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Restaurant Inspections

Restaurant inspections: 07-21 (part 1)

Recently released inspection reports of Lucas County food-service operations:

Critical violations

Dietary Service Hospital Cafe, 3000 Arlington, inspected June 26. Three-door cooler holding coleslaw dressing at 48 degrees. Time/temperature control for safety (TCS) foods are required to be held at 41 degrees or less. Foods out of temperature were removed from service. Single door cooler in sink room holding shredded cheese at 45 degrees and sour cream at 44 degrees. Must be held at proper temperature. Inspector: Debbie Dacquisto.

Gloria s Tamales, 5004 Lewis, inspected June 26. At inspection, the ice cream scoop was being stored in room temperature standing water. To prevent bacteria growth, utensils used to scoop hard dip ice cream must be stored in a running dipper well. Hard dip ice cream is being removed from the menu. Improper cooling procedure observed. Shredded and ground beef were completely covered and placed in the walk-in cooler to cool. Keep cooling food uncovered to let heat escape quickly. Once 41 degrees is reached, food can be covered. Tomatoes were being held at 45 degrees in the prep top cooler. To prevent bacteria growth, must hold cold at proper temperature. Place pans in all open spots of the upper rack to prevent cold air from escaping cooler. Inspector: Kelly Cipiti.

Six Pack On The River, 2605 Broadway, inspected June 26. High temperature dish machine was not achieving the required minimum temperature to sanitize. The final rinse cycle must reach 180 degrees to properly sanitize. Service machine to function properly. Do not use until repairs are made and verified with this department. Set up the three-compartment sink until then. Wash, rinse, and sanitize. Same sink is being used to dispose mop water and wash hands. Completely separate sinks are required to prevent contamination to clean hands. Designate this sink for hand washing only. Install a separate sink for mop water. Designate a sink at the bar for hand washing. Provide hand soap and paper towels at this sink. Inspector: Cipiti.

Maxwell s Brew, 2661 West Bancroft, inspected June 29. Walk-in cooler is not holding at 41 degrees or less. Tuna salad holding at 50 degrees and raw hamburger at 50-51 degrees. All potentially hazardous foods removed from service. Monitor/service cooler. Sliding door stainless cooler at front line holding cheesecake at 56 degrees. Discarded. Inspector: Dacquisto.

Chop House, 1430 Holland, Maumee, inspected June 30. Dish machine is not adequately functioning to sanitize items. Wash is registering a temperature of 143 degrees and rinse does not display a temperature. Test strips did not verify successful sanitizing. A hi-temperature sanitizing dish machine must wash at 150 degrees or above and rinse at 180 degrees or above. Contact repair service to fix machine and external temperature gauge. All ware washing must be done manually until repairs are complete. Salad prep top cooler holding foods at 43 degrees. All TCS foods, held cold, must maintain an internal temperature of 41 degrees or below at all times. Contact repair service and adjust cooler as necessary. Consumer advisory is not on menu or posted as placard on individual tables. Consumer advisory must be printed on menu in 11 point font or greater. It must be footnoted by an asterisk and listed on all applicable pages. Inspector: Paul Bauman.

China King, 325 North Superior, inspected July 2. Chicken sitting out at room temperature at 90 degrees. To prevent bacteria growth, hold hot at 135 degrees or above. Food must be held hot or cold at proper temperatures do not let sit out. Prep top cooler was holding food at 43-44 degrees. Adjust cooler to hold at proper temperature. No supply of sanitizer was set up. During all hours of business and before any food prep begins, a sanitizer wiping bucket must be set up with the proper concentration of sanitizer. If using a chlorine produce, like bleach, maintain at 100 ppm. Provide the proper test kit to check concentration. Dish machine was completely removed from the facility. This facility was approved for operation with a dish machine for proper ware washing. Make necessary arrangements to re-install a properly working dish machine immediately. The three-compartment sink can be used for ware washing until dish machine is available. The three-bay sink must be set up properly to wash in-use utensils and equipment every four hours. Keep all bays easily accessible. Do not stack up dirty dishes in these sinks. Provide paper towels for proper hand washing. Do not use bowls as scoops. The cooked rice and other food items must be scooped out with a utensil that has a handle on it. Bowls are not acceptable scooping devices. Place all open food in a protective container. Open bags of rice, flour, sugar, etc., can become contaminated if not placed in a protective food grade container. These items can also attract pests. Inspector: Cipiti.

Pam s Place, 222 South Summit, inspected July 2. Significant build up was present on the walk-in cooler condenser and the chest style freezer in the front. Defrost these units to ensure proper worker condition. Inspector: Cipiti.

Showcase Cinemas, Maumee auxiliary concessions, 1360 Conant, Maumee, inspected July 2. No sanitizer at three-compartment sink. To properly sanitize dishes and food prep surfaces, a supply of sanitizer must be present during all hours of operation. Inspector: Bauman.

The City Grill, 421 Huron, inspected July 2. Prep top cooler was holding food at 43-45 degrees. To prevent bacteria growth, cold holding must be maintained at 41 degrees or below. Service cooler. Ground beef sitting out at 90 degrees. Must hold hot at proper temperature. Once food is cooked, place food in a steam table do not let it sit out at room temperature. A food handler was observed cracking raw shell eggs with gloves on and without washing hands and changing gloves, touched ready-to-eat foods. To prevent cross contamination, wash hands and change gloves after handling open raw shell eggs. Beef top round was pulled out of the cooler for slicing. The food handler became busy with other tasks and left the meat sitting out at room temperature at 49 degrees. When busy with several tasks, make sure that food is put away in proper cold-holding until it is ready to be used. There was build up present on the inside of the ice machine. To prevent bacteria growth or mold, regularly clean and sanitize all inside surfaces of machine. Inspector: Cipiti.

Toledo Skateland, 5735 Opportunity, inspected July 2. Observed non-commercial equipment in kitchen area (crock pots, refrigerator). Remove non-commercial equipment from facility. Once homestyle refrigerator is no longer usable a commercial unit must be installed. Improper date marking on ready to eat, TCS food. Must date mark, seven days only to determine a discard date. Inspector: Seger.

Arrowhead #505, 298 Dussel, Maumee, inspected July 1. Creamer machine at 47 degrees. All TCS foods, held cold, must be held cold at proper temperature. Contact repair service and adjust as needed. Inspector: Bauman.

Recent inspections found no violations at:

Alano Step One, 2458 Tremainsville, inspected June 25. Inspector: Stacy Seger.

Steve Mix Basketball Academy, 1630 Market Place, Maumee, inspected June 29. Inspector: Bauman.

Burger King, 6630 Airport, Holland, inspected June 30. Inspector: Bauman.

Jug s Bowling Center, 5111 Jackman, inspected July 2. Inspector: Seger.

Showcase Cinemas Maumee main, 1360 Conant, Maumee, inspected July 2. Inspector: Bauman.

Party America, 6460 Centers, Holland, inspected July 3. Inspector: Bauman.

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