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Real Estate Transfers

Real estate transfers

April 22, 2005


David and Edna Mathews to Kevin and Jennifer Layton, 10844 Pine Vista Dr., Whitehouse, $270,000.

Harry and Deloras Savage to Matthew and Barbara Veronica, 6617 Buck Creek Dr., Maumee, $240,000.

Dennis and Paula Malone to Jody Greenwood, 4904 Elmhurst Rd., $105,000.

Howard Warner to Roger Thomas and others, 1934 Sherborn Dr., Holland, $120,000.

Michael Hockenberger to Steven Muszynski, 5423 311th St., $45,000.

Gregory Mattimore to Gregory and Jennifer Reitz, 3120 and 3124 Drummond Rd., $103,000.

Michele and Ernest Samas, Jr., to Lindsay Wolkins, 2850 Elsie Ave., $92,000.

Anthony and Vesta Johnson to Sonya Taddonio, 433 Mayfair Blvd., $77,500.

Carolyn Heidelberg to Dawn and Charles Pauken, Jr., 1036 Rosedale St., Maumee, $122,000.

Harry Ebraheim to Robert Dennis, 7664 Long View Dr., Maumee, $328,000.

MGW Rentals LLC to Craig and Nancy Lahote, 1010 Norwood Ave., $29,000.

Avalon Homes Building Co. LLC to James and Judith Sloan, 1665 Grand Bay Dr., Oregon, $290,000.

Carol Zieman to Michael and Patricia Lankey, 3510 Moffat Dr., $3,000.

Federal National Mortgage Corp. to Mary Brucker-Horman, 837 Rogers St., $15,000.

Sandra Sloan, trustee, to Jeffrey and Linda Leitner, 448 South Centennial Rd., Holland, $283,400.

Jeffrey and Linda Leitner to David and Lynne McDonald, 9059 Rolling Hill Rd., Holland, $415,000.

Joseph Roberts to James McMican and Roxana Morales-McMican, 11100 Hartman Rd., Grand Rapids, $45,000.

PBD & K Enterprises to S. Thomas Construction Ltd., 6613 Weckerly Dr., Whitehouse, $28,000.

Teri Sherwood to Jamiel Davis and others, 634 Valleywood Dr., $68,000.

Kent and Karen Myles to Marcus Mormelen, 815 and 819 Strotz Dr., $99,400.

Daniel and Marlene Hanely to Brandi Opial, 4704 Kathy Ln., $156,000.

Kurt and Lori Schneider to Richard and Susan Scott, 2343 Fawn Hollow Rd., $192,000.

Hallmark Homes Ltd. to Amy Schaffer and others, 7844 Royal Hampton Ln., Waterville, $265,900.

Ralph and Renate Duszynski to Paul and Kathleen Ansted, 7962 Hidden Harbour Dr. East, Holland, $205,000.

Barbara Sahley, trustee, to Jennifer Conrad, 2705 and 2707 Drummond Rd., $200,000.

Daniel Garvin to Delton Rucker, 5728 Harvest Ln., $89,650.

Phillip and Mary Barone to Nicholas and Brooke Bradley, 771 Orchard St., $35,200.

Louisville Title Agency for Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to Brookside 7 LLC, 2345 Tiffany Village Blvd., Sylvania, $125,000.

Wells Fargo Bank Minnesota NA, trustee, to Arvel Henderson II, 4415 Cape Ln., $45,000.

Philip Barone to Michael Beining and others, 321 Avalon Place, $24,200.

Mary Hutchens to Venna Winters, 909 Turner Ave., $73,000.

Westhaven Group to Rosemarie Debolt and others, 621 Plymouth St., $44,500.

Westhaven Group to Brian Strasbourg, 3220 Northwood Ave., $99,000.

Raymond Thomas to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., 6026 Curson Dr., $53,334.

Associates First Capital Corp. to Randy Killen, 1313 Mott Ave., $22,000.

LaSalle Bank NA, trustee, to Thomas Damasco, 3337 and 3339 Beaumont Dr., $30,000.

State Street Bank and Trust Co., trustee, to Basil Poore, 4038 Peak Ave., $25,000.

Edna Phoenix to U.S. Bank NA, trustee, 3452 Harold Ct., $26,667.

U.S. Bank NA, trustee, to Grzegorz Bloniarz, 3452 Harold Ct., $30,000.

Victor Nunez to Orlando Nunez, 2649 Fremont St., $1.

Wachovia Bank NA to Donald Vilet III, 720 Parker Ave., $17,000.

