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Suburban crime reports

Bedford Township


Chuck Helbing, 11200 block of Secor, chain saw, drill press, miter saw, power washer, and portable tools.

Patsy Malinowski, 6900 block of Jackman, gold diamond ring and gas generator.


Dairy Mart, 8000 block of Lewis, cash and lottery tickets.

Terry Kolnick, 9000 block of Secor, purse and contents from vehicle.

Shirley Sumner, 7300 block of Hidden Valley, 21 CDs.

Harbor View


Rickie Smith, 300 block of Lakeview, lock box with coins, digital camera, printer, CD stereo for vehicle, TV, rifles, liquor, and coin collection from home.

Lake Township


James Tye, Delta, Ohio, four shotguns from home in the 26300 block of Lemoyne.

Crimes against children

Brent Castellanos, Pemberville, wallet and contents from locker at high school in the 28000 block of Lemoyne.


Flying J, 26400 block of Warns, fuel drive off, $154.

Fuel Mart, 3600 block of Libbey, fuel drive off.



Genito-Urinary Surgeons Inc., 5700 block of Monclova, three boxes of Viagra from cabinet at business.

Nathan Fife, Michael Gschwind, and Jimmy VanTuinen, all of Maumee, were riding their bicycles and were approached by six suspects, one of whom knocked one of the victim's off his bicycle and took it. The suspects then told victims to empty their pockets. One suspect took one of the victims earrings off his ears. Suspects threw other bicycles over fence into stadium causing damage about 7 p.m. Sept. 27 in the 1100 block of Saco.

Andrew Lewinski, 700 block of Key, mountain bicycle from yard.


Sherrie and Stephanie Burkhardt, 1500 block of Wilderness, AM/FM/CD radio and jewelry from vehicle.

Mary Burkowski, Berdan, Toledo, purse and contents from counter at post office in the 1300 block of Ford.

Susan Davenport, 1100 block of Fort, mountain bicycle from yard.

Destani Fuhr, South, Whitehouse, gift bags with clothing, lamp, picture frame, candle holders, baby pillow, and gift certificates from vehicle in the 1300 block of Conant.

Lorri McKenty, Garrison, Toledo, purse and contents from vehicle in the 2900 block of Key.

Ashley Preciado, Old Stone, Toledo, cellular phone and purse and contents from stroller while at game in the 2900 block of Key.

Karen Warmath, 500 block of West Dussel, $100 in change from office area.

Mary Weimer, 1000 block of Bowles, bicycle with basket from back patio.

Monclova Township


Karen Hensley, 7800 block of Honeysuckle, plywood sheets from home under construction; suspects arrested at site. (not on map)

Ervin Opaczewski, 6600 block of Hunters Creek, watch, woman's diamond ring, money, and purse and contents from home while victims were sleeping.


Auto theft

Robin Cisneros, Peak, 1998 Dodge Avenger from mall parking area in the 3700 block of Williston


Kimberly Davenport, 2000 block of Sheffield, PlayStation games and DVDs from home.

SRW Maintenance, 2500 block of Woodville, suspects attempted to force entry into building.


The Andersons General Store, 3700 block of Williston, watch and bandana from store, recovered; juvenile suspects apprehended.

BP Oil, 3800 block of Woodville, fuel drive off $30.

Michelle Malik, Fostoria, Millbury, rear license plate from vehicle in the 500 block of Lemoyne.

Craig Parrish, 200 block of Farnstead, stereo, checkbook, and CDs from vehicle.



Linda Kelley, State Rt. 582, Woodville, riding lawnmower from garage in the 6600 block of Navarre.

Crimes against children

Aston Tammerine, South Wheeling, bicycle from rack at middle school in the 3000 block of Starr.


Walter Backus, 1700 block of South Wheeling, rear license plate from vehicle.

Dolores Damschroder, 3700 block of Navarre, purse and contents from shopping cart.

Joyce Smahaj, Piper, Northwood, wallet and contents left behind at restaurant in the 2200 block of Woodville.

Ottawa Hills


Mark Michalski, 3600 block of Indian, political signs from yard.



BP Oil, 26400 block of North Dixie, fuel drive off.

Gary Baumhower, Rosamond, Maumee, suspect using victim's credit card in the 400 block of Louisiana.

Michael Bostdorff, 10700 block of Avenue, political sign from yard.

