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Toledo Hospital

Kimberly and Tim McQuillen, Toledo, girl, Thursday.

Jennifer and Brian Hansen, Toledo, girl, Thursday.

Michelle Sizemore, Toledo, girl, Thursday.

Audrey Grove, Tiffin, girl, Thursday.

Kenna and Marc Wahlquist, Toledo, girl, Friday.

Pamela and Paul Moody, Sylvania, boy, Friday.

Mary Ann and Thomas Doty, Wauseon, girl, Friday.

Amy and David Weaver, Toledo, boy, Friday.

Suzanne and Darin Smith, Bowling Green, twin girls, Friday.

Julia and James Thornton, Maumee, girl, Friday.

Kelli and John Krix, Toledo, boy, Friday.

Julie and Craig Pfaff, Toledo, girl, Friday.

St. Luke's Hospital

Carrie and Brad Ueberroth, Delta, Ohio, boy, Friday.

Flower Hospital

Shasta and Joseph McDermott, Toledo, boy, Thursday.

Tiffany and Andy Eckert, Toledo, girl, Thursday.

Bay Park Community Hospital

Tenya and Scott Giaimo, Oregon, girl, Friday.




McDonald's, West Alexis, cash from a clerk by a man with a gun about 4:20 a.m. Thursday.

Joann Gambrell, of Toledo, cellular telephone, cash, and personal papers by a man in the 2000 block of Douglas about 8 p.m. Thursday.

Annette Jones, of Toledo, watch and cash by two men with a gun in the 1600 block of Lawrence about 8:30 p.m. Thursday.

Woodville News, Woodville, cash from a clerk by a man with a gun about 2:35 a.m. Friday.


Verita Wilson, Dorr, video cartridges.

Rite Aid, Cherry, cash.

Samara Gibbs, North Summit, TV.

MacKanz Archer, Buffalo, tools.

Latoya Carter, Palmwood, DVDs, CDs, and CD tower.

Rick VanLandingham, Paxton, sump pump from the 1400 block of Paxton.

Keith Coleman, Violet, TV, speakers, camcorder, jewelry, furniture, lamps, and clothing.

Tammy Pegorch, Burton, cat.

Lucy Belkofer, Cranbrook, no loss from the 2500 block of York.

J&E Flea Market, Dorr, knives and cash.

Baron Steel Corp., Baron Steel, monitor and hardware units.

Jeff Sanford, Pierce, Maumee, TV/VCR, stereo system, chair, and AM/FM/stereo from the 2800 block of Broadway.

Supreme Limousine, North Reynolds, radio shelf systems, TV/VCR, telephone, and TV.

Lisa Allen, Hollywood, DVD players and TV.

Robert Ingram, Roosevelt, answering machine, cable modem, surge protector, and computer.

Mary Oakes, Shenandoah, video game and DVD player.

Donald Thomas, Kingswood, video game, video cartridges, cash, and liquor.

Lori Sengstock, Malden, video game and cane.

Roberta Jasin, 106th, welder, compressor, air tank, tape player, and tools.

Rogers Jackson, Pinewood, scooter and bicycle.

Chimi Texeira, Foxfire, bank and cash.

Betty Saunders, Circular, jewelry, DVDs, cellular telephones, beer, sunglasses, and cash.

Fred Heaney, Laurel, shotgun and handguns.

Brently Gill, Hamilton, computer, camcorders, DVD player, and DVDs.

Robin Taylor, Oswald, welder, lawnmower, fishing poles, and pop.

Tisha Allen, Vermaas, DVD player.

Meadow Brook Plaza, Monroe, no loss from the 5200 block of Hill.

Denise Leach, Beecham, dog and CDs.

Kristal Moore, Stirrup, safe.

Lucas County Democratic Party, Madison, no loss.

Christy Snyder, Algonquin, DVD players and CDs.

Kay Douglas, 106th, TV, stereo, VCRs, DVDs, boom box, video game, video cartridges, CD player, CDs, coins, tools, and jewelry.

Linda Wilson, Walbridge, TV, video games, and stereo.

Grand Illusions, South Reynolds, no loss.


David Butler, College, cash from the 1400 block of Secor.

Fawn Fowler, Brookview, speakers, amplifier, CD stereo, and CDs from auto at home.

Ricky Eisenbrandt, Elaine, laptop computer from the 300 block of Main.

Celeste Giantsos, Larkhaven, purse and contents from the 2200 block of Collingwood.

Amber Bielawski, Alvison, identification and credit cards from auto on Lewis at West Laskey.

Liesa Hotz, Georgetown, purse and contents from auto in the 2000 block of Tremainsville.

Kathleen Mulinix, Osborne, Rossford, purse and contents from the 3100 block of South Byrne.

Melvin Long, Imani, air conditioner condenser from residence.

James Ellis, Coventry, bank card from residence.

Eric Lehman, Forest, refrigerator, washer, dryer, and stove from the unit block of Winterfield.

John H. Vance Interiors, West Central, cash.

Jermaine Coleman, Ivanhill, credit card from North Detroit at Indiana.

Michael Jackson, Calverton, check from residence.

Joy Facey, Woodmont, patio chairs from SUV at home.

Columbia Gas, South Erie, laptop computer from the 3200 block of Collingwood.

Nancy Terry, Hillsborough, N.C., camera, cellular telephone, CDs, and purse and contents from auto in the 1400 block of South Reynolds.

Sharon Meara, Laredo, cash from residence.

Billie Stripling, Kelsey, air compressor and tools from truck in the 5800 block of Airport.

