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Suburban crime report

Bedford Township


Ivor J. Lindsay Senior Housing, 8700 block of Lewis, money and checks from safe.

Robert Johnson, 1800 block of West Dean, computer, monitor, and TV.

Carol Quinnell, 6700 block of Green, windows, barn siding, shutters, and hardware from barn.


Ella's Groceries & Liquor, 6500 block of South Telegraph, Instant Win lottery tickets.

North Towne Chevrolet, 7600 block of Lewis, three truck tailgates.

Shane Sieg, 2500 block of Sandpiper, camera and CDs from vehicle.



Corey Ackerman, Phillips, CD player, CDs, and cellular phone and charger from vehicle in the 1000 block of South McCord.

Jeff Geiger, 1200 block of Erie, tools from vehicle.

Chris Lemle, Merryweather, radio, 10 CD changer, three amplifiers, and speakers from vehicle in the 6400 block of Angola.

Shell, 6900 block of Angola, fuel drive-off.

Jerusalem Township


Charles Ott, Jr., 7300 block of Cedar Point, 1945 John Deere tractor, weed trimmer, battery charger, bicycle, crowbars, and garden tools.

Lake Township


Linda Bukky, 26900 block of Pemberville, Millbury, money and jewelry from home.

Bureau Concrete, Inc., 29500 block of Lucky, Walbridge, trailer, power tools, two trucks, and Bobcat from company; trailer recovered.


Fuel Mart, 3600 block of Libbey, Perrysburg, fuel drive offs on July 29 and Aug. 1; over $100.

Flying J, 26400 block of Warns, Perrysburg, fuel drive offs on July 30; over $80.

Pilot Travel Center, 3400 block of Libbey, Perrysburg, fuel drive-off on Aug. 2.



Michael Schaefer, 400 block of East Wayne, cellular phone from home.

Crimes against children

Patrick Caton, 1000 block of Valley Side, stereo, CD player, CDs, and subwoofers from vehicle.


Stanford Aiken, 1100 block of Elco, AM/FM/CD stereo, subwoofers, and CDs from vehicle.

Michelle Bryant, Scott, bicycle from yard in the 1200 block of Village Trail.

Ali Joseph, 800 block of Lamonde, AM/FM/CD stereo, amplifier, and subwoofers from vehicle.

Abigail Mock, 1200 block of Hunt, radar detector and phone charger cord from vehicle.

Debbie Suzor, Chesterfield, bicycle from the 2100 block of Cass.

Monclova Township


Sally Johns, 3600 block of Butz, money from purse.

Shelly Company, Findlay, hammer drill, bits, four parting saws, power nailer, spin laser, bowl float, hand tools, laser, cut-off tool, and metal laser stand from trailer at construction site at State Rt. 64 and Reed. (not on map)



Andrew Bruning, Valleywood, Toledo, checks forged and cashed in the 2600 block of Woodville.

Litehouse Pools, 700 block of Lemoyne, case of liquid chlorine; recovered.

Johnny Prater, 1900 block of Tracy, lawn chairs and two propane cooking grills from yard.

Shell, 2400 block of Oregon, fuel drive-off.

Super Dollar Tree, 2600 block of Woodville, money in change scam.


Auto thefts

Roberta Burgess, 2700 block of Pickle, 1993 Chevrolet Lumina, column peeled, attempt unsuccessful.

Peter Farkas, 2300 block of Starr, 1993 Oldsmobile Fiesta.

Michael Knecht, 1100 block of Mambrino, 1987 Chevrolet Monte Carlo.


AJ Towing & Automotive, 600 block of Millard, scrap radiators, recovered; suspects arrested at scene.

Asya Griffin, 2800 block of Pickle, two pistols from home.

Patricia Kennedy, 2000 block of Autokee, three rings and purse and contents from home.

Mary Mommert, 200 block of Ponderosa, bicycle from garage.

Kimberly Nelson, 6700 block of Brown, TV, golf clubs, video games, alcohol, CDs, radio-controlled car, air tools, air conditioner, tools, and other items from garage.

New Harvest Church, 3500 block of Seaman, undetermined loss.

Crimes against children

Haily Arbogast, Tiffin, purse and contents from vehicle in the 5600 block of Seaman.

Felonious Assault

Robert Delgarza, 2400 block of Starr, four suspects approached victim who was sitting on porch and demanded money; suspects and victim had confrontation and victim was punched in face several times. Suspects fled and took a lawn trimmer from porch about 3 to 4 a.m. July 30.


ABC Warehouse, 3000 block of Navarre, items purchased with bad check over $800.

Arlene Alden, 3200 block of Corduroy, identity used to obtain a credit card through the Internet.

