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Suburban crime report



Jesse Miliam, Kruse, radar detector, video game console and games, and stereo equipment from vehicle in the 2100 block of Willow Bend.

Daniel Marston, 2100 block of Willow Bend, stereo equipment from vehicle.

Susan Soda, South Park, cash from Ivor J. Lindsay Housing in the 8700 block of Lewis.

Callan Crisp, Gould, Toledo, stereo equipment, compact discs, clothing from vehicle parked in the 7100 block of Crabb.

Steven Johnson, Vincent, Monroe, stereo equipment from vehicle parked in the 7100 block of Crabb.


Doug Tormoehlen, 9100 block of Clover, DVD player, video game console, and camcorder.

Mary Madrid, 8400 block of Lewis, video game console, DCD player, and garage door opener.



Leilani Lowry, Curtice, ATM cards and medical cards from purse in vehicle.



Marilyn Bladel, 700 block of Tappan, laptop taken from residence.


Hannah Boumann, Fostoria, wallet and cash from diaper bag in the 2900 block of Key.

Dannielle Bonner, Toledo, cash from wallet in employee working area in the 2900 block of Key.

Tiffany Burda, cash from wallet in employee working area in the 2900 block of Key.

Angela Creque, 300 block of West John, cell phone from vehicle.

Julie Klement, 200 block of Wall, candles and figurines from vehicle.

Carol Peatee, Toledo, purse with contents, cell phone from vehicle in the 1600 block of Market Place.

Brian Rhonehouse, Holland, leather shoulder purse with contents from vehicle in the 1600 block of Market Place.

John Stout, baby Jesus doll from nativity scene in the 100 block of East Wayne.



Airborne Express, four video game systems and one box of games in shipping package from the 3500 block of Briarfield.

Kathleen Schwenker, 8600 block of Maumee, license plate from vehicle.



Clark Gas Station, 2000 block of Woodville, window smashed, cash register taken.

RR Union Office, block of 2600 Navarre, lantern from business.


Ronald Davies, 3100 block of Lantern, stereo and CDs from vehicle.

Rose Gleesing, 2000 block of Autokee, front license plate from vehicle.

Catherine Hernandez, 3100 block of Lantern, DVD player and CD player from vehicle.

Mindy Miller, 3700 block of Navarre, purse from store.

Oregon Electronics, 2200 block of Brown, steel shelves and air-conditioning unit from side of building.

Antonio Resendez, 200 block of Ember, stereo, amplifier, kicker box, crossbows, arrows, and spotlights from vehicle.

Helen Schwab, 3100 block of Christine, debit card stolen and used to make purchases.

CSX Transportation, 600 block of Millard, kerosene heaters from outside of building.

Julianna Dewaard, 2700 block of Pickle, battery from trunk.

William Hill, 2300 block of Taft, equipment from vehicle.

Charles O Brien, 6500 block of Navarre, snow plow from front of vehicle.

Mike Rew, 1700 block of Oakdale, handgun and pocket organizer from vehicle.

Ronald Traver, 4000 block of Pickle, guns from basement.

Dennis Vitosky, 3300 block of Navarre, license plate from vehicle.

Mark Mullins, 3200 block of Navarre, assorted items from vehicle.

Elmer Scallish, 5100 block of Brown, pot holders and flower pots from yard.

Joseph Rucki, 3200 block of Wick, money and credit card.

Evan Shurtz, 3000 block of Navarre, personal digital assistant.

Audrey Waite, 2000 block of Autokee, inner cap off hub cap from vehicle.

Charles Gleesing, 2000 of Autokee, front license plate from vehicle.

Chris Mullins, 2800 block of Seaman, cell phone and charger from vehicle.

Auto theft

Vernon Morse, 3500 block of Navarre, 2002 Jeep Wrangler, recovered.


Bonnie Vallier, 2800 block of Navarre, suspect took wallet out of victim s hand and ran.



Amelia Black, Carrington, digital camera, purse with contents, cell phone from school in the 13300 block of Roachton Road.

Barbara Davenport, 400 block of Pauly, animated reindeer.



Murr Vollmar, 11100 block of Neowash, rifles, scope, case of ammunition, money, paintball gun, video game, and games from home.



Leola Howe, 500 block of North Irwin, rear license plate from vehicle.

Beverly Blodgett, 6300 block of Garden, bicycle from patio.

Robert Burkholder, Jr., 200 block of Cedar Ridge, AM/FM/CD player, woofers, amp, and wiring kit from vehicle.

