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Bay Park Community Hospital

Cori and Brett Mullins, Castalia, Ohio, girl, Wednesday.

Anne and Ryan Morris, Oak Harbor, Ohio, boy, Wednesday.

St. Anne Mercy Hospital

Jeni Corbin, Perrysburg, girl, Wednesday.

St. Luke s Hospital

Kelly and David Sieja, Holland, boy, Thursday.

St. Vincent Mercy Medical Center

Lisa Madrid, Oregon, girl, Wednesday.

Heather Martin, Perrysburg, boy, Wednesday.

Tiffany Foster, Toledo, boy, Wednesday.

Danette Patton, Toledo, boy, Thursday.

Toledo Hospital

Donna and Thomas Okapal, Toledo, girl, Tuesday.

Lashonda Copeland, Toledo, girl, Tuesday.

Tamela and Russell Moore, Monroe, boy, Tuesday.

Desserrae and Torrey Kyles, Toledo, boy, Tuesday.

April and Steven Tucker, Rossford, boy, Tuesday.

Rola Ramadan and Nizal Merhi, Toledo, boy, Tuesday.

Danielle Sanders, Toledo, girl, Tuesday.

Elizabeth and Joshua Dutridge, Toledo, boy, Wednesday.

Amanda and Martin Lapoint, Sylvania, boy, Wednesday.

Barbra and Aaron Metcalf, Toledo, girl, Wednesday.

Jennifer and Jon Sheskey, Toledo, boy, Wednesday.

Christie and Jason Wolf, Millbury, girl, Wednesday.

Erica Hampton, Toledo, boy, Wednesday.

Brenda and Joseph Damelio, Toledo, girl, Wednesday.

Natalie Thompson, Toledo, boy, Wednesday.

Tiffany Keel, Toledo, girl, Wednesday.

Jessica and Dean Michalski, Toledo, girl, Wednesday.

Marriage licenses

Lucas County

April 6, 2005

Michael Alexander, 21, construction, and Nicole Ehle, 19, daycare worker, both of Sylvania.

Jason Elizondo, 25, shop helper, and Crystal McNeil, 21, waitress, both of Toledo.

Ivory Carter, 24, and Shera Jones, 24, therapeutic program worker, both of Toledo.

Tomas Gonzales, 19, food service, and Brittany Schonter, 18, food service, both of Toledo.

Shawn Nickerson, 25, chef, and Adrian Rice, 26, waitress, both of Toledo.

Jeffery Bielski, 36, finance, of Sylvania, and Leslie Rakich, 38, receptionist, of Temperance.

Jeremiah Davies, 26, steelworker, of Adrian, and Theresa Farnel, 27, flight attendant, of Saskatchewan, Canada.

Marcus Page III, 30, physical therapy assistant, and Kara Shriner, 30, RN, both of Toledo.

Ryan Hugueley, 26, real estate appraiser, of Findlay, and Kate Miller, 26, probation officer, of Oregon.

David Fellows, 39, carpenter, and Amanda Lewis, 25, retail sales, both of Toledo.

Brice Steffes, 27, financial planner, and Stephanie Michaels, 26, marketing, both of Toledo.

Mario Cruz, 21, waiter, and Angie Rowen, 27, student, both of Toledo.

Divorces granted

Lucas County

Jessica Pasquinelly from Javier Rodriguez Winter.

Miranda Misiewicz from Ryan Stone.

Karen Gearhart from Douglas Gearhart.

Melissa Hamman from Brock Hamman.

Kathie Hilt from David Hilt.

Christina Short from Donald Short.

Donald short from Christina Short.

Tammy Maran from Kenneth Maran.

Kenneth Maran from Tammy Maran.

Felicha Lott from Kevin McDonald.

Mark Arnold from Mary Arnold.

Natalie Cummerow from David Cummerow.

Billy Avent, Sr., from Elizabeth Avent.

Michael Ahrens from Brandy Ahrens.

Marlena Campbell from Devon Peace.

