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Woman is hanging up on her marriage

Dear Annie: My wife of five years recently met a guy at work, and they have become rather close friends. Well, she claims it's only friendship. I think there is more going on.

Three weeks ago, I discovered "Audrey" had purchased a cell phone plan that includes two phones and shared minutes. One phone belongs to my wife, and this guy has the other one. When I confronted her, she told me the phone was his and he was letting her use it. I checked around, and that's a complete lie. Audrey has stopped talking to her family and old friends. In fact, she rarely acknowledges me. Am I wrong to think this is more than a friendship? Audrey won't admit a thing, so I have asked her for a divorce. Even though I love her, I cannot see this ever being resolved.

I know I should seek counseling, but I also believe that she needs to go as well. Any help would be appreciated. - California Hubby

Dear Calif.: We agree that Audrey's involvement with this co-worker is not exactly kosher. If the threat of divorce didn't shake her, she obviously wants to reach out and touch someone, and it's not you. Please go for counseling alone. You need help getting through this.

Dear Annie: I am writing in response to "Crying Mother," who was upset because her daughters discussed putting her in a nursing home.

I am 51, and for years, my daughters have told me they are going to put me in a home. One day while vacationing in Florida, I saw a big, beautiful house on a hill overlooking the ocean. I looked at my daughters and said, "If you're putting me in a home, I want that one!" - Living Happily in Michigan

Dear Living: You have a cute sense of humor, but you are only 51, and "the home" seems distant. Those closer to the event tend to find it much less amusing.

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