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Restaurant Inspections

Restaurant Inspections: 12-17

Recently released inspection reports of Lucas County food-service operations.


A Mango Restaurant, 5228 Monroe, inspected Nov. 28. Rice noodles sitting out at room temperature at 54 degrees and bean sprouts on ice at 57 degrees. Cold hold at 41 degrees or lower to inhibit bacteria growth. Items discarded. Store rice noodles and bean sprouts inside cooler. Chemical sanitizing dish machine is not dispensing any chlorine. Operator called to repair machine. Sanitizer bucket is not set up in the kitchen, and wet cloths out on several kitchen work surfaces. A sanitizer bucket with the correct concentration of sanitizer must be set up during hours of operation for cleaning work surfaces. Store wet wiping towels in sanitizer to prevent bacteria growth. Hot water turned off at the back hand-washing sink. Hot and cold water must be available for proper hand washing. Inspector: Kelly Sattler.

China Crown Buffet, 4751 Monroe, inspected Nov. 27. Custard tarts sitting out at room temperature on the buffet at 64 degrees. Cold hold such food at 41 degrees or lower. Tarts discarded. Bottles of salad dressing on ice at the buffet at 40 to 65 degrees rather than at 41 degrees or lower. Dressings discarded. Properly ice foods. Drain flies at the buffet and in the kitchen. Contact licensed pest control operator immediately. Shrimp thawing in kitchen hand-washing sink. Keep sink accessible. Follow proper thawing procedure. Shrimp moved to the walk-in cooler. Garlic in oil at 53 degrees and raw shell eggs are 57 degrees in the prep-top cooler. Cold hold at proper temperature. Inspector: Sattler.

Whitehouse Inn, 10835 Waterville, Whitehouse, inspected Nov. 20. Cooked and cooled prime ribs found out at room temperature waiting for processing; cold hold such food at 41 degrees or lower. Meat was put back into the cooler. Inspector: Sara Becker.

Biggby Coffee, 420 Madison, inspected Nov. 27. Paper towel dispenser empty. Paper towels were restocked. Bottles of chemicals stored near ice scoop. Store chemicals below food and food-contact surfaces to prevent contamination. Bottles were moved. Four packages of turkey were labeled with an expired date mark of Nov. 16. A maximum of seven days is permitted once food is opened from its manufacturer seal. Discard these packages and monitor date closely. Sanitizer bucket has 0 ppm quat. The dispenser has been inconsistent with the concentration of sanitizer. Maintain at 200 ppm; use the quat test kit to verify concentration. Bucket verified at 200 ppm. Inspector: Kelly Cipiti.

Olga’s Kitchen, 5001 Monroe, inspected Nov. 26. Salad prep-top cooler is holding bleu-cheese crumbles and vanilla cream sauce at 47 degrees. Cooler was accidentally turned off. Adjust or repair cooler to maintain proper temperature; replace cooler if necessary. Repeat violation. Prep-top cooler on the cook line is holding turkey, pesto, artichokes, sliced tomatoes, feta cheese, and mayonnaise in squeeze bottle above the cold-hold temperature. Adjust or repair cooler. Store dressings and sauces directly in an insert pan or in the cooler’s bottom reach-in section. Mayonnaise discarded. Spinach pie is hot holding at 108 degrees under a heat lamp. Food must be held hot at 135 degrees or higher. Adjust the warmer. Spinach pie discarded. Inspector: Sattler.

Wingate Inn & Suites, 5480 S. Main, Sylvania, inspected Nov. 27. No seven-day discard date on the open eggs and cheese in the one-door cooler. Properly label opened products. Inspector: Jennifer Gottschalk.

King Garden, 2839 Monroe, inspected Nov. 26. Hand sink blocked by a rack and boxes of fryer oil. Keep hand sinks accessible. Repeat violation. Corrected. Items in cooler lack required seven-day discard date. Properly label foods. Observed improper storage order of food in two coolers. Follow proper food-storage order. Found chicken at 66 degrees, garlic and oil mix at 63 degrees, and eggs at 70 degrees sitting out. Hold food at proper temperatures. Corrected. Eggs, chicken, garlic, and oil discarded. Wet wiping cloth out on the table; store cloths in sanitizer bucket. Use test kit to check the concentration of sanitizer available and change as needed. Inspector: Gottschalk.

Monroe Carry Out, 2839 Monroe, inspected Nov. 26. Cups of ice not properly labeled. Ice sold by the cup must be properly labeled. Prepackaged food must be properly labeled for individual sale. Inspector: Gottschalk.

