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Bay Park Community Hospital

Jessica and Rob Smith, Port Clinton, girl, Saturday.

Flower Hospital

Erika Beach, Toledo, twin boys, Thursday.

Jennifer and Bret Sullins, Sylvania, boy, Friday.

Arnisha Braddy, Toledo, girl, Friday.

St. Charles Mercy Hospital

Linda and Michael Sparks, Millbury, boy, Friday.

Essence Coleman, Toledo, boy, Friday.

St. Luke's Hospital

Melissa and Thomas Beatty, Gibsonburg, Ohio, girl, Saturday.

Toledo Hospital

Jayme and David Weiden, Toledo, girl, Saturday.

Jodie and Stephen Lease, Toledo, boy, Saturday.

Kelly and Michael Homolka, Temperance, girl, Saturday.

Lyndsay Williams, Toledo, boy, Saturday.

Teaira Murff, Toledo, girl, Saturday.

Marriage dissolutions

Lucas County

Timothy Grince and Elizabeth Grince.

Leon Bates, Jr., and Sharon Bates.

Lois Weaver and Travis Weaver.

Gerald Murphy and Cheryl Murphy.

Beth Wagener and David Rickman, Jr.

Patricia Tebbe and Michael Tebbe.

Amy Loughman and Paul Sokoloski.

Jan Stefango and Jason Wilsen.

Kenneth Johnson, Jr., and Jenice Johnson.

Jehad Mourad and Tina Mumford.

Divorces granted

Lucas County

Rebecca Ryan from Daniel Ryan, Jr.

Daniel Ryan, Jr., from Rebecca Ryan.

Jerri Gibson from Manulito Gibson.

Viola Miller Jones from Darryl Jones.

Kimberly Mendoza from Ronnie Mendoza.

Mark Veal from Beth Veal.

Beth Veal from Mark Veal.

Lee Ann Oreskovich from Robert Oreskovich.

Brett Richards from Penny Brantigan.

Cassandra Madison from John Brown.

John Michalak from Cathy Smith.

Sarah Forgette from Steven Forgette.

Michele Smith from Lonnie Smith.

Clifford Mounts from Betty Thomas.

Lanette Faust from Michael Browning.

Cynthia Moton from Andre Coleman.

Johanna Podolsky from Edward Podolsky.

Lori Bell from Michael Stevens.

Patricia Hibbler from Stevenson Harris.

Ronald Allen Sr. from Lynnelle Allen.

Debbie McCray from Leslie Huggins.

Margarita Morales from Darrell Reid.

Linda Ballmer from Gregory Ballmer.

Gregory Ballmer from Linda Ballmer.

Diane Vanderhorst from Joseph Vanderhorst.

Brandon Lampros from Kelly Lampros.

Kelly Lampros from Brandon Lampros.

Awni Hamdan from Robin Hamdan.

Robin Hamdan from Awni Hamdan.

Chasity Cunningham from William Sherman II.

Dane Copti from Linda Copti.

Linda Copti from Dane Copti.

Marcille Alexander from John Yerman.

John Yerman from Marcille Alexander.

Jamie Ferguson-Prater from Troy Prater.

Troy Prater from Jamie Ferguson-Prater.

Kenneth Westdyk from Juanita Westdyk.

William Pelish Jr. from Jennifer Pelish.

Jacqueline Taulbee from Kenneth Roberts.

Kenneth Roberts from Jacqueline Taulbee.

Debra Harteis from Charles Harteis.

Robert Silcox from Kalyn Henderson.

Diane Hovey from Carl Hovey.

Carl Hovey from Diane Hovey.

Coroner's rulings

Lucas County

Michael Greeder, 48, of Fairfax, Aug. 1, at Toledo Hospital. Accidental, bilateral peripheral thromboemboli with multiple pulmonary infarcts; deceased fell off ladder injuring chest wall.

