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Real Estate Transfers

Area real estate transfers



Jodi Miller to Andrew Howard, 9702 Brown Rd., Curtice, $29,000.



Joseph Starcher to U.S. Bank NA, trustee, 500, 502, and 504 West Harbor View Dr., Harbor View, $26,000.



Deborah and Dale Bettinger to Tina and Michael Madden, 12875 Doran Rd., Grand Rapids, $227,000.



Cendant Mobility Financial Corp. to Kathy and Iseal Dorsey, 7957 Hidden View Dr., Holland, $210,000.

Dolores Weik to Robin and Alan Woody, 6849 Wild River Run, Holland, $162,000.

Richard Mandell to Curtis and Patricia Pulcini, 8634 Augusta Lane, Holland, $177,000.

Sunny Acres Nursery School Inc. to National Loan Investors LLP, 10439 West Bancroft St., Holland, $86,667.

Terry Hammer to Mark Mitchell, 8462 Augusta Ln., Holland, $252,500.

Walter Quinto and others to Samuel and Kimberly Wurzelbacher, 355 Shrewsbury Dr., Holland, $126,500.



Dante Centuori to Deborah Beeman, 1152 Craig Rd., Maumee, $190,000.

George and Cristin Baum to Fifth Third Bank, trustee, 212 East Harrison St., Maumee, $290,000.

Jeffrey and Rebecca Schwartz to Cynthia and Kevin Kreiner, 1735 Christopher Lane, Maumee, $189,000.

Linda Makatura, successor trustee, to Gail and David Lawson, Jr., 802 Johnson St., Maumee, $108,000.

Louisville Title Agency for Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to Alison and Jason Ostrosky, 7919 Maumee-Western Rd., Maumee, $115,000.

Louisville Title Agency for Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to James and Ethel Ludwick, 7366 Harbour Light Ct., Maumee, $40,800.

McCarthy Builders Inc. to Michael and Virginia Bonnough, 6847 Reflections Dr., Maumee, $48,800.

Michael and Jacquelyn Creque to Shonna Martin, 7827 Maumee-Western Rd., Maumee, $134,000.

Richard McPeek to Thelma and Donald Hofmann, 612 West John St., Maumee, $20,000.

Scott Krewson to Dana Logan and others, 601 West Broadway St., Maumee, $172,000.

Scott Molnar to Brandon Hart, 1310 Scott St., Maumee, $101,000.

Thomas Sears to Paul Wilson and others, 1220 Craig Rd., Maumee, $163,000.


Osage Co. to Osage Building LLC, 381 Osage Dr., Maumee, $3,100,000.



Port Lawrence Title and Trust Co., trustee, to Charles and Nancy Crayne, 7923 Winterbourne Dr., Monclova, $57,900.



Lonnie and Carolyn Bingham to Anngelique and Shane Boyer, 13735 Archbold-Whitehouse Rd., Swanton, $184,000.

Rick Woodring to Marilynn Rice, 2533 Wilkins Rd., Swanton, $58,666.67.


Grace Hansen to Louisville Title Agency for Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, 13200 Airport Hwy., Swanton, $212,000.



Cendant Mobility Financial Corp. to Richard and Cynthia Huntzinger, 5872 Settlers Ridge Circle, Sylvania, $230,000.

David Winters, trustee, to Shamisa LLC, 4755 King Rd., Sylvania, $40,000.

Don Gray, trustee, to Mark Hock and Sallie Costello-Hock, 5503 Brixton Dr., Sylvania, $201,000.

Eric Haag to Cendant Mobility Financial Corp., 5872 Settlers Ridge Circle, Sylvania, $230,000.

Forrester Wehrle Homes Inc. to Amanda and Justin Brighty, 5101 Brint Crossing Blvd., Sylvania, $176,593.

Frederick Lumm to Steven and Melanie Pence, 8950 Cedar Bend Rd., Sylvania, $385,000.

Jeannette and David Huffman to Debra Johanning, 3900 Harrowsfield Rd., Sylvania, $170,000.

John Roadarmel to Karin and Shane Roadarmel, 4903 Arbor Way, Sylvania, $90,000.

Larry Smith to Theodore and Dawn Rahm, 3668 Wild Pheasant Lane, Sylvania, $242,000.

Margaret McCoy to Bryan Smith, 5736 Balfour Rd., Sylvania, $113,402.

Mark and Sandra Scott to Todd and Shaun Grohnke, 5546 Wadsworth Dr., Sylvania, $209,000.