Judith Brown from Richard Brown.

Richard Brown from Judith Brown.

Melanie Boone from Victor Evans.

Frank Weaver from Linda Weaver.

Stephanie Shadler from Ronald Shadler, Jr.

Marriage dissolutions

Lucas County

Todd Daniels and Rachelle Daniels.

Deborah Martin and John Kesling.

Beth Strachn and Douglas Strachn.

Deanna Groesbeck and John Groesbeck.

Crime reports


Movie Gallery, West Central, video games by female about 2:55 p.m. Tuesday.


Jessica Burkhardt, Eastgate, personal checks, cash, and credit card.

Genevieve Villalon, Utah, no loss.

Snow Boy USA, West Laskey, no loss.

Charles Halterman, Chase, shotgun and case.

J.J. Supply Co., South St. Clair, no loss.

Desiree Ramos, Orchard, TV, furniture, DVD player, DVD movies, shoes, video game, video cartridges, and jewelry.

Mirna Tawil, Utah, no loss.

Julie Honsberger, Fullington, cash.

Vernon Woods, Avondale, SUV.

Tyrone Johnson, Parkside, DVD player, lamp, and CDs.

Starboard Side Development, Front, undetermined loss from the 800 block of Miami.

Jerri White, Nebraska, furniture, TVs, lamps, washer, and dryer.

Greg Lake, Heatherdowns, no loss.

Red Wells, West Sylvania, safe.

Kristopher Navarre, Fitch, DVD movies.

Meleza Ulrich, Walnut, check and personal papers.

Abe s Auto Parts, Smead, tools.

Corbin English, Auburn, music maker, music mixer, TV, and shoes.

Glendale Presbyterian Church, Glendale, no loss.

Delaine Hampton, Torrington, jewelry and cash.

Victoria Coley, Gibbons, TV and remote.

Celine Woods, Dulton, DVD players, CD players, video game, DVD movies, identification, postage stamps, and cash.

Carol Brewer, Arlington, vacuum cleaner and liquor from the 400 block of Walbridge.

Nicole Smith, Orchard, TV, DVD player, and food items.

Reva Kelly, Pinebrook, CDs and gold fish.

Corner Bar, North Michigan, cases of beer, liquor, and cash.

Kenneth Kindle, Parker, medication, power tools, video game, and video controllers.

Michael Madden, Heatherdowns, cash.

Todd Evans, Frampton, air compressor and tools.

Glenna Peterson, Lewis, purse and contents.

Donald Blanchong, Baden, laptop computer, video game, handgun, and jewelry.

Kim Bright, Navarre, no loss.

Dewalt Factory Service, South Reynolds, tools.

Judith Powell, Glendale, cash, credit card, and bank card.

Jackie Stoddard, Edgewood, no loss.


Greg Cook, Revere, checks from residence.

Sellner Manufacturing, Fairbault, Minn., cash from the 5300 block of Heatherdowns.

Larry Mack, North Superior, tires and rims from auto at home.

Nec Unified Solutions, Cincinnati, Ohio, laptop computer and tools from van in the 3500 block of Executive.

Tracy Cross, Grantwood, rims from auto at home.

Monica Utley, Ketcham, wallet and contents from auto at home.

Gino s Pizza, Monroe, cash.

Victor Alexander, Jeannette, cash from residence.

Sheila Mercer, Dunham, bank card from Secor at West Central.

Tommie Frazier, Terrace View, handgun from residence.

Mark Heenan, East Broadway, checks, cash, and money clip from office.

Two Men and A Truck, Tremainsville, two ramps from truck.

SBC, Glendale, laptop computer and leather bag and contents from van.

Dawn Carter, Idaho, cash from residence.

Kristina Newsome, Obee, Whitehouse, purse and contents from SUV in the 3200 block of Schneider.

Linda Jennings, Lambertville, siding from home in the 700 block of East Lake.

Albert Lattimer, Valley Steam, jewelry from residence.

Taylor Press Products, North Westwood, checks.