Diane Arbogast, Tiffin, checkbook and purse and contents from vehicle in the 5600 block of Seaman

Arbors At Oregon, 900 block of Isaac, fake payroll check for $526.18 cashed.

Shelly Cerrone, 1700 block of South Wheeling, stolen checks used to make purchases at stores.

Don Collins, 200 block of Wakefield, license plate from vehicle.

Melanie Engel, Twin Falls, Idaho, purse and contents from cart while shopping in the 3300 block of Navarre.

Raymond Fonteine, Ansonia, driver's side window shattered, no items taken in the 1600 block of Norcross.

Michael George, 1100 block of Grasser, bicycle from backyard.

Michelle Grossjean, 3100 block of Flame, CD/receiver radio and speaker box from vehicle.

Andrew Holmer, Fairbanks, Toledo, money from vehicle in the 3000 block of Starr.

Charlotte Justice, East Broadway, Toledo, purse and contents from cart in the 1900 block of Woodville.

Jason Kleindienst, 3200 block of Yorktown, radar detector and cord from vehicle.

Adis Kurtovic, 2700 block of Seaman, passenger window broken, no items taken.

Radio Shack, 3000 block of Navarre, false refunds made in order to get money from register by suspect.

Heather Rapton, 3200 block of Yorktown, CD player with detachable face from vehicle.

Shawn Rife, 2400 block of Eastmoreland, rear license plate from vehicle.

Donna Ryan, Castlebrooke, Sylvania, passenger vent window shattered, no items taken in the 3000 block of Starr

Brian Schehl, 3200 block of Yorktown, CD stereo, speakers, and amplifier from vehicle.

Megan Scherer, 2800 block of Quincy, AM/FM/CD player and 60 CDs from vehicle.

Nate Schwikart, 3300 block of Yorktown, CD player, amplifier, and kicker speakers from vehicle.

Jackie Simmons, Poinsetta, Toledo, purse and contents from vehicle in the 3000 block of Starr.

Diane Street, 600 block of South Coy, bicycle from patio.

David Winckowski, 4300 block of Pearson, driver's side window shattered, no items taken.

Raymond Zak, 400 block of Holly, identity used in bid to obtain a credit card.

Ottawa Hills


Jeffrey Deckebach, 5000 block of Secretariat, cellular phone and savings account books from vehicle.



Robin McConnell, 1200 block of Valley Bluff, camera from vehicle.

Nick Steeb, 500 block of Oak Knoll, stereo from vehicle.

Kevin Zychowicz, 200 block of Twinbrook, dog kennel.

Perrysburg Township


Thomas Chiles, 28100 block of Oregon, PlayStation II and amplifier from home.


ABC Auto Auction Toledo, 9700 block of Fremont Pike, stereo/TV/DVD player from vehicle.

Marathon Gas Station, 28300 block of Oregon, suspects entered store and took beer.

Kent Saunders, 27600 block of Tracy, Walbridge, bicycle from shed.

Providence Township


Deborah Wynn, 7400 block of Kaolin, electric scooter from garage.


Jennifer Chapman, Stryker, Ohio, 25 CDs, speakers, amplifier, and pellet pistol from vehicle in the 13800 block of U.S. 24, Grand Rapids, Ohio. (not on map)

Danberry Realtors, 7600 block of Jeffers, Grand Rapids, Ohio, solar pool cover, pool cleaner, and gate from shed.

Gerald Vanhoutte, 11100 block of South River, Grand Rapids, Ohio, stereos and 500 CDs from two vehicles.1

Kathy Walli, 13500 block of West Central, Swanton, dog purchased with bad check, dog taken.


Auto theft

Lynda Villarreal, unit block of Rossway, 2001 Oldsmobile Alero with purse and contents in vehicle.

Crimes against children

Jeff Sparks, Rossburn, bicycle from the 700 block of Dixie.


Electro Prime, unit block of Dixie, 30 sway bars from business, recovered; suspects arrested.

Timothy Myers, 1200 block of Grassy, DVD and money from two vehicles.

Sara Nemeth, 700 block of Creekside, make-up bag and contents from vehicle.

Michael Romanowicz, 1200 block of Grassy, cellular phone from vehicle.

Springfield Township


Christy Baumgardner, 2200 block of Perrysburg-Holland, jewelry from home.

Grace Braida, 9400 block of Garden, air compressor and other items from garage.

Teresa Cover, 2200 block of Perrysburg-Holland, digital camera, DVD player, computer, monitor, CPU, printer, customized computer, CPU, VCR, jewelry, and money from home.

Kelly Evans, 100 block of Daisy, PlayStation II, 20 video games, and wireless remote from home.


Robert Beach, Wyandotte, wallet and contents from locker at gym in the 2100 block of South Holland-Sylvania.

Craig Bourcier, 3000 block of Deepwater, go-cart from driveway.