Mitchell and Alice Keyes to Kathryn Miller, 3937 Pepperwood Ct., Sylvania, $188,000.

Nora Brown to Steven Meinen, 5836 and 5846 Meade Rd., Sylvania, $90,900.

Peggy and Michael Hojnacki to Angela and Mark Manera, 8165 Sunset Ln., Sylvania, $215,000.

Reynolds Construction Co. LLC to Marcia Houck, 39 Shenandoah Circle, Sylvania, $261,075.

Susan and Joey Kahl to Jacob Cox, 5817 Garden Park Dr., Sylvania, $172,500.

William and Mia England to Mark and Jerilyn Applegate, 2553 Live Oak Dr., Sylvania, $289,900.


Alice Mosiniak and others to Kroger Co., 6235 Monroe St., Sylvania, $250,000.

Charles Pund and others to Kroger Co., 6235 Monroe St., Sylvania, $250,000.

Richard and Florine Purkey, trustees, and others to Kroger Co., 6235 Monroe St., Sylvania, $250,000.



GMAC Global Relocation Services Inc. to Arnaldo and Solange Bassaco, 1362 Eastridge Dr., Waterville, $263,000.

Hallmark Homes Ltd. to Linda and William Peters III, 7934 Dana Rae Dr., Waterville, $261,076.33.

Hallmark Homes Ltd. to Timothy and Carol Meyer, 7800 Dana Rae Dr., Waterville, $46,900.

Jun and Mari Yoshioka to GMAC Global Relocation Services Inc., 1362 Eastridge Dr., Waterville, $263,000.

Larry Langenderfer to Timothy Stroshine and others, 5981 Little Turtle Trail, Waterville, $128,000.

Scott and Lynne Sellers to Alan and Maria Matney, 9055 Neowash Rd., Waterville, $174,900.



Midland Agency of Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to Rita and Larry Yunker, 6754 Whiddenmill Dr., Whitehouse, $201,000.

Paul and Kristie Grandsko to Frank and Maureen Billings, 10960 Helen Rd., Whitehouse, $179,000.

Port Lawrence Title and Trust Co., trustee, to Jodi and Floyd Hammons, 10110 Bridle Ct., Whitehouse, $44,900.

Randy and Susan Bukas to Paul and Nancy Herzig, 6615 Oak Brook Dr., Whitehouse, $147,000.



Progressive Property Group LLC to Terrance and Krista Mrofchak, 1435 North Erie St., $58,000.


Rumpf Development Ltd. to Community Opportunities Agency, 432 and 436 North Superior St., $530,000.



Anthony and Velvet Keeler to Keith and Cammy Floriana, 863 Rogers St., $60,000.

Bank of New York, trustee, to Linda Geoffrion, 552 Church St., $8,000.

Carol Sharrow to Neighborhood Housing Services of Toledo Inc., 449 White St., $31,023.45.

Charter One Mortgage Corp. to Orlando Nunez, 722 Oak St., $17,000.

Chicago Title Insurance Co., trustee, to Lois Baker, 1008 Forsythe St., $17,520.

Guido Tambur to Lisa and Michael Kohlhofer, 448 Starr Ave., $40,000.

Jaime Sick to Deutsche Bank Trust Co. Americas, 1331 Felt St., $36,000.

John Cook to Karen Cassaubon, 530 Yondota St., $69,000.

Kelly Dazey to Lawrence Green, 1715 Idaho St., $36,469.25.

Marsha and Keith Heidebrink to Rainey and David Chapa, 1551 and 1553 White St., $47,500.

Orlando Nunez to Allen and Cindy Hejnicki, 1225 Vinal St., $58,763.

Randy Sherwood to Nadine Ismail, 2217 Genesee St., $13,500.

Richard and Jacquelyn Heber to Cynthia and Burt Parish, 239 Maryland Ave., $63,843.87.

Robert McIntosh and others to Walter Rayburn, 1312 Ellis Ave., $58,000.

Scott Martin to Byron and Dalisha Cathers, 123 and 125 West Foulkes St., $65,000.

Shirley and Leroy Madison to Peggy and Edward Morrin, 866 McKinley Ave., $20,000.


Earcile Tucker to Packo Properties LLC, 1933 Consaul St., $120,000.



Fred and Jeanine Worthy to Bank One NA, 1444 Prospect Ave., $8,000.

Henry Zeller, Jr., and others to Jeffrey and Melissa Dykhuis, 2631 Cheltenham Rd., $163,500.

