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The Weekly Record

Bowling Green

Crime reports


Nicholas Martin, 1500 block East Wooster, video game system.


Adam Halsey, 500 block South Maple, CD player.

Municipal Court

Operating vehicle under the influence

Juan Contreras, 27, Weston, 120 days jail, 3-year license suspension, 4 years probation, $445 fine and costs.

Mark Reed, 35, Gahanna, OH, 3 days DWI program, 180-day license suspension, 1 year probation, $485 fine and costs.

Andrew Feasel, 23, Bowling Green, 10 days jail, 1-year license suspension, 5 years probation, $946 fine and costs.

Jason Reinbolt, 29, Perrysburg, 10 days jail, 2-year license suspension, 5 years probation, $945 fine and costs.

Dennis Fiedelak, 42, Bowling Green, 182 days jail, 10-year license suspension, 5 years probation, $1,560 fine and costs.

Senetta Swinea, 22, Bowling Green, 2 days jail, 3 days DWI program, 180-day license suspension, 3 years probation, $620 fine and costs.

Rodney Downard, 36, Rudolph, 3 days jail, 3 days DWI program, 180-day license suspension, 5 years probation, $595 fine and costs.

Lloyd Cheatwood, 35, Bowling Green, 10 days jail, 2-year license suspension, 5 years probation, $945 fine and costs.

Ricardo Rios, 25, Pemberville, 3 days DWI program, 180-day license suspension, 2 years probation, $585 fine and costs.

Brian Draper, 50, Gorlerich, Ontario, 6 days jail, 180-day license suspension, 2 years probation, $595 fine and costs.

David Warner, Jr., 38, Portage, 5 days jail, 25 days electronic home monitoring, 2-year license suspension, 5 years probation, $495 fine and costs.

Esequiel Varela III, 35, Weston, 20 days jail, 2-year license suspension, 5 years probation, $945 fine and costs.

Driving under influence

Kenneth Hurst, 31, Custar, 59 days jail, 1 year license suspension, 3 years probation, $600 fine and costs.

Operating motor vehicle after underage consumption

Andrew Macmillan-Ladd, 20, Toledo, 3 days DWI program, 180-day license suspension, 2 years probation, $310 fine and costs.

Reckless operation

Gregory Parisian, 42, Bowling Green, 3 days DWI program, 3 years probation, $335 fine and costs.

Disregard of safety on highway

Danielle Herman, 23, Hudson, OH, 3 days DWI program, 2 years probation, $335 fine and costs.

Prohibited alcohol content - breath .17+

James Black, 49, Pemberville, 6 days jail, 90 days electronic home monitoring, 2-year license suspension, 5 years probation, $560 fine and costs.


Driving while intoxicated

Tyler Paxton, 21, of 169 Hilltop, Mansfield, $310 fine, costs, license suspended 180 days.

Stephen Poulson, 22, of 3121 Pickle, $630 fine, costs, 90 days jail time, 75 days suspended, 2 years probation, license suspended 540 days.

Reckless operator

Jennifer Douglas, 22, of 853 Mambrino, $267 fine, costs, 3 days DWI program, license suspended 120 days.

Laura Lozano, 40, of 40 Applewood, $267 fine, costs, 3 days DWI program, license suspended 120 days.


Municipal court

Driving while intoxicated

Kevin Courter, 33, of 443 Sumner, Toledo, $450 fine, costs, 100 days jail time, 90 days suspended, 90 days immobilization, license suspended 3 years.

Burke Manning, 20, of 809 North Grove, Bowling Green, $350 fine, costs, 60 days jail time, 42 days suspended, 3 days DWI program, license suspended 180 days.

Gerald Casares, 49, of 28180 Oregon, lot 752, 360 days jail time.

Wood County


Brandy Richmond, of Wayne, boy, Sept. 1.

Kathleen and Kevin Miller, of Bowling Green, girl, Sept. 3.

Vanessa Reese, of Grand Rapids, boy, Sept. 3.

Heather and Nicholas Hillman, of Luckey, girl, Sept. 7.

Stacy and Brad St. Clair, of Rudolph, girl, Sept. 7.

Heather and Justin Powell, of Fostoria, girl, Sept. 8.

Common Pleas Court


Danielle James, 24, Bowling Green, forgery, 3 years community control, 100 hours community service, $910 restitution, obtain G.E.D., $50 supervision fee, costs. Judge Reeve Kelsey.