The Oarhouse Bar & Grille, 5044 Suder, inspected Nov. 26. Dish machine dispensing 0 ppm chlorine. To properly sanitize with chlorine, the concentration must be 50 to 100 ppm. Repair and then verify repair with this department. Buildup present in the pop-gun holster. Clean and sanitize daily. Inspector: Kerry Stanley.

Vito’s, 3392 Lagrange, inspected Nov. 27. No dating of required items; properly label foods with seven-day discard date. Repeat violation. Sandwich prep-top cooler holding food items above 41 degrees; cold hold at 41 degrees or lower. Repeat violation. Inspector: Stanley.

Chinese Favorites, 4939 Dorr, inspected Nov. 26. Improper thawing of shrimp. Follow proper thawing procedure. Bags of produce on floor in walk-in cooler; store food at least six inches off ground. Inspector: Kurt Susdorf.

Wei Wei Restaurant, 1202 N. Reynolds, inspected Nov. 26. High-temperature dish machine malfunctioning; owner said repairs would be made. Several boxes of food stored on floor in walk-in freezer; store food at least six inches off floor. Raw pork and chicken stored above ready-to-eat food in prep-top and walk-in coolers. Store ready-to-eat foods above raw meats and fish. Corrected. Inspector: Susdorf.

Kingston Residence of Sylvania, 4125 King, inspected Nov. 29. Found open jar of jelly at room temperature. Jelly jar label states it must be refrigerated after opening. Jelly discarded. Sausage in the steam table had a temperature of 133.5 degrees. Hot holding of time/temperature control for safety food must be 135 degrees or higher to prevent bacteria growth. Monitor food temperatures at each meal service. Inspector: Gottschalk.

Primo’s Foods, 3131 Cherry, inspected Nov. 29. Food handler left front counter without hand washing and did not wash hands between tasks. Follow proper hand washing procedures. Raw bacon and shell eggs stored above ready-to-eat foods and beverages in the glass-door cooler. Follow proper food storage order. Repeat violation. A damp/soiled cloth stored on a prep surface; store cloth in sanitizer bucked. No wipe cloth bucket set up as required. Repeat violation. Lettuce cut and served without proper washing in prep sink. No dating of required items; properly label food with seven-day discard date. No sanitizing step used during the ware-washing process. Follow proper ware-washing process. Can of Raid in kitchen. Pesticides must be applied by a licensed applicator. No evidence of pests observed. Inspector: Stanley.

Serenity Soul Food II, 527 Nebraska, inspected Nov. 29. Three-bean salad holding on the buffet at 52 degrees; must hold at 41 degrees or lower. Bean salad discarded. Chicken thawing at room temperature; follow proper thawing procedure. Raw shell eggs stored over ready-to-eat food in a kitchen cooler. To prevent cross contamination, store raw eggs, meats, and poultry separate from or below ready-to-eat food. Inspector: Sattler.

Prospect of Toledo LLC, 1902 N. Detroit, inspected Nov. 29. No date labeling observed on open deli meats; such food must be labeled with seven-day discard date. Repeat violation. Tamales at 95 degrees; hot hold at 135 degrees or higher. Tamales removed from case. Sanitizer in the wiping-cloth bucket tests at 0 ppm. Chlorine bleach must test at 50 ppm. Hand sink in back prep room not working properly. Contact licensed plumber to repair faucet. Inspector: Susdorf.

Magic Wok, 5001 Monroe, inspected Nov. 26. Two-door cooler holding chicken at 43 degrees, beef 42 degrees, and oven-roasted chicken at 43 degrees. Food must be held cold at 41 degrees or lower. Adjust or repair cooler. No sanitizer detected in the wipe-cloth buckets. Change buckets as needed to maintain proper sanitizer level. Wipe-cloth buckets were changed to the proper strength. Inspector: Sattler.

Country Grains, 6808 Sylvania, Sylvania, inspected Nov. 27. Ingredient label for spinach dip and some other items must be expanded to include other ingredients in products. Inspector: Gottschalk.

The Upper Echelon LLC, at United Missionary Baptist Church, 2705 Monroe, inspected Nov. 27. Raw hamburger and hot dogs stored above apples in walk-in cooler. Follow proper food storage order. Inspector: Susdorf.

Rod’s Bar & Grill, 2755 Lagrange, inspected Nov. 27. Buildup in the ice machine. Clean and sanitize according to manufacturer’s specifications. Inspector: Stanley.