Linda Roberts to Sean McLaughlin, 2717 Emmick Dr., $140,000.

Marilyn and Harry Kindle to Judith and Steven McCracken, 2909 Valley View Dr. and 2736 Edgehill Rd., $820,000.

Michael and Linda McKee to Joseph and Amy Szyperski, 3036 Hopewell Place, $191,900.

Reba and Timothy Sarver to Belinda and Wilbur Hill, 2736 Secor Rd., $187,500.

Robert and Patricia Petersen to Karen Mayer, 2631 Jodore Ave., $140,000.

Willie and Florean Smith to Tony Bivens, 1656 Cone St., $7,000.



David and Berneita Kanavel to Virginia Nino, 4118 Ruskin Dr., $82,620.

Delores Koralewski to Wachovia Bank of Delaware, 1902 Alvin St., $48,000.

Fouad Khechen to Mustafa Malik, 1101 Norwood Ave., $64,000.

Gloria Thompson to U.S. Bank NA, trustee, 821 Elysian Ave., $21,334.

Ivan McClerkin to Larry Ragland, 1438 Lincoln Ave., $42,000.

Ivery and Saundra Parker to James Moore, 1241 Avondale Ave., $48,935.

James Ellis, Jr., to Princess Wells, 1106 Coventry Ave., $58,000.

Julie and Brian Visser to Cynthia Foster, 1741 Roosevelt Circle, $78,500.

Richard Turner and others to Andrew Mehl and others, 1814 Evansdale Ave., $90,700.

Richard Turner to Jacob Rowland and others, 1817 Evansdale Ave., $87,500.

Wachovia Bank of Delaware to Michael and Heather Stubbs, 1902 Alvin St., $57,750.



Crystal Harpel to Salvador Sanchez, 314 Hillwood Dr., $60,000.

Debora and Marvin Holdridge to Errika Graham, 245 East Weber St., $37,900.

Household Realty Corp. to Gary Roscoe, 1822 and 1828 Homer Ave., $16,000.

James Mitchell, Jr., to David Mitchell, 329 East Park St., $39,000.

Janet Wilson to Juan and Silvia Guerrero, 724 and 726 Bronson Ave., $8,000.

Joseph and Sandy Wright to Household Realty Corp., 1822 and 1828 Homer Ave., $24,000.



Jamie Kaufman to Howard and Sarah Abts, 642 Boalt St., $40,815.

Ami Saar to Homecomings Financial Network Inc., 146 and 150 Corinth St., $29,334.

Brian Martinez to Wells Fargo Bank Minnesota, trustee, 824 Dunwood Ct., $20,000.

Deutsche Bank Trust Co. Americas, trustee, to Noni Holdings LLC, 710 Prouty Ave., $20,900.

Jason Klepacz to Craig and Stephanie Merickel, 2225 Dunham St., $85,500.

Larry and Pamala Gabrys to Edward Podolsky, 1043 and 1047 Fries Ave., $80,000.

Metropolitan Title Co. Ohio LLC, trustee, to Robin Moll, 270 Walbridge Ave., $12,500.

Noni Holdings LLC to Eric Heller, 710 Prouty Ave., $20,900.

Olga Moreno to Federal National Mortgage Association, 1320 Colton St., $16,000.

Valentine and Anita Mora to Jeff McIntosh, 359 Havre St., $8,000.



Dorian Hooker to Leroy Hooker, 420 Melrose Ave., $50,500.

James Johnson to CIT Group/Consumer Finance Inc., 620 Baldwin Place, $33,334.


Scott Smith to Christine Dougherty, 318 Islington St., $122,000.



Anthony and Lori Garland to Brian Ruetz, 2837 116th St., $120,500.

Brenda Sherwood to Christopher Sundermeier, 2549 Torgler Dr., $110,500.

Daniel Fry and others to William and Mary Meyers, 2850 113th St., $106,000.

Lillian and Katherine Weber to Terry Jourdain, 4755 301st St., $52,000.

Lubert Lestage to Ralph Brann, Jr., 3583 146th St., $70,000.

Metropolitan Title Co. Ohio, trustee, to Adam Stuchel, 4836 295th St., $127,500.

Phyllis Henry to Robert and Christine Shively, 4642 Edgemont Rd., $118,000.


Dean and Vivian Nelson to Richard and Kathryn Aossey, 4644 North Summit St., $179,500.



Aaron and Amy Hammer to Melissa Caldwell, 4159 North Haven Ave., $95,000.

