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Real Estate Transfers

Real estate transfers

April 1, 2005


Christine Provost to Earla Braden, 719 Custer, $93,900.

Fifth Third Bank of Northwestern Ohio NA, trustee, to Geoffrey and Brandi Stiner, 1206 Cribb, $92,500.

Port Lawrence Title and Trust Co., trustee, to Ronald and Theresa Loeffler, 7739 South Branch, Monclova, $99,000.

Grace Vuille to Craig Keating, 658 South Westwood, $40,000.

Craig Keating to Kenneth Potter, 658 South Westwood, $77,000.

Cassandra Jordan, trustee, to William and Shelly Jones, 4840 Elm Place, $162,000.

Westhaven Group to Bertha Bernal and others, 255 Sumner, $21,000.

Michael and Michelle Lee to Brian and Jennifer Bernholtz, 7136 Elli Harbour, Maumee, $188,000.

Violet Kohler, successor trustee, to Daniel Kable, 3203 Cragmoor, $131,000.

Sawgrass Building Co. LLC to Vincent and Melanie Lyons, 3242 Lexington Glen, Monclova, $345,500.

Anthony Kujawa, successor trustee, to Pamela Gaffney, 3425 Glynn, $115,900.

Gregory Masimore to Michael and Linda Smythe, 1171 Bernath Pkwy., $192,500.

Barchick Custom Homes Inc. to Jeffrey and Ann Barrick, 7440 Epaulet, Maumee, $271,388.50.

Danny Fuller to Homer and Charlotte Martin, 3913 Donegal, $104,000.

Paul Smith to Matthew Scott, 1017 Olson, $80,000.

MGW Rentals LLC to Jeffrey Graham, 3248 Parkwood, $25,000.

Terral and Erika Yoder to Kenneth and Trudy Vicary, 8405 and 8413 Pilliod, Holland, $159,000.

James and Sharon Coffman to Richard and Claudette Gill, 743 Euclid, $47,000.

Kevin and Zandra Piasecki to Susan Grim, 1730 and 1802 Dority, $130,000.

Gene Patton Inc. to Stanley and Kay Suggs, 9030 Whispering Pine Curve, Sylvania, $307,200.

Andrew and Jennifer Conrad to Charles and Cynthia Kortze, 2316 Meadowwood, $245,000.

Estel Hudson to Glenda Martin, 22 Jervis, $5,000.

Joan Rauh to Braidy Armstrong, 606 Sunset, $86,500.

R G Dunbar Inc. to Richard Bowen, 801 and 805 South Westwood, $89,100.

Laurie McKesson to Jonathan Marker, 2149 Charlestown, $124,500.

Brian Gardner and others to Roy Hutcheison II and others, 5137 Oldham, $135,000.

Charneal Merrell to Takisha Mostiller, 1647 Woodland, $43,000.

Melissa and Richard Dunlap, Jr., to Robert McNear, 2839 Trimble, $113,000.

Charlotte Powell to Mike Paschall, 1689 Belmont, $7,000.

Walter and Joyce Holston to Billy Cousino, 814 Frederick, $40,000.

Stephanie Sharpley to Eastern Star Missionary Baptist Church, 1354 Moore, $680.

Dustin Wade to Emily Roman, 2923 and 2927 Pemberton, $120,000.

KeyBank NA to Douglas Roemer, 217 Hanover, $33,000.

Dennis and Angela Alley to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., 75 Canterbury Ct., $143,334.

Evelyn Logsdon, trustee, to Christopher and Tammi Arthur, 4205 North Lockwood, $98,900.

Metropolitan Title Co.-Ohio LLC, trustee, to Melinda Walker and others, 3308 and 3310 Blackstone, $71,900.

Marrianne Williams to Oliver Boles and Nilaja Millin-Boles, 1561 and 1563 Booth, $85,000.

Mack and Judith Martin to Marie Bonk and others, 4328 289th, $121,500.

Dennis and Katherine Keyser to Bridget Clark, 455 White, $42,500.

Joy Hoppe to Wendy and William McCormick II, 2405 Woodfox, $130,000.

Michael and Kathleen Beach to Steven Kujawa, 886 Ogden, $79,900.

Duval Ltd. to David Dittman and Diana Meyer-Dittman, 4340 Bellevista, $78,500.

Sandra Osentoski to Penny Kroetz, 156 Whiting, $500.


