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The Weekly Record: Michigan

Monroe County

Mercy Memorial Hospital


Tyler and Rebecca McCarthy, Northville, girl.

Jim and Clarissa Bayer, Toledo, girl.

Jason and Shawna Hoppert, Monroe, girl.

Laura Lamkim, Monroe, girl.

Valerie and Rocky Whaley, Temperance, girl.

Melisa West, Monroe, girl.

Jennifer and Jared DeForest, Monroe, twin girls.

Lisa and William Kuttig, Petersburg, boy.

Rebecca and Joseph Smith, Newport, girl.

Sandra and Todd Atwood, Monroe, boy.

Ann and Walter Maitland, Monroe, girl.

Amy and Jody Crossfield, Monroe, boy.

Jessica and Eric Miller, Carleton, girl.

Patricia and Gary Richardson, Monroe, boy.

Elizabeth and Gerald Lovett, South Rockwood, girl.

Jessica and Cory Young, Erie, girl.

Cari and Christopher Grahl, Temperance, girl.

Mehgan and Nathan Daggs, Dundee, girl.

Banae and Aaron Westaway, Monroe, boy.

April and Eric Mann, Temperance, boy.

Jennifer and Aaron Davis, girl, Monroe.

Hollie and Doug Miller, girl.

Tammy and Brian Merkle, Monroe, girl.

Michelle and Joseph Boudrie, Monroe, girl.

Christa and Gerald Lay, LaSalle, girl.

Angela and Gabriel Salenbien, Ottawa Lake, boy.

Holli and Harold Pendleton, Temperance, boy.

Jessica McLaughlin, Monroe, girl.

Stephanie Haines, Monroe, boy.

Real estate transfers

Luna Pier

Donald Bensley, 4349 S 3rd, Aug. 26, sheriff deed.

Dale and Carol Morin to Robert and Carol Dusseau, 4380 Luna Pier, Aug. 25, $100,000, conventional warranty deed.

City of Luna Pier to Economic Development Corp, 4225 Luna Pier, Aug. 12, $10,000, conventional warranty deed.


Stephen and Cynthia Hale to Phyllis Hale, 458 Stonehaven, Aug. 20, family sale.

Imogene Smith to Gotts Transit Mix Inc, 605 Platt, Aug. 19, conventional quit claim.

Bardav LLC to Laurence and Carolyn Richelmann, 840 Faith, Aug. 17, $52,000, conventional warranty deed.

George Koukoumizis to Laura Koukoumtzis, 218 Riverbend, Aug. 6, family sale.

Hometown Development Co to Lee and Elizabeth Strang, 545 Asher Pass, Aug. 3, $193,000, conventional warranty deed.

James and Amy Timbers to Sheila Bradford, 145 Redman, Aug. 2, $172,000, conventional warranty deed.


John Funk Estate to Steven Harris, 213 Crampton, Aug. 31, $131,000, warranty deed.

Gregory Fraunhoffer to David and Sandra Kuhfal, 702 Toledo, Aug. 31, $117,600, warranty deed.

Citifinancial Mortgage Company to Bashar Asmar, 506 Kentucky, Aug. 31, $39,000, foreclosure.

Sam Casciola to Barbara Trotter, 550 Grace, Aug. 31, $215,000, personal rep.

Luther and Reba Fultz to Sean McClellan and Tanya Whitaker, 730 Washington, Aug. 30, $218,000, warranty deed.

Monroe County Comm Credit Union to David and Kathryn Hoffman, 418 Eastchester, Aug. 30, $35,000, land contract.

Mark and Lynn Beattie to Kenneth and Mary Ketterman, 325 N Macomb, Aug. 27, $297,000, warranty deed.

Walter and Lillian Haessler to Christopher and Emily Adams, 712 Hollywood, Aug. 27, $152,000, warranty deed.

John Jr. and Barbara Hohman to Paul Barron and Maria Zagorski, 1525 Hollywood, Aug. 27, $295,000, warranty deed.

Joseph and Patty Hall to American Contractors Inc, Ann Marie Drive, Aug. 27, $55,000, warranty deed.

Beneteau Properties L.L.C. to Michael and Julie Wilson, 2 W Front, Aug. 27, affidavit.

Gerald Joyce to Steven Bails, 221 Jerome, Aug. 26, $44,000, warranty deed.