Daniel Combs, 42, Whitehouse, driving under the influence, 60 days jail, 3-year license suspension, 3 years community control, 200 hours community service, obtain employment, substance abuse treatment program, $800 fine, $50 supervision fee, costs. Judge Kelsey.

Brandon Huff, 20, Genoa, permitting drug abuse, 3 years community control, 300 hours community service, SEARCH program, obtain G.E.D., obtain employment, $50 supervision fee. Judge Robert C. Pollex.

Jennifer Meeker, 26, Bowling Green, five cts. theft by deception, 2 cts. passing bad checks, 4 years community control, 150 hours community control, WORTH program, Behavioral Connections, obtain employment, $1,688.47 restitution, $50 supervision fee, costs. Judge Pollex.

Arif Farooki, 26, Napoleon, receiving stolen property, 1 year Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Corrections, 9 months post release control, costs. Judge Kelsey.


Deborah Instone from Douglas Instone.


Rebecca and Kenneth Schroeder.

Marriage Licenses

Derek Laubenthal, 28, of Rossford, forklift operator, and Julie Weaver, 28, of Perrysburg, registered nurse.

Jeffrey Fieldhouse, 27, teacher, and Jamie Tracy, 26, advertising executive, both of Perrysburg.

William Harvey, Jr., 32, die maker, and Laura Smith, 29, driver, both of Perrysburg.

Tommy Baum, 44, assistant manager, and Valerie Groff, 20, restaurant worker, both of Risingsun.

Thomas Anderson, 22, driver, and Nicole Lopez, 19, restaurant worker, both of Perrysburg.

Robert Jackson, 30, restoration, and Zoleka Luswazi, 30, student, both of Bowling Green.

Terence Armentano, 24, of Massillon, instruction course design, and Alisson Kallenbach, 22, of Bowling Green, teacher.

Andrew Sauber, 28, and Sarah Shuff, 23, teacher, both of Wayne.

Andrew Vollmar, 23, of Haskins, operations supervisor, and Jessica Smith, 22, of Bowling Green, student.

Michael Konves, 35, of Bloomdale, U.S. Army, Bethany Gheta, 24, of Sheffield Lake, OH, student.

Jason Eisenbrandt, 27, cook, and Stacey Oney, 20, sales associate, both of Perrysburg.

Brian Pritt, 23, auditor, and Karrie Mothersbaugh, 23, model, both of Perrysburg.

Russell Thompson, 47, of Bowling Green, computer programmer, and Kelley Fisher, 42, of Perrysburg, registered nurse.

Erik Crawford, 32, supervisor, and Ann Bitikofer, 39, general warehouse, both of Northwood.

David Kania, 43, of Millbury, millwright, and Diane Hernandez, 44, of Oregon, service technician.

Joseph Gabel, 57, service technician, and Barbara Gabel, 46, home health aide, both of Weston.

Scott Strausbaugh, 21, of Fostoria, laborer, and Ashley Brooks, 20, of Jerry City, STNA/cosmetologist.

Jacob Rollins, 24, cook, and Tracy Reitz, 27, para professional, both of Perrysburg.

Jason Romp, 31, environmental specialist 2, and Amanda Snider, 27, design specialist, both of Walbridge.

Chad Achenbach, 32, engineer, and Heather Slayton, 28, case worker, both of Perrysburg.

Gerald Kamann, 42, electronics technician, and Susan Burdick, 40, human resources administrator, both of Perrysburg.

Benjamin Harpster, 27, assistant greens keeper, and Devon Ernsberger, 21, homemaker, both of Bradner.

J. Allan Main, Jr., 38, machinist, and Sheila Hamblin, 35, student, both of Pemberville.

Matthew Lowe, 38, maintenance technician, and Bonnie Dempsey, 33, homemaker, both of Pemberville.

Bernard Scott II, 26, of Perrysburg, women's basketball coach, and Colleen Britt, 25, of Toledo, marketing director.

Real estate transfers

Norma Shroeder to Ronald and Shannon Nabors, 311 West Front, Pemberville, $144,500.

John and Kathleen Redman to Mitchell and Carrie Hammond, 228 Indiana, Perrysburg, $149,000.

William Denbesten to Eric and Karen Wallace, 209 Liberty, Bowling Green, $149,900.

James Chambers to Jeff and Helen Chambers, 3348 Sugar Ridge, Troy Twp., $250,000.

