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Today's log


Bay Park Community Hospital

Maria and Matthew Lukac, Port Clinton, boy, Friday.

Flower Hospital

Tara Bacome, Toledo, boy, Thursday.

Stephanie Wagner, Toledo, boy, Tuesday.

St. Charles Mercy Hospital

Mary Clark, Toledo, boy, Sunday.

Windi Sowell, Fremont, girl, Tuesday.

April Flores, Toledo, boy, Monday.

St. Luke's Hospital

Laura and Peter Dery, Toledo, boy, Thursday.

Denise and Michael Whitmer, Toledo, boy, Thursday.

Toledo Hospital

Bridgette Wheaton, Toledo, girl, Tuesday.

Shannon Hoyt, Toledo, boy, Tuesday.

Jennifer and Neal Applin, Toledo, boy, Tuesday.

Miranda Hill, Toledo, boy, Tuesday.

Kelly and Joseph Provonsha, Fremont, girl, Wednesday.

Melissa and Jason LeMay, Toledo, girl, Wednesday.

Danielle Posey, Toledo, boy, Wednesday.

Jaclyn Dramazyk, Toledo, boy, Wednesday.

Holly Schmieder, Toledo, boy, Wednesday.

Stacy Pacholek, Toledo, boy, Thursday.

Julie Walbolt, Toledo, girl, Thursday.

Tara Hampton, Toledo, boy, Thursday.

Nastassia Fifer, Toledo, girl, Thursday.

Misty and Mike Collins, Delta, boy, Thursday.

Jennifer and Robert Aponte, Temperance, girl, Thursday.

Michelle and Ron Provo, Luna Pier, Mich., boy, Thursday.

Stefanie Kohlhofer-Gensler and Jason Gensler, Toledo, girl, Friday.

Traffic injuries


12:35 p.m. - 4200 block of Secor. SUV of Amanda McIntire, 25, of Grantley, and minivan of Samara Yussif Smidi, 35, of Sylvania, who is in serious condition at Toledo Hospital.

2:12 p.m. - I-75 South and Ottawa River Rd. Tractor-trailer of Scott Perry, 38, of Port Huron, Mich., pickup of Michael Lynch, 31, of Oregon, and SUV of Richard Lynch, 65, of Temperance, who was treated at St. Vincent Mercy Medical Center.

6:11 p.m. - I-75 North and I-280 North. Tractor-trailer of Marion Pierce, 52, of Moxahala, Ohio, and SUV of Arnulfo Herrera, 25, of Detroit, Mich., who was treated at St. Vincent Mercy Medical Center.


11:50 p.m.- I-280 North and Starr Ave. entrance ramp. Autos of Connie Bordner, 33, of Bellevista, and Holly Schmieder, 29, of Ravine Park Village, who was treated at Toledo Hospital.

Crime reports


BP Oil, Lewis, cash from gas station by a man at 10:58 p.m. Thursday.

Marco's Pizza, Lagrange, pizza and cash by two men in 2600 block of Locust at 12:05 a.m. Friday.


Sueann Urban, Balfe, dolls, CDs and jewelry.

Voncile Bradley, Greene, cash.

Charles Ellis, Burbank, power tools.

Johnny Ham, Norwood, cash, cell phone and jewelry.

Wayne Corggens, Prospect, camera and coins.

Kathleen Walsh, Broadway, Christmas gifts.

Clarabell Grodi, Secor, tools.

Ritamae Notestine, Glenn Oaks, jewelry and cash.

William Crosser, Jeannette, primer, floor tiles, shop vac and caulk.

Minuteman Carryout, West Bancroft, no loss.


Michelle StClair, Jamieson, duffle bag with clothes and school bag with books from vehicle in 5800 block of Telegraph.

Michael McMahon, Bronson, CD cases with CDs and mountain bike from vehicle at residence.

David Faust, Fairlawn, CD/radio, CD case and CDs from vehicle at residence.

Patricia Sparks, Snowden, jewelry from residence.

Coroner rulings

Lucas County

Jay Baker, 46, of Defiance, Oct. 15. Accidental: Blunt force injuries to chest sustained in truck accident.