Traffic injuries


7:44 a.m. I-75 northbound and Alexis. Tractor trailers of Stanley Matuszczak, 32, of Lake Toxaway, N.C., and Michael Orlowski, 51, of West Northgate, and auto of Christy Haydock, 24, of Fairhaven, who was treated at St. Vincent Mercy Medical Center.

7:51 a.m. South Detroit and South. Autos of Paul Barring, 30, of Toronto, and Pamela McDonald, 53, of Salem, whose passenger, Heather McDonald, 29, of Salem, was treated at Medical College of Ohio Hospitals.

8:45 p.m. Custer and Lewis. Motorcycle of Todd Draper, 27, of Southover, slipped on gravel. He lost control and fell. Driver was treated at St. Anne Mercy Hospital.


12:58 a.m. Miami and Fassett. Park vehicle of Henry Taks, of Dawson, and auto of Brittany Schnell, 24, of Elsie, who was treated at Bay Park Community Hospital.

Fire alarms


12:22 a.m. 642 Bronson, structure fire.

10:14 a.m. 4215 Monroe, commercial fire alarm.

10:56 a.m. 525 North Erie, commercial fire alarm.

11:07 a.m. 227 Dearborn, structure fire.

1 p.m. 2621 York, outdoor fire.

3:47 p.m. 1114 West Alexis, outdoor fire.

5:37 p.m. 2125 Parkwood, commercial fire alarm.

5:41 p.m. 505 Jefferson, commercial fire alarm.

6:27 p.m. 2609 Pine Trace, wires down.

6:41 p.m. 333 14th, commercial fire alarm.

7:03 p.m. 2510 Perrysburg, structure fire.

7:30 p.m. 276 Stillwater, outdoor fire.

7:50 p.m. 1022 West Woodruff, structure fire.

9:44 p.m. 713 Ranch, garage fire.

9:48 p.m. Dorr and Secor, outdoor fire.


12:12 a.m. 3216 Buckeye, structure fire.

3:16 p.m. 1780 Tecumseh, structure fire.

3:49 p.m. 2339 Tremainsville, outdoor fire.

4:22 p.m. 3332 Dorr, commercial fire alarm.

6:46 p.m. 721 East Broadway, structure fire.

7:11 p.m. 1762 Ottawa, structure fire.

7:19 p.m. 3916 Satinwood, structure fire.

9:27 p.m. 2013 Idaho, outdoor fire.

10:29 p.m. 2044 Calumet, residential fire alarm.


3:30 a.m. 700 New York, auto fire.

5:08 a.m. 901 Colburn, outdoor fire.

5:39 a.m. 823 Hilderband, structure fire.

5:39 a.m. 700 Belmont, structure fire.

6:01 a.m. 240 Linden, structure fire.

6:35 a.m. Madison and North Ontario, auto fire.

9:30 a.m. 5735 Lewis, commercial fire alarm.

10:45 a.m. 615 Cherry, commercial fire alarm.

11:05 a.m. 4217 Parkcliff, commercial fire alarm.

11:54 a.m. 955 Griffin, commercial fire alarm.

3:09 p.m. 1118 Brookview, outdoor fire.

3:10 p.m. 4104 Airport, outdoor fire.

9:18 p.m. 1569 Bow, outdoor fire.

11:21 p.m. 3242 North Erie, structure fire.


Lucas County

Hassen, Sr., James, 62, 3329 Grayling, cardiovascular disease.

Heinemann, Nella, 71, Walbridge, cancer.

Highers, Mary, 70, 610 Stickney, sepsis.

Hirth, Clara, 82, 1710 Stahlwood, congestive heart failure.

Hobbs, Sr., Johnny, 84, 745 South Irwin, Swanton, accident.

Hollar, Teresa, 51, Lima, Ohio, cancer.

Hollister, Donald, 86, 2519 Seaman, chronic obstructive lung disease*.

Holmes, Daniel, 51, 1766 Ketner, non-hodgkins lymphoma.

