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Today's log


Bay Park Community Hospital

Melissa and Michael Gunter, Toledo, girl, Tuesday.

Flower Hospital

Mary Grace and Frank Maggard, Toledo, boy, Monday.

Bethany and Sanjay Pai, Sylvania, boy, Monday.

St. Charles Mercy Hospital

Tashena Claphan, Washington Township, boy, Friday.

Michelle and Dennis Burkey, Toledo, girl, Friday.

Jamie Rabenstine, Millbury, girl, Saturday.

St. Vincent Mercy Medical Center

Kisha Redman, Toledo, girl, Sunday.

Sarah and Eric Welly, Toledo, boy, Tuesday.

Beth and Steve Durham, Toledo, girl, Tuesday.

Shonda and Thomas Mouser, Toledo, boy, Tuesday.

Toledo Hospital

Rebecca Smith, Monroe, girl, April 3.

Brittany Orris, Port Clinton, girl, April 5.

Crystal Wernet, Martin, boy, April 25.

Gretchen and Thomas Curry, Whitehouse, boy, Friday.

Linsey Holmes, Toledo, girl, Monday.

Lisa and Jason Mortus, Toledo, boy, Monday.

Sandra and Jim Webb, Toledo, boy, Monday.

Debbie and Joel Haberland, Temperance, Mich., girl, Monday.

Marriage licenses

Lucas County

May 2, 2005

Robert Lawson, 24, meat clerk, and Dawn Baker, 34, legal clerical assistant, both of Oregon.

William McGee, 35, technical service manager, and Amie Matthews, 31, customer service manager, both of Toledo.

David Fowler, 37, cook, and Tishina Jackson, 32, student, both of Toledo.

Gary Comiskey, 48, supervisor, and Jody Belknap, 37, medical assistant, both of Toledo.

Mark Frost, 38, sales, and Theresa Pilaczynski, 38, business owner, both of Whitehouse.

Kelly Hollstein, 35, steel worker, and Sarah Kawalski, 30, both of Toledo.

Benjamin Bolbach, 25, network engineer, and Samantha Sherlock, 26, scheduler, both of Toledo.

Anthony Hart, 20, U.S. Army, and Shannon DeBrosse, 19, both of Toledo.

Matthew Olejniczak, 30, electrician, of Oregon, and Anne Garrett, 34, central messenger, of Toledo.

Don Parker, 34, direct care aide, and Deborah Mays, 44, certified nurse s assistant, both of Toledo.

Philip Coltrane, 25, carpenter, and Tanisha Johnson, 19, both of Toledo.

Robert Burns, 26, maintenance supervisor, and Gretchen Amstutz, 26, housekeeper, both of Holland.

Henry Sears, Jr., 46, commercial Realtor, of Toledo, and Cheryl Roop, 48, mortgage loan officer, of Rossford.

Chett Siefring, 32, engineer/student, and Sarah Metzger, 28, import specialist, both of Toledo.

Charles Castaneda, 41, electrician, and Lourdes Kent, 38, retail sales, both of Toledo.

Reynaldo Rios, 36, machine operator, and Selia Galvan, 47, machine operator, both of Toledo.

Von King, 48, factory worker, and LaSondra Jones, 42, housekeeping, both of Toledo.

Donnell Caldwell, 35, production, and Sharmila Barton, 28, production, both of Toledo.

Crime reports


Marco s Pizza, Dorr, cash and money pouch from delivery driver by a man with a gun in the 1700 block of Joffre about 10 p.m. Monday.

Robert McClain, of Toledo, cash, jacket, cellular telephone, and keys by two men with a gun on Nelson at Wright about 12 a.m. Tuesday.

Victoria Coley, of Toledo, purse and contents by a man in the 1300 block of Western about 2:35 a.m. Tuesday.


U.S. Pipeline, Consaul, generator.

Leonard Dunlap, West Woodruff, speakers, TV, stereo, and CD players from the 200 block of Mejestic.

Joseph Welinski, Majestic, weed trimmers, leaf blower, and household items.

Jerry Corbin, Jackman, cash and wallet and contents.

Samuel Dahlke, Burbank, furniture, TVs, lawn mowers, food items, Christmas decorations, and video game.

Ralph Lazenby, Shoreland, air compressor and tools from the 3900 block of Hoiles.