Edith Boettcher, 78, of Frenchtown Township, Mich., Nov. 29. Accidental: Choking.

Michael D'Amico, 50,Willowick, Ohio, Nov. 5. Suicide: Thermal burns sustain in gas explosion and fire.

Robin Douglas, 18, of Tecumseh, MI., Nov. 5. Accidental: Acute bronchopneumonia due to complications of blunt forces injury to the head sustained in vehicle accident.

Donald Epling, 88, of Graytown, Nov. 23. Accidental: Craniocerebral injuries due to blunt force injuries to head sustained in auto-versus-pickup accident.

Monty Hildreth, 55, of Findlay, Oct. 23. Accidental: Cerebral edema due to subdural hematoma sustained in fall at home.

Jovan Howard, 7 week, of Toledo, Sept. 10. Accidental: Positional asphyxia due to co-sleeping on sofa with an adult.

Andrew Kundrath, 82, of Oregon, Nov. 23. Accidental: Acute subdural hematoma due to blunt force injury to head sustained in fall at home.

Tommy Jason Monday, 30, of Toledo, Nov. 1. Suicide: Carbon monoxide poisoning.

Harriett Nelson, 84, of Toledo, Oct. 30. Accidental: Chronic subdural hematoma due to blunt force injury to head sustained in fall at home.

Douglas Porter, 43, of Carey, Ohio, Dec. 6. Accidental: Blunt force injuries of head sustain in ATV accident.

John Riebe, 39, of Sylvania Township, Dec. 15. Homicide: multiple gunshot wounds.

Claris Rosier, 87, of Fostoria, Dec. 17. Accidental: Blunt head trauma sustained in fall at home.

DeShawn Snow, 21, of Toledo, Oct. 17. Accidental: Carbon monoxide poisoning.

Monica Todd, 45, of Toledo, Oct. 17. Accidental: Acute combined drug intoxication.

Robert Wilson, 78, of Toledo, Oct. 10. Su-

icide: Acute carbon monoxide intoxication.


Lucas County

Alexander, Raymond, 40, 5407 Carter, Sylvania, cerebral aneurysm.

Anderson, Howard, 47, 513 Adams, cardiovascular disease.

Anstead, Paul, 86, Elmore, accident.

Ascunce, Roland, 81, 2028 Winchester, Alz-


Bailey, Sr., Fulton, 76, 526 Brown, diabetes.

Bateson, Sr., Thomas, 67, Arlington, Ohio, amytrophic lateral sclerosis.

Bauer, Ida. 82, 3434 St. Bernard, scleroderma.

Beck, Allan. 48, 3827 Lockwood, cardiomy-


Beier, Frederick, 61, 3128 Heatherdowns, coronary artery disease.

Beisel, Margaret, 88, 1031 Northville, chronic renal failure.

Bertling, Helen, 92, 5320 Harroun, Sylvania, Alzheimer's.

Beyer, Arthur, 79, Perrysburg, congestive heart failure.

Brown, Donald, 74, 300 Ponderosa, Ore-gon, cancer.

Brown, Elsie, 74, 2001 Perrysburg-Holland, Holland, pneumonia.

Brownell, Harold, 76, Grosse Ile, Mich., hemorrhagic stroke.

Canada, Christian, 3 hours, Wauseon, lung hypoplasia.

Cantu, Juan, 55, Wauseon, acute leukemia.

Coley, Brandan (Brown), 1 month, Fostoria, pending investigation.

Conley, Ann, 72, 3019 Nebraska, cancer.

Cranston, Floyd, 76, 3430 Gorney, chronic obstructive lung disease.

DeGolier, Leon, 81, 6101 Summit, myocardial infarction.

Dominguez, Velia, 73, 702 North Erie, dia-


Duckett, Barbara, 78, 5548 Chippewa, cancer.

Ellington, Sophia, 70, 1522 Daytona, leu-kemia.

Elliott, Douglas, 42, 193 1/2 East Broadway, diverticulitis.

Elmers, James, 64, Millbury, ruptured aortic dissection.

Eloff, Boris, 85, Lambertville, diabetes.

Epling, Donald, 88, Graytown, Ohio, pending investigation.

