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Activists: Decline of elephants in Tanzania is catastrophic
NAIROBI, Kenya (AP) -- A wildlife conservation group says the sharp decline of the elephant population in Tanzania, most likely due to poaching, is catastrophic.... 6/2/2015 8:51 PM

Report: Schools for Canada First Nations 'cultural genocide'
TORONTO (AP) -- A long-awaited report released Tuesday into Canada's decades-long government policy requiring Canadian First Nation children to attend state-funded church schools called it "nothing less than cultural genocide."... 6/2/2015 8:50 PM

El Salvador records post-war high of 635 homicides in May
SAN SALVADOR, El Salvador (AP) -- El Salvador recorded a grisly milestone with 635 homicides in May, an average of about 20 a day.... 6/2/2015 8:21 PM

Mysteriously ill Russian opposition figure conscious
MOSCOW (AP) -- The wife of a prominent Russian opposition figure who has been hospitalized for a week with a mysterious illness says he has regained consciousness.... 6/2/2015 8:19 PM

Ex-Separatist Quebec premier dead at 84
MONTREAL (AP) -- Jacques Parizeau, the blunt-talking former separatist Quebec premier who came close to taking the French-speaking province out of Canada, has died. He was 84.... 6/2/2015 8:18 PM

Official: Yemen's president willing to meet with rebels
SANAA, Yemen (AP) -- Yemen's exiled President Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi has agreed to travel to Geneva for peace talks with Shiite rebels who have taken over large swaths of his country, an aide to the embattled leader said Tuesday.... 6/2/2015 8:16 PM

Obama: Israel's commitment to Palestinian state in doubt
JERUSALEM (AP) -- President Barack Obama said in remarks broadcast Tuesday that Israel's prime minister had reinforced a belief by the international community that Israel is not committed to peace when he said there would be no Palestinian state on his watch.... 6/2/2015 8:11 PM

Russian missile maker: MH17 shot down by Ukrainian missile
MOSCOW (AP) -- The Russian maker of the Buk air defense missile system said Tuesday that it has concluded that Malaysian Airlines flight 17 was downed by an older version of the missile, which isn't in service with the Russian military but is in Ukrainian arsenals.... 6/2/2015 8:04 PM

Blatter's 17-year rule in soccer marked by growth, scandal
GENEVA (AP) -- For years, nothing could touch Sepp Blatter.... 6/2/2015 8:01 PM

New survey finds Britons have more favorable view of Europe
LONDON (AP) -- An extensive new survey finds British attitudes toward the European Union are improving ahead of a decisive referendum on whether to remain in the EU that must be held by the end of 2017.... 6/2/2015 8:01 PM

US-led coalition doubles down on IS group strategy
PARIS (AP) -- The U.S.-led coalition against the Islamic State is doubling down on its strategy to fight the extremists, insisting on staying the course it set last year despite the radical group's recent conquests on both sides of the border between Iraq and Syria.... 6/2/2015 7:54 PM

Sudan swears in President al-Bashir as he shifts alliances
CAIRO (AP) -- Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir on Tuesday was sworn in for another five-year term extending his 25-year autocratic rule, a testament to his ability to survive civil wars, sanctions and an international war crimes indictment.... 6/2/2015 7:45 PM

UK says future of Northern Ireland power-sharing 'grim'
DUBLIN (AP) -- Efforts to sustain the Catholic-Protestant government in Northern Ireland are looking "increasingly grim," Britain's minister overseeing the territory declared Tuesday after negotiations failed to break a budgetary deadlock.... 6/2/2015 7:35 PM

EU parliament takes measures against Russia over blacklist
BRUSSELS (AP) -- The European Union's legislature is taking three small measures against Russian officials in retaliation for Moscow's banning of 89 politicians from 17 European countries from entering the nation.... 6/2/2015 7:26 PM

Macedonia to hold early elections to end political crisis
SKOPJE, Macedonia (AP) -- Macedonia's feuding political leaders have agreed to hold early elections by the end of April 2016 to resolve a deep political crisis, the European Union's enlargement commissioner said Tuesday.... 6/2/2015 7:20 PM

Latvia to vote for president amid Russia tensions
RIGA, Latvia (AP) -- The Ukraine crisis will be top of the agenda as Latvia's Parliament votes for a new president on Wednesday.... 6/2/2015 7:05 PM

Visiting vintage Havana involves some old-school hassles
HAVANA (AP) -- Travel experts and upscale magazines are urging travel to Cuba before it changes. But visitors envisioning salsa in the streets and glamorous vintage cars should also be prepared to manage without ATMs, credit cards, Wi-Fi, air-conditioning, seat belts or toilet paper. Here are eight tips for visiting Havana.... 6/2/2015 7:02 PM

Dick O'Regan, longtime AP reporter and executive, dies at 95
BERLIN (AP) -- Richard A. "Dick" O'Regan, who covered some of the biggest stories of the Cold War in a 39-year career as a reporter and executive for The Associated Press, has died. He was 95.... 6/2/2015 6:51 PM

Over 400 still missing from capsized cruise ship in China
JIANLI, China (AP) -- As the Eastern Star cruise ship listed heavily amid pounding rain on the Yangtze River, tour guide Zhang Hui told a colleague, "Looks like we are in trouble."... 6/2/2015 6:45 PM

Morocco arrests, expels 2 French topless activists
RABAT, Morocco (AP) -- Moroccan authorities on Tuesday arrested and then expelled two French activists for appearing topless at a historic site in the capital protesting the treatment of gays.... 6/2/2015 6:44 PM

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