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Suburban crime report

Bedford Township


Dawn Hanusz, 6700 block of Jackman, leather bag, chess set, and money.


Michael Costillo, 6800 block of Maplewood, 10-speed bicycle.

Diane Walker, 2100 block of Four Meadows, cordless drill, screwdriver set, wrench, jack, hedge trimmers, and antique sewing machine.

Erie Township


Thomas Dieter, 6300 block of Edgewater, CD player.



Glen Eagles Custom Homes, 6600 block of North Mall, building supplies.

Johnson Custom Builders, Angola, tools and building supplies from the 500 block of Whisperwood. (not on map)

James Warren, Meadow Green, Sylvania, tools and building supplies from the 500 block of Whisperwood.

Jerusalem Township


Brett Kolodziejski, 900 block of Main, Elmore, big-screen TV, stereo system, speakers, and jewelry from home. (not on map)


Lisa Coker, 11800 block of Corduroy, CD player and speakers from vehicle.

Lake Township


Scott Kleeberger, 6900 block of Williams, Perrysburg, four guns from garage.


Michelle Moore, Dixie, Rossford, CD player from vehicle in the 3600 block of Lakepointe, Northwood.

Monclova Township


Wesley Anderson, 4300 block of Coder, money from home.


Cimmaron Custom Homes, 7900 block of Chestnut Ridge, OSB boards. (not on map)

Gordon Lumber, 6400 block of Monclova, purchases of over $1,000 made with a fraudulent credit card.

Angela Rodela, 100 block of Crosspath, wallet and contents from vehicle.



Lori Curns, 500 block of East Florence, Xbox and various games from home.


McCormick Equipment, 6900 block of McNerney, three loading dock plates from business.

Northwood Middle School, 500 block of Lemoyne, money and consent forms from desk drawer.


Auto thefts

Robert Hartford, 1300 block of Towers, 1981 Oldsmobile Cutlass.

Timothy Hester, 6000 block of Corduroy, 1994 GMC Sonoma.

Reconstruct Services, 2300 block of Navarre, 1992 Ford Explorer.


Terry Manning, 100 block of East, Harborview, leather jacket from home. (not on map)

Reynolds Fisheries, 4400 block of Bayshore, tools, stereo, and battery charger from business.

Felonious Assault

Nichole Handy, 400 block of South Coy, suspect strangled victim and threatened to kill victim with a knife about 9:45 p.m. May 16.


Big Lots, 3300 block of Navarre, three drills.

Ken Downs, 900 block of Patchen, bicycles, recovered.

Robert Firkins, 5900 block of Plympton, wallet and jewelry from home.

Rose Gleesing, 2100 block of Momany, lawnmower from yard.

Mathews Ford, 2800 block of Navarre, spare tires and cable tire holders from business.

Ottawa Hills


Gil Yap, West River, Perrysburg, paint equipment and supplies from work site in the 3900 block of Indian.



Elizabeth Jarvis, 700 block of Oak Knoll, CDs and Walkman radio from vehicle.

Kevin Smith, 200 block of East Second, lawn mower from garage.

Trellis Homes, West Central, 40 sheets of OSB board from Lot 32; 40 poplar 2x2 staircase unfinished spindles from Lot 62 in the 1800 block of Crossfields. (not on map)

Perrysburg Township

Auto theft

Linda Flathers, 27600 block of Oregon, 1992 Chrysler, recovered.


Ed Schmidt Pontiac-GMC Truck, 26800 block of North Dixie, tires and rims from a 2004 Pontiac Bonneville.

McCarthy Builders, Tractor, Toledo, lumber, OSB board/plywood, and 100 foot roll of water line from homes under construction in the 10000 block of North Shannon Hills. (not on map)

McCarthy Builders, Tractor, Toledo, 10000 block of South Shannon Hills, construction supplies from eight homes under construction. (not on map)

Georgia Porter, South Crissy, Holland, purse and contents from picnic table at snack bar in the 28500 block of Oregon.

James Sprink, 100 block of Cranden, propeller from boat in driveway.

Providence Township


Tim Despoth, 7700 block of Yawberg, Whitehouse, mailbox and post.

Carrie Lawson, 8700 block of Jeffers, Whitehouse, keys, ATM card, credit card, and money from vehicle.

Springfield Township


Ammon's & Associates, 7400 block of International, money from offices.

Denker Insurance Agency, 7300 block of Airport, TV/VCR combo and money from office.

Goodlife Inc., 7400 block of International, prescription slips.

Holly Lloyd, 2000 block of North McCord, entry made into home, no items missing.

Gina Lopez, 2000 block of Hunters Run, golf clubs from garage. (not on map)

Sew Many Stitches, 7300 block of Airport, sewing machines, monitor, security camera, projector, push cart, three laptop computers, money, and other items from business.

Jacqueline Suleski, 7700 block of West Bancroft, money from home.


Rick Bachelder, 6400 block of Glenhurst, plastic figurines from vehicle.