Charles Zsarney to Curtis and Janice Parnell, 129 Dale St., $49,000.

Deutsche Bank National Trust Co., trustee, to Simmie Barksdale, 352 West Oakland St., $28,500.

Deutsche Bank National Trust Co., trustee, to Edward Langlois and others, 2625 and 2629 Massillon St., $15,700.

Bankers Trust Co., trustee, to Humaira Ahmad, 330 Moss St., $18,000.

Ellen Adler, trustee, to Richard Bechtel and others, 7524 Hollow Creek Dr., $324,000.

Joseph and Marjorie Ganzel to Thomas Hinckley, 8143 Dorr St, $203,000.

Federal National Mortgage Association to Mathew Graves, 4012 Stock Ave., $82,000.

Hallmark Development Co. LLC to Julie and Gerald Snyder, Jr., 6223 Steeplechase Pkwy., Whitehouse, $45,000.

Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems Inc. to Jeremy Tipton, 3221 Flame Dr., Oregon, $83,000.

Beneficial Ohio Inc. to Lisa D'Ascenzo, 5760 Dellbrook Dr., Sylvania, $74,000.

Erwin Jachimiak to American First Title Agency Inc., trustee, 1412 Fairlawn Ave., $33,200.

Richard and LaDonna Shane, trustees, to Kathleen Jirinec, 1221 Seventh St., Maumee, $147,500.

4240 Deepwood Lane LLC to Colleen Doyle, trustee, 4240 Deepwood Ln., $385,000.


Louisville Title Agency for Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to Schwerkoske Family LLC, 2770 Centennial Rd., $435,000.

Louisville Title Agency for Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to Secor Properties Ltd., 2770 Centennial Rd., $1,000,500.


Port Lawrence Title and Trust Co., trustee, to Evergreen Construction Ltd., 4855 Seaman Rd., Oregon, $42,900.

April 25, 2005


Billie McNealy to Brian Blaser, 4620 Lewis Ave., $63,723.

Shawhirst Properties Ltd. to AAA Northwest Ohio, 5608 and 5620 Airport Hwy., $555,000.

Brian Hufford Builder Inc. to Anita Butler, 5864 Crossbrooke Ln., Waterville, $264,900.

Deanna Vajen to Elaine Sweet, 4503 Boydson Dr., $127,500.

Hanifan-Obenauf Builders Inc. to Bruce and Susan Schroeder and others, 11153 Oak Pointe Dr., $75,000.

Port Lawrence Title and Trust Co., trustee, to Suzanne Harvey, 1943 Princeton Dr., $125,000.

Christopher and Kristen Eagan to Amy McLoughlin, 2251 Portsmouth Ave., $129,500.

David and Margaret Borysiak to Lynda and James Row III, 7416 Grenlock Dr., Sylvania, $224,000.

Thomas Zientek and others to Thomas and Anna Vukovic, 2517 West Village Dr., $115,000.

Terry Bucher and others to James and Marie Bucher and others, 1932 Pickle Rd., Oregon, $21,000.

Theresa Conner to Fannie Mae, 3340 Piero Ave., $100,000.

Charles and Rebecca Stachowiak to Scott and Heather Stachowiak, 4105 Asbury Dr., $90,000.

Bryan Williams to Emory Whittington III, 622 and 624 Tecumseh St., $10,000.

Richard Reed to Freda Foster Osley, 1206 Peck St., $15,000.

Holly Carver to Robin Roth, 4833 296th St., $85,000.

Jennifer Gill and others to Christy Bergeon, 8760 Schadel Rd., Waterville, $267,000.

Robert Gottschalk and others to Danielle Crissman, 3810 Lagrange St., $55,000.

Louisville Title Agency for Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to Michael Mulvaney and Carol Hall, 6006 Kinnis Ct., Sylvania, $53,565.50.

Judith Rogers to Job and Amber Wise, 5244 Rambo Ln., $132,000.

Dawn Murray to Ralph Ensley, 2014 Hawthorne St., $50.

Jay and Joan Lingnell to Cean and Deborah Elliott, 4139 Brogan Dr., $187,900.

Philip Barone to Kelly Murphy, 268 White St., $47,300.

Jenifer Skelding to Mary Williams, 1316 Crestwood Rd., $83,320.

Wayne and Karen Power to Teo and Donna Bernados, 8849 Royal Oak Dr., Holland, $415,000.

Lillian Darrington to Jerry McCarver and Williene Whisnant, 1009 and 1011 Waverly Ave., $2,200.

Wehrle Development Ltd. to Eric and Connie Ellis, 8856 Galloway Ct., Sylvania, $201,470.

