Tuesday, February 09, 2016
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Australia drops charge against suspected Kurdish militant
CANBERRA, Australia (AP) -- The government has dropped a charge against an Australian man accused of preparing to fight with Kurdish militants against the Islamic State movement.... 2/10/2016 12:30 AM

UN experts: North Korea continues to evade UN sanctions
UNITED NATIONS (AP) -- U.N. experts say North Korea is continuing to evade U.N. sanctions, using airlines, ships, and the international financial system to trade in prohibited items for its nuclear and ballistic missile programs raising important questions about the sanctions regime.... 2/9/2016 11:57 PM

UN: Number of Haitians needing food aid spikes amid drought
PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti (AP) -- Drought-stricken Haiti is grappling with its most serious food crisis in 15 years as the number of people in need of urgent food aid has recently spiked, the head of the U.N. World Food Program's country office said Tuesday.... 2/9/2016 11:20 PM

2nd outside report says Mexico students not burned at dump
MEXICO CITY (AP) -- A group of Argentine forensic experts says it has determined there is no biological or physical evidence to conclude that 43 students who disappeared in southern Mexico in 2014 were incinerated at a trash dump as government investigators initially said.... 2/9/2016 11:19 PM

6 founding EU nations commit to the original unity goals
BRUSSELS (AP) -- The six founding nations of the European Union on Tuesday stressed their commitment to seek an "ever closer union" ahead of next week's summit where Britain is expected to seek a new agreement to help convince a skeptical public to remain part of the EU.... 2/9/2016 10:54 PM

Vietnam vet sues VA trying to get benefits living in Cuba
HAVANA (AP) -- Otto Macias was 19 when he left Cuba in the throes of a socialist revolution, enlisted in the U.S. Army and went to fight communists as a machine-gunner in Vietnam.... 2/9/2016 10:21 PM

Some Dominicans don't want Vagas Llosa to get literary prize
SANTO DOMINGO, Dominican Republic (AP) -- Plans in the Dominican Republic to award a literary prize to Peruvian author Mario Vargas Llosa have angered some people, including a member of the president's Cabinet.... 2/9/2016 10:04 PM

Ikea recalls ceiling lamps for risk of falling glass shades
HELSINKI (AP) -- Swedish furniture retailer Ikea is recalling two types of ceiling lamps because of a risk that the glass shades might fall and injure people.... 2/9/2016 9:52 PM

Sikh man blocked by Mexican airline satisfied with apology
MEXICO CITY (AP) -- An Indian-American actor and designer who wasn't allowed to board a Mexico City-to-New York flight after refusing to remove his turban said Tuesday that he is satisfied with an apology from the airline.... 2/9/2016 9:49 PM

Agencies contend Facebook is breaching French privacy laws
PARIS (AP) -- Two agencies contend Facebook is breaching privacy laws in France by tracking and using the personal data of more than 30 million users, as well as non-users who are browsing the Internet.... 2/9/2016 9:42 PM

Pope briefs priests: Don't be smug, don't judge sinners
VATICAN CITY (AP) -- A specially-recruited group of priests received last-minute instructions from Pope Francis Tuesday before fanning out through the world to show a more merciful face of the Catholic Church to sinners.... 2/9/2016 9:39 PM

The Latest: MSF says 23,000 flee Aleppo
BEIRUT (AP) -- The Latest developments on the war in Syria and the tens of thousands of Syrians fleeing violence (all times local):... 2/9/2016 9:33 PM

UN chief: Leaders must stop conflicts that drive aid crises
UNITED NATIONS (AP) -- Over 80 percent of humanitarian funding requested by the United Nations is going toward life-saving needs in a growing number of global conflicts, and urgent action is needed to shift away from perpetual crisis management, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said Tuesday.... 2/9/2016 9:03 PM

Iraqi government says it fully recaptured Ramadi from IS
BAGHDAD (AP) -- In an address to the nation Tuesday night, Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi congratulated the Iraqi people on the liberation of Ramadi and the opening of a road connecting the western city to the Iraqi capital, Baghdad.... 2/9/2016 8:57 PM

South Africa to prosecute 4 apartheid-era cops for murder
JOHANNESBURG (AP) -- The body of a young anti-apartheid activist who was kidnapped and tortured in 1983 by South African police has never been found, her family never able to mourn at a grave, her killers not sent to prison.... 2/9/2016 8:46 PM

Brazil governor wants environmental fund to pay pensions
RIO DE JANEIRO (AP) -- The Rio de Janeiro state governor wants to use money earmarked for an environmental fund being used to clean up waterways before the upcoming Olympics to cover shortfalls in civil servants' pensions, a major Brazilian daily said Tuesday.... 2/9/2016 8:18 PM

US Army study: Iraq's Mosul dam at 'higher risk' of failure
BAGHDAD (AP) -- Iraq's Mosul Dam has long been branded the world's most dangerous dam, at risk of collapsing and sending water crashing over millions of people. That prospect is even greater than was previously believed after the Islamic State group captured the dam briefly in 2014, according to a new report by U.S. Army engineers.... 2/9/2016 7:54 PM

IS car bomb in Syrian capital kills 10
BEIRUT (AP) -- A suicide car bomber dispatched by the Islamic State group struck near a police officers' club in the Syrian capital on Tuesday, killing at least 10 people and destroying a number of cars.... 2/9/2016 7:31 PM

Hoarding in Syria's largest city as government advances
BEIRUT (AP) -- As government troops close in on Aleppo, some residents are preparing to flee Syria's largest city while others are hoarding food in case of a long siege, even laying out bread on rooftops to dry it out for storage.... 2/9/2016 7:22 PM

Norway investigates child abuse at asylum-seekers' centers
HELSINKI (AP) -- Norwegian police said Tuesday that they are investigating several cases of sex offenders allegedly abusing children at asylum-seekers' reception centers in the country. Swedish police, meanwhile, arrested more than a dozen people suspected of planning an attack on a refugee center.... 2/9/2016 7:21 PM

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