Friday, Apr 20, 2018
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Global warming is for crybabies

Reading this Washiongton Post story this morning, wherein NASA administrator Michael Griffen makes the astonishing claim that it is rather arrogant for anyone to think today's climate is best for human beings, I couldn't help remembering this story in the New York Times on Sunday. It's about the melting away of an Alaska town as the permafrost turns to mud, a story so frightening I found it difficult to finish. I guess all those Alaskans are just being arrogant for wanting the Earth to stop melting.

A bunch of global warming crybabies, if you ask the director ...

Re: the guy flying all over the globe with highly drug-resistant tuberculosis. It's hard to believe the CDC would tell someone with TB it's OK to get on a plane and take multiple flights. Yet that's what TB-Boy Andrew Speaker said CDC officials told him. Mr. Speaker says he taped the conversation. I hope it gets posted to the Internet soon. This I gotta hear.

But then there's what happened next: Mr. Speaker is contacted by the CDC in Rome, told not to get on another flight, but decides to fly anyway, endangering his fellow passengers. Notice today he's asking for forgiveness. He better hope for Christ-like flight companions.

Then there's this weird coincidence: this fellow's father-in-law works with drug-resistant TB at the CDC. The TB strain Mr. Speaker carries is not among those his father-in-law studies.

So, where did TB Boy pick up this strange strain of disease? TB isn't exactly common among wealthy, non-imprisoned, non-immune compromised Americans. It's all very odd.


I've been writing about the city's Wi-Fi negotiations this week, not one of my favorite topics. I'm interested in the technology, but really don't enjoy the politics that goes with the whole story. Why can't we all just get along?

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