Pete’s Market, 3449 Stickney, inspected Nov. 27. Keep raw shell eggs below other food and beverage items to prevent cross contamination. Inspector: Stanley.

Gino’s Italian Delites, 1829 Eastgate, inspected Nov. 28. Keep hand sink free and accessible. Inspector: Mike Brady.

Miss Cue Billard & Darts, 216 New Towne Square, inspected Nov. 29. Cockroaches on glue boards behind the bar. Facility has a licensed pest-control service twice monthly addressing the current issues. Inspector: Stanley.

St. John the Baptist School, 2729 124th, inspected Nov. 29. Food temperatures not verified when received from caterer. Facility needs to verify that hot foods are received at 135 degrees or above and cold food at 41 degrees or below. Inspector: Stanley.

Abuelo’s Mexican Embassy, 3415 S. Briarfield, Maumee, inspected Nov. 29. Cross contamination found in the walk-in cooler. Raw shell eggs found in storage over ready-to-eat foods in the walk-in cooler. Raw shell eggs should always be stored below other raw meat items and ready-to-eat food to prevent contamination. Rearrange the shelving to accommodate the eggs at the bottom. Inspector: Sara Becker.

Tony Packo’s Cafe, 5827 Monroe, Sylvania, inspected Nov. 29. Whole cucumber being cut, but facility does not have a food prep sink or an invoice at the facility stating the produce comes in pre-washed. Facility must have a prep sink with a two-inch air gap for produce washing or produce, including lemons, must come into the facility pre-washed or pre-washed and pre-cut. High-temperature dish machine digital display is not calibrated. Contact dish machine company to repair digital display. Repeat violation, correct immediately. Inspector: Becker.

Toledo Country Club, 3949 River, inspected Nov. 29. Fish in reduced-oxygen packaging being held in thawed condition in cooler. Fish in reduced-oxygen packaging must remain frozen before, during, and after the packaging process. Break the seal on the package and introduce oxygen before thawing fish under refrigeration in reduced-oxygen packing. Corrected. Inspector: Paul Bauman.

Mama C’s Donuts, 915 Conant, Maumee, inspected Nov. 29. Quaternary ammonia in sanitizer solution below 200 ppm. To effectively sanitize, quat must be used at 200 ppm. Refresh sanitizer buckets on a more frequent basis. New buckets set up. Front under-counter cooler holding foods between 51 and 52 degrees. Food held cold must maintain an internal temperature of 41 degrees or below. Cooler setting adjusted. Inspector: Bauman.

Children’s Discovery Center, 8011 Dutch, Waterville, inspected Nov. 20. The Hoshizaki cooler is holding at approximately 50 degrees. Potentially hazardous food must cold at 41 degrees or lower to prevent bacteria growth. Milk removed to another cooler. Repair cooler immediately. Hand sink not working. Operating hand sink required to prepare food or snacks. Repair hand sink immediately. Inspector: Becker.

University of Toledo, College of Business and Innovation - Pop Express, 2801 W. Bancroft, inspected Nov. 19. Cold food delivered from central production is holding above 41 degrees. Food must be held 41 degrees or lower to prevent bacteria growth. Manner of food transport may cause elevated food temperatures and revising that method is advised. Inspector: Wilke.

Barris Public House, 3355 Briarfield, Maumee, inspected Nov. 30. Can of tile cleaner found on prep sink drain board, and spray bottle of kitchen cleaner found on a prep table. Chemicals must be stored away from food and clean equipment to prevent chemical contamination. Raw shell eggs stored over ready-to-eat food in the walk-in cooler. Follow proper food storage order. Inspector: Becker.

Subway, 5001 Monroe, inspected Nov. 27. No sanitizer in the wipe-cloth bucket. Always set up a wipe-cloth bucket with the correct concentration of sanitizer in food prep areas. This was corrected. Quat sanitizer is used in the bucket at 200 ppm. Inspector: Sattler.

Bob Evans, 6215 W. Central, inspected Nov. 27. Several items in the walk-in cooler were cooled improperly. Follow proper cooling procedure. Inspector: Sattler.

Cafe Donuts, 5330 Monroe, inspected Nov. 28. Provide a mop sink for proper disposal of mop water. Repeat violation. Inspector: Sattler.

El Nuevo Vallarta, 3330 W. Central, inspected Nov. 30. Refried beans holding at 128 degrees in the steam table after having just been reheated on the stove top. Food must be reheated to at least 165 degrees within two hours before being placed in the steam table for hot holding. Beans reheated to 180 degrees on the stove. Routinely check reheating temperatures to ensure that all reheats reach proper temperature. Inspector: Sattler.

