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Suburban crime reports

Bedford Township


Gerald Halak, Ottawa Lake, Mich., vanity and medicine cabinet from home under construction in the 7500 block of South Telegraph.

Kevin Nanney, 8700 block of Douglas, shotgun; recovered and suspect arrested.


Kenneth Anastasoff, 2900 block of West Sterns, handgun.

Robin Bayford, 9800 block of Pamela, entertainment system, radar detector, and DVDs from vehicle.

Carl Baden, 8900 block of Summerfield, golf cart.

Harbor View


Kathy Fry, North Baltimore, Ohio, laptop, stereo, and digital camera from vehicle in the 500 block of West.


Crimes against children

John Clair, North King, bicycle from rack in the 1000 block of South McCord, recovered.

Ryan Kreiger, Danesmoor, bicycle from rack in the 1000 block of South McCord.


Shell, 6900 block of Angola, counterfeit money used to make purchase on July 23; also, 18 cartons of cigarettes taken July 19.




Maumee Bay General Store, 7400 block of Jerusalem, Oregon, suspect with a knife entered store, waved knife at clerk to open register, and took money about 4 a.m. July 24.


Carol's Country Charms, 11600 block of Jerusalem, money from register.


Mary Conine, 12200 block of Lafontaine, Curtice, dog from yard.

Michael Fincher, Latcha, Millbury, CD player from vehicle in the Metzger's Marsh area.

Harold Hale, Meyers, Elmore, 2003 Gateway scooter from the 7400 block of Jerusalem.

Lake Township


Flying J, 26100 block of Warns, Perrysburg, fuel drive-off over $20.

Fuel Mart, 3600 block of Libbey, fuel drive- offs over $30 on July 23 and July 25.

Petro Shopping Center, 26400 block of West Service, fuel drive-off over $20.

Pilot Travel Center, 3400 block of Libbey, fuel drive-off over $30.

Alisa Smith, 28100 block of Centers, Millbury, bicycle from yard.



City of Maumee, Conant, candy from concession stand at park in the 3100 block of Eastfield.

Jeff Klinksick, 1100 block of Shelly, suspect entered home while victim outside; victim heard door shut and went to check inside home; victim found suspect behind bedroom door. Victim confronted suspect, then went to call police and suspect fled.

Crimes against children

Nick Ruedisueli, Thackery, bicycle from front yard in the 1100 block of Kurtz.


Randy Harms, River, 20-foot Shorelander boat trailer from the 1000 block of Key, recovered and suspect arrested.

Jeanne Hotchkiss, Akron, Ohio, cellular phone from pool area at motel in the 500 block of West Dussel.

Frank Martinez, Carlton, Toledo, checkbook and wallet and contents from vehicle in the 400 block of West Dussel.

Melissa Pasquinelli, Askins, medication and purse and contents from vehicle in the 900 block of Michigan.

Jeffrey Smith, Sycamore, Waterville, AM/FM/CD player, speaker box, radar detector, CDs, credit cards, and briefcase and contents from vehicle in the 2100 block of Cass.

Courtney Stanz, South Byrne, AM/FM/CD player and purse and contents from vehicle while at the Lucas County Recreation Center in the 2900 block of Key.

Julia Young, Willow Glen, Holland, leather purse and contents from vehicle in the 2100 block of Cass.

Denise Wallace, Eagle Trace, Sylvania, wallet and contents from office in the 400 block of West Dussel.




Jamieson McDevitt, Waite, Maumee, 12,000 -pound industrial winch from front bumper of vehicle in the Weckerly-Salisbury area. (not on map)

Medere Home Improvements, 4600 block of Calico, roll of aluminum from home under construction, recoverd. (not on map)

Sunoco Food Mart, 6500 block of Airport, Holland, five cartons of cigarettes.



Lee Nails, 2500 block of Woodville, theft of services; juvenile arrested.


Jolene Traver, 1900 block of Glenross, leather coat and collector's plate from home.


Frank Brining, 1900 block of Tracy, cover for motorcycle and damage to motorcycle.

Buckeye Tank & Trailer Inc., 6500 block of Wales, three fraudulent checks containing business account number cashed.

Jennifer Peart, East Broadway, Toledo, purse and contents while at station in the 2800 block of Curtice.