Angela Navarre, Nebraska, videotapes and DVD movies.

Stanley Lewandowski, Oakway, laptop computer and TV.

Sharon Miller, Leland, TV receiver, computer equipment, camping equipment, and tools.

Joyce Shroyer, Giant, cash, checks, and bank card.

Steve Kiegle, West Walbridge, Curtice, light fixtures, locks, and paint from the 800 block of Oak.

In & Out Mart, South Byrne, loss undetermined.


Owens Corning Fiberglas, Owens Corning Way, laptop computer.

William Arnold, Havre, handgun from residence.

Co/Op Optical, West Alexis, eyeglass frames.

Larry Shaw, Bruns, Rossford, tools and furnace parts from truck in the 1800 block of West Alexis.

Patrick Winhoven, Maumee, bank card and identification from residence.

Sarah Gemuenden, Thunder Hollow, wallet and contents from residence.

Traffic injuries


3:40 p.m. - I-75 northbound and Phillips. Pickup truck of Lavern Jones, 48, of Consaul, and auto of Lynn Donovan, 29, of Suder, who was treated at St. Vincent Mercy Medical Center.


3:40 p.m. West Bancroft and Scottwood. Van of Tieshetta Witcher, 29, of Klondike, who was treated at Toledo Hospital; autos of Anthony Whitiker, 30, of Collingwood, whose passenger, Kristina Alexander, 31, of Wellington, who was treated at St. Vincent Mercy Medical Center, and Carnell Giles, 24, of Warren, who also was treated at St. Vincent along with passenger, Shalonda Byrd, 23, of Beaulah, of Sylvania.

10:15 p.m. 3100 block of Cherry. Auto of Brenda Allen, 46, of Parkdale, and bicycle of Alicia Wade, 37, of Kenilworth, who was treated at Toledo Hospital.

Fire alarms


1:00 a.m. 1145 Nebraska, structure fire.

10:37 a.m. 505 Jefferson, commercial fire alarm.

1:56 p.m. 4201 Heatherdowns, commercial fire alarm.

2:56 p.m. 952 Forsythe, outdoor fire.

7:53 p.m. 833 West Alexis, structure fire.

Municipal Court


Driving while intoxicated

Rhoda Saunders, 34, of 1842A Alexis, arrested 1999; 30 days CCNO, $750 fine and costs, license suspended six months. Judge Mary Trimboli.

Robert Cooper, 35, of 4235 Fairview, arrested April 3, 2002; 90 days CCNO, $500 fine and costs, license suspended April 20 to Feb. 3, 2006; active probation two years. Judge Gene Zmuda.

Nathan Lockhart, 28, of 1808 North Erie, arrested May 22, 2004; 3 days COMPASS, 3 days DIP already completed, $250 fine and costs. Judge Francis Gorman.

Brett Lohman, 29, of Columbus, Ohio, arrested Nov. 28, 2004; $250 fine and costs. Judge Gorman.

Michael Stutz, 50, of 4107 Harvest, arrested March 3; 3 days CCNO, $250 fine and costs, inactive probation one year. Judge Amy Berling.

Roosevelt Hereford, 49, of 2857 Mulberry, arrested Nov. 21, 2004; 10 days CCNO, 70 days work release, $750 fine and costs, license suspended five years, active probation 18 months. Judge Gorman.

Brittany Kelley, 19, of 3333 College, arrested Oct. 22, 2004; $250 fine and costs. Judge Gorman.

Nathaniel Wiggins, 51, of 2552 Lawrence, arrested May 30, 2004; 30 days CCNO, $100 fine, license suspended five years. Judge Gorman.

Jason Lopez, 25, of 248 Osborne, Rossford, arrested Sept. 24, 2004; 3 days DWI program, $250 fine and costs, license suspended six months. Judge Gorman.

Physical control

Dennis Boes, 56, of 3319 138th, arrested Oct. 1, 2004; 3 days DIP program, $250 fine and costs. Judge Berling.

Reckless operation

Joseph Codispoti, 21, of 1909 Kensington, arrested Feb. 25; 30 days suspended, $250 fine and costs, inactive probation six months. Judge Tim Kuhlman.

James Hafner, 49, of 2811 Albion, arrested 1992; $25 fine and $78 costs, $25 fine suspended. Judge Schaefer.