Bernard Walker, Jr., et al to Jason Ripley, 313 Caldwell, Bradner, $77,000.

Marilyn Brossia, trustee, to Jane Bowes, inlot 414 Percy, Walbridge, $125,000.

Daniel and Jennifer Darrr to Juliana Gentry, 1295 Cherry, Millbury, $132,500.

Richard and Martha Laughlin to Debra Barndt, 942 Hunter, Bowling Green, $243,250.

Jacob Sechkar et al to Kevin and Jennifer Hensley, 121 Locust, Luckey, $100,000.

Howard Handley to James and Clare Worley, 7380 Starlawn, Perrysburg Twp., $127,000.

Timothy and Laura Jansen to Rick and Kimberly Phillips, 2458 McKinley, Perrysburg, $206,000.

Wood County Sheriff to Daniel and Janet Pohlman, 311 South Marry, Northwood, $79,000.

Ray and Nami Leep to James and Angela Truby, 653 Bruns, Rossford, $112,000.

Lisa Huitt et al to Fannie Mae, 224 Locust, Perrysburg, $86,000.

Marylouise and Arthur Yonker to James Hossler, lot 84 Presidential Village 4th addition, Fostoria, $16,000.

Suzanne Bucher to James L. Smith, 305 East Second, North Baltimore, $107,000.

Lee Eshelman, Jr., et al to Daniel and Vicki Meyerholtz, unit in Meadowlands Condominium, Perrysburg, $151,500.

Forrester Wehrle Homes, Inc., to David and Diane Rybka, 26660 Arrowhead, Perrysburg Twp., $191,553.

Forrester Wehrle Homes, Inc., to Jeffrey and Hope Nath, 26646 Amberwood, Perrysburg Twp., $199,746.

Glenice Cole to Jodi Fryman-Reed et al, 27602 Swartzwalder, Lake Twp., $145,000.

Coetta Noble to James Feguson, 4177 Garling, Troy Twp., $109,900.

Allen and Joan Schroeder to Michael and Debbie Tammarine, 507 Indian, Rossford, $152,000.

Mark and Barbara Lane to David and Jennifer Bierhup, 312 Main, Luckey, $158,000.

Patricia J. Bromley Estate to Charles and Gloria Jacobs, unit in Pheasant Run Condominium, Perrysburg, $107,900.

David McCarthy et al to Florence Grabarczyk, unit in Golf Point Villas Condominium, Perrysburg Twp., $145,000.

Midland Agency of Northwest Ohio, Inc., trustee, to Zachary and Amy Burns, plat 6 lot 86 Horseshoe Bend, Perrysburg, $40,000.

Kevin Thompson to Michael and Keri Kasza, 420 West Seventh, Perrysburg, $120,000.

Chad Kervin to Daniel and Anne Fisher, 28391 Hufford, Perrysburg Twp., $106,000.

Laurence and Sharon Meeker to Stephen Shelton, 2333 Woods Edge, Perrysburg, $210,000.

Kelly Collins to William Poulin, 8244 Latcha, Perrysburg Twp., $168,000.

Antonia and Gloria Ramirez to Ronald Emahiser, 3420 Middleton Pike, Troy Twp., $290,000.

Bruce and Michele Janiak to Mary Gelsanliter, 28152 White, Perrysburg, $225,500.

Kevin and Jennifer Hensley to Jacob Sechkar et al, 4171 Dowling, Troy Twp., $140,000.

Kenneth and Rachel Graham to Brenda Robson, 205 Martendale, Walbridge, $155,000.

Robert and Judith Loucks to Veronica Hankins, 321 Evans, Bradner, $69,000.

H&T Land Partners LTD to C&D Development, Plat 1 lot 7008 Deer Hollow, Bowling Green, $37,500.

Dwight Bentley to Mary and Bernard Hill, 142 East Main, Wayne, $35,000.

Robert and Joyce Russell to Jon Russell, 224 Wilson, Northwood, $35,356.

Donald and Patricia Schmidt to Audrey Lawson, 602 North Main, Bloomdale, $15,212.

Jerry and Janice Lefebvre to Craig and Cherise Breckenridge, 13763 Otusso, Perrysburg, $260,000.

David and Diane Rybra to John Brighton, 150 Edgewood, Perrysburg, $151,000.