Gregory Roszczipka and Wendy Bertolina-Roszczipka to Carl Windnagle, 2227 River, Maumee, $129,500.

William Thielman, Jr., to Blackacre Building Co., 335 15th, $1,850.33.


Paul and Terry Herman to Louisville Title Agency for Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, split from 11735 Veler, Martin, $125,000.

April 4, 2005


Dena Georgakopoulos to Teri Pawliski, 5542 Steffens, $105,000.

Sandra and Ronald Wisniewski to Larry Reed, 5716 Weckerly, Whitehouse, $259,000.

Sandra Robinson to Robert and Glenna Scanlan, co-trustees, 2426 Heather Lake Place, $175,000.

Herman Schmalzried, successor trustee, to Timothy and Melissa Owens, 7348 Fox, Holland, $226,000.

Paul Wert, trustee, to Gregory Emch, 2032 Heatherlawn, $87,500.

Jeffrey and Robin Dew to Carrie Caryer, 4445 Angola, $136,000.

Keith Allwardt to Jerry and Sharon Schlegel, 459 Thurston, $74,150.

Teresa McCormick to Sandra Robinson, 1045 Wall, Maumee, $108,000.

Stanley and Kay Suggs to Laurie Young, 4250 Homerdale, $229,900.

Gay Nixon to Matthew and Jaclyn Tiell, 342 Crestway, Oregon, $112,000.

R. L. Baumgartner to Joseph and Allison Burns, 4672 Calico Ct., Monclova, $300,000.

Jeffrey and Marian Gilmore to Daniel Calverly, 112 Duane, Maumee, $154,000.

Westhaven Group to Lucas Ulmer, 420 Baden, $20,000.

REO Management 2002 Inc. to JBS Acquisitions LLC, 2002 Mansfield, $60,000.

Janice Dean to Dauterman and Newlove Rentals Ltd., 4456 Belmar, $60,000.

James and Jill Lieber to Washington Mutual Home Loans Inc., 2233 Mapletree, Maumee, $195,334.

Steven Clark and others to Steven Clark, 3464 Starr, Oregon, $34,248.

Jean Warner to Cynthia and James Turner, Jr., 8321 Maumee-Western, Monclova, $86,500.

Felecia Flowers to National City Bank, 1719 Locust, $26,667.

Teresa and Roy Bryant, Jr., to James Bertz, 3144 East Lincolnshire, $120,000.

Diane Erickson and others to Ian Raitz and others, 601 West Poinsetta, $78,500.

Larry Hartman to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., 6013 Livingstone, $30,000.

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Dean Smith, 6013 Livingstone, $33,500.

Denise Woodard and others to Denise Woodard, 656 Maywood, $10,000.

Gregory and Robin Redlin to Stacie Radabaugh and others, 5207 Planet, $139,900.

Port Lawrence Title and Trust Co., trustee, to Theresa Hendricks, 44 Garfield Place, $59,900.

Robin Wilson to Rodney Blackman, 636 Ranch, $67,000.

Kathleen Dunn to Joel Hornickel and others, 2712 Powhattan Pkwy., $129,800.

Brooke and Nicholas Chappetta III to Charles Strezinski, Jr., and others, 125 Bromwich, $107,000.

Midland Agency of Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to Nicholas and Brooke Chappetta, 8259 Sycamore Woods, Holland, $38,500.

Leona Delaney, trustee, to Robert and Kristy Shinaver, 6541 Burnham Green, $129,896.

Christine Brockway to William Kimmelman, trustee, 32 Tyler, $44,000.

Lula Parker to Douglas and Darlene Euler, 8114 Dorr, $239,900.

Midland Agency of Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to Edward and Carla Willis, 7960 Colony Oaks, $427,980.

Virginia Tucker to Raeleen Stage and others, 6046 321st, $83,500.

Midland Agency of Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to Steven and Wendy Upton, 11039 Meadowville Circle, Whitehouse, $197,000.

Frances Sharpe and others to Kevin and Tiffany Koprowski, 4111 and 4113 Briarcrest, $149,500.

Thomas Lowe and others to Keith McRitchie, 3705 Maxwell, $129,000.

Hillary Mihalis to Westhaven Group LLC, 2812 121st, $75,000.

Barbara Neary to Deborah and Bryan McCandlish II, 1293 Wildwood, $117,900.