Jacqulyn Harding, 81, of Eastwood, Oregon, Aug. 11, at St. Charles Mercy Hospital. Accidental, complication of hip fracture; deceased fall over therapeutic oxygen line at home.

Mark Horton, 20, of West Dean, Temperance, July 26, at Medical University of Ohio Medical Center. Accidental, diffuse necrotizing bronchopneumonia; complications of trauma/head injuries.

Patrick Krieger, 60, of Gage, Aug. 2, at home. Accidental, respirator failure; delayed complications of trauma.

Gary Osmon, 56, of Clyde, Ohio, May 18, at Medical University of Ohio Medical Center. Accidental, multisystem organ failure sustained from auto accident.

Cheri Rue, 38, of Continental, Ohio, June 13, at Toledo Hospital. Suicide, combined drug overdose.

Alex Sahadi, 79, of West Bancroft, July 22, at Toledo Hospital. Suicide, gunshot wound to head; deceased shot himself.

Jeremiah Shonk, 27, of Wickford Square, Sylvania, Aug. 23, in the 7400 block of Coder, Monclova Township. Accidental, blunt force injuries of the head and chest.

Marian Smith, 79, of Adrian, Aug. 25, at Toledo Hospital. Accidental, blunt head trauma; deceased fell down stairs at home.

Restaurant inspections

Recently released inspection reports of Lucas County food-service operations:

Taruman Sushi, 7430 Central, Sylvania Township, inspected July 19. Critical violations: Wrap bamboo mats used to roll sushi in plastic wrap and change wrap every 4 hours or between different species of fish. Store all wet wiping cloths in bucket of sanitizer water. Store knives on sanitized surface and wash and sanitize knives every four hours. Four non critical violations. Inspector: Jackie Kistler.

IHOP, 4045 Talmadge, inspected July 19. Critical violations: Hold all potentially hazardous food items at 41 degrees, proper cold temperatures. Upright cooler has ambient air temperature of 42 degrees. No hand contact must be made with ready-to-eat foods; provide gloves at every work station as gloves must be worn by all food handlers. 13 non-critical violations. Inspector: Kelly Sattler.

Koral Hamburg & Diner, 12 North Third, Waterville, inspected July 19. Critical violations: Breakfast foods may not sit out on counter at room temperature. Provide ice bath or additional refrigeration if foods are to be out of cooler. Observe proper food storage in cooler; raw meats must be stored below ready to eat foods. Corned beef hash with past expiration date still being used, voluntarily discarded. Six non-critical violations. Inspector Sattler.

McDonald's, 567 East Manhattan, inspected July 19. Critical violation: Store all food and food contact items 6 inches or more off the floor, corrected. Ten non-critical violations. Inspector: Kerry Cutcher.

Positive Beginnings, 102 South Summit, inspected July 20. Critical violations: Repair unit or replace refrigerator in nursery; not holding at proper cold temperatures, repeat violation. Store all chemicals below from food or food contact surfaces. Provide restrooms at all times with soap and paper towels. One non-critical violation. Inspector: Ryan Sekinger.

Jim's Pizza Paddle, 7625 Sylvania, Sylvania, inspected July 20. Critical violations: Observed employees touching lettuce and sandwiches without gloves, repeat violation. All perishable foods held over 24 hours must be labeled with dates of opening, preparation, or thaw, and held for no more than 7 days at 41 degrees, repeat violation. Discard all food held past seven days; expired food voluntarily discarded. Date all feta cheese and whipped cream stored in bar coolers. Provide paper towels at bar hand sink, repeat violation. 12 noncritical violations. Inspector: Jackie Kistler.

Fallen Timbers Fairways, 7711 Timbers, Waterville, inspected July 20. Critical violations: Bare hand contact not permitted with ready-to-eat foods, corrected. Dish machine not dispensing sanitizer, corrected. Only approved sanitizer may be used on food contact surfaces, corrected. Label working containers of chemicals with the common name of the content. Food items in prep top cooler were not at proper cold temperatures, discarded. Four non-critical violations. Inspector: Steve Perrine.