Anna Bartel to Charles and Frances Moon, 4632 Manorwood Rd., $115,000.

Bank One NA, trustee, to Donnell Wolf, 648 West Poinsetta Ave., $65,000.

Beth and Jeffrey Keil to Nicholas Marinski, 943 Waybridge Rd., $82,100.

Cornerstone Realty Group to Jeffrey Gilbert, 4135 Walker Ave., $43,900.

Dustin and Molly Schultz to Sara McDaniel and others, 652 West Capistrano Ave., $89,000.

Fifth Third Bank to Laura and Andy Marckel, 1619 Gould Rd., $66,000.

Gladeen Roberts-Margraf, trustee, to Fuddland Enterprises, 627 Eleanor Ave., $85,000.

Jeffrey and Jennifer Gerwin to Matthew Zdybek, 602 Pasadena Blvd., $104,900.

John and Joanne Wagenknecht to Lee and Claire Sanner, 4741 Commonwealth Ave., $105,000.

Kimberly Dolman to Jamie and Thomas Rokicki, 1577 Slater St., $96,000.

Melanie Brubaker to Pledged Property II LLC, 117 Willamont Rd., $49,875.

Michael Kazmierczak to Jason Brobst, 240 West Poinsetta Ave., $98,000.

Robert and Barbara Gardner to Richard and Deborah Urbanski, 268 Middlebury Lane, $155,000.

Sandra and Mark Beavers to Kevin and Stephanie Schwartz, 23 West Capistrano Ave., $85,567.

Stephen Przymierski to Elizabeth Pauken, 1029 Alcott Ave., $77,000.

Wachovia Bank, trustee, to Melissa and Rossen Radkov, 4310 Jackman Rd., $51,500.

Yolanda Arkilander to Nicholas Jurkiewicz, 4443 Belmar Ave., $96,000.


Timberstone Construction Inc. to 11 Investments Inc., 434 Matzinger Rd., $810,000.

Tuna Properties LLC to 211 Investments Inc. 454 Matzinger Rd., $395,000.



Charlotte Gears to Anne Marie Avent, 2350 Charlotte St., $90,000.

Christine and Martin Walker to Diana and Michael Kazmierczak, 3117 Oak Grove Pl., $144,500.

Gary Fox to Rodger Wilburn, 5035 Adella St., $80,000.

Harry Perrine to V.A. and Jacqueline Nelson, 5850 and 5854 Atwell Rd., $68,000.

Iseal Dorsey to Erin Valasek, 3135 Corydon Dr., $118,900.

Jamie Smith to Michael and Susan Ridgeway, 5945 Dixon Ave., $114,000.

Jeffrey Davenport to Sarah and James Barnhart, 2101 Marlow Rd., $77,000.

John and Patricia Flaminio to Carmen Zwiefel, 5317 Sheila Dr., $127,000.

Joseph and Amy Szyperski to Krista and Kenneth Brown, Jr., 2703 Wyndale Rd., $132,900.

Linda Burge to Falor and Arcola Dunn, 2046 Welker Ave., $73,500.

Linda Wylie to Brady Wylie, 2047 Fairfax Rd., $70,000.

Marcy Strayer to Larry and Merilee Geis, 4839 Brott Rd., $125,000.

Mark Hock and Sallie Costello-Hock to Dustin and Katherine Campbell, 3642 Bowen Rd., $135,500.

Pamela and James Delker, trustees, to Scott Schroeder, 4120 Bowen Rd., $130,000.

Primacy Closing Corp. to Scott Rozanski, 2446 Berdan Ave., $93,000.

Steve Stepp, Jr., to Donald Villarreal, Jr., and others, 1733 Giant St., $56,150.

Suzanne Remillard, trustee, to Deron and Carla Johnson, 2251 Grandwood Dr., $152,900.



Christopher and Amy Rowe to Mary Riley, 1808 Wildwood Rd., $137,500.

Household Realty Corp. to Laura Halpin, 1739 Watkins Dr., $77,000.

James and Shirley Garrity to Craig Hoogstra and others, 2527 Wildwood Blvd., $147,000.

Juscot Property Group, Inc. to Imelda Hunt, 1548 Glenton Dr., $112,900.

Lorraine Klueber, successor trustee, to Ben and Patrice Fennell, 2130 Chadbury Lane, $172,500.

Marcia Sawyer to Joshua Newman, 3273 Heatherdowns Blvd., $80,000.

Mary Halloran-Camargo and Ronald Camargo to Paul Ruhland and others, 3822 Dikway Dr., $110,000.