Louisville Title Agency for Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to Orchard Hill Home Builders Inc., 6024 Kinnis Ct., Sylvania, $46,320.

Port Lawrence Title and Trust Co., trustee, to Scott and Kari Meyers, 4773 Middle Branch, Monclova, $58,900.

Kimberly Maki to Jesse and Cynthia Castilleja, 232 Van Buren Ave., $105,000.

Chis Grevis to Chris Grevis, 2626 Bleeker St., Oregon, $125,000.

Bank of New York, trustee, to Arvel Henderson II, 1709 and 1711 Fairfax Rd., $27,900.

Tony and Tammy Blake to Metropolitan Title Co.-Ohio LLC, trustee, 2417 Chase St., $6,000.

NFEDA-1530N LLC to Michael Beining and others, 1530 Nebraska Ave., $30,600.

Brad and Elaine Meihls to Diane Baker, 410 Overlook Dr., Waterville, $137,500.

Michael and Heather Stubbs to Thomas and Constance Culbertson, 5228 Darlene Dr., $117,500.

Leann Henry, trustee, to Bryan and Wendy Miller, 4643 Sheringham Ln., Sylvania, $207,000.

Garold Straus, Jr., to Joseph Vardaman, Jr., 1976 North Michigan St., $20,000.

Hildegarde Trabbic to Jenny Hill, 5236 Trellis Way, Sylvania, $93,000.

Hildegarde Trabbic to Roy and Jenny Hill, 5226 Silvertown Dr., Sylvania, $18,000.

Cean and Deborah Elliott to Pamela Gilbert, 2408 Plum Leaf Ln., $151,500.

Ronald and Beata Hood to Norman and Janice Spindler, 98 Karyl Ct., Waterville, $160,000.

Jeffrey Foster to Billy Cravens, 2921 Northwood Ave., $1.

Lewis and Mary Ann McLaughlin to Kathleen Nadaud, 3416 Mary Allen Dr., Oregon, $155,500.

Residential and Exempt

Alice Colombaro to National City Bank of Cleveland, 28 East Manhattan Blvd., $36,667.

National City Bank of Cleveland to Deborah and Robert Walters III, 28 East Manhattan Blvd., $28,900.


Walter and Danuta Lange, trustees, to Maxwell Partners LLC, 2650 Kenwood Blvd., $190,000.

Lloyd and Roselyn Lewis, trustees, to Ward and Kellie Schlachter, 3206 Upton Ave., $10,000.


Donald Schaller to Board of Education for Anthony Wayne Local School District, splits from 9240 and 9350 Dutch Rd., Waterville, $206,432.

Linda and James Farley and others to Andre and Kelley Antoine, 3612 Washburn Rd., Berkey, $64,000.

April 26, 2005


Scott Conklin to Cendant Mobility Financial Corp., 1710 Raynor Dr., $91,000.

Cendant Mobility Financial Corp. to Gina-Marie Mancini, 1710 Raynor Dr., $86,250.

Port Lawrence Title and Trust Co., trustee, to Krzysztof and Wendy Serafin, 1073 Springcrest Dr., Waterville, $298,000.

Kim and John Williams, Jr., to Terry and Amanda Hogan, 5902 Katherine Ave., $121,050.

Janet Onnenga to Issac Smith, 439 West Crawford Ave., $83,000.

Humaira Ahmad to Rebecca Lands, 1456 Pool St., $59,900.

Dale Rupert to Mohamad Joamaa and others, 281 Middlebury Ln., $141,300.

Francis and Cecelia O'Connor to Michael and Sherri Mulkey, 949 and 951 Clark St., $44,900.

Phillip and Joanne Stanchin to Joseph Dimuccio, 2135 Rood St., $94,000.

Ali Ibrahim to James Craig, 3428 Coral Ave., $94,000.

Donald Wenslow to Scott Arnett, 5234 Lynnhaven Dr., Sylvania, $139,000.

Kenneth and Stephanie McCarthy to Martha Holmes, 430 Danesmoor Rd., Holland, $103,000.

Lannie and Ruth McCoy to Antonio Tofani and others, 5819 Putter Place, Waterville, $260,000.

Bradley Jones and Ardena Hopings-Jones to Washington Mutual Specialty Mortgage LLC, 321 East Hudson St., $40,000.

Cleaster Williamson to Federal National Mortgage Association, 1679 Pinewood Ave., $12,000.

Rex Long to First Mortgage Strategies Group Inc., 5357 Florita Rd., $36,667.

Gary Gladieux to Marvin and Betty Dickman, 258 Steel St., $66,000.

