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Today's log


Bay Park Community Hospital

Megan and Anthony Scott, Maumee, girl, Monday.

Flower Hospital

Claire and James Knapinski, Swanton, girl, Monday.

Jessica and Eric Ganzel, Toledo, boy, Tuesday.

Melissa and Robert Moore, Sylvania, girl, Tuesday.

Dawn Werner, Toledo, girl, Tuesday.

St. Anne Mercy Hospital

Michelle and Jim Warncke, Maumee, girl, Wednesday.

Christina and Samuel Ladwig, Temperance, girl, Tuesday.

St. Luke s Hospital

Connie and Eugene Watkins, Toledo, boy, Tuesday.

Terri and Trent Stevenson, Holland, girl, Thursday.

Toledo Hospital

Maya Cook and James Denton, Toledo, boy/ girl twins, July 13.

Kari Badenhop, Grand Rapids, Ohio, boy, Tuesday.

Jacqueline and Robert Hansen, Toledo, girl, Tuesday.

Tara and Keith Carlson, Monroe, boy, Wednesday.

Lisa Warner, Toledo, girl, Wednesday.

Jeanne and Christopher McCoy, Woodville, girl, Wednesday.

Bridget and Vinnie Dauer, Perrysburg, girl, Wednesday.

Carey and Thomas Cramer, Sylvania, girl, Wednesday.

Nikkita Carter, Toledo, boy, Wednesday.

Rickisha Lloyd, Toledo, girl, Wednesday.

Kelly and Jason Behlmer, Toledo, girl, Wednesday.

Lilly Meerasahib and Parani Madasamy, Toledo, boy, Wednesday.

Melissa and Stan Bowlby, Maumee, boy, Wednesday.

Tamara and Jason Spears, Temperance, boy, Wednesday.

Stacie and Timothy Shroyer, Lambertville, boy, Wednesday.

Natalie Ramirez, Perrysburg, girl, Wednesday.

Lasses Goodwin, Toledo, boy, Thursday.

Marriage licenses

Lucas County

July 21, 2004

Andrew Kreinbrink, 24, loan officer, of Sylvania, and Jennifer Lohman, 24, mechanical engineer, of Ann Arbor.

Dale Booher, 43, mechanic, and Tracy Weppler, 38, both of Sylvania.

John Guercio, 38, business owner, and Kristen Thomsen, 31, teacher, both of Maumee.

Scott Bahnsen, 37, engineer, of Temperance, and Angela Sherette, 32, pharmacist, of Toledo.

Wotez Cable, 23, cook, and Terri Sweeney, 22, supervisor, both of Toledo.

Robert Smith, 22, laborer, and Tara Browning, 24, waitress, both of Grand Rapids, Ohio.

Scott Holmes, 21, carpenter, of Temperance, and Jessica Torda, 21, part time supervisor, of Toledo.

George McMullen, 37, automotive technician, and Lori Hintz, 36, hair dresser, both of Toledo.

Jarret Buchholz, 23, accountant, and Danielle Vornbrock, 21, student, both of Toledo.

Tomas Roman, 24, teacher, and Cassandra Sims, 24, account executive, both of Maumee.

James Kujawa, 27, steel worker, of Perrysburg, and Stacie Pezzino, 27, laborer, of Toledo.

Crime reports


Charlene Garcia, of Toledo, medication by a man with a gun in her residence about 8 p.m. Tuesday.

Tas Electronics, Telegraph, DVD player from clerk by a man about 11:30 a.m. Thursday.

John Pena, of Toledo, cash by a man who struck him in the head with a pipe about 8:45 p.m. Thursday.


Robinson Junior High School, Grand, no loss.

Renad Campbell, Parkdale, loss undetermined.

Ahmad Cheaib, North Ontario, cash and CDs.

Patrick Grigsby, Dorr, VCR/DVD player.

Heather Friesner, Elizabeth, video game, video cartridges, cash, and video controllers.

Sharon White, Hamilton, furniture, rug, DVD players, VCR, DVD movies, mink coat, clothing, bicycle, perfume, clothing, and meats.

Gregory Sielaff, Vermaas, no loss.

Frank Youngblood, Wychwood, tool chest, cabinets, toolbox, and tools.

Rashawn Wilson, North Detroit, video game, video cartridges, and jewelry.

Food Basics, Cherry, loss undetermined.

Gregory Okdie, Eastway, bicycles, tools, and gym bag.