Leray and Carrie Cantrill to Steven Bissonnette, 670 Walbridge, $2,575.

Steven Bissonnette to Midland Agency of Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, 670 Walbridge, $4,000.

Port Lawrence Title and Trust Co., trustee, to Stephen and Margaret Klepper, 4658 Rhone, Maumee, $95,000.

Nathaniel and Mary Jaynes to Anthony Jaynes, 2046 Parkdale, $85,000.

Westhaven Group to Dewayne and Sharita Lewis, 3728 Jackman, $78,000.

Caroline Flores to Darol and Carmella Billick, 504 Dulton, $85,700.

John Price to William and Sherry Masiulaniec, 515 St. Louis, $61,000.

Joseph and Linda Caruso to Rolanda Weber and others, 419 Hidden Lake, Holland, $275,000.

Lawrence Anderson to Brian Diener, 2676 Letchworth Pkwy., $150,000.

Deutsche Bank National Trust Co., trustee, to Carl Wilson, 158 Corinth, $5,000.

Monique Murphy to Bank of New York, trustee, 1001 Homer, $30,000.

Bank of New York, trustee, to Vince Stewart, 1001 Homer, $21,000.

Chris Hartley to Cheryl Luce, 1757 Sugarbush, 1738 Keswick, and 6028 and 6036 Plympton Circle, all Oregon, $30,000.

Wandtke Family LP to W. B. Trading Co. LLC, 3834, 3840, and 3847 Peru, $16,000.


Estates Group LLC to American Title Agency Inc., trustee, 1302 Linden, $450,000.

State Line Investors to American Title Agency Inc., trustee, 1301 Linden, $450,000.

Jamal and Arifa Girad to Abu Sherif, 2629 Lagrange, $11,000.


David Rogers to Sammie Simmons, Jr., split from 13800 Angola, Swanton, $50,000.

April 5, 2005


Eugene Hugg, Jr., and others to B. Stoner, 1023 Kirk, Maumee, $119,000.

Dickie and Loretta Schrader, trustees, to Ryan Gramling and others, 1360 Leith, $105,000.

Diamond Pointe Homes LLC to Craig and Michelle Moskowitz, 9718 Fairmeadows, Whitehouse, $266,000.

Hafner & Shugarman Enterprises Inc. to Kerry Sherman, 566 White Oak, $187,000.

Timothy Huelf and others to Ted and Perri Tiefel, 3405 Winston, $125,000.

Gary Hooton to Robert Hoffman, 6217 Bahiamar, $112,500.

Jacob Bohnett to Mary Williams, 414 Conrad, $67,500.

Richard Harting to Karen Baumhower, 4358 Morning Dove, Oregon, $199,000.

Gary Metzger to James Collins and others, 5605 Westowne Ct., $148,500.

Ronald and Bonnie Murray to Calvin and Lena Harris, 5701 Heatherbank, $189,000.

Verda Bires to Jeffrey Yanalunas, 1619 Seventh, Maumee, $134,000.

Ruby and Richard Stamper to Steven Stapleton, 1200 North Schwamberger, Holland, $60,000.

John and Ellen Bowers, trustees, to Mark Kish, 3122 Aldringham, $155,000.

Port Lawrence Title and Trust Co., trustee, to Squires Development Co. Ltd., 7824 South Branch, Monclova, $59,900.

Deanna Walter to Diane and Douglas Rhodes, Jr., 1029 Joyce, $102,000.

Jeffrey Miller and others to Matthew and Leisha Waddilove, 4143 Eastway, $118,000.

Claude Skowronek to Larry Duvall, 280 East Pearl, $21,000.

Federal National Mortgage Association to Jeffrey Schenkel, 1233 South Wynn, Oregon, $138,900.

Christopher and Jennifer Carpenter to Sheryl Walker, 3110 Maeterlinck, $106,200.

Jon Swinkey to Shawn Diepenhorst, 2643 West Alexis, $77,300.

320 Avanlon LLC to Nichole Anderson, 832 Clay, $49,000.

John and Leara Zientek to Karl Lang, Jr., 1149 Utah, $51,000.

John and Lynda Kalinoski to Julie and Joseph Thomas, 2611 Thomas Place, $118,000.

Emery Szollosi to Carlene Trost, 3444 Bayberry Place, Oregon, $134,000.