Todd and Kelly Myer to Federal National Mortgage Association, 5521 Brixton Dr., Sylvania, $160,000.

Danny and Carrie Lawson to Brent and Michelle Shafer, 8731 Jeffers Rd., Whitehouse, $215,500.

Mary Booth, trustee, to Irmgard Wurth, 5679 Monroe St., Bldg., 2, Unit 512, Sylvania, $114,000.

Marian Fox to Anas Almassri and others, 2822 Wyndale Rd., $116,900.

Rhonda Foster to Nancy Armer and others, 112 Melrose Ave., $51,000.

Margaret West to Diana Cable, 2641 106th St., $99,000.

Karma Stokes to Michael Williams, 415 Boston Place, $69,000.

Reed and Inga Reynolds to Michael Kruszynski, 2741 York St., $5,500.

Kenneth Shaneck to Eugene and Bridget Golnick, 5122 Wynnpark Dr., Oregon, $208,000.

Joel and Heidi Williams to Keith Emerson and others, 627 Mayfair Blvd., $105,000.

Mark and Amy Bollenbacher to Linda Redbear, 305 San Jose Dr., $113,100.

Nancy Davis to Linda Kuhman, 3726 Larchmont Pkwy., $116,000.

Louisville Title Agency for Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to Dennis and Stephanie Batey, 6025 Kinnis Ct., Sylvania, $48,203.

Federal National Mortgage Association to Frogtown Properties LLC, 1728 Loxley Rd., $43,000.

Terrence Smith and Lee Pizzimenti to Brian Campbell, 4146 Partridge Ln., $227,000.

Mary Sullivan to Kimberly and Donald Hart, Jr., 8940 South River Rd., Waterville, $225,000.

Bank One NA, trustee, to Sandra Horba, 4619 Harbord Dr., $117,000.

Manufacturers & Traders Trust Co., trustee, to Lars Sweede, 4433 and 4437 Bennett Rd., $36,900.

James Duran to Mark Duran, 555 Milton St., $15,000.

Adam and Jennifer Johnson to Michael and Jennifer Richardson, 1407 Riverwalk Ct., Waterville, $204,000.

Jamie Shrader to John Fox, 214 Sunset Blvd., $69,112.

Donald and Theresa Kirkham to Cara Condon, 2559 Berdan Ave., $108,000.

Douglas Perry to James and Deborah Lewis, 1818 and 1822 Newport Ave., $124,900.

Green Tree Servicing LLC to Jason and Tanya Nino, 944 and 948 Custer Dr., $72,500.

Christiana Bank & Trust Co., trustee, to David Guerrero, 543 Orchard St., $4,000.

Adora Harris, trustee, to Joseph Escareno, 2017 Caledonia St., $15,000.

Lisa Bahret, trustee, to Brian Longheier, 1844 Peacock Ln., Holland, $152,900.

Kevin and Kellie Pawlicki to Merl Creps, 540 Independence Dr., $175,000.

Metropolitan Title Co.-Ohio LLC, trustee, to Jermaine Scribner and others, 355 Sentry Hill Rd., $87,000.

Toledo Olde Towne Community Organization Inc. to Willis and Candy Peoples, 2403 Fulton St. , $5,500.

J P Morgan Chase Bank to Nicholas and Brooke Bradley, 602 Forsythe St., $25,000.

GN Management LLC to Michael Beining and others, 1245 Yates St., $20,000.

Wayne and Cereda Blanchard to Patrice Dickinson, 2323 Westmonte Rd., $87,000.

Arthur Goben to Julie Duslak, 1741 Air Line Ave., $15,000.


Bank of Americas NA, agent, to Ruby Tuesday Inc., 6658 Airport Hwy., Holland, $1,435,000.

Emery and Mary Hendricks to Metropolitan Title Co.-Ohio LLC, trustee, 3212 Cherry St., $2,500.


Johnathon Spain to Marvin Spain, Jr., 1718 Glenwood Ave., $504.

April 27, 2005


Donna Crane to Country Village Builders Ltd., 302 and 308 North Stadium Rd., Oregon, $28,000.

Terrence and Victoria Snyder to Country Village Builders Ltd., 8385 Water Park Dr., Holland, $43,500.

Sharon Morris to Darlene Klingenberg, 2205 West Sylvania Ave., $91,000.

Christopher and Anne Palmer to Chad and Kristin O'Donnell, 5925 Settlers Ridge Circle, Sylvania, $235,000.

Thomas Mack to Mark and Susan Grable, 5066 Breezeway Dr., Unit 18, $75,000.