Bob Van Horn, Holliday, purse and contents from auto in the 200 block of East Alexis.

Andy Kranz, West Alexis, computer monitor, video game, memory card, and controllers from truck at home.

Wade Smith, Bowling Green, purse and contents from auto in the 1400 block of Baronial Plaza.

Jason Stienecker, Kenwood, speakers, amplifiers, crossover, and CD player from auto at home.

Mideast Construction, Youngstown, water pump and power washer from truck in the 1800 block of East Manhattan.

David Marker, Sulphur Spring, bicycle from residence.

Linda Fritsch, Danesmoor, Holland, wallet and contents from the 300 block of 14th.

Oralia Pasquinelly, Corey, Maumee, wallet and contents from South Detroit at Glendale.

Ray Settergren, Wisle, Ill., CD player, CDs, hard drive, and air filter from SUV in the 5300 block of Heatherdowns.

Tami Haaser, Atwood, CD, golf clubs, in-line skates, laptop computer, and purse and contents from auto in the 5100 block of Glendale.

Viola Bower, South 16th, purse and contents from auto in the 5000 Monroe.

Lynn Widmer, Mansfield, purse and contents from the 4700 block of Monroe.

Yvonne Fox, Reed, Whitehouse, purse and contents from auto in the 5100 block of Glendale.

D. O. C., Monroe, frames.

Jerry Smotherman, Marlow, DVDs, video games, video cartridges, and camcorder from residence.

Zeigler Transport Tire, East Manhattan, tires.

Jason Garrison, Belmar, furniture from residence.

James Brennan, Perlawn, AM/FM/CD player, amplifier, speakers, faceplates, and speaker boxes from SUV at home.

Kamel Burkett, Packard, cash and jewelry from residence.

Marvin Krecioch, Finch, DVDs from residence.

Marita Schneider, Castlewood, laptop computer and gym bag.

Delores Pickens, Mulberry, purse and contents from the 600 block of East Manhattan.

Collene Saunders, Caswell, CD player, speakers, CDs, and books from auto at home.

Christine Swan, Berwick, CD player, DVD player, DVDs, headphones, and charger from auto at home.

Wallack Construction, Airport, roofing shingles and door.

Biggs Family Dentistry, Secor, air conditioning units.

Norine Begell, Rushland, patio set from residence.

Phillip Orr, North 12th, AM/FM/CD player and shoes from auto at home.

Louis Briner, South Holland-Sylvania, CD player from auto at home.

Jennifer Dugan, Monroe, wallet and contents from auto in the 4800 block of Monroe.

Anthony Contreras, East Broadway, stereo and folders from auto East Broadway at Starr.

Rebecca Croxford, Fairfax, purse and contents from auto on Talmadge at West Sylvania.

Johnnie Walker, Belle River, Ont., passports and credit cards from truck in the 400 block of East Alexis.

Douglas Thoman, Omaha, camcorder, cellular telephone, and bag and contents from auto in the 400 block of East Alexis.

Justin Davis, Omaha, CD and keys from auto in the 400 block of East Alexis.

Kyatto Drayton, Pinewood, purse and contents from SUV at home.

Herbert Hill, New York, aluminum bender, ladders, and walkboard from residence.

Elonda Davis, Lucas, air conditioning unit from residence.

Roxanne Mahbood, Waterville-Swanton, Waterville, wallet and contents from Dorr at North Byrne.

James McRury, Erie, Mich., outdrive from boat in the 4000 block of North Detroit.

Stephen Hood, North Holland-Sylvania, wallet and contents from auto in the 2100 block of North Holland-Sylvania.

Heidi Heyneman, Reen, CD player and CDs from auto at home.

Peter Rittithier, Oakwood, air tank, toolbox, and tools from truck at home.

Mary Coronado, Southwyck, personal checks, jewelry, bank card, and cash from residence.

Darlene Saunders, North Michigan, jewelry from residence.

Ragina Donetelli, Nebraska, AM/FM/CD player, purse, and CDs from auto in the 2000 block of Parkwood.

Grant Erickson, Twin Oaks, wallet and contents from SUV on Airport at Greenridge.

Julie Baldwin, Paxton, wallet and contents from the 2400 block of North Cove.

Diane Hart, Detroit, Mich., purse and contents from the 5200 block of Airport.

Jamie Oberle, Victory, CDs, cash, and personal papers from auto in the 2100 block of Glenwood.

Clyde Smith, Prouty, handgun from residence.

Heather Kurisco, Salisbury, Maumee, speakers, CDs, and amplifier from auto in the unit block of Hidden Valley.

Amy Durante, Stewert, Fla., wallet and contents from the 4900 block of Jackman.

Melissa Gilbertson, Oxford, Mich., CDs and CD player from auto in the 3500 block of Secor.

Elizabeth Duncan, Celesta, wallet and contents from auto in the 200 block of West Alexis.

Casey Byron, Drexel, CD player, laptop computer, and CDs from auto in the 3600 block of Drexel.

Major Builders Service, Inc. Brice, Ohio, board and shingles from van in the 4600 block of Airport.

Meghan Cremean, Matlack, wallet and contents from Talmadge at West Sylvania.

Derrick Polzin, East Broadway, stereo, speakers, amplifier, and CDs from auto at home.

Broer Freeman Jeweler, West Central, jewelry.



Lucas County

Esther Grabowski, 86, of Gramercy, June 28, at St. Vincent Mercy Medical Center. Accidental, gastrointestinal hemorrhage, multiple rib fractures from a fall at home.

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