Terrance and Debra Piriczky, 4100 block of Wise, laptop computer, golf driver, and hand tools from vehicle.

Julie Wilson, Lorain, Toledo, debit/credit card used to make purchases in the 2800 block of Curtice.



Lajti Farms, 1500 block of South Wheeling, suspect(s) attempted entry into business by using cinder block to try to break lock, unsuccessful.

Crimes against children

Austin Petroff, Bellhaven, suspects approached victim who was on bicycle; one suspect hit victim on head and another told victim to get off the bicycle; suspects took victim's bicycle and left theirs in the Starr-Van Buren area about 1 p.m. July 30.

Jacob Karamol, 2800 block of Pickle, bicycles from rack.


Sharon Auger, 1900 block of Lilias, fence spray-painted in black with words, causing damage, no items taken.

James Avery, Bayshore, license plate from trailer in the 3300 block of Navarre.

Bernadette Bakerman, Napoleon, stolen check forged in an attempt to make purchase at grocery store in the 1900 block of Woodville.

Melissa Bailey, 300 block of Torch, damage to vehicle, no items taken.

BP Oil, 3300 block of Navarre, fuel drive-off, over $25.

BP Oil, 3300 block of Navarre, fuel drive-off, over $18.

Autumn Ferguson, Cresceus, CD player, credit card, and wallet and contents from vehicle in the 2400 block of Randall.

Chris Gannon Concrete, Sheffield, Perrysburg, suspect has not paid for services contractors have completed in the 1100 block of Heritage, $8100.

Sean Greenwood, 1500 block of Jersey, CDs, portable CD Walkman, and boom box from vehicle.

Sandra Grimmeth, 200 block of North Stephen, driver's side window shattered, no items taken.

Sean Grindle, 2100 block of Maginnis, passenger window broken on vehicle, no items taken.

Jaclyn Heuring, Navarre, money from purse in vehicle in the 2700 block of Pickle.

Janice Hicks, Yondota, Toledo, suspect used ATM card to withdraw money from the 3000 block of Navarre.

Salwa Hinde, 200 block of Trails End, rear window of vehicle shattered, no items taken.

Sterling, 400 block of South Wheeling, fuel drive-off, $30.

Theresa Klar, 900 block of Cresceus, left side windows shattered, no items taken.

Charles Koepfer, 200 block of Trails End, driver's side window shattered, no items taken.

Mercy McNally, 3000 block of Navarre, debit/credit card from home.

Meijer, 1700 block of South Wheeling, suspects attempted to cash stolen forged check.

Cal Miller, 600 block of Holly, bicycles and garage door opener from garage.

Lawrence Miller, unit block of Ponderosa, driver's side window shattered, no items taken.

Pauline Moritz, Cedar Point, purse and contents from restaurant in the 3100 block of Navarre.

Jennifer Patterson, Fargo, laptop computer from the 200 block of Wakefield.

Progressive Insurance, Indian Wood Circle, Maumee, driver's side window shattered, no items taken in the 3100 block of Lantern.

Fred Sieminski, 3400 block of Wick, wallet and contents from vehicle.

Erin Tingley, 2500 block of Hollydale, driver's side window shattered, no items taken.

Julie Uribe, 300 block of Ponderosa, driver's side window shattered, no items taken.

Gary Young, 1800 block of Southshore, vehicle spray-painted with black paint and words, no items taken.



Michael Hassen, 500 block of Candyce, laptop from vehicle in garage.

Bruce McLaughlin, 400 block of East Front, equipment from garage. (not on map)

Brenda Walton, 800 block of Sandalwood East, credit card statements and jewelry.

Kelly Wood, 1200 block of Valley Bluff, credit cards later used to make purchases.




Ampoint Maintenance, 500 block of E, Perrysburg, down spouts; suspects gained entry into business, suspects arrested while in progress. (not on map)


Nicole Collier, Haskins, Ohio, checks from purse in locker in the 10200 block of Fremont Pike, Perrysburg.

Industrial Design & Supply Inc., 29100 block of Glenwood, Perrysburg, checks from vehicle, later recovered.

Martha Laplante, 7300 block of Starcrest, Perrysburg, personal papers from vehicle, vehicle damaged.

Lutheran Church of the Master, 28700 block of Simmons, Perrysburg, laptop computer from office.

Penta County, 30000 block of Oregon, projector for computer from media room.