Wayne and Phyllis Cutcher to Shawn McKenzie, 423 Walden Ave., $38,625.

Raymond Smith, successor trustee, to Kimberly Bell and others, 2712 Cheltenham Rd., $107,500.

Thomas Frost to Rose Real Estate LLC, 4222 Grantley Rd., $75,000.

Daniel and Melissa Simmons to Edward and Crystal Garcia, 6155 Pembridge Dr., $157,900.

Ryan Clayton to Ida Bibbs, 2304 Upton Ave., $60,000.

Pamela and Stuart Cohen to Gerald and Mary Morrissey, 3217 Maple St., $1.

Cimarron Custom Homes Inc. to James and Marianne McNerney, 3612 Deer Creek Dr., Maumee, $70,000.

Louisville Title Agency for Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to John and Grace Perkin, 2954 Deep Water Ln., Maumee, $77,000.

Andrew and Tammy Welch to Lisa Ducat and others, 4307 Belmar Ave., $100,000.

Leslie and Geraldine Houston to Carlos and Kimberly Fonseca, 1560 and 1564 Homer Ave., $69,900.

Louisville Title Agency for Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to Douglas and Shannon Zbikowski, 10660 Thais Ln., Whitehouse, $43,500.

Louisville Title Agency for Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to Robert and Patricia Tjan, 7343 Harbour Light Ct., Maumee, $37,800.

Scott Schoepf to Trisha Kreager, 1556 Emerson St., $55,000.

Rebecca Thompson to Bank of New York, trustee, 3660 Leybourn Ave., $56,000.

Bank of New York, trustee, to Tyrone Bowden, 3660 Leybourn Ave., $54,500.

Linda Larue to Daphne Cook, 4108 Asbury, $67,000.

Edward and Lisa Laminack to Amity Woirol and others, 8338 Hidden Forest Dr., Holland, $218,500.

William and Joanne Hartough to James and Sheri Taylor, 1909 Eileen Rd., $18,000.

Linda Glover and others to Maurice Martin, 909 Woodland, $21,450.

Marjorie Bolan Gately, trustee, to Adam Weintraub, 4444 Indian Rd., $158,500.

Gerald Schneider to Chad and Shauna Thompson, 4926 Swanbrook Ct., $175,000.

Michael Casey to James and Kelly Criswell, 1383 Glenview Rd., $111,000.

Rosemary Zrelak, trustee, to Brian Morrison, 851 Blum St., $2,000.

Janice Schoenegge to Julie and John Hafner, 5860 Dixon, $72,500.

Syed Mobin and Anjum Iqbal to Midland Agency of Northwest Ohio Inc., 8758 Big Cypress Circle, Sylvania, $379,000.

Donna Miller to Kenneth Paprocki, 4204 Burnham Ave., $65,000.

Sky Bank to Eugene Wallace, 141, 147, 203, and 209 Medbury Rd., Holland, $40,000.

Andrew Welch to Alan and Bonita Ashby, 813 Alvison Rd., $59,800.

Toledo Olde Towne Community Organization to Lutherine Poston and others, 337 Islington St., $1,155.

Toledo Olde Towne Community Organization to Lutherine Poston and others, 336 Mellington Dr., $1,155.

Karen Ashford to US Bank NA, trustee, 2235 Charlestown Ave., $73,334.

Edward and Patrice Littleton to LaSalle Bank NA, trustee, 1576 Claybourne Dr., $90,000.

LaSalle Bank NA, trustee, to Metropolitan Title Co.-Ohio LLC, trustee, 1576 Claybourne Dr., $90,000.

ABN AMRO Mortgage Group Inc. to Eric Lehman, 633 Brookley Blvd., $47,000.

Tommy Ward to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., 3510 Revere, $67,000.

Bryan Kennedy to William Nowak, Jr., and others, 1248 Kepler Rd., $94,760.

Teresa Thomas and others to Scott Stutler, 2949 South 109th St., $115,000.


Franks Nursery & Crafts Inc. to Anthony Kujawa, Jr., 6142 Telegraph Rd. and 35 Mel Simon Dr., $525,000.

Sandra Barone and others to Paul and Vicky Schroyer, 1403, 1405, 1411, and 1415 West Sylvania Ave., $515,000.

Toledo Olde Towne Community Organization to Lutherine Poston, 2327 Putnam St., $2,310.

Plaza Care Real Estate Co. to Liberty Nursing Properties of Toledo Ltd., 2005 and 2059 Ashland Ave. and 306 West Woodruff Ave., $5,975,000.

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