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Bowling Green team takes top spot in contest

Leading participants keep original stocks; 9 of 10 mark growth

The highest-ranked teams in The Blade School Stock Contest played it safe for the most part and didn’t swap their holdings in an attempt to leapfrog one another to a coveted spot in the top three.

Week 6 of the contest revealed only three teams in the top 10 switched their stocks during a one-time opportunity March 8. The other seven kept their portfolios intact.

Nine of the top 10 grew their portfolios during the week, and nine teams have crossed the 10 percent mark for overall growth.

“Overall, [it is] too early to tell if the teams who made moves made the right moves. In the next week or two, I think these teams will be able to better assess results,” Ronald Belle, investment advisers executive and senior vice president at Fifth Third, a contest sponsor, wrote in a statement to The Blade.

The 115 teams participating in the 12-week contest are from northwest Ohio and southern Michigan. They were allotted a hypothetical $40,000 budget, and the funds were allocated evenly among four stocks. The stocks initially were worth at least $5 a share.

Gulhaye, a team from Bowling Green High School, is in first place with overall growth of 14.25 percent. The team’s portfolio is valued at $45,700 and contains Inc., Southwest Airlines Co., Abbott Laboratories, and Zillow Inc.

The team did not switch any of its stocks and was in third place last week.

When the contest ends April 26, the team with the best-performing portfolio wins $250 for the students and $250 for the school. Second place will receive $250 for the school, and third place gets $100 for the school. The contest is sponsored by The Blade’s Newspaper in Education program, the Taylor Automotive Family, Fifth Third, and the University of Toledo, which calculates the results.

Two teams from Jennifer Hoel’s financial algebra class at Springfield High School in Holland are in second and third place. They consistently have ranked among the top spots.

Ms. Hoel said her students are confident they can hang on to a winning spot. “I told them we still have a lot of weeks to go in the competition,” she said. “The fact we have a few teams in the top has helped the excitement for the competition.”

The teams, 1SHS and 4SHS, are in second and third place, respectively. 1SHS has stock in Yahoo! Inc., Google Inc., Wal-Mart Stores Inc., and Best Buy Co. Inc. Its portfolio has grown 13.17 percent to $45,267. 4SHS is worth $44,917 and has increased by 12.29 percent during the contest. The team has stock in Best Buy, Equinix Inc., Inc., and Barnes & Noble Inc. It was in first place last week.

Fishmth, a team from the Maritime Academy of Toledo, moved from sixth place to fourth and has a portfolio worth $44,600. Josh Sandwisch, who teaches the team’s ninth-grade members in his world-studies class, said the team decided against changing its portfolio. The team’s stocks have grown 11.5 percent throughout the contest.

“For a bunch of ninth graders who are newly exposed to the market, they are pretty ecstatic,” he said. “They’re pretty new to the whole concept of the competition.”

Kris Turner can be reached at: or 419-724-6103.

Standings after Week 6 of The Blade School Stock Contest, with team name, school, and portfolio amount. Each team started with a mythical $40,000:

1. Gulhaye, Bowling Green High, $45,700.49

2. 1SHS, Springfield High, Holland, $45,267.82

3. 4SHS, Springfield High, Holland, $44,917.58

4. Fishmth, Maritime Academy of Toledo, $44,600.72

5. CashFlo, All Saints Catholic School, Rossford, $44,501.11

6. JD2T, Springfield High, Holland, $44,417.14

7. Pirates, Maritime Academy of Toledo, $44,370.20

8. McNugtz, Rossford Junior High, $44,057.14

9. ChChing, Fallen Timbers Middle School, Whitehouse, $44,055.78

10. HASBULL, Pike Delta York Middle, Delta, $43,822.25

11. Umizomi, Fostoria Jr./Sr. High, $43,814.79

12. ATMS, Byrnedale Elementary, Toledo, $43,589.10

13. BGHS72, Bowling Green High, $43,460.28

14. jleader, Bowling Green High, $43,403.32

15. LIGERS, West Side Montessori, Toledo, $43,329.46

16. AnteUp, Fallen Timbers Middle School, Whitehouse, $43,238.79

17. THEHELP, Springfield High, Holland, $43,228.19

18. CLAYed7, Clay High, Oregon, $43,124.79

19. tropics, Saint John The Baptist, Toledo, $42,971.99

20. Tacvuli, Rossford Junior High, $42,870.58

21. Phoenix, Bowling Green Christian Academy, $42,681.39

22. gecko, Saint John The Baptist, Toledo, $42,672.77

23. GABAJ, All Saints Catholic School, Rossford, $42,534.70

24. Clay1, Clay High, Oregon, $42,520.73

25. MDMM, Byrnedale Elementary, Toledo, $42,389.97

26. Nickpet, Bowling Green High, $42,363.72

27. crusher, Saint John The Baptist, Toledo, $42,359.56

28. Pokadot, St. Pius X, Toledo, $42,345.03

29. Sclywag, Maritime Academy of Toledo, $42,301.14

30. ONIFC, Dundee (Mich.) High, $42,281.05

31. Kajiger, Dundee (Mich.) High, $42,241.77

32. KRABAPS, Rossford Junior High, $42,223.55

33. Preptar, Dundee (Mich.) High, $42,181.27

34. calairs, Saint John The Baptist, Toledo, $42,094.90

35. Chicas, Saint Rose, Perrysburg, $42,067.01

36. 5SHS, Springfield High, Holland, $42,049.17

37. KaChing, Oak Harbor Middle, Oak Harbor, $42,031.11

38. 2SHS, Springfield High, Holland, $41,958.41

39. Clay.99, Clay High, Oregon, $41,841.42

40. Zizzles, Bowling Green High, $41,652.58

41. bops127, Arbor Hills Jr., Sylvania, $41,634.93

42. FatCash, Dundee (Mich.) High, $41,620.40

43. Kwame54, Saint Rose, Perrysburg, $41,597.18

44. 3SHS, Springfield High, Holland, $41,593.85

45. butterz, West Side Montessori, Toledo, $41,561.55

46. Maybee, Dundee (Mich.) High, $41,539.73

47. Cemerso, Bowling Green High, $41,514.88

48. Bears, Bowling Green Middle, $41,502.90

49. MoneyMe, Park Elementary , Swanton, $41,499.55

50. tpteam, Saint John The Baptist, Toledo, $41,490.36

51. Clayhs2, Clay High, Oregon, $41,484.20

52. Clay_8, Clay High, Oregon, $41,441.07

53. Legit, St. Pius X, Toledo, $41,428.97

54. Hot Fuz, Fostoria Jr./Sr. High, $41,417.99

55. Stocker, Park Elementary , Swanton, $41,397.49

56. lucky21, Arbor Hills Jr., Sylvania, $41,302.00

57. SnrGrls, Whiteford Agricultural, Ottawa Lake, $41,299.79

58. TheWall, Bowling Green Middle, $41,272.16

59. CRZB, Dundee (Mich.) High, $41,263.74

60. tmJACOB, West Side Montessori, Toledo, $41,234.14

61. SABIBAS, Rossford Junior High, $41,222.93

62. Kakier, Bowling Green High, $41,212.92

63. WHOSPM, Springfield High, Holland, $41,162.20

64. Winners, Bowling Green High, $41,091.45

65. 5jmlllz, West Side Montessori, Toledo, $41,070.86

66. Kaleb, Bowling Green High, $41,068.79

67. morgan, Bowling Green Middle, $41,045.66

68. BGHS1, Bowling Green High, $41,029.08

69. NARNIA9, Springfield High, Holland, $40,974.98

70. Gambrel, Bowling Green High, $40,922.38

71. Team123, Dundee (Mich.) High, $40,913.36

72. Lottery, Fallen Timbers Middle School, Whitehouse, $40,872.52

73. Heat, Fostoria Jr./Sr. High, $40,860.37

74. Fisher, Bowling Green High, $40,824.10

75. LHSTG6, L Hollingworth School for the Talented & Gifted, Toledo, $40,805.15

76. BGHS2, Bowling Green High, $40,788.22

77. LHSTG78, L Hollingworth School for the Talented & Gifted, Toledo, $40,771.78

78. G Unit, Whiteford Agricultural, Ottawa Lake, $40,721.33

79. Bankbr2, Byrnedale Elementary, Toledo, $40,697.97

80. Potter, Dundee (Mich.) High, $40,688.38

81. sailors, Maritime Academy of Toledo, $40,678.61

82. Blank, Bowling Green High, $40,663.44

83. CashMe6, Oak Harbor Middle, $40,587.91

84. Pancake, Dundee (Mich.) High, $40,536.82

85. RMDC, Patrick Henry Middle, Hamler, $40,511.49

86. Quibble, Whiteford Agricultural, Ottawa Lake, $40,490.62

87. Hogwild, Dundee (Mich.) High, $40,421.00

88. 5PSNPOD, Arbor Hills Jr., Sylvania, $40,378.59

89. squirls, Saint Rose, Perrysburg, $40,313.71

90. BIZNESS, Anthony Wayne Jr., Whitehouse, $40,289.67

91. CBDCKK, Dundee (Mich.) High, $40,145.42

92. Catbobs, Bowling Green High, $40,133.78

93. BrickSq, Bowling Green High, $40,110.73

94. NoSwag, Rossford Junior High, $40,093.11

95. Golden6, Oak Harbor Middle, $40,061.34

96. ZACOPS2, Bowling Green Christian Academy, $39,971.88

97. jmorgan, Bowling Green Middle, $39,935.89

98. Copeski, Bowling Green High, $39,930.70

99. HOBIE, Dundee (Mich.) High, $39,885.67

100. BLUCHIP, Oak Harbor Middle, $39,647.01

101. Briar, Briar Middle , Sandusky, $39,618.63

102. CHSseis, Clay High, Oregon, $39,524.91

103. Pro LSP, Saint Rose, Perrysburg, $39,418.79

104. Gulible, Dundee (Mich.) High, $39,379.38

105. unicorn, Bowling Green High, $38,992.03

106. Bulls, Bowling Green Middle, $38,983.93

107. BIGboat, Maritime Academy of Toledo, $38,804.89

108. Redmen, Fostoria Jr./Sr. High, $38,631.52

109. MX3, Park Elementary , Swanton, $38,399.47

110. Cashbag, Anthony Wayne Jr., Whitehouse, $38,372.68

111. ADMBP1, West Side Montessori, Toledo, $38,107.24

112. sfsCash, St. Francis de Sales, Toledo, $38,094.49

113. CashCow, Anthony Wayne Jr., Whitehouse, $38,070.41

114. Moolah, Anthony Wayne Jr., Whitehouse, $38,042.15

115. TEAMSHS, Springfield High, Holland, $37,864.39

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