Peter Vetowich, Bloomfield Hills, Mich., credit card number used to make purchases over $2,500 in the 10600 block of Fremont Pike, Perrysburg.

James Wallace, 27600 block of Tracy, Walbridge, golf clubs and bag from vehicle.



Auto theft

Alfonso Perez, Stryker, Ohio, 1991 Toyota Camry with cellular phone, fishing equipment, CDs, and wallet and contents from the 13800 block of U.S. 24.


James Cook, 13900 block of Sherman White, Swanton, rifle and checkbook from home.

Tina DeCair, 8300 block of Main, Neapolis, two TV/VCR/DVD combos, PlayStation 2, video games, knife, money, and 30 boxes of fireworks from home. (not on map)


Sherril Buckenmeyer, 8000 block of Stolz, Neapolis, rear window on soft top from vehicle. (not on map)

Henry Zeller, 11300 block of Hartman, dog kennel from yard.


Auto theft

Dana Burgess, 100 block of Cove, 2001 Dodge Stratus and money.


Jay Bailey, 100 block of Bergin, men's watches, tool boxes, and personal papers; tool boxes recovered.

Velva Horton, 200 block of Bacon, suspect(s) entered home, rooms in disarray, broken dishes, overturned furniture, refrigerator opened, items scattered; several items taken.

Crimes against children

Jordan Wray, Hannum, bicycle while at friend's home in the 300 block of Colony.


Joyce Crampton, 100 block of Bergin, purse and contents from vehicle; some items recovered.

Floyd Keaton, 500 block of Indian Ridge Trail, Yamaha dirt bike from yard.

Fuat Riza, Ford, Perrysburg, 50-60 CDs and eyeglass case from vehicle in the 100 block of Bergin.

Rawan Shannak, West Indiana, Perrysburg, purse and contents from vehicle; credit card used to make purchases and money withdrawn in the 10000 block Meijer. (not on map)

Sunoco Gas Station, 1100 block of Buck, fuel drive off.




King Road Auto Parts, Angola, tire rims from business in the 800 block of Meilke.



Auto theft

Derrek Bagby, Petersburg, Mich., 1994 Oldsmobile Cutlass, Martin guitar, numerous CDs, CD player, and amplifier.


Sarah Benson, 900 block of North McCord, entry into shed, no items taken.

Anna Conley, 6100 block of Henthorne, jewelry from home.

John Munger, 1800 block of North King, Argon tank, Monster truck with remote, sandblaster, tool boxes, drill with case, circular saw, edger, rifle, helium tank, three chain saws, and other items from garage. (not on map)

Felonious Assault

Fredrick Ratcliff, 2100 block of North McCord, victim hit with baseball bat, left knee injured on July 18.


BP Oil, 6900 block of Airport, fuel drive-off.

Alicia Cales, Clifton, Toledo, keys from drawer at work in the 1500 block of Spring Meadows.

Terry Clark, Southington, Ohio, construction equipment, tool box, and tools from vehicle in the 6100 block of Trust; over $2,500.

Dorothy Dixon, Maplewood, wallet and contents from purse while shopping in the 1400 block of Spring Meadows.

Sandra Fleig, Dorr, wallet and contents from purse while at party in the 6700 block of Janel, Maumee.

Mark Gordon, Kenton, Ohio, rear license plate from vehicle in the 1200 block of East Mall.

Arthur Gundalach, Ormond Beach, Fla., enclosed trailer 7x14, snow cone machine, lemonade machine, and pretzel machine from the 1400 block of East Mall; over $16,000.

Joe Mossing, 2200 block of Glenacres, Maumee, personal information obtained through online banking, suspect attempted to wire $34,000 to bank in N.Y.

Pepsiamericas, Hill, money from pop machines in the 1400 block of Spring Meadows.

Paul Phelps, Liberty, claw hammer, level, 14-inch trial, mag float, cat claw nail puller, tape measure, and speed square from the 7200 block of Angola.

Lindsay Rhollans, Needlerock, Sylvania, suspect ran up to walk-up window of ice cream shop and took tip cup with money in the 2000 block of North McCord.

7-Up Bottlers, Byrne, money from pop machines in the 1400 block of Spring Meadows.

Maria Sharples, South Hill Park, purse and contents; credit cards used to make purchases from the 10100 block of Maumee-Western, Monclova Township.