Christine Reck-Johnson to Andrew Ball and Stacey Geiermann, 431 E Fourth, Aug. 26, $55,000, warranty deed.

Charles and Emma Clark to Michael and Patience Zivnoska, 1253 Michigan, Aug. 26, $97,500, warranty deed.

Scott Vorrath to Scott Vorrath, 402 Scott, Aug. 26, trust.

Kim Marie Tuttle to John and Stephanie Ouelette, 140 Maple, Aug. 25, $154,000, warranty deed.

Carson and Julia Smith to Julia Smith, 333 Theodore, Aug. 25, divorce.

Craig MacDonald and Kimberly Hudson to Craig MacDonald, 627 Rosewood, Aug. 23, divorce.

Erik Johnson and Stacy Peterson to Erik and Stacy Johnson, 637 Dane, Aug. 21, personal rep.

Angela Wagner to Deric and Angela Tedora, 122 W Willow, Aug. 20, add spouse.

David Kelley and Julia McArthur to Robert and Amber Campbell, 654 Borgess, Aug. 19, $140,000, warranty deed.

Sarah and John Vandercook to Sarah Essary, 808 Roeder, Aug. 19, $65,000, payoff lc.

Gertrude Fitzpatrick to Mae Puckett, 1405 Arbor, Aug. 19, family sale.

James Rau to James and Jeanette Rau Trust, 1107 E Noble, Aug. 19, $5,000, family sale.

Tonya Brimm, 831 Bacon, Aug. 19, sheriff deed.

James and patricia Peltier to Luzia Wright Gomes, 311 E Second, Aug. 18, $131,000, warranty deed.

Scott and Kari Hughes to Carrie Maurer, 828 Woodville, Aug. 18, $125,000, warranty deed.

Gerald and Julie Viers to Randy and Brandy Viers, 934 Harbor, Aug. 18, land contract.

Beatrice Atkinson to Jean Mentel, 36 Lemerand, Aug. 17, $99,000, warranty deed.

Harold and Kristy Caldwell to Harold and Kristy Caldwell, 311 Washington, Aug. 14, quit claim.

Georgia Barath to North Shores Ventures, LLC, 212 Harrison, Aug. 13 $212,500, warranty deed.

J Perry and Betty Gray to Kenyon and Karen Calender, 311 E Elm, Aug. 12, $650,000, warranty deed.

Howard and Brenda Sieb to Stacy Venier, 805 E Second, Aug. 12, $133,800, warranty deed.

Claudia and Barbara Patterson to Barbara Patterson Lee, 453 Sackett, Aug. 12, $31,000, family sale.

Casa Villa Homes of Monroe, LLC to Elizabeth Jackson, 941 May, Aug. 12, $142,900, new construction.

Casa Villa Homes of Monroe, LLC to Alfred and Esther Burggrave, 929 May, Aug. 12, $142,900, new construction.

Katherine Yuna Estate to Kenneth Meyerholtz Jr., 107 Wadsworth, Aug. 11, $46,000, fiduciary sale.

Dolores Pask L.L. to Edward Dixon, 211 Scott, Aug. 11, family sale.

Gerard and Sandra Blanchard to Cory and Chad Blanchard, 515 W Sixth, Aug. 11, family sale.

Brian and Patricia Wittkop to Brian and Patricia Wittkop, 1117 E Fourth, Aug. 11, family sale.

Catherine Ann and Jack Ourlian to Roland Mettie, 707 W Fourth, Aug. 10, $129,000, warranty deed.

Patricia Ferguson to John and Wilma Bayer, 508 Kentucky, Aug. 10, payoff lc.

Patricia Ferguson to John and Wilma Bayer, 508.5 Kentucky, Aug. 10, payoff lc.

Sonya Keehn to Melissa Keehn, 318 Maple, Aug. 10, $108,000, family sale.

Robert Marino L.L. to Thomas Marino et al, 328 E Fourth, Aug. 10, family sale.

Mary Ellen Hemmeter to Jason Marshall, 631 Michigan, Aug. 9, $117,500, warranty deed.

Sadie Mitosinka to Aaron and Hilary Toro, 652 Bentley, Aug. 6, $133,000, warranty deed.

Mary Curnell to Jeremy Goans, 513 Bentley, Aug. 6, $118,900, warranty deed.

Ameriquest Mortgage Co to Wm Specialty Mortgage L.L.C., 818 Kentucky, Aug. 6, foreclosure.