David Brown, Marietta, Ga., camera and lenses from vehicle in the 1400 block of East Mall.

John Eubank, Dorr, cellular phone from the Homecoming Park area. (not on map)

Jackie Evert, 6300 block of Glenhurst, stereo and A/C heater control panel from vehicle.

Jodi Gonzales, Cromly, purse and contents from vehicle in the 2100 block of South Holland-Sylvania.

Paul Hoag, Pilliod, gun and hunting equipment from vehicle in the 1300 block of South Holland-Sylvania.

Emily Jones, 1800 block of North McCord, CD player from vehicle.

Brian Kaminski, High Oaks, money and wallet and contents from locker while at gym in the 2100 block of South Holland-Sylvania.

Sam Kralovic, 6300 block of Brixton, stereo and softball bag with bats and mitts from vehicle.

Cheryl Macek, Fulton County Road D, Swanton, boots from locker while at work in the 6400 block of Centers.

Labadie Motors, 7500 block of Airport, chrome beauty rings from two vehicles.

Judy Mulinix, 2000 block of County Trace, AM/FM radio from vehicle.

Victoria Sih, 6000 block of Suffolk, movies and EKG machine from home.

Alison Title, Fairwood, Sylvania, tip jar with money from counter in the 2000 block of North McCord.

Kevin Voyson, 6100 block of Trust, fishing equipment and artifacts from vehicle while at hotel.


Auto theft

Epic Security Systems, West Alexis, Toledo, 1998 white GMC Safari from the 10400 block of Airport.


Larry Smith, San Clemente, Calif., jewelry from hotel room in the 10700 block of Airport.



Grant Blair, 4700 block of Tamworth, trailer towing brake box and CDs from vehicle.

Cathedral of Praise, 5200 block of West Alexis, purse and contents from office.

Jeffrey Fast, 5400 block of Grey, TV, recovered; suspect arrested.

Luginbihl Surveying Co., Liberty Center, Ohio, radio and data collector from vehicle in the 4500 block of Sheringham.

Julee Sipes, Fairmeadow, CD/radio player from vehicle in school parking lot in the 5400 block of Silica.

Mathew Wisniewski, 4600 block of Sheringham, cellular phone, sunglasses, and power cord from vehicle.

Sylvania Township


Glen Edwards, 4900 block of Trellis Way, cellular phone charger and two safes containing coin sets from home.

Scott Meredith, 6900 block of Cloister, jewelry and several items from home.

Davicq Ramsumair, 5300 block of Elmer, TV, cutlery set, and jewelry from home.


Tucker Boyers, Clark Lake, Mich., digital camera and cellular phone from vehicle in the 4500 block of Dovewood.

John McHugh, Wyandotte, Maumee, credit card and money from locker at gym in the 5400 block of West Central.

Fredrick Phillips, Augusta, Holland, money from wallet in locker at gym in the 2800 block of North Reynolds.

Tractor Supply Co., 7700 block of West Central, pole saw, nail guns, grease guns, gloves, jean shorts, grinder, spools of wire, and grease gun fittings from store; grinder, spools, and fittings, recovered.

Ida Ullo, Whitebirch, wedding ring from the 7100 block of Port Sylvania.

Wildwood Athletic Club, 2800 block of North Reynolds, money from several lockers.

Robin Wilson, Green Pine, purse and contents from vehicle in the 6400 block of Sylvania.

University of Toledo


Mark Sadowy, Dexter, wallet and contents from locker room at Student Recreation Center in the 2800 block of West Bancroft.

Randy Schroeder, Copley, money and debit card from wallet in locker room at Student Recreation Center in the 2800 block of West Bancroft.

University of Toledo, 2800 block of West Bancroft, Fluke digital multimeter from fire pump room at Westwood Building Complex.

Tina Wozniak, Pemberton, cellular phone and Palm Pilot from bleacher at Savage Hall in the 2800 block of West Bancroft.



Jennifer Lohmeyer, 200 block of Windsor, bicycle, recovered.

Sarah Potter, 100 block of Cedar, wedding band and set of engagement rings from home.

Margarite Sorell, 30600 block of Drouillard, two wooden flower pots from side of porch.

Steven Swartz, White, Toledo, license plate from trailer in the 200 block of West Union.

Washington Township


Jimmie Hamblin, Sr., 2900 block of Shoreland, digital binoculars, laptop computer, jewelry, coin collection, property deeds, four guns, and safe with contents from home.



First Federal Bank, unit block of South Third, counterfeit check used to open an account, over $2,000 withdrawn.

Sherry Flores, 800 block of Maple, several checks stolen from home; forged and cashed.




Frank Glinka, 7700 block of Turk, aluminum brake, two ladders, scaffold, two air compressors, saw set, and chainsaw with case.


Sandra Cruz, Riga, money and purse and contents from the 11000 block of Sylvania Petersburg.

Paul Never, 8600 block of Petersburg, truck tailgate. (not on map)



Sunoco Station, 6800 block of Finzel, two drive-offs of unpaid fuel on May 10 and May 13.

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