Robin Paszczykowski and others to Robin Paszczykowski, 1329 Pennelwood Dr., $58,666.67.

Rodney and Amy Carlozzi to Bridget Gray, 2353 Marengo St., $131,200.


Jean and David Adams to Teresa and Ali Al-Momar, 10 Terrace Downs, $111,600.

Jean and David Adams to Teresa and Ali Al-Momar, 18 Terrace Downs, $111,600.



Allen and Melanie York to John Brock, 3351 Romaker Rd. $107,000.

Cendant Mobility Financial Corp. to Terry Ponder and Carol Fuller, 2860 Falmouth Rd., $457,500.

Charles and Frances Moon, trustees, to John and Casey Fisher, 6239 Chaney Dr., $132,000.

David Trumbull to Hector Ross, 1738 and 1802 Harlan Rd., $100,000.

Eric and Renee Bourg to Paul Ferow, 1121 Metcalf Rd., $93,000.

Four Guys and a Roof Roofing to Jamie and Kerry Wietrzykowski, 5678 Greenridge Dr., $175,100.

Hafner & Shugarman Enterprises Inc. to Donald and Nancy Vogel, 628 Butternut Lane, $194,500.

Harner Enterprises Ltd. to Justin Harris, Jr., 17 Melody Lane, $106,395.

Jose Ochoa and Christi Smith to Cendant Mobility Financial Corp., 2860 Falmouth Rd., $462,500.

Kathy Stevens to John Baranowski, 5746 Hunting Creek Rd., $147,000.

Louis Kynard, Jr., to Tik Chanthavong, 6056 White Oak Dr., $142,300.

Mark Schoenfeld to Leverett Hobbs, 127 and 135 North Dorcas Rd., $29,000.

Marta Rhoda to John Cunningham, 6221 Bapst Ave., $91,400.

Midland Agency of Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to Adam Lehman and Diane Bostleman-Lehman, 3624 Corey Rd., $252,000.

Peggy Picking to Metropolitan Title Co. Ohio LLC, trustee, 101 and 103 Derbyshire Rd., $79,500.



Helen and Michael Neary to Marlena and Victor Ruiz, 416 Bellhaven Dr., Oregon, $157,000.

James and Victoria Sorgenfrei to Joel Byers and others, 200 Ponderosa Dr., Oregon, $176,900.

Kelly Toth to Joann and Robert Carpenter and others, 2432 Brown Rd., Oregon, $98,000.

Martha Duffin to Richard and Donna Titsworth, 6333 Bay Shore Rd., Oregon, $97,000.

Port Lawrence Title and Trust Co., trustee, to Tara Zemski, 4845 North Teal Lane, Oregon, $47,900.

Thomas Berger to Linda and Fenno Vanderveen, 6143 Seaman St., Oregon, $100,000.

William Vandorn, successor trustee, to Helen and Michael Neary, 4247 Pearson Pkwy., Oregon, $260,000.



Amy Buckland to Abbey Wonders, 3331 Cason Ave., $111,500.

Kelly Dodd to Steven and Angela Funk, 6935 Dorr St., $87,000.

Mary Jane Milano-Takas and John Takas, trustees, to John Takas, trustee, 2913 Stoneleigh Dr., $90,000.

RDM/Webb Builders Inc. to Justin Bage, 3221 Zone Ave., $129,000.



Arthur and Diane Reynolds to Diana Schmidlin, 10905 Corduroy Rd., water slip H-4, Oregon, $1,000.

Carolyn Giraudeau to Shawn Pirolli, 10905 Corduroy, water slip F-10, Oregon, $3,250.

Carolyn Giraudeau to Shawn Pirolli, 10905 Corduroy, water slip F-9, Oregon, $3,250.



Thomas and Alice Bonacuse, trustees, to Robert Walker, 2486 Robinwood Ave., $102,000.



Bradley Kowalczyk to Colleen West-Warne, 5915 Acoma Dr., $105,900.

Jennifer Peace and others to Edward and Janet Young, 3655 Pendleton Dr., $99,900.

Kimberly and Harry Knakiewicz, Jr. to April Ortiz, 5618 and 5620 Malden Ave., $130,000.

Michael and Mary Brennan to Rishel Foster, 5824 Buchanan Dr., $97,000.


Mercurio Developers Inc. to Brian McCarthy LLC, 5901 Renaissance Place, $169,900.

Steven and Vicki Kimler to Steven and Teresa Heaney, 5847 Secor Rd., $170,000.

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