Ben and Ruthie Richardson to Ruthie Richardson, 923 Fountain, Aug. 6, divorce.

Thomas Nordstrom to Ricky Goodrick, 306 Hollywood, Aug. 5, $204,000, warranty deed.

Crosswinds Quality Homes Inc to Crystal Cornoyer, 426 Kaye Lani, Aug. 5, $136,573, warranty deed.

Brandon and Jenine Stump to Brandon Stump, 607 Parkwood, Aug. 5, family sale.

Ferdinando and Sharon Frederick, 535 Donnalee, Aug. 5, sheriff deed.

Raymond and Pamela Starll to Dawn Peterson, 595 N Roessler, Aug. 4, $185,000, warranty deed.

Mark and Dawn Peterson to Kelley Gaynier, 648 N Monroe, Aug. 4, $135,000, warranty deed.

J D and Etta Moody to James Moody, 256 Crampton, Aug. 4, family sale.

Richard and Brenda Monday to Mike Monday, 1316 E Elm, Aug. 3, family sale.

Ryan and Heather Wahl to Shirley Matthews, 19 E Grove, Aug. 2, $139,000, warranty deed.

Clifford Lozon to Michael Boss, 310 E Lorain, Aug. 2, $116,600, warranty deed.

Monroe Township

Mark and Bonita Hoffman to Ryan and Tammy Ofstie, 14371 Jonathon, Aug. 31, $244,000, warranty.

Essie Westaway to Wayne Robinson and Robert Robinson, 15474 Edgewood, Aug. 31, $100,000, warranty.

Michael and Donelda Smallwood to Vicky Masserant, 5351 E Dunbar, Aug. 31, $118,000, warranty.

Mark and Bonita Hoffman to Debbie Getter, 741 Palmwood, Aug. 31, $114,000, warranty.

J & R Farm Tractor Co to Anicon Properties LLC, Dallas Road, Aug. 31, $350,000, warranty.

J & R Farm Tractor Co to Anicon Properties LLC, 15330 S Dixie, Aug. 31, $350,000, warranty.

Daniel and Delinda Boylan to Robert and Cheryl Edwards, 15297 Oak Knoll, Aug. 30, $233,000, warranty.

Anderson Homes to Leo and Carol Dale, 841 St James Park, Aug. 30, $284,000, warranty.

Chu and Nancy Hsu Kuo to Michelle and Brad Yamashita, 912 Kings Park, Aug. 30, $310,000, warranty.

Thomas and Denise D'Haene, 5821 Elmwood, Aug. 30, sheriff deed.

Alonzo and Gladys Tolbert to Michael and Remina Marchese, 5640 Central, Aug. 29, $130,000, warranty.

Ronald and Mary Gonia to Harold and Azelda Gove, 5840 E Dunbar, Aug. 27, $200,000, warranty.

Timothy and Vickie Kosanko to Robert Bodi, 15140 Norway, Aug. 27, $155,900, warranty.

Aim Construction to Linda Songalewski, 15261 Oak Knoll, Aug. 26, $44,900, warranty.

Beverly Corum to Frederick Kleinert, 1241 Vineyard, Aug. 26, $30,000, family.

Iannone Family LLC to Andrew and Lisa Vandecaveye, 13930 Lake, Aug. 25, $612,500, warranty.

Joanne Lafaut to Eric Howard, 903 Smith, Aug. 25, $130,000, warranty.

Helen Gross Estate to National City Bank Trustee, 6200 Laplaisance, Aug. 25, deed of personal rep.

Mark and Sharon Nolan to Mark Nolan, 15445 Parkside, Aug. 25, divorce.

Jerry May Trust to Budget Lot of Monroe, Inc, 15180 S Dixie, Aug. 24, quit claim.

Vince and Angela Vitale to Tina Runkle, 4797 Southpointe, Aug. 23, $207,500, warranty.

Chirco Construction Co. to Patty Davis, Wimbledon Park, Aug. 233, $324,900, warranty.

Louis and Betty Roussey to Chraplo Living Trust, 703 Meadowlands, Aug. 23, $225,000, warranty.

Matthew Hopper to Eddie and Teresa Gutierrez, 639 Mulhollen, Aug. 23, $119,000, warranty.

Lesia Baker to Jeremy Brossia, 991 Rambow, Aug. 23, $106,000, warranty.

Robert Colton to Christie Cairns, 536 Concetta, Aug. 23, $151,500, warranty.