Raymond Thomas, Adrian, stereo with remote, audio amplifier, speaker box, and speakers from vehicle in the 1500 block of Spring Meadows.

Village Building Co., West Central, construction material and equipment from construction sites in the Crystal Creek subdivision. (not on map)

Matthew Wolfe, East Meadow, Oregon, radar detector from vehicle in the 1500 block of South Holland-Sylvania, Maumee.

Swanton Township


George Karamol, 12100 block of Shaffer, cordless drills, cordless saw, fish-finder, and Truss trolling motor from garage.


Auto theft

Vin Devers, 5500 block of Monroe, 1998 Ford Expedition from lot.


Mail Vault of Sylvania, 5800 block of Monroe, cinder block used to attempt entry, no items taken.

Karen Palmer, 6000 block of Wythe, bicycle from garage.

Silvertown Investors Ltd, 5600 block of Monroe, significant damage to door in an attempt to gain entry, no entry made.


BP America, 6100 block of Monroe, fuel drive-off over $30.

Karl Bires, 7000 block of Westwind, rifle and money from home.

Linda Bisbee, Denbridge, wallet and contents from purse at business in the 6600 block of West Sylvania.

Christopher Cline, Grand Rapids, Mich., radio/CD player from vehicle in the 6000 block of Grainfield.

Saem Kim, 7900 block of Dunhill, detachable face stereo, brass knuckles, and knife from vehicle; suspects arrested.

The Pharm, 5800 block of Monroe, merchandise from store.

Schoen Inc., South Westwood, Toledo, rotary laser with case and concrete vibrator with motor from trailer at site in the 5400 block of Silica.

Sylvania Township


Barney's, 7300 block of West Central, Toledo, fuel drive-off.

Ashley Bowen, 5900 block of Rega, Toledo, identity used to obtain electrical services.

Dennis Boyle, 3700 block of Wild Pheasant, Sylvania, two Power Wheels batteries and scooter from garage; scooter recovered.

David Deubner, 5200 block of Cabrian, Toledo, cement cherub and plants from backyard. (not on map)

Shawnte Groom, 6100 block of West Central, Toledo, speakers and amplifier from vehicle getting repairs at dealership.

Debra Heer, 3500 block of Moffat, Toledo, girl's bicycle and boy's bicycle from yard.

Jason Holloway, 8500 block of Larch, Toledo, wallet and contents from vehicle; suspect attempted to use credit card at store and was confronted by clerk, who wanted to see I.D.; suspect fled.

Linda King, 7300 block of Kings Walk, Sylvania, check made for payment from mailbox.

Kistler Ford, 5500 block of West Central, Toledo, tires from vehicle in lot and damage to three other vehicles.

Kmart, 5900 block of West Central, Toledo, Honda mountain bike.

Helen Komon, 5800 block of West Central, Toledo, purse from cart, checks, and money taken; purse left behind with some items in restroom of store.

Elvora Onlett, 7000 block of Regents, Toledo, hammock from backyard.

Steven Taylor, 4800 block of Parklands, Sylvania, wallet and contents from vehicle.

Wal-Mart, 5800 block of West Central, Toledo, over $100 in merchandise from store.

Jerry Winland, South Reynolds, various tools from company vehicle in the 3300 block of Centennial, Sylvania.


of Toledo


University of Toledo, 2800 block of West Bancroft, laptop computer, digital camera, power cord, and nine university keys from Savage Hall on July 20-21; and nine computer towers, eight monitors, and 15 speakers from Savage Hall Ticket Office on July 23.



Felonious Assault

Frankie Hamblin, 2900 block of Shoreland, suspect with knife threatened victim; victim's thumb injured about 4 a.m. July 25; suspect arrested.


Alternative Plumbing, 6100 block of North Summit, flat screen monitor, computers, locating tool for curb boxes, case of commercial bulbs from business; suspects arrested, some items recovered.

Butts & Brew, 6100 block of North Summit, case of beer from store.



Zion Lutheran Church, unit block of North Second, money, video camera, laptop, and safe broken into; laptop recovered.


Tom Stormer, 1400 block of Eastridge, two hanging flower baskets.




Marie Mecum, Tecumseh, Mich., purse and contents from vehicle parked at travel center in the 6100 block of US 223, Ottawa Lake, Mich.

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