Chris Chisholm, 2000 block of South Holland Sylvania, cell phones, leather coat, wallet, and contents from vehicle.



Jeffery Eiben, 1300 block of South Holland Sylvania, laptop computer, computer bag, hand-held PC, and accessories from vehicle.

Anthonyesha Fagen, 2000 block of Perrysburg, wallet and contents from break room.

Harmont Hartshorne, 6100 block of Trust, CD stereo and money from vehicle.

Holly Farms Animal Care Center, 6700 block of West Bancroft, park bench and large planter from business.

Patricia Miller, 2000 block of South Holland Sylvania, purse, checkbook, wallet, and contents from vehicle.

Ohio Business Machine, 6700 block of Airport, battery from business.

Benjamin Otto, 2200 block of Holland, detachable-face CD player, amp, woofers in box, and speakers from vehicle.

Patti Ropp, 7500 block of Dorr, CD player, speaker box, hand tools, and sanders from vehicle.

Troy Whitaker, 11200 block of Airport, four tire rims, toolbox, and tools from garage.

Constance Lavigne, 2600 block of Wilkins, CD stereo, CDs, portable CD player, gym bag, and contents from vehicle.



Catalina Morgan, 4800 block of Wickford, CD player, CDs, VHS, basket, and cosmetics from home.

Kimberley Thomas, 6700 block of Gettysburg, CDs, and DVD from home.

Crimes against children

Melissa Gonzalez, 5400 block of Silica, calculator from locker.

Connor Brown, 5400 block of Silica, camera and lens from school.


Dave White Chevrolet, 5800 block of Monroe, deposit money from business.


Auto theft

Melvin Lesinski, 93600 block of Wolfinger, 1998 Lincoln Town Car.


Robin Kennedy, 4800 block of High Oaks, stereo face plate from vehicle in garage.


Amanda Hensley, 5100 block of Bainbridge, CD player, CDs, and money from vehicle.

Kathleen LaFountain, 7200 block of West Central, credit card stolen from vehicle, used to make purchases.



University of Toledo, 2800 block of West Bancroft, room in the Bowman Oddy Laboratories broken into, no items taken, suspect arrested.


Ruchika Arora, Canton, Ohio , several items from vending machine in The Crossings in the 2800 block of West Bancroft.

William Bargy, Gibraltar Heights, cell phone, wallet, and contents from ROTC area in the 2800 block of West Bancroft.

Sara Chester, Findlay, camera from dorm in Dowd Hall in the 2800 block of West Bancroft.

Tashawn Fambro, Overland, card from wallet in Stranahan Hall in the 2800 block of West Bancroft.

Nirdesh Kumar Gupta, Alisdale, book bag, checkbook, calculator from locker area in the Student Union in the 2800 block of West Bancroft.

James Hill, Scottwood, digital camera and three digital videotapes from vehicle in the 2800 block of West Bancroft, recovered.

Don Konovsky, Canton, Ohio, calculator, money, book bag, and contents from dorm in Carter East Hall in the 2800 block of West Bancroft.

Emily Hoen, Delta, Ohio, book bag and contents from bookstore area in the 2800 block of West Bancroft, one textbook recovered.

Jeremy Jenkins, Scottwood, debit card and contents from wallet in locker at Student Recreation Center in the 2800 block of West Bancroft.

Ellen Loeffler, Rushland, money and credit card in the 2800 block of West Bancroft.

Cullen Mixon, Amherst, Ohio, video game controllers and money from dorm in Dowd Hall in the 2800 block of West Bancroft.

Matthew Person, Twinsburg, Ohio, watch, T-shirt, and boots from dorm in Dowd Hall in the 2800 block of West Bancroft.

Joshua Woods, Monroe, cell phone from dorm area in International House in the 2800 block of West Bancroft.



Pat & Mike s Barber Shop, 400 block of North Main, unknown what items taken.

Family Dentistry, 400 block of North Main, unknown what items taken.


Main Street Market, 30600 block of North Drouillard, lighter, liquor bottles, and candy tin from business



Richard Langenderfer, 500 block of Independence, speakers and car stereo from vehicle.



Justin Billau, Whiteford Center, Jerry Butz, Emerson, and Diego Nakashima, Stanhope, Toledo, flashlight, radar detector, camera, book bag and contents, compact discs, clothing, stereo equipment from three automobiles parked in the 5300 block of Emerson.

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