvania, $169,900.

Walter Fench to Van Savage, 1402 Avondale, $1.

Provident Bank to Marvin Good, 184, 206, and 210 Dale, $21,000.

Ewald and Helen Garzke to John and Lori Ballard, 1531 Akron, $83,500.

Midland Agency of Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to James Austermiller, 5015 Wynnpark, Oregon, $198,900.

Antonio Westphall to San Selvera, 637 Garland, $2,000.

MRL Development II Ltd. to Moses-Schlachter Group Inc. 7050 and 7100 Nebraska and 7105 Dorr, $1,000,000.

William Newby to Frances Newby, 6955 Dorr, $100,000.

George and Wendy Schmidt to Hossein Aliakbarzadeh and others, 2803 Pemberton, $122,000.


James and Katheryne Putman to William Thieman, 10905 Corduroy, water slip J68, Oregon, $1,000.


Commercial Wire Rope & Supply Co. to American Investors One LLC, 5988 and 6180 American East, $695,000.

Sept. 24, 2004


Harold and Sara Leach to Christopher Streidl and others, 2031 Northridge, $99,000.

Port Lawrence Title and Trust Co., trustee, to Christopher Hamer, 959 Hialea Ct., Holland, $38,500.

Lisa McClure to Christopher Robinson and others, 110 Waggoner, $92,050.

Trudy Beaverson to Thomas and Rebecca Szymanski, 1195 Craig, Maumee, $166,000.

Joseph and Phyllis Jarvis to Ralph and Trudy Schade, 5419 Jerome, Maumee, $222,000.

James and Theresa Flanigan to James Flanigan, 4220 Herman Place, $90,000.

Mark Sobb to James Christensen and others, 2342 Portsmouth, $103,000.

Kathey Davis to Francine and Walter Quan, Jr., 1654 Eaton, $142,900.

Shirley Rentz and others to Lisa and Henry Marshall, Jr., 2823 Provincetowne, $148,000.

Jerry and Amaryllis Williams to Audrey and Jimmie Davis, 3223 Orchard Trail, $169,000.

Craig and Ann Mancinotti to Kevin and Cindy Geoghegan, 7611 Wind River, Sylvania, $515,000.

Wares-Swade Inc. to Majid Khojastehpour and Sepanta Jalali, 8360 Meghan, Sylvania, $218,000.

Frederick and Marcia Pile to Pauline and John Walker, 4640 Wickford West, Sylvania, $151,000.

Forestview Building Co. Inc. to Majorie Lumm, trustee, 2265 Big Hickory Run, Sylvania, $239,900.

Leland Goggans, trustee, to Rick Talsma, 3238 Romaker, $98,000.

Lisa and Allen Taylor to Laura McColl, 2169 Mansfield, $82,500.

Alex Kowakewski to Leslie Meyer, 8008 Hidden Harbour East, Holland, $159,900.

Ruth Hunter, trustee, to Constance Cameron, 3147 Escott, $140,500.

Jennifer Reiff to Angela and Jonathan Balla, 2960 Brock, $115,000.

Cecelia Early to Donald Finnegan, Jr., trustee, 4117 Whiteford, $130,900.

Sylvia Greenfield, trustee, to Anthony Donofrio, 2946 Glaston Oaks Ct., $169,900.

Louisville Title Agency for Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to Wilshar Properties LLC, 7149 Longwater, Maumee, $299,000.

Michael and Carole Dick to Leah and Paul Duncan, 1937 Glendale, $74,000.

Craig Sorter to Manufacturers & Traders Trust Co., trustee, 534 Prouty, $18,000.

Manufacturers & Traders Trust Co., trustee, to Jose Martinez, 534 Prouty, $13,900.

JP Morgan Chase Bank, trustee, to Jonathon and Megan Williamson, 2725 Green Valley, $98,300.

Christopher Traxler to John and Sheila Nicholson, 2306 Birch Run Ct., Sylvania, $262,000.

Lola O'Desky, trustee, to William and Josephine Ulmer, 2642 Pheasant, $195,000.

Robert MacKinlay to Mark Birsen, 927 North Superior, $80,000.

Midland Agency of Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to Reginald and Jeanna Temple, 536 Springwood, Holland, $189,704.

Randy and Debra Gould to Cendant Mobility Financial Corp., 14235 River, Grand Rapids, $255,000.

Cendant Mobility Financial Corp., to Maria Georgiafandis and Robert Connolly, Jr., 14235 River, Grand Rapids, $255,000.

John Toyer, Jr., to One Way Properties LLC, 1562 Buckingham, $3,000.

Belinda and Arthur Martin, Jr., to Lajay Womack, 744 Geneva, $95,500.

Ruth Long to Caladon Properties LLC, 5953 and 6009 Rudyard, Sylvania, $49,500.

