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The Weekly Record: Michigan


Real estate transfers

LaSalle Township

Henry and Charlotte Keck to James and Judith Aiken, 11623 Strasburg, Oct. 29, $265,000, warranty deed.

Barbara Harrington Trust to Charles and Barbara Harrington, 13416 Laplaisance Woods, Oct. 27, trust.

Barbara Harrington to Charles and Barbara Harrington, Laplaisance Road, Oct. 27, trust.

State of Michigan to Thomas and Terri Courtney, Yargerville Road, Oct. 27, State of Michigan.

Jerry and Janet Loomis to Scott Vorrath, 1154 Rauch, Oct. 15, $225,000, warranty deed.

FV-1 Inc of New York to Tabatha Leutz, 2789 Foster, Oct. 15, $95,000, warranty deed.

Richard Reinhardt Trust to Richard Reinhardt, S Otter Creek, Oct. 12, family sale.

Richard Reinhardt Trust to Richard Reinhardt, S Otter Creek, Oct. 12, family sale.

Michael and Beata Stock to Joel and Jennifer Reed, 6328 Ave A, Oct. 8, $188,000, warranty deed.

Anderson and Mary Woodruff to Steven and Katherine Haws, 13738 Stanley, Oct. 5, $185,000, warranty deed.

London Township

Jimmie Isaac Jr. to Jimmie Jr. and Tammy Isaac, 10555 Hoffman, Oct. 25, family sale.

William and Wendy Sharp to William Sharp II, Wells Road, Oct. 25, family sale.

Mark and Yvette Fetterly to Jason and Tracey Tracy, Oelke Road, Oct. 22, $60,000, conventional warranty deed.

Donald E. Harkness to Donald E. and Donald L. Harkness, 14403 Tuttlehill, Oct. 20, family sale.

Timothy Daniel to Timothy and Yvonne Daniel, 11120 Darling, Oct. 19, family sale.

Ruby Foster to Curtis Ellison, 10237 Plank, Oct. 14, $275,000, conventional warranty deed.

Michael McLaughlin to Michael McLaughlin et al, 10165 Plank, Oct. 11, family sale.

Leeroy and Rose Marie Castle to Thomas and Milissa Szegda, Darling Road, Oct. 8, $72,000, conventional warranty deed.

Milan Township

William and Wendy Sharp to William Sharp II, 14802 Allen, Oct. 25, family sale.

Anthony Hosler to Anthony Hosler and Janene Bondie, 20800 Hickory, Oct. 12, conventional quit claim.

Monroe Township

Last Stand L.L.C. to Vincenzo Cangialosi, 15504 Pointe Verda, Oct. 29, $130,000, warranty.

Last Stand L.L.C. to Gary Kranz, 15500 Pleasant Pointe, Oct. 29, $120,000, warranty.

Kelly and Julie Moore to John and Christina Zubkoff, 4998 Northfield, Oct. 29, $279,000, warranty.

Gene and Theresa Jacobs to Robert and Mary Tasker, 7714 Glenfield, Oct. 29, $123,000, warranty.

Richard and Rita Hiltz to Rita Hiltz Trust, 13864 Lake, Oct. 29, trust.

Jason and Jessica Hoffner to Sherry Boudrie, 825 Harrison, Oct. 27, $117,000, warranty.

Laura Robinson to Guy and Veronica Bomar, 5289 Evergreen, Oct. 26, $184,000, warranty.

Liparoto Construction, Inc. to Stephen and Kathryn Sonntag, 4966 Southpointe, Oct. 26, $242,265, new construction.

Dennis Clark to Robert Weder, 5957 Roseland, Oct. 25, $110,000, warranty.

Patricia Cohoon and Susan Smith to Charles Hensley Jr., 748 Patterson, Oct. 25, name change only.

Kellie Zabawa to Ray Zabawa, 5333 E Dunbar, Oct. 21, $140,000, warranty.

Harold and Jeanne McCracken to Harold McCracken, 15771 Keegan, Oct. 21, divorce.