Peggy Rajner, 38, of 2125 Caledonia, arrested Oct. 25, 2004; $150 fine and costs. Judge Kuhlman.

Rebecca Kohn, 31, of 5538 Thornbrook, arrested Jan. 4; 30 days suspended, $250 fine and costs. Judge Gorman.

Arthur Zepf, 20, of 3552 Brookside, arrested Dec. 28, 2004; $100 fine and costs. Judge Gorman.


Lucas County

Amborski, Sr., Daniel, 63, 1636 Cass, Maumee, cardiovascular disease.

Andersen, Donald, 82, 741 West Poinsetta, pneumonia.

Anderson, Dorothy, 86, 677 Howland, coronary artery disease.

Baltz, Heinz, 84, 1302 Ogontz, cerebrovascular accident.

Bame, Helen, 83, Dundee, Mich., chronic obstructive lung disease.

Basye, Helen, 80, Bedford Township, Mich., Alzheimer s.

Behrens, Harry, 93, 4560 West Alexis, renal failure.

Bernal, III, Bernardo, 36, Perrysburg, coronary thrombosis.

Berry, Erma, 86, 4111 North Holland-Sylvania, cerebral vascular occlusion.

Bettinger, Esther, 88, 5916 North Detroit, myocardial infarction.

Bielski, Walter, 87, Temperance, cerebral infarction.

Billian, Douglas, 55, 4233 Albar, cirrhosis.

Biro, Mary, 89, Lakeside, Ohio, myocardial infarction.

Birr, Raymond, 77, 132 East Park, chronic obstructive lung disease.

Black, Carole, 54, Defiance Township, Ohio, cancer.

Bokor, Virginia, 86, Perrysburg, multiple myeloma.

Booth, Bernice, 85, 2402 Flint, cerebral arteriosclerosis.

Brewer, Joel, 81, 2707 Pickle, Oregon, cerebral atrophy*.

Briggs, Ruth, 95, Blissfield, large zunker s diverticulum.

Brown, Vicky, 57, 1232 Camden, cirrhosis.

Brunner, Donnelly, 73, Delta, Ohio, melanoma.

Buchanan, James, 44, 2321 Elm, pending investigation.

Burkart, Gerald, 66, Tiffin, pending investigation.

Butler, Marie, 64, 927 Lindsay, cancer.

Buttar, Angela, 98, Perrysburg, coronary artery disease.

Campbell, Joevelyn, 78, 1158 Lincoln, coronary artery disease.

Cannaley, Frances, 83, Rossford, diabetes.

Carpenter, MaeOla, 76, 2217 Warren, myocardial infarction.

Carter, Robert, 58, 1023 Broer, cardiovascular disease.

Cartwright, Timothy, 45, Oak Harbor, Ohio, pneumonia.

Chambers, Robert, 70, 5204 Lewis, heart disease.

Chaney, Dennis, 53, 1436 Belmont, cancer.

Coleman, Ruth, 84, 131 North Wheeling, pneumonia.

Collins, Amanda, 82, Genoa, hemorrhagic cva.

Conklin, William, 84, 9809 Schadle, Waterville, acute ischemic bowel.

Cooper, Donald, 86, 3656 Anderson, congestive heart failure.

Corona, Edmund, 83, 4549 North Lockwood, diabetes.

Cottingham, Myrna, 73, 3506 Starr, Oregon, chronic obstructive lung disease.

Cready, Vera, 60, Perrysburg, hepatitis.

Cross, Odie, 96, 649 Norwood, cardiovascular disease.

Cummings, William, 93, 2750 Pickle, Oregon, multiple sarcomas.

Darr, Grace, 87, 2220 Bishopsgate, pneumonia.

Daugherty, Reginald, 48, 394 Spieker, coronary artery disease.

Davis, Louise, 52, Napoleon, diabetes.

Debold, Amelia, 90, Temperance, Alzheimer s.

Devoogd, Lucille, 80, Detroit, aspiration pneumonia.

Dew, Parker, 4 months, 5047 Silica, pending investigation.

Dillon, Thelma, 82, 2510 Seaman, cancer.

Draime, Genevieve, 79, 2419 Chriswood, thromboembolism.

Errington, Robert, 83, 4654 Copland, congestive heart failure.

