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    Frenchie Davis

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    Antonella Barba

By now, you know what I think about amazing contestants on American Idol, stupid people getting fired on The Apprentice, and the crazy love triangles and psychotic breakdowns that is The Real World.

Now it s your turn to have the spotlight. Here s what some of you have had to say about my March 1 posting (comments are copied and pasted just like I receive them):

Regarding the sentence in which I discussed some Idol contestants performances and asked why America sent home AJ Tabaldo instead of Sanjaya Malakar:

There is a lot we don t know about the voting process. Sanjaya had no business being saved but teenagers with their cell phones can redial a hundred times while a person like myself would make one call.

Antonella is not that gorgeous, sorry. She was awful.

Melinda gave one of the best performances I ve seen on Idol.

Leslie s inability to sing her final number was the most honest emotion to date on the show. She showed class by waving to the girls to help her out. She was so much better than Antonella.


As I have said before, Sanjaya Malakar seems like a nice guy, but nice guys who can t sing as well as the others shouldn t make it anywhere near the top. I will seriously question America s judgment if they send him to the final 12 on Thursday.


Antonella Barba


While I definitely don t disagree with you regarding Antonella s singing ability she should have been long gone before now I still think she s gorgeous. What s funny is that all the judges have pointed out this fact before ripping on her performances. Maybe she should try to be on Tyra Banks America s Next Top Model.

Melinda is still the pony I m betting on to make it to the top!

When you referred to Leslie, you probably meant Alaina Alexander, who sputtered out just a few tearful lines of I m Not Ready To Make Nice after the other girls gave her a group hug. She just seems so sweet and honest it was hard to see her go.

Thanks for your comments.


I don t American Idol much, maybe three times outside of the final show for each season, but what impact do you think the controversy surrounding Antonella Barba is going to have on the show and her career beyond the show? A big part of me thinks that she had this planned all along to parlay it into a modeling and/or pin-up career like some others have done with their reality show experiences.

Also, what do you think was a bigger issue for the show to deal with: Barba s nude photos or Corey Clark s probation and affair (allegedly) with Paula Abdul? I was in college at the time of Clark s stuff and never really got a full understanding at that time of what he did. I ve heard about most of the allegations against him either second hand or from Wikipedia. Just curious.

Phil Sanford

In case you haven t heard, Phil is referring to the scandalous photos that have been all over the Internet since she became one of the semifinalists on Idol.

There are some photos of the 20-year-old holding beer bottles with friends, on the toilet, and topless with her hands covering her breasts. There s also a full-length shot of Antonella naked, covered with rose petals. Racier ones have materialized, but her best friend and fellow Idol auditioner, Amanda Coluccio, has said those are not of Antonella.

To answer your questions, Phil, Antonella should not have a singing career after Idol is over. The photos have just boosted her popularity, which is why she s still on the show, and will be for awhile. No one wants to vote to send the hot girl home. This is why the makeup of the top 12 would be MUCH different if we didn t actually SEE the contestants, and just heard them and truly voted on just their voices.

But I m hesitant to agree that she planned for the photos to circle the Internet, though after she s booted off, she will probably be offered some sort of modeling opportunities.


Frenchie Davis


And the alleged relationship between former Idol contestant Corey Clark was a much bigger issue than Antonella s alleged nude photos. Producers have dealt with nudity before with former contestant Frenchie Davis, who was booted from the Top 24 after acknowledging that she posed for online lingerie photos years before auditioning for the show. I fail to see the difference between what the two contestants did, and wouldn t be upset if Antonella was booted off the show for it. Frenchie, at least, had talent.


Speaking of scantily-clad contestants, this next comment is regarding last season s Kellie Pickler and her recent performance on Idol. I was more shocked at her Marilyn Monroe-inspired hairdo and the low-cut top she was sporting. Other readers were more shocked by something else.

Jon said:

Read your updated blog. How can you talk about Kellie Pickler and not mention the one thing the Internet is buzzing about? No, not her hairdo, but something else she might have spent money on.

Without going into too many details, I SAID she was wearing a low-cut dress that clearly showed off what could be her new, um, assets.

Host Ryan Seacrest clearly noticed a difference other than her shorter do when she appeared on the show, because he asked what she has spent her money on after glancing at her dress. He might as well have blatently asked her if she recently went under the knife. But Kellie being the naive girl she is responded with shoes. How cute.

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