Inky's, 3945 North Detroit, inspected July 20. Critical violation: chicken salad in two-door sliding cooler was not at proper cold temperatures, discarded. Four non-critical violations. Inspector: Cutcher.

Uncle John's Pancake House, 3131 Secor, inspected July 20. Critical violations: Sausage not held at proper hot temperatures, discarded. All potentially hazardous foods must be kept at proper cold temperatures and date marked. Walk-in cooler condenser unit dripping on food items; repair. Install grease trap in dishwasher plumbing. Three non-critical violations. Inspector Sattler.

Subway, 5821 Central, inspected July 20. Critical violation: Store all foods at least 6 inches off floor in walk-in cooler. Four non-critical violations. Inspector Sattler.

Avva's Kitchen, 7229 Central, Sylvania Township, inspected July 21. Critical violations: Improper cooling of foods, repeat violation. Repair undercounter cooler, which must be used for pop and drinks only. Three non-critical violations. Inspector Kistler.

The Road House, 11535 Central, Richfield Township, inspected July 22. Do not use prep top holding till it holds at proper cold temperatures. Discard all perishable foods after seven days, pan of rice voluntarily discarded. Five non-critical violations. Inspector Kistler.

Subway Sandwich, 3336 Lagrange, inspected July 18. Critical violations: all wet wiping cloths must be kept in sanitizing solution. Unlabeled chemical bottles on bottom shelf of prep table; label all chemicals. Fifteen non-critical violations. Inspector Cutcher.

Ipoh, 3527 Dorr, inspected July 18. Critical violation: provide and use individual food scoops in food prep cooler. Three non-critical violations. Inspector: Bruce Heiser.

Frisch's Big Boy, 5820 West Central, inspected July 18. Critical violations: Ham and hash browns held at improper cooling temperatures, voluntarily discarded. Foods must be cooled rapidly to inhibit bacteria growth. Employees may not smoke in a food storage or food prep area. Leftover food on buffet may not be saved for reserve but must be discarded. Use only food prep sink for cooling and thawing food; do not use the three-vat sink. Do not thaw food at room temperature; observe proper thawing procedures. Four non-critical violations. Inspector Sattler.

Twin Oaks Recreation, 2816 West Sylvania, inspected July 18. Critical violations: out of temperature foods, voluntarily discarded. Repair undercounter cooler to maintain proper cold temperatures. Inspector Heiser.

Chinatown, 1750 West Laskey, inspected July 18. Critical violation: maintain foods at proper temperatures, fried rice discarded. Six non-critical violations. Inspector Heiser.

Olney Market, 1950 North Stadium, Oregon, inspected July 18. Critical violation: date-mark all potentially hazardous ready-to-eat foods. Inspector: Julie Nye.

Jonny Almond Nut Co., 5001 Monroe, inspected July 19. Critical violations: keep food stored away from non-food items; apples stored in drawer were discarded. Repair hand sink immediately. Provide sanitizer and hot water for the three-vat sink. No food or liquid for consumption may be stored in chemical container; provide food-grade containers only. One non-critical violation. Inspector Sattler.

Rite Aid, 810 East Manhattan, inspected July 19. Critical violation: provide soap and paper towels for hand sinks at all times. One non-critical violation. Inspector Cutcher.

Toledo Market, 3410 Dorr, inspected July 20. Critical violations: observed molasses and jam jars with pop lids; removed from stock and returned to vendor. Provide and maintain proper food labels on repackaged bulk foods. Six non-critical violations. Inspector Heiser.

Little Caesar's Pizza, 4302 Lewis, inspected July 22. Critical violations: part for prep top cooler on order; ham in prep top not at proper temperature, discarded. All chemical bottles must be labeled. Nine non-critical violations. Inspector Cutcher.