Lloyd Blanchard to Penny King, 4354 Kingsbury, $74,900.

Kelly Maurer to Janice Gimmey, 5760 Steffens, $101,500.

George Russell to JAB Investments Inc., 733 Vance, $9,100.

Lucas Nagel and others to David Whiteside and others, 2620 Pemwood Ct., $137,000.

Fred and Dorothy Hayton to Ishtiaq and Surraya Cheema, 8330 Hidden Forest, Holland, $205,000.

Thomas and Deborah Bennett to Allison Graham, 3718 Douglas, $89,000.

Paul Kocsis, trustee, to Brian and Cynthia Zattau, 1710 Eastfield, Maumee, $182,500.

Sunita Bonde to Dominic Kofiego and others, 4245 Grantley, $124,000.

John Mancy and others to Karen Holochwost, 2730 West Rockridge Circle, $126,000.

Edward Ciecka and others to Jean Farooki, 2014 Bretton Place, $172,500.

Suzanne Joseph and others to Andrew Kale, 2931 Manchester, $225,000.

Johnathan and Diana Marsan to Michael Hockengberger, 2929 123rd, $78,900.

Paul Lowien, trustee, to Michael Frohwerk and others, 6055 Peppermill, Sylvania, $171,000.

Tracee Stoiber to Jackie and Robert Essex, 3860 Leybourn, $82,500.

David and Bridget Clay to Joshua and Sarah Ellis, 3765 West Alexis, $73,500.

Diane and Robert Verbon to Dean Nguyen, 2232 Woods Edge Ct., $259,900.

John Micka to Martin Micka, 1032 Birch, Maumee, $52,000.

Daniel Minard, trustee, to Jeffrey Blanks and others, 6549 Charlesgate, Sylvania, $159,900.

Donald Lewis to Thomas Anderson, 3351 Piero, $17,209.97.

Charter One Mortgage Corp. to Michael Putman, 2049 Berkshire Place, $32,000.

Jeffrey and Chelsie Jackson to Melissa Rowe, 6234 Pembridge, $158,900.

Scott and Bethany Robb to Donald and Brooke Dotson, 2622 Gloria Ct., $130,000.

Paul Pirrone to Pamela Kreutz, 406 Gramercy, $96,500.

Household Finance Corp. to Todd Zattau, 2041 and 2047 Connecticut, Holland, $61,900.

Scott Gnieser to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., 647 West Poinsetta, $65,000.

Audrey Clark, trustee, to Joyce and Dwight Troesken, 847 Clark, $27,000.

Edward and Carla Willis to Marie Liggett, 2474 Scottwood, $115,500.

D'Anna Mullins to David and Donna Mullins, 3216 Glenwood, $48,000.

Donald Warejko to Alvin Jones, Jr., 1013 and 1015 Woodsdale, $80,000.

Elbert Edwards to Jack Malik, 1109 and 1111 Alldays, $38,000.

Westhaven Group to Dorsha Skiles, 3521 Torrance, $75,339.73.

Phillip and Lieselotte Bettinger, trustees, to John Adams, Jr. and others, 3835 Lockwood, $89,900.

Louisville Title Agency for Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to Clois and Idella Smith, 2515 Glengate, $182,749.

Olde Farm Builders LLC to Arrow Osborne, 4225 Ranchers Circle, Maumee, $233,000.

Louisville Title Agency for Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to Harry and Deloras Savage, 7392 Anchorage, Maumee, $170,144.

Annette Wieland to Joseph and Stephanie Shinaver, 4824 287th, $100,000.


918-920 Woodville Rd Ltd. to Bryan Cutcher, 920 and 926 Woodville, $177,000.

Dean Otto to Anchor Pointe Boat A Minium Association Inc., 10905 Corduroy, water slip F-5, Oregon, $800.


Port Lawrence Title and Trust Co., trustee, to Home Source Construction LLC, new plat from 4801 Black, Monclova, $52,900.

Port Lawrence Title and Trust Co., trustee, to Squires Development Co. Ltd., three new plats from 4801 Black, Monclova, $182,700.

April 6, 2005


Port Lawrence Title and Trust Co., trustee, to Ronald and Kelly Lawniczak, 145 South St. Clair, Unit 2, $248,845.

United Steelworkers Building Fund to KCHCS LLC, 3510 Brenda, $72,500.

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