Scott William, Kent, no loss.

Rella Cutcher, Butler, cash and money order.

Sulema Reyes, Yates, food.


Horizon Science Academy, Jefferson, laptop computer.

Sherry Stowe, Oak, saxophone and jewelry from residence.

Early King, Pinewood, handgun from residence.

Michelle St. Clair, Jamieson, cash from the 800 block of West Alexis.

Sianeh Konneh, Hunters Trail, credit cards, cash, and identification.

David Blowers, Upton, amplifier, speakers, and CDs from SUV in the 2600 block of Tremainsville.

Rich Rucker, Wauseon, copper plumbing, water meter, and aluminum siding from the 2300 block of Locust.

Brenda Heuer, Colton, purse and contents from auto in the 200 block of South Erie.

Traffic injuries


8:21 a.m. 4400 block of West Sylvania. SUV of Brandi Sbrocchi, 19, of Willis, and autos of Brittany Fleming, 18, of Sylvania, and Joseph Meyers, 64, of Sylvania, who was admitted to Toledo Hospital is in serious condition.

5:29 p.m. Oakwood and Waite. SUV of Alvina Wright, 29, of Lincoln, who was treated at Toledo Hospital, and auto of Eugene Harris, 19, of Woodland, whose passenger, Dakilia Smith, 19, of Avondale, was treated at Toledo Hospital.


9:03 a.m. 4200 block of Stickney. Truck of Paul Lester, 50, of Delta, Ohio, and a pedestrian, Dana Walker, 31, of Keen, who was treated at St. Vincent Mercy Medical Center.

10:00 a.m. 17th and Madison. Public bus of Phyllis Clark, 45, of West Central, and autos of Kathy Ann Nail, 45, of McTigue, who was treated at St. Vincent Mercy Medical Center, and auto of Sidney Harris, 37, of Cadillac, who also was treated at St. Vincent.

3:42 p.m. 4 Hidden Valley. Motorized bicycle of Rickey Nontell, 41, of Hidden Valley, who was treated at Medical College of Ohio Hospitals.

4:30 p.m. 300 block of Dale. Pickup of Sarah Favata, 19, of Glynn, and auto of Reassign Reese, 22, of Airport, who was treated at St. Anne Mercy Hospital.

7:29 p.m. Lewis and Waybridge. Autos of Vera Gressman, 52, of Fremont, and Crystal Cole, 22, of Bellevista, who was treated at Toledo Hospital.

Fire alarms


2:08 a.m. 4401 Stannard, commercial fire alarm.

10:43 a.m. 615 Cherry, commercial fire alarm.

2:46 p.m. 300 South St. Clair, commercial fire alarm.

9:05 p.m. 2142 North Cove, commercial fire alarm.

9:11 p.m. 2631 North Erie, structure fire.

9:26 p.m. 1127 West Central, commercial fire alarm.


Lucas County

Bedal, Gerald, 77, 2285 Kneel, cancer.

Billiard, Dwight, 69, Fremont, myocardial infarction.

Billiard, Lorraine, 79, 2418 West Bank, chronic obstructive lung disease.

Blas , Albert, 83, 5752 Dellbrook, Sylvania, diabetes.

Block, Eleanore, 91, 3019 Berdan, coronary artery disease.

Bobo, Jr., England, 76, 2920 Cherry, diabetes.

Bodell, Lamar, 81, 1964 Burr, coronary artery disease.

Boggs, Lorena, 91, 6413 Glenhurst, Maumee, Alzheimer s.

Bolyard, Virgil, 84, 3050 Byrnwyck West, Maumee, cerebral ischemia.

Boone, Juanita, 62, 1907 Cone, bacterial endocarditis.

Bowen, Mildred, 84, Risingsun, Ohio, septic shock.

Bowlander, Olga, 93, Genoa, congestive heart failure.

Boyer, Dick, 81, 8363 Heller, Whitehouse, arteriosclerotic heart disease.

Bozendorf, Glenola, 81, Fremont, pulmonary hypertension.

Brown, Suzanne, 66, 6612 Convent, Sylvania, melanoma.

Brueshaber, William, 78, Bedford Township, Mich., myocardial infarction.

Bryant, Bianca, 21, 2758 128th, ischemic encephalopathy.

Burge, III, Charles, 63, 2600 Shoreland, skin cancer.