Hoop, Marianne, 58, Findlay, cirrhosis.

Humphrey, Frances, 97, 1045 Scribner, Maumee, congestive heart failure.

Hunt, Robert, 79, 1549 North Michigan, aortic stenosis.

Jackson, Mary, 80, 605 West University, cancer.

Janssen, Mildred, 90, 1125 Clarion, coronary artery disease.

Jaramillo, Barbara, 69, 1024 Starr, pending investigation.

Jeffers, Karl, 89, Grand Rapids, Ohio, cerebrovascular accident.

Johnson, Kenlynn, 67, Perrysburg, cancer.

Johnson, Warren, 86, 816 North Lallendorf, Oregon, pneumonia.

Justus, Charles, 74, 734 Dover, pending investigation.

Kiefer, Dorcas, 77, 4527 Naomi, myocardial infarction.

Kieffer, Ralph, 56, Richfield, Ohio, gastrointestinal bleeding.

Kimberlain, Ethel, 56, 445 Sycamore, Waterville, aspiration pneumonia.

Kinsel, Barbara, 78, 4144 Stannard, coronary artery disease.

Knecht, Marvin, 84, 3316 Morrell, chronic obstructive lung disease.

Kovacs, Ernest, 81, 3230 Yorktown, Oregon, heart disease.

Krajewski, William, 90, 4121 King, Sylvania, coronary artery disease.

Kranz, Gloria, 62, 3030 Hardale, cancer.

Krasniewski, John, 89, 6109 Holly Glenn, chronic obstructive lung disease.

Kriner, Agnes, 83, 3303 River, chronic obstructive lung disease.

Krol, Aniela, 77, 2528 Wilford, atherosclerosis.

Kunckel, Doris, 73, Temperance, rheumatoid lung.

Kurczewski, Mark, 48, 1117 Nevada, pending investigation.

Lambert, Lucian, 68, 3083 Frampton, pneumonia.

Lange, M. Rose, 79, 6832 Convent Blvd., coronary artery disease.

Link, Fern, 75, 2136 Char-Ming, myocardial infarction.

Link, Sean, 38, 1950 Genesee, suicide.

Lodge, Margaret, 84, 4020 Indian, Alzheimer s.

Long, Jr., Mitchell, 65, 334 Mentor, cancer.

Lora, Josephine, 84, 2720 Albon, Maumee, coronary artery disease.

Malinowski, Walter, 81, 1101 Olson, sepsis.

Mann, Alice, 73, 4698 Violet, cancer.

Manning, Vivian, 92, 1435 Vance, coronary artery disease.

Markham, Helen, 87, 702 Brighton, Alzheimer s.

Marquardt, Arthur, 79, 4555 Vermaas, Alzheimer s.

Marshall, Elaine, 83, 4921 Burnham, pneumonia.

Mathews, Viola, 76, Northwood, spontaneous pneumothorax.

McCown, Ida, 83, 2954 West Central, heart disease.

McNeil, Kevin, 31, 4424 Hill, diabetes.

McPartland, Norma, 78, 4125 King, Sylvania, chronic obstructive lung disease.

Meek, Florence, 92, 2504 Luther, coronary artery disease.

Meredith, Jr., Eddie, 73, 3414 Maher, diabetes.

Miller, Ann, 69, 3313 North Eastmoreland, Oregon, emphysema.

Miller, Darrell, 52, Temperance, cirrhosis.

Miller, Virginia, 87, 5427 Rambo, cancer.

Milligan, Elsie, 83, 1819 Christian, hepatocellular cancer.

Miskiel, Valencia, 49, 4394 Imperial, coronary artery disease.

Moell, Richard, 79, 619 Hermitage, Oregon, myocardial infarction.

Moore, Robert, 79, 4420 South, diabetes.

Morgan, Samuel, 89, 2334 Maplewood, hypertension.

Ness, Sr., Howard, 84, 2365 Goddard, cerebrovascular accident.

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