Alpine House of Toledo, 2901 Tremainsville, inspected Nov. 20. Vegetable soup held past the seven-day discard date. Soup discarded. Inspector: Seger.

Pour House Sportsman Club, 4301 Bennett, inspected Nov. 20. Pop cans iced in ice bin. After ice is used as a medium for cooling food, ice may not be used as food. Do not ice products in ice used for drinks. Quat sanitizer over 400 ppm. Use test strips to verify concentrations. Inspector: Seger.

St. Philip Lutheran Church Day Care, 3002 Upton, inspected Nov. 26. Leftover food in cooler in nonfood-grade storage containers. If facility wishes to have leftover or portioned food, use NSF or equivalent food storage containers. Buildup in freezer. Thoroughly wash and sanitize cooler and freezer interiors. Inspector: Brady.

YMCA Childcare at Calvary, 3939 Jackman, inspected Nov. 26. Quat ammonia in spray bottle at a concentration of 400 ppm. Quat ammonia must be 200 ppm to properly sanitize food contact surfaces without leaving residue. Dilute bottle with water and use quat test strips to verify correct concentration. Inspector: Brady.

Pizza Hut, 7350 Airport, inspected Nov. 19. Chemical squirt bottles found hanging off of shelves near three-bay sink. Store chemicals in separate area. Chemical bottles moved. Pump-style containers of food vegetable oil found unlabeled at the prep line. Food containers must be labeled with contents’ common names. Corrected. Inspector: Becker.

Marco’s Pizza, 201 Golden Gate, Maumee, inspected Nov. 26. Quaternary ammonia sanitizer in three-bay sink at 400 ppm. To effectively and safely and sanitize, quaternary ammonia sanitizer must be used at concentration of 200 ppm. Hand mixing ratio was adjusted to ensure use at 200 ppm. Inspector: Bauman.

Mayberry Diner, 2155 S. Byrne, inspected Nov. 27. Several foods lack required seven-day discard date. Inspector: Bauman.

Haas Eastwood Bakery, 2306 Starr, Oregon, inspected Nov. 27. Chemical spray bottles with no label; properly label such bottles. Inspector: Brandon Tester.

McDonald’s, 2130 S. Reynolds, inspected Nov. 21. Cafe cooler needs thermometer. Drive-through cooler and hotcake cooler need thermometers. Sanitizer solution must be used in food-prep areas. Keep rags in solution. Inspector: Brady.

Subway, 2121 S. Reynolds, inspected Nov. 21. Quat sanitizer observed at 400 ppm. Must be 200 ppm. Metal-stem food thermometer probably broken. Inspector: Brady.

Toledo Independent Childcare Center, 5538 Merriman, Sylvania, inspected Nov. 27. Do not place bleach water in a different chemical spray bottle. Use a new spray bottle for bleach water with proper labeling. Store chemicals separate from food and food-contact surfaces. Inspector: Gottschalk.


Recently inspected restaurants with no violations:

Old West End Academy, 3131 Cambridge.

The Glendale, 5020 Ryan.

VFW, 2231 South.

Concord Care Center of Toledo, Inc., 3121 Glanzman.

Arrowhead Behavioral Health, 1725 Timberland, Maumee.

Pizza Hut, 124 Chesterfield, Maumee.

Hiawatha Elementary School, 3020 Photo.

World Tea Company, 5577 Monroe, Sylvania.

Family Dollar Store, 5020 Lewis.

Bennett Venture Charter Academy, 5130 Bennett.

St. Ursula Academy, 4025 Indian.

Christ the King School, 4100 Harvest.

Circle K, 8154 Airport, Holland.

Monclova Elementary School, 8035 Monclova, Monclova.

Parkway Place, 2592 Parkway Plaza, Maumee.

Maumee Antique Mall, 1552 S. Reynolds.

KinderCare Learning Center, 125 Chesterfield.

Wendy’s, 1410 E. Alexis.

Pisanello’s Pizza, 6729 Providence, Whitehouse.

Heatherdowns Rehab & Residential Care Center, 2401 Cass.

Rudy’s Hot Dog, 4747 Glendale.

Foundation Park Care Center, 1621 Byrne.

Harvard School, 1949 Glendale.

Biggby Coffee, 1515 S. Byrne.

Northgate Resident Association, 610 Stickney.

Ursuline Center, 4035 Indian.

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