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Just give Danny the title, already!

He s tall, dark, and handsome with piercing brown eyes and a 1,000-watt smile. Oh yeah, and he s one heck of a dancer, too.

Anyone who doesn t think that Danny will win Fox s So You Think You Can Dance? obviously didn t watch the show Wednesday night.

I think I m like most people when I say that when watching couples dance, I usually focus more on the female. They re the graceful ones in the sparkly, barely-there outfits who are being hoisted up in the air, whereas the guy just seems to be there helping her out.

But when Danny dances, it s hard to take your eyes off the lines his body makes. Man talk about graceful! And could he have gotten a better compliment from Judge Nigel Lythgoe last night? Every young man watching this show should aspire to be as good as you, he told Danny.

If you missed last night s amazing show, each of the four contestants danced individually, and with every other dancer. Yep, that means they had to learn four dances for the finale that will determine which one comes out on top Thursday night.

The most memorable dance for me was when Danny duked it out with Neil in a contemporary dance that involved the two guys essentially battling it out with each other. They threw punches and jumped over each other in the high-energy dance to music I still have in my head. It was hot, to say the least.

Unfortunately, the other dance that stood out to me was the one involving Lacey and Sabra. They were supposed to be portraying a mother and baby fox, I guess. Nigel couldn t have said it any better when he compared Lacey s portrayel of a mother fox to a velociraptor as she over-exaggeratedly tip-toed out onto the stage for her number. Though I was impressed at how well the pair were in sync with each other, the whole dance was just plain weird. And the costumes weren t any better. You d think they d be able to come up with something better for Lacey to wear than a burlap sack-type outfit with a sash around her waist.

Right up until last night, I was planning on writing that I thought Lacey would win it all. Though I can t deny that she s outstanding, she s gotten waaaaaayyyy too cocky for me. When they show her practicing her dance steps, I swear she never looks away from the camera and talks to the audience more than she listens to the instructor.

That attitude has even carried over to the judges. Instead of listening to what they have to say, her eyes always seem to be roving around the live studio audience. It s getting old. The ironic thing is that people have accused Danny of being cocky. Seriously!

Lacey is actually the only one that I won t be rooting for to win it all. Though I think Danny will take home the crown, I wouldn t mind seeing either Neil or Sabra coming out on top. Neil s gymnastic skills seem effortless, and I love when he throws in a back flip during his individual dances. And Sabra is truly amazing, considering she began dancing just four years ago.

America will find out if their favorite dancer will two-step away with the title during Thursday night s two-hour finale, beginning at 8 p.m. on Fox.

Stay tuned.

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