Lori DeWitt, Charlemont, cellular phone from vehicle in the 400 block of East Boundary.

Matthew Faykosh, 500 block of Garfield, acetylene torch from garage.

Deanna Harwell, 2400 block of Coe, political sign from yard.

Mark Holdcraft, 100 block of Edgewood, cellular phone from vehicle.

Kroger, 27300 block of Carronade, suspects attempting to cash fraudulent check.

Gary Samples, 26500 block of Fort Meigs, political sign from yard.

LaDonna Secrist, Mansfield, Ohio, purse and contents from vehicle in the 29100 block of West River.

Sandra Stremlow, 100 block of Louisiana, bicycle.

Elda Thompson, 100 block of West Second, bicycle, recovered.

Joel Yeager, Boyne, Sylvania, cash from vehicle in the 29100 block of West River.

Perrysburg Township


Brian Clayton and Dora McGovern, Woodbridge, Toledo, two suspects in ski masks assaulted victims and then took purse and contents at 11 p.m. Sept. 24.


Kevin Stawinski, 30200 block of Jacqueline, suspects entered home under construction and used restroom and hung out smoking, leaving windows open; one suspect was arrested at site, no items taken. (not on map)


John Biniker, 27000 block of Oregon, chrome beauty rings from tires on vehicle.

James Fink, 28100 block of Oregon, vehicle damaged items belong to second victim taken.

Goeke Auto Sales, 9700 block of Fremont Pike, dealer plate from vehicle.

Jennifer Leszyk, Lakevue, AM/FM/CD stereo from vehicle in the 30300 block of Oregon.

Owens Community College, 30300 block of Oregon, suspect used stolen identity to enroll in college and get loans; over $6,7000.

Robert Vickery, Mulberry, auto bond and amplifier from vehicle in the 28100 block of Oregon.


Auto thefts

Leonard Michaels, 800 block of Dixie, column peeled in an attempt to take vehicle, no items taken.

Cale Weiland, Hillview, damage to interior and exterior in attempt to take vehicle, no items taken in the 200 block of Eagle Point.


Hal Green, 200 block of Hannum, CD player from boat.

Franklin Martin, unit block of Rinker, tools from vehicle.

Meijer Inc., 10000 block of Meijer, suspect who worked for store kept coming up short in cash drawer at service desk totaling $500; suspect arrested. (not on map)

Richfield Township


Dennis Earl, 5900 block of Allen, two shotguns from garage,

Providence Township


Renee Eckel, 12400 block of Archbold Whitehouse, political signs from yard.

Bob McIlvain, 12500 block of Neapolis Waterville, 40 fifty pound bags of grain and 20 bags of hay from barn.

Auto theft

Roth Scott, Field, Whitehouse, 1977 Free Travel Trailer from storage in the 11200 block of Providence-Neapolis-Swanton. (not on map)

Spencer Township


Brian Yaney, South Berkey Southern, saws, air compressor, drill, AM/FM radio, and many other construction tools from trailer at construction site in the 12400 block of Frankfort.


Carol Peters, unit block of North Irwin, fence gate, well water pump, and other items.

Greg Thibodeau, 12800 block of Old State Line, credit card information used to withdraw money, over $630.

Springfield Township


Robert Ginsburg, 2200 block of Kingston, clothing, perfumes, liquor, and four matchbox cars.

Patton Place Market, 1700 block of South Crissey, cash and coin collection from home.

Felonious Assault

Diana Vannes, Bapst, suspects in vehicle followed victim in vehicle and were yelling and attempting to run victim off road in the North King-Hill area about 5 p.m. Sept. 19. Victim drove to police station.


Albring Vending Co., 1300 block of South Holland-Sylvania, seven bags of vending machine change from vehicle; $600 to $700.

Tammy Anderson, 7900 block of Angola, amplifier box with speakers from vehicle.

BP Oil, 1400 block of South Holland-Sylvania, suspects working at station used stolen credit card to make purchases.

Mary Jo Burkert, Sugar Maple, wallet and contents from vehicle while at gym in the 2100 block of South Holland Sylvania.

Michelle Cremean, 6500 block of Dorr, CD player and 30 CDs from vehicle.

Sharon Gigandet, Bucklew, cellular phone while at motel in the 1200 block of East Mall.