Burks, Katherine, 90, 7301 Wood Creek, Maumee, pneumonia.

Butler, Barbara, 53, 5143 Planet, cancer.

Byrd, Grace, 88, 820 Vance, cerebrovascular disease.

Caddarette, Arlene, 39, 3121 Eastmoreland, thromboses coronary artery.

Callis, Martha, 93, 3930 Jackman, Alzheimer s.

Campbell, Sr., Tyrone, 66, 430 Cleveland, accident.

Carey, Jeral, 81, 7213 Dutch, Waterville, congestive heart failure.

Carter, Brooke, 9 days, Frenchtown Township, Mich., extreme prematurity.

Carter, Mildred, 86, 4960 Burkewood, Sylvania, myocardial infarction.

Carter, Milton, 88, 4960 Burkewood, Sylvania, cerebrovascular accident.

Casares, Amada, 72, 1640 Oak, diabetes.

Cecalek, Rudolph, 90, 5100 Harroun, coronary atherosclerosis.

Cherry, Hazel, 96, 2001 Perrysburg-Holland, Holland, Alzheimer s.

Chitwood, Kathryne, 89, 2757 Tremainsville, myocardial infarction.

Chovan, Elizabeth, 84, 2643 Norwalk, cancer.

Clark, Luella, 88, Bryan, renal failure.

Clarke, Jr., George, 82, 10 West Lake, lymphoma.

Cleghorn, Joyce, 64, Madison, Mich., pending investigation.

Coburn, Betty, 79, Swanton, atherosclerosis.

Colbert, James, 54, 2241 Rosewood, chronic obstructive lung disease

Cole, Nancy, 75, 2338 Eastbrook, valvular heart disease.

Coller, Arthur, 96, 4039 Caroline, myocardial infarction.

Conley, Sr., Willie, 85, 525 East Woodruff, pending investigation.

Cook, Robert, 71, Tiffin, ruptured abdominal aortic aneurysm.

Cox, Anthony, 57, 2006 Cherry, cardiovascular disease.

Crimi, Harold, 51, 2005 Ashland, renal failure.

Curry, Erma, 70, 427 East Oakland, brochieotases.

Cusack, Jr., Thomas, 37, 5840 Clover, pending investigation.

Czech, Gertrude, 79, 2275 Westmonte, acute leukemia.

Dailey, Paul, 79, 3713 Rose Acres, cerebrovascular disease.

David, Rosena, 87, Bowling Green, pulmonary embolus.

Davis, James, 78, 630 Vinton, myocardial infarction.

Davis, Weldon, 76, 438 S. Goodyear, Oregon, aspiration pneumonia.

Dean, George, 72, 552 Crystal Lake, Holland, congestive heart failure.

DeBoe, Vashawn, 51, 1730 Wellesley, basal ganglia bleed.

Degnan, Lorrain, 84, 5617 West Rowland, heart disease.

Derkis, Ethlyn, 76, 129 Merton, Holland, coronary artery disese.

DeVaughn, Jason, 30, 4244 North Lockwood, adenocarcinoma.

DeWitt, Jr., Frank, 45, 1937 Rhode Island, Holland, pending investigation.

Dickens, Bonnie, 55, 4918 Corduroy, Oregon, cancer.

Diegel, Kenneth, 76, 6325 Millbrook, Maumee, hemorrhagic CVA.

Diemer, Richard, 72, Holgate, Ohio, myocardial infarction.

Difonso, Mario, 78, Gibsonburg, Ohio, heart disease.

Diller, Silas, 92, 1634 Cherrylawn, myocardial infarction.

DiLorenzo, Nicholas, 77, 4736 Kathy, end stage renal disease.

Disney, Margaret, 78, 5035 Bennett, cancer.

Dixon, Jessie, 61, 249 East Hudson, sepsis.

Domalski, Gerald, 73, 2625 Elmridge, cancer.

Donley, Anna, 91, 4420 South, cancer.

Downie, William, 76, 402 Daniels, cancer.

Doyle, Elizabeth, 96, Metamora, chronic obstructive lung disease

Drayton, Jr., Howard, 58, 1553 Oak, cancer.

Drouillard, Leo, 69, Port Charlotte, Fla., ruptured abdominal aortic aneurysm.

Duffey, Linda, 55, 13605 Neowash, insulinoma.

Duncan, Ola, 84, 2537 West Alexis, cerebrovascular accident.