Antonietta Chirco to Chirco Construction Co., 5535 Wimbledon Park, Aug. 23, name change only.

Last Stand L.L.C. to Dennis Clark, 5308 Torrington Park, Aug. 20, $125,000, warranty.

Jimmie and Rebecca Cooper to Amit Mohan, 5461 Downing Circle, Aug. 20, $320,000, warranty.

Linda Towalski to Johnie and Rebecca Coots, 15741 Virginia, Aug. 20, $80,000, warranty.

Anthony Paolino to Sook Young Choi, 5536 Forest, Aug. 20, $92,000, warranty.

Gary and Kathryn Emerick to Barbara Needham Trustee, 831 Carrington, Aug. 19, $300,000, warranty.

Jeffrey and Maria Reinprecht, 860 Regents Park, Aug. 19, sheriff deed.

Tonya Brimm, 831 Bacon, Aug. 19, sheriff deed.

D R Olah Inc to Karl and Cheryl Keck, 945 St James Park, Aug. 18, $382,500, warranty.

Glenna Brancheau Trust to Frances Johnson Trust, 101 Meadowlands, Aug. 18, $212,000, warranty.

National Residential Nominee to Reza Rajabian, 7466 Whitehorse, Aug. 18, $326,405, warranty.

Annette Wheatley to Annette and Kevin Kinsey, 5440 Forest, Aug. 18, family.

Monroe Custom Homes to Steven and Angela Hudkins, 15250 Oak Valley, Aug. 17, $58,600, warranty.

Ricky and Christine Foor to Aaron and Shawna Mcrill, 6465 Lighthouse, Aug. 13, $242,500, warranty.

Phillip and Trina Martin to Ricky and Christine Foor, 13960 Lake, Aug. 13, $275,000, warranty.

Paul Chauvin to Farrukh Moghul, 6023 E Albain, Aug. 13, $275,000, warranty.

American Contractors Inc to Frank and Lynne Jere, 4881 Southpointe, Aug. 13, $227,050, new construction.

Bay West Development Co. to Jason and Kimberly Moore, 14951 Kortney, Aug. 12, $232,000, new construction.

Kenneth and Irene Heusman to Robert and Marian McMullen, 3388 S Custer, Aug. 10, $260,000, warranty.

John and Margaret Green to John and Margaret Green Trust, 488 Oak, Aug. 10, trust.

Bay West Development Co. to Ronald and Sandra Thomas, 15002 Kortney, Aug. 9, $45,000, warranty.

Bay West Development Co. to Bryan and Kathie Sortor, 14915 Kortney, Aug. 9, $221,000, warranty.

Curtis and Jerrilyn Jewell to Curtis Jr. and Melissa Jewell, Daisy Dell, Aug. 9, $36,000, warranty.

Rick and Carolyn Haines to Martin and Rhonda Wallace, 3500 S Custer, Aug. 6, $315,000, warranty.

Tolbert and Mary Sandlin to William Sr. and Linda Jennings, 862 Westwood, Aug. 6, $48,500, family.

Andrew Demay, 942 Smith, Aug. 5, sheriff deed.

David Pawlak to National Residential Nominee, 7466 Whitehorse, Aug. 4, $336,500, warranty.

Gary Sikora to Peter Soncrant, Plum Creek, Aug. 1, $5,000, ratio.


Helen Kaiser to Sara Rauscher, 236 E Walnut, Aug. 27, $109,700, conventional warranty deed.

Janet Burns to Ryan Bennett, 529 Saline, Aug. 18, $64,500, conventional warranty deed.

Michael and Analiesa Jeans to Karen Dusseau, 3825 McNeil, Aug. 16, $161,650, conventional warranty deed.

Phillip Schultz to Philip and Cynthia Schultz, 30 W Vesey, Aug. 11, family sale.

Rena Thompson and Donna Henry to Donna Jean Henry, 182 Petersburg, Aug. 10, $93,000, land contract payoff.

William and Barbara Hewitt to William and Barbara Hewitt Trust, 127 Albain, Aug. 8, trust.

Raisinville Township

Robert D Kime Inc to John Gligoroff, 116 Aberdeen, Aug. 31, $225,000, new construction.

Robert Kime Inc to Filonel and Elena Apetroaei, 122 Aberdeen, Aug. 30, $234,790, conventional warranty deed.