Sandi Guess, 7600 block of Nebraska, political signs from yard.

Michael Holly, 6800 block of Pilliod, political signs from yard.

Archie Lunsford, Clarion, two speakers from vehicle in the 6500 block of Dorr.

Sylvie Montgomery, Fairwood, Sylvania, wallet and contents while shopping in the 1400 block of Spring Meadows

Zachery Nicholls, Waterford, Wis., wallet and contents while shopping in the 7500 block of Airport.

Toni Paquin, 500 block of White Oak, checks totalling $1,037 from vehicle.

Amanda Rodgers, 1800 block of North McCord, AM/FM/CD player and 12 CDs from vehicle.

Amy Schrader, Dundee, Mich., purse and contents from vehicle while at gym in the 2100 block of South Holland-Sylvania.

Swanton Township


Lisa Eisel, 13700 block of State Rt. 64, political signs from yard.

Peggy Hahn, 10400 block of Angola, handgun from home.

Sun Yi Tae, Broadview Heights, Ohio, $400 from briefcase in motel room in the 10700 block of Airport, Swanton.


Auto theft

Schmidt National Truck Rental, Conant, Maumee, 2003 GMC truck from behind flower shop in the 6600 block of Sylvania


Dennis Isaac, 6000 block of North Main, decorative porch railing.

Laura Porter, Summit, detachable face CD player from vehicle in the 5100 block of McGregor.

Sylvania Township

Auto theft

Sherri Morris, Zone, 1986 Chevy truck from the 3400 block of King.

Felonious Assault

Frank Manley, Chase, suspect assaulted victim with brass knuckles about 7 p.m. Sept. 21. Victim was treated for dislocated shoulder, broken facial bones, and swollen right eye.


Central Travel, 6700 block of West Central, $1,500 from safe.

Clark Oil, 5400 block of West Alexis, fuel drive off $25.

Express Office, 2700 block of North Reynolds, gasoline from company trucks.

Jennifer Genos, Garrison, wallet and contents from purse in the 2500 block of Wilford.

Grogan's Towne Used Cars, 6000 block of West Central, factory stereo from vehicle in lot.

In & Out Mart/Sunoco, 8200 block of Sylvania-Metamora, fuel drive off $19.

Kroger, 7500 block of Sylvania, suspects attempted to cash fraudulent check; suspects were apprehended by police.

Rebecca Kuhn, Mingo, Perrysburg, bookbag and contents from vehicle in the 4500 block of Crossfields.

David Langondorfer, Quail Hollow, wallet and contents from locker at health club in the 2800 block of North Reynolds.

True North, 5400 block of Monroe, fuel drive off over $30.

University of Toledo


Lacey Cuttaia, Cheltenham, wallet and contents from pool and restroom area at Student Recreation Center in the 2800 block of West Bancroft.

Jessica Marling, Lima, Ohio, cash, clothing, and over $200 on Rocket card from Academic Honors House in the 2800 block of West Bancroft.

Matt Nash, Hill, wallet and contents from racketball court area at Student Recreation Center in the 2800 block of West Bancroft.

Ansu Sankoh, Delaware, Ohio, debit/credit card from Academic Honors House in the 2800 block of West Bancroft.

Christina Stone, Richmond Heights, Ohio, wallet and contents from Nash Hall in the 2800 block of West Bancroft.

David Spiers, Todd, Sylvania, two team flags from vehicle in Lot 10 in the 2800 block of West Bancroft.

Dustin Wagner, Dorr, CD stereo and CDs from vehicle and attempted to take vehicle parked at Lot 25 in the 2800 block of West Bancroft.

Nicholas Spinale, Monroe, Mich., cellular phone, credit card, and keys from locker at Student Recreation Center; keys were then used to gain entry to vehicle in Lot 18 in the 2800 block of West Bancroft. Taken were tennis shoes, parking pass, and 100 CDs.

Washington Township

Auto theft

Dorothy Lynch, 5200 block of Patriot, 2004 black Chevrolet Blazer.


Butts & Brew, 6100 block of North Summit, 10 packs of cigars.



Alfred Thurman, 800 block of Cherry, jewelry and other items from home.

Whiteford Township


Daniel Ray, 7100 block of Whiteford Center, 2000 Haul Mark trailer.

April Robertson, 8800 block of Whiteford Center, mini-bike.

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