Katherine Lesnick to Katherine and Mary Lesnick, 799 Wembley, Oct. 20, family.

Chirco Ventures Inc to Trademark Building Co, Inc, 14431 Mockingbird, Oct. 19, name change only.

Trademark Building Co, Inc to William Mize and Jill Duvall, 14431 Mockingbird, oct. 19, $255,950, warranty.

Ted and Tena Marie Hall to Jolynn Griffin, 692 Patterson, Oct. 15, $110,000, warranty.

John and Barbara Suyak to Jeffrey and Diane Hazel, 5535 Raven, Oct. 14, $245,000, warranty.

Herman and Elaine Wickenheiser to KTM Investments L.L.C., Telegraph, Oct. 14, $198,102, new to roll.

Herman and Elaine Wickenheiser to KTM Investments L.L.C., Telegraph, Oct. 14, $198,102, new to roll.

Chirco Ventures Inc to Trademark Building Co., 14383 Mockingbird, Oct. 14, name change only.

Trademark Building Co. to Gary and Shirley Betway, 14383 Mockingbird, Oct. 14, $45,000, warranty.

Andrew Albano to Frank and Cynthia Albano, 5915 Oakwood, Oct. 13, add spouse.

Port Lawrence Title & Trust Co to Aaron Schossau, 1053 Abbey, Oct. 12, $100,000, warranty.

Sprenger/Spath Inc to SRV East, Inc, Charing Cross Lane, Oct. 11, $71,000, warranty.

Roger and Sheila Johnson to Ghandi Haddad, 5139 Southpointe, Oct. 8, $213,000, warranty.

Marygrace Liparoto to Todd and Laura Cain, 602 Meadowlands, Oct. 8, $208,000, land contract payoff.

Craig and Michelle Cable to Kellie Strauss, 5495 Central, Oct. 7, $125,800, warranty.

Rickey Haines, 13520 Laplaisance, Oct. 7, sheriff deed.

Andrew and Lisa Vandecaveye to John and Betty Gray, 5473 Poplar, Oct. 5, $315,000, warranty.

Maude Gruber Trust to Thomas and Genevieve Woodruff, 5840 E Dunbar, Oct. 1, $199,900, warranty.

Mary Smith to Sandra Daly, 5905 Oakwood, Oct. 1, $135,000, warranty.

Claudia Shepherd to Robert and Betty Banek, 15481 Charles, Oct. 1, add spouse.

Homes by Timbercraft to Chirco Ventures Inc, 14386 Mockingbird, Oct. 1, name change only.

Chirco Ventures Inc to Trademark Building Co, 14386 Mockingbird, oct. 1, name change only.

Trademark Building Co to James and Stacey Dicarlo, 14386 Mockingbird, Oct. 1, $45,000, warranty.

Raisinville Township

Robert D Kime Inc to Jason Hood, 141 Aberdeen, Oct. 29, $188,040, conventional warranty deed.

Thomas and Sheila Haynes to Christopher and Mindy Thompson, 2148 Strasburg, Oct. 22, $220,000, conventional warranty deed.

Bryan and Tera Shaffer to Douglas and Monica Seitz, 7650 S Custer, Oct. 20, $128,000, conventional warranty deed.

Joseph and Elizabeth Nash, 4139 Bluebush, Oct. 14, sheriff deed.

Douglas and Annette Scznsny to Merlle and Nancy Sampson, Geiger Road, Oct. 14, $58,000, new to roll.

Milton and Sharon Bathgate to Milton and Sharon Bathgate, 4040 N Custer, Oct. 13, family sale.

Robert Walker to Vicki Ann Moore, 4470 Stadler, Oct. 12, $175,000, conventional warranty deed.

Robert and Edith Lemieux to Robert and Edith Lemieux Trust, 11615 Stewart, Oct. 7, trust.

Milton and Sharon Bathgate to Heath and Shelli Bathgate, 199 N Raisinville, Oct. 6, family sale.

John Taormina and Rose Fortner to Cindy Cordts, 2559 N Raisinville, Oct. 4, $164,000, conventional warranty deed.

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