Kathy Davis, successor trustee, to Kristopher and Tesha Patterson, 2649 Juniper, $172,000.

Roy Kristoff to Kash Kiene, 2743 Worth, $120,000.

Residential and Commercial

Newbridge Corp. and others to Bassem Khalil, 1505 and 1511 West Sylvania and 3947 Leybourn, $25,000.

Sept. 27, 2004


Theodore and Eugenie Swiczkowsi to Damon Walker, 647 and 653 South McCord, Holland, $118,000.

Stephanie and Kenneth Marable to Michelle Thornbury, 2005 Oakwood, $57,120.

Ida Dahlbert to Maria Smith, 1055 Michigan, Waterville, $152,500.

Elizabeth and Leyshon Townsend to James Hill and others, 5348 Northbrook, Sylvania, $320,000.

Timothy Osthimer to Jeffrey Osthimer and others, 2450 Point Pleasant Way, $132,000.

Suzanne and John Aston to Khairieh and Ahmad Awada, 5230 Oakridge, $149,000.

Lauren and Paul Koch to Cynthia and Thomas Moreo, 2338 Sherwood, $152,000.

Audrey and Floyd Crow to Brenda Winchester, Holland, $174,000.

Hafner & Shugarman Enterprises Inc. to Shalene and Scott Germai, 633 White Oak, $207,581.46.

Brian Kwiatkowski and others to Tonya and Michael McGee, 2615 and 2619 Randall, Oregon, $108,900.

Patricia and Ronald Zielinski to Ronald Lee, 308 Kenilworth and 2807 Fulton, $17,200.

Marna Mayer to Paula and Robert Benton, 2074 Verdun, Oregon, $57,000.

Michael Wood to Paula and Robert Benton, 5334 308th, $55,000.

Tim Organ and others to Timothy Stamp, 4411 Garrison, $114,000.

Fred Murra to Tammy and Raymond Mays, 3507 Leybourn, $52,500.

Jin Mah to Neda and Soloman Ballut, 5312 Fredelia, $224,500.

Mildred and Willie Douglas to Linda Moran, 1850 North Erie, $10,000.

Todd Jagielski to Michael Slover, 5945 Vistamar, $120,000.

Beth Creekmore and others to Justin Johns, 2255 Marengo, $102,500.

Betty and James Glambin to Theresa and Kenneth Borek, 850 Bartley, $20,000.

M & V Properties LLC to Stacy Taylor, 2035 Joffre, $74,900.

Randall Figy to Metropolitan Title Company-Ohio LLC, 2744 120th, $40,000.

Roberta and Richard Corwin to Mary and David Perkins, 5932 and 5938 Foth, $121,000.

Charles and Richard Phillips and others to Charles Phillips, 1140 Oak, $16,500.

Majorie Miller to Sybille Monteith, 3850 Indian, $149,500.

Household Financial Services Inc. to Bancroft Enterprises Inc., 1618 Macomber, $9,000

Velva Durdel to Douglas Durdel, 5940 Merle, $7,000.

Rose and Walter Croley to Teri Belmuth, 425 Sandusky, $56,700.

Edward Bowie to Jennifer Mortiz, 5713 Tibaron, Unit 206, $77,000.

Jesse Torres to Lynn and Anthony Longanbach, 419 Potter, $24,000.

Green Tree Financial Servicing Corp. to Detria Tate, 705 Bronx, $59,000.

Tanja and Robert Farrell to Julie Slover, 2274 Rose Hill, $128,000.

National City Bank, successor trustee, to Jennifer and John Smith, 4028 Southway, $113,850.

Shirley Roberts to Community Pride Investments, LTD, 752 West Northgate, $55,000.

Sharon Bays to LHS Housing, Inc., 2412 Seaman, $40,000.

Associates First Capital Corp. to Mildred and Gary Gardner, 2036 Ottawa River, $97,500.

McCathy Builders Inc. to Ann and Roger Weber, 4360 Crystal Ridge, Maumee, $28,900.

Rommie Swade to Andrea and Joas Diaz, 8817 White Eagle East, Sylvania, $284,000.

Mary and Michael Dixon to Edward Brady, 2928 Densmore, $142,000.

Rosendo Rosiles to Jorge Rubio, 1444 Colburn, $500.

Sylvan Lakes LLC to Nema and Sheldon Sanderson, 7746 Hickory Grove, Sylvania, $47,900.

Freddie and Donnell Haynes to Phillex Wyse, 1258 Vance, $2000.


Howard's Residential Development Inc. to Virginia and James Todd, 628 and 630 Main, $95,000.

Robert Mix to Port Lawrence Title & Trust Co., trustee, 2818, 2836, and 2846 Airport and 547 and 548 Henderson, $1,650,000.

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