Ashley Bowen, Rega, identity used to obtain utility services in the 2200 block of Perrysburg-Holland.

Phil Couture, 4300 block of North Watercrest, credit card number used in New York and Illinois.

Sonya Elsworth, Dorcas, license plate from vehicle in the 8200 block of Airport.

Fuel Mart, 8100 block of Airport, fuel drive- offs on July 30 and Aug. 1; over $30.

Angela Gartee, South McCord, stereo faceplate and hand bag and contents from vehicle in the 1300 block of East Mall.

Douglas Jones, 8700 block of Dorr, hot tub and trailer from front yard.

Doreen Manack, 6900 block of West Bancroft, rear license plate from vehicle.

John Mercer, unit block of Curwood, large trampoline from yard.

Speedway, 6700 block of Airport, cartons of cigarettes from store.

Sports America Inc., 1400 East Mall, two laser levels with stands from company, over $5,000.

Gerard Verhoff, Ottawa, Ohio, rear license plate from vehicle in the 1200 block of South Holland-Sylvania.

Woodside Terrace, 7700 block of Angola, boom box/radio from shed.

Swanton Township


Janet Ketring, 11500 block of Old State Line, tool chest and tools from garage.

Mat Rose, 11800 block of Shaffer, mountain bicycle and tool box and hand tools from pole barn.


David Oates, 11000 block of Old State Line, tool bag, tool box, and tools from vehicle.



Pizza Hut, 5800 block of Monroe, over $150 from orders delivered.

Susan Abbott, 4800 block of Westcliffe, identity used to obtain credit card.

Erie Shores Credit Union, 5700 block of Monroe, suspect forged and cashed check.

Richard Lewandowski, 5900 block of Sunrise, detachable faceplate and cellular phone from two vehicles.

Little Caesar's, 6300 block of Monroe, sign from business.

James Moody, Clifton, Toledo, bicycles from yard in the 5500 block of West Alexis.

Sylvania Township


Barney's, 7300 block of West Central, fuel drive-off.

Pamala Butler, 7300 block of Whispering Oak, cellular phone from vehicle.

Mary Geck, 2500 block of Heysler, suspect obtained bank information by stealing check from mail. Suspect using stolen checks used victim's bank information to cash checks.

Tom Herman, 5500 block of Sturbridge, Oakley sunglasses, money, owner's manual, and insurance card from vehicle.

Carl Hopkins, 5000 block of Barton, miter saw from vehicle.

Eileen Kennedy, 4900 block of Courville, check stolen from mailbox, then deposited into victim's account and used to obtain money from account.

Louise Kennedy, Harvest, purse and contents from cart while shopping in the 7200 block of West Central.

Ted Kotulski, 4900 block of Barton, 100 to 150 CDs from vehicle.

Lowe's, 7000 West Central, fraudulent returns made to obtain cash, over $300.

McDonald's, 3000 block of North Holland-Sylvania, money obtained through a change scam.

Lee Poore, 5600 block of West Central, passenger window broken, no items taken.

Christina Rode, 4800 block of Skelly, check forged and cashed.

Todd Skidmore, 6000 block of West Central, subwoofer box from vehicle.

John Siebenaller, Nightingale, AM/FM/CD-TV screen radio and amplifier from vehicle in the 6000 block of West Central.

Bernard Sieg, 4800 block of DeVilbiss, five debit/credit cards from vehicle.

True North, 5400 block of Monroe, fuel drive-off.

Michael Walker, 7300 block of Whispering Oak, victim's credit card information used to make purchase online for $400.

Tracy Wheating, Manore, Swanton, stolen check forged and made out to victim was cashed in with victim's account information in the 6800 block of Hawkston.

University of Toledo

Auto theft

Joseph Albandia, Twin Oaks, 2001 silver Ford Focus from Lot 18, keys stolen from Student Recreation Center in the 2800 block of West Bancroft.


University of Toledo, 2800 block of West Bancroft, theft in progress, computers from Savage Hall; suspects not found, items to be taken found and rooms ransacked.



Jeff Holtgrieve, 100 block of Cedar, TV, DVD player, DVD, video game from home.

Crimes against children

Wesley Socie, Harwood, bicycle from swimming pool area in the 400 block of Parkview.


Kevin Hessling, East Perry, bicycle from swimming pool area in the 400 block of Parkview.

Timothy Teneyck, 30600 block of Drouillard, bicycle and keys from shed.

Washington Township


Michael Ferrell, Bowling Green, CD player, equalizer, CDs, poker chips, subwoofers, and two wallets and contents from vehicle; credit cards used to make purchases in the 2500 block of Raintree.



Susan Hanifan, 8200 block of Farnsworth, antique furniture, recovered.

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