Wood County Sheriff to Provident Bank, 102 South Main, Bloomdale, $59,900.

Gary and Ann Conklin to Becks Construction Co., 14291 Mitchell, Plain Twp., $369,400.

Kevin and Julie Wellendorf to Cendant Mobility Financial Corp., 109 Earl North, Haskins, $169,900.

Cendant Mobility Financial to Joel and Adrienne Tetreault, 1053 Sandusky, Haskins, $169,900.

Keith and Trisha Buddelmeyer to Michael and Rachel Barnett, 422 Indiana, Perrysburg, $174,000.

Edward and Susan Ramasocky to Joseph Freck III et al, 204 Chantilly Rue, Northwood, $135,000.

James and Barbara Belleville to Gary and Ann Conklin, 40 agricultural acres Wingston, Plain Twp., $126,793.

Frank and Susan Cianciola to Edward and Helen Gatzke, 3840 Eisenhower, Northwood, $172,200.

Gladys Fox to Gary and Ann Conklin, 30 agricultural acres Liberty Hi, Plain Twp., $100,000.

Daniel and Emanuela Rinehart to Marilyn McMaster, trustee, 26428 West Wexford, Perrysburg Twp., $185,900.

Wood County Sheriff to Bank of New York, 659 Lime City, Rossford, $121,000.

Bank of New York to Joseph and Nina Blatnik, 659 Lime City, Rossford, $129,100.

Dale and David Myers et al to David and Becky Tscherne, 28220 Simmons, Perrysburg, $210,000.

Terry and Christine Kretz to Theresa Guidera, 1940 Terri Rue, Northwood, $142,500.

Cimarron Custom Homes, Inc., to David and Julie Bermudez, 683 Sandstone, Perrysburg, $200,500.

Estate to Mildred G. Miller to Jason and Louise Heintschel, inlots 270-272 Brighton Gardens, Northwood, $16,000.

Belva Van Vorhis, deceased, to Douglas and Jana Van Vorhis, 21.49 agricultural acres Devil's Hole, Webster Twp., $60,000.

Belva Van Vorhis, deceased, to Larry and Patricia Sanders, 30.74 agricultural acres Devil's Hole, Webster Twp., $70,000.

Fannie Mae to Robert Salisbury, 26572 Sheringham, Perrysburg Twp., $111,700.

Forrester Wehrle Homes, Inc., to Jody and Sandra Sheets, 1077 Iron Trail, Perrysburg, $231,700.

Dold Homes, Inc., to James and Meghan Maxwell, 107 Greenwood, Haskins, $180,531.

David and Phylis Hamrick to Rodger and Andrea Benson, 14788 Prairie Lake, Middleton Twp., $320,000.

Dold Investment Co. to Jeffrey and Dawn Sintobin, 9636 Defiance Pike, Portage Twp., $204,000.

Sherry Ferguson to Cheryl Hardy, 538 West Sixth, Perrysburg, $134,000.

Jon and Patricia Pringle to Dawn McCrum, 157 Elm, Rossford, $96,000.

Lorenzo Flores et al to Todd and Heather Sayler, 7088 Twin Lakes, Perrysburg Twp., $188,000.

Woodmont Development LLC to Patricia Nye, plat 1 lot 2 Woodmont, Perrysburg Twp., $29,900.

Midland Agency of NW Ohio, Inc., trustee, to Dale and Robin Evearitt, 2.30 residential acres Curtice, Northwood, $44,000.


Walter E. Campton, 78, of Toledo, non-Hodgkins lymphoma.

Dorothy R. Lewinski, 77, of Walbridge, diffuse hemorrhagic colitis.

James Dean Brown, 73, of Perrysburg, congestive heart failure.

Harvey Robert Brim, 83, of Bowling Green, encephalopathy.

Pablo Sanchez-Morales, 19, of Upper Sandusky, accidental due to brain injury sustained in auto accident.

Michael Rodd Kaelber, 43, of Maumee, carcinoma of stomach.

Minta Rainey, 92, of North Baltimore, myocardial infarction.

Patrick C. O'Leary, 67, of Toledo, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Miriam Lahja Pauli, 88, of Erie, Mich., congestive heart failure.

Walter N. Artz, 81, of Rossford, non-small cell carcinoma of lung.

Viola R. Brown, 86, of Bowling Green, chronic renal failure.

Terry D. Chapman, 65, of North Baltimore, acute respiratory failure.

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