Ewing, Brooks, 88, Perrysburg, organic brain disease.

Felton, James, 54, Temperance, cirrhosis.

Felty, Kevin, 47, 6306 Lancelot, Sylvania Township, cancer.

Flickinger, Donald, 97, 5916 Cresthaven, Parkinson s disease.

Foor, Joyce, 68, 111 South Summit, pulmonary fibrosis.

Foreman, Lois, 82, 47 Gramercy, coronary artery disease.

Fortress, Ruth, 94, 2828 Castleton, coronary artery disease.

Fuller, Michael, 39, Swanton, pneumonia.

Galloway, Gladys, 91, 2954 West Central, chronic obstructive lung disease.

Gaston, Elkin, 82, 814 14th, dementia.

Gillespie, Jean, 83, 450 East Oakland, retroperitoneal hemorrhage.

Gillespie, William, 77, 7253 Bay Harbor, Maumee, leukemia.

Gonzales, Ramona, 88, 3953 Navarre, Oregon, ischemic heart disease.

Goralske, Mary, 58, 1548 Forester, Oregon, pneumonia.

Graalman, Mark, 47, 5004 South, cancer.

Greenen, Patricia, 84, 2001 Perrysburg-Holland, Holland, Parkinson s.

Greenwalt, Alice, 56, 4107 Fairview, cancer.

Guthrie, Elsie, 75, Swanton, chronic obstructive lung disease.

Halbert, Donald, 88, 3501 Executive, dysphagia.

Hallick, James, 63, 131 North Wheeling, small bowel obstruction.

Handerhan, Kathryn, 88, 1572 Crestwood, cerebral infarction.

Hansen, Boyd, 83, 5847 Waterville-Swanton, Swanton, arteriosclerotic heart disease.

Harris, Helen, 88, 2001 Perrysburg-Holland, Holland, coronary artery disease.

Henneman, Gloria, 64, 1117 Colton, cancer.

Hirsch, Edna, 100, 3501 Executive, stroke.

Hoskins, Brian, 41, 619 Woodland, homicide.

Huffman, Kurtis, 19, Fostoria, suicide.

Isenstein, Mary, 86, 2720 Westcastle, cancer.

Jackson, Hazel, 82, 1017 Bricker, pneumonia.

Johnson, Johnny, 65, 615 Belmont, cardiomyopathy.

Jones, Bessie, 69, 639 Ashwood, pending investigation.

Jones, Jess, 37, 1330 West Alexis, pending investigation.

Jones, Julian, 3 days, 6047 Whiteford Center, prematurity.

Jones, Le Andrew, 24, 1704 Parkdale, homicide.

Joseph, Adele, 88, 5947 Maikonda, Sylvania, myocardial infarction.

Judge, Berneda, 84, 1225 Flaire, accident.

Kelley, Dorothy, 84, 340 South Reynolds, chronic obstructive lung disease.

Kesling, Dorothy, 81, 2910 113th, senile dementia.

Klein, Marion, 81, Monroe Township, Ohio, heart disease.

Klump, Gordon, 85, Ogden Township, Mich., myocardial infarction.

Krajewski, Wanda, 89, 2920 Cherry, coronary artery disease.

Krempa, Genevieve, 89, 6101 North Summit, diabetes.

Krueger, Julia, 98, 5115 Fairgreen, heart disease.

Krygielski, Norma, 81, 1815 Brownstone, arterio cardiovascular disease.

Kwiatkowski, Pearl, 96, 2720 Albon, Maumee, cerebrovascular accident.

Lavoy, Dolores, 73, 5864 Douglas, chronic obstructive lung disease.

Leach, Franklin, 66, 10520 Dorr, Holland, cancer.

Lee, James, 64, 1252 Tecumseh, myocardial infarction.

Lehman, Dorothy, 84, Bluffton, Ohio, brain stem infarction.

LeJeune, Carl, 65, Fremont, respiatory failure.

Lozias, Helen, 89, 2334 Aberdeen, cerebral infarction.

Lynch, Donald, 42, 805 Mason, liver cirrhosis.

Markland, Eugene, 85, 616 Bronx, myelodysplasia.

Mast, Bernard, 81, 3159 Matson, coronary artery disease.

McCormick, Richard, 74, 5126 Grelyn, cancer.

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