Florence Measel and Sandra Gorowski to John and Susan Cousino, 6767 Linden, Aug. 30, $170,000, conventional warranty deed.

Jeffrey and Katherine Killion to Jared and Jillian Bashaw, 5020 W Dunbar, Aug. 30, $163,000, conventional warranty deed.

Electronic Registration Systems to Countrywide Home Loan, 1610 S Raisinville, Aug. 27, invalid sale.

Emily Haninger Trust to Mary Fox-Ray, 5893 West Dunbar, Aug. 27, conventional quit claim.

Steven and Debra Hinkleman to Michael and Michelle Cross, 10535 Stewart, Aug. 26, $260,000, conventional warranty deed.

Gregory Bashaw to Ronald and Kim Tuttle, 6150 W Dunbar, Aug. 26, $166,000, conventional warranty deed.

Dudley, Marilee and Kevin Ball to Plum Creek Properties, Strasburg Road, Aug. 17, name change only.

Dudley, Marilee and Kevin Ball to Plum Creek Properties, Strasburg Road, Aug. 17, name change only.

Dudley, Marilee and Kevin Ball to Plum Creek Properties, 4951 S Custer, Aug. 17, name change only.

Ralph Pruitt to Ryan and Amanda Langford, 121 Aberdeen, Aug. 16, $225,000, new construction.

Raisin River Assoc to RA Associates L.L.C., S Custer, Aug. 9, land contract payoff.

Five Star Holdings L.L.C. to Francessco Cuccia, 8560 Eggert, Aug. 6, $65,000, conventional warranty deed.

Five Star Holdings L.L.C. to Craig Assenmacher, 8610 Eggert, Aug. 6, $56,000, conventional warranty deed.

Five Star Holdings L.L.C. to Craig Assenmacher, 8796 Eggert, Aug. 6, $65,000, conventional warranty deed.

Timothy Harris to Timothy and Marcia Harris, 118 Aberdeen, Aug. 6, conventional quit claim.

Summerfield Township

Lawrence and Bonny Jean Wright to Mark Brinkley, 5106 Wells, Aug. 30, $146,000, conventional warranty deed.

Monroe Bank & Trust to Robert and Julie Commet, 4451 Sylvania Petersburg, Aug. 30, conventional quit claim.

Larry and Laurie Willard to Kevin and Jennifer Shaner, 15037 Cortz, Aug. 20, $300,000, conventional warranty deed.

Matthew and Judy MacQuisten to David and Linda Wend, Todd Road, Aug. 20, $150,000, conventional warranty deed.

Carol Reum L.L. to Brenda Reau, 17291 Ida West, Aug. 12, family sale.

Whiteford Township

James and Barbara Abernathy to Charles Bogedain, 6453 New US 223, Aug. 26, $115,800, conventional warranty deed.

Bret and Karen Donnelly to Larry and Laurie Willard, 6417 Hawthorne, Aug. 25, $148,000, conventional warranty deed.

John and Charlotte Gillen to John and Charlotte Gillen Trust, 5830 W Erie, Aug. 23, trust.

Randolph and Sherri Mossing to Randolph Mossing, 10914 Summerfield, Aug. 19, family sale.

Lloyd and Alice Nolfo to Traci Grams, 6220 Sterns, Aug. 19, land contract payoff.

Northfork Investments L.L.C. to Phillip and Denise Wingate, Head-O-Lake Road, Aug. 17, $55,000, new to roll.

Ernest and Madaline Hess to LRN Investments L.L.C., W Erie Road, Aug. 16, $90,000, conventional warranty deed.

Lee and Rebecca Cherry to Keith and Traci Linkey, Erie Road, Aug. 13, $65,000, conventional warranty deed.

Northfork Investments to Gerald and Cynthia Tiller, Creque Road, Aug. 11, $55,000, conventional warranty deed.

Jerid and Melinda Baxter to Mark and Joni Wysocki, 5026 Onway, Aug. 10, $182,000, conventional warranty deed.

Jacquelynne and Jeffrey Cousino, 4695 Clegg, Aug. 5, sheriff deed.

Sarah Sharp Trust to Wanda Baldwin, 6344 Leora, Aug. 4, family sale.

Wanda Baldwin to Robert and Wanda Baldwin, 6344 Leora, Aug. 4, family sale.

Joseph Bailey to Joseph and Carol Bailey, 8801 Whiteford Center, Aug. 3, add spouse.

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