Escobar, Thomas, 56, 522 Lagrange, sepsis.

Farthing, Robert, 63, Perrysburg, Parkinsons.

Foss, Marjorie, 77, Genoa, cancer.

Frey, Dorothy, 77, 1950 Crosswell, stricture of esophagus.

Friess, Ervin, 84, 5622 Rambo, myocardial infarction.

Frosch, Sr., Eric, 72, 520 West Alexis, chronic obstructive lung disease.

Garcia, Marcia, 66, 822 Northgate, cancer.

Geremski, Frank, 88, 5842 Murnen, cancer.

Gorman, Gerald, 78, 702 North Erie, coronary arteriosclerosis.

Gozdowski, Mary, 75, 1125 Clarion, Holland, cancer.

Greenfield, Max, 92, 4560 Alexis, myocardial infarction.

Gruetter, Barbara, 64, 3249 East Moreland, Oregon, coronary artery disease.

Guinan, James, 65, 1000 River, Maumee, cerebral hemorrhage.

Haas, Norma, 64, 829 Toronto, cancer.

Haddad, Josephine, 62, 4616 Imperial, thrombocytopenia.

Hamrick, Timothy, 45, 3433 145th St., pneu-


Hardy, Eugene, 65, Bowling Green, diabetes.

Harrison, Lucille, 87, 6142 Bonsels, Sylvania Township, coronary artery disease.

Healy, Bernice, 83, Defiance, Oh., cancer .

Hefflinger, James, 16, Port Clinton, accident.

Heffner, Mary, 89, 4220 North Holland Sylvania, Sylvania, atherosclerosis.

Heyse, Audrey, 66, 1544 Travis, myocardial infarction.

Hinbe, Pauline, 65, Whiteford Township, Mich., scleroderma.

Hite, Hilda. 84, 1601 Slater, senile demen-


Hojnacki, Anne, 93, 3217 Maeterlinck, cor-

onary artery disease.

Hopkins, Wilbur, 50, 5123 Yorkshire, kidney disease.

Huber, William, 82, Archbold, accident.

Hull, Everett, 77, 2423 Barrington, chronic obstructive lung disease.

Jackson, Joyce, 59, 217 Western, cancer.

Janiak, Josephine, 86, 555 Anthony Wayne, Waterville, dementia.

Jankowski, Jo Ann, 50, 3953 Navarre, Oregon, cardiomyopathy.

Johnson, Patricia, 71, 3200 Glendale, can-


Jones, Lula, 89, 1017 Superior, senile de-mentia.

Karp, Avrom, 77, 3439 Chapel, coronary artery disease.

King, Jr., Early, 77, 1534 Pinewood, pending investigation.

Klaus, Maxine, 94, 3121 Glanzman, chronic obstructive lung disease.

Knestrick, Larry, 58, 5926 Holly Glenn, cancer.

Kos, Marcella, 53, Temperance, diabetes.

Krohn, Logan, 6 months, 2605 Locust, pending investigation.

Kummer, Joyce. 77, Tiffin, cancer.

Kundrath, Andrew, 82, 3232 North Eastmoreland, Oregon, accident.

Kyles, Sr., John, 83, 3345 Maplewood, car-diovascular disease.

LaFlash, Margaret, 76, 2448 Ragan Woods, chronic obstructive lung disease.

LaFountain, Lambert, 92, 6012 Thousand Oaks, accident.

Lannen, Catherine, 93, 3200 Glendale, val-vular heart disease.

Leibovitz, Martha, 80, 3435 East Lincolnshire, abdominal aortic aneurysm.

Lemle, Helen, 48, 555 Anthony Wayne, Waterville, cirrhosis.

Lester, George, 79, 4020 Indian, renal failure.

Lewandowski, Michael. 70, 819 McKinley, cardiovascular disease.

Liggons, Barbara, 72, 738 Woodland , congestive heart failure.

Lusher, Gladys, 66, Walbridge, multiple myeloma.

Mack, Lynette, 54, 1924 Belvoir, cancer.

Maenle, Susan, 57, Temperance, amytrophic lateral sclerosis.

Marsh, Norma, 59, 1805 Milburn, pending investigation.

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