Earp, Robert, 43, Walbridge, pending investigation.

Elwood, Sacajawea, 43 minutes, 4225 Kingsbury, prematurity.

Estridge, Robert, 71, 2125 Arlington , sepsis.

Eversole, Glenn, 82, 7719 Winter, Holland, cancer.

Eyler, Kenneth, 57, address unknown, pending investigation.

Faber, Robert, 87, 3446 Darlington, Ottawa Hills, cancer.

Felder, Bertha, 76, 650 Gawil, cancer.

Fisher, James, 28, 666 Balfe, myocardial infarction.

Fisher, Marit, 70, 1860 Plympton, Oregon, cancer.

Fitzpatrick, Violet, 73, 340 South Reynolds, congestive heart failure.

Flores, Freddie, 50, Delta, Ohio, acute pancreatitis.

Floyd, Donald, 50, Neapolis, Ohio, pending investigation.

Fockler, Robert, 75, Temperance, vasculopathy.

Foks, Sr., Joseph, 85, 6856 Kranz, chronic obstructive lung disease.

Foster, Toni, 43, 5120 Foxbourne, cirrhosis of liver.

Fredericks, Cedric, 96, 2011 Miami, cerebral degeneration.

Fugate, Delana, 96, 6101 North Summit, senile dementia.

Fuller, Margaret, 88, 3130 Romaker, pneumonia.

Garcia, Juan, 33, 2510 Consaul, cardiovascular disease.

Garcia, Pauline, 84, 2727 Oxbridge, congestive heart failure.

Gase, Emma, 70, 8502 Monclova, Monclova Township, pancreatic cancer.

Gaydos, Norma, 81, Southgate, Mich., urosepsis.

Geisler, Robert, 81, 3127 Van Fleet, cancer.

Gilmore, Sr., Julius, 75, 1795 Freeman, cancer.

Gipson, Sr., David, 66, 6868 Oakfield, cancer.

Gipson, Tommie, 74, 3324 Buckeye, Alzheimer s.

Glennon, Patricia, 79, 3741 Cavalear, cancer.

Goodman, Shlomo, 55, 1845 South Fulton Lucas, Swanton, accident.

Gorka, Jerome, 64, Detroit, cardiovascular disease.

Gormley, Prentiss, 84, Metamora, Ohio, pancreatitis.

Gorski, Thaddeus, 89, 803 Mayfair, congestive heart failure.

Grames, Sr., Elvin, 82, 738 Diana, Holland, cancer.

Green, Harold, 86, Sarasota, Fla., cerebral thrombosis.

Green, Latricia, 23, 1433 Prouty, meningoencephalitis.

Green, Robert, 49, 2648 Jutland, cancer.

Green, Shirley, 60, 1837 West Central, hepatic failure.

Grimes, Langford, 86, 131 North Wheeling, congestive heart failure.

Guess, Don, 78, 1703 Marne, coronary artery disease.

Gutierrez, Jonnathan, 1 month, Temperance, pending investigation.

Gutierrez, Victoriano, 77, Defiance, anoxic encephalopathy.

Hafner, Paul, 22, 2423 South Holland-Sylvania, pending investigation.

Hall, Ida, 79, 934 West Woodruff, pulmonary hypertension.

Hall, Linda, 56, 3105 Navarre, Oregon, pending investigation.

Hammonds, William, 53, 236 Willard, ischemic cardiomyopathy.

Harbaugh, Olive, 91, 3600 Butz, Maumee, gastroentestinal bleed.

Harless, Dorothy, 80, 4022 Lyman, coronary artery disease.

Harmsen, Chloris, 91, 2221 Densmore, non-hodgkins lymphoma.

Harris, Sharon, 60, 453 Martin, cancer.

Hartsook, Paul, 93, 883 Browning, Waterville, Alzheimer s.

Hasbrouck Rodgers, June, 69, 5951 Summit, Sylvania, cancer.

Hatch, Helen, 93, 3501 Executive, congestive heart failure.

Hawkins, Edith, 89, 4020 Indian, small bowel obstruction.

Haynes, Jr., Charles, 56, 2807 Albion, pending investigation.

Haynes, Elaine, 49, 3424 Buckeye, cerebral infarction.

Heineman, Thomas, 58, Clyde, Ohio, intracranial hemorrhage.

Heintz, Howard, 75, 2640 Eastvale, Oregon, diabetes.

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