Lewis Carryout, 4252 Lewis, inspected July 22. Critical violations: eggs stored above ready-to-eat foods in display case; store eggs on bottom shelf only. Foods in display case cooler not holding at proper temperatures; do not use cooler until repaired. Four boxes of expired baby food on shelf for sale; discard. Nine non-critical violations. Inspector Cutcher.

Casa de Oro, 3111 Navarre, Oregon, inspected July 27. Critical violations: hand sink blocked with fans and containers, corrected. Hamburger stored above steaks; store food in proper order. Cole slaw and items in four-door cooler not date marked, repeat violation. 11 non-critical violations. Inspector Nye.

Tony Packo Nite Club and Center, 1902 Front, inspected July 27. Critical violations: butter, ranch dressing, and salsa must be kept at or below 45 degrees. Seven non-critical violations. Inspector Jennifer Gottschalk.

Jan's Chili Dogs, 5668 West Central, inspected July 27. Critical violations: No date-marking of foods observed. Sanitizer bottle stored on box of ice cream cones in storage. Four non-critical violations. Inspector Sattler.


Lucas County

Cowden, Rosemary, 68, Delta, Ohio, pneumoia.

Coutcher, Marcus, 1, Perrysburg, accident.

Craven, Margaret, 61, Lincoln Park, Mich., chronic obstructive lung disease*.

Criblez, Kyle, 49, Tiffin, intracranial hemorrhage.

Curtis, Katherine, 87, 2234 Willowtree, Maumee, congestive heart failure.

Decker, Barbara, 83, Genoa, pulmonary fibrosis.

Dempsey, Jr., Roy, 72, Walbridge, coronary artery disease.

Dickerson, Bernadene, 79, Dunnellon, Fla., coronary artery disease.

Dixon, Brandon, 22, Temperance, Mich., pending investigation.

Dixon, Irene, 80, 3214 Rocksberry, congestive heart failure.

Dobson, Vivian, 90, 2060 Ottawa River, pulmonary fibrosis*.

Doggett, Sean, 31, 742 Boalt, pending investigation.

Downs, Raymond, 43, 620 Thurston, pending investigation.

Drace, Donald, 87, 1555 Twin Oaks, pneumonia.

Durfey, Glenn, 87, Gibsonburg, Ohio, cancer.

Edson, Rozetta, 60, 2065 Grange, Oregon, peripheral vascular disease.

Edwards, Ross, 88, 5844 Swan Creek, coronary artery disease.

Edwards, Viola, 90, 4447 Terrace View, Alzheimer's.

Elsea, William, 52, 1918 Chase, cardiovascular disease.

Farve, John, 76, 2285 Albion, cancer.

Feck, Joseph, 95, 522 Raymer, myeloid leukemia.

Finch, Marsha, 55, Petersburg, Mich., myocardial infarction.

Flox, Saul, 83, 3501 Executive, renal failure.

Fox, Dianna, 42, 631 White, pending investigation.

Froman, William, 80, Luckey, sepsis.

Gamble, Kathleen, 71, 725 East Broadway, cancer.

Gawronski, Lillian, 86, 5838 Cook, coronary artery disease.

Gilbert, Lucille, 82, 4232 Barbara, accident.

Gilleszpie, Marian, 88, 1643 Charmaine, cardiovascular disease.

Grady, Evelyn, 77, 615 Colima, cancer.

Granner, Juanita, 76, 5629 310th, hyperlipidemia.

Graves, James, 42, 3057 Navarre, Oregon, heart disease.

Greeder, Michael, 48, 2027 Fairfax, pending investigation.

Greenberg, Nathan, 87, 3514 Orchard Trail, brain stem stroke.

Grevis, George, 86, 2814 Goddard, cerebral infarction.

Griggs, Betty, 70, Rossford, cancer.

Gust, Helene, 81, 2125 Parkwood, sepsis.

Hall, Thomas, 84, 3228 Van Fleet, cancer.

Hampton, Kathy, 55, 6151 West Sylvania, Sylvania Township, chronic obstructive lung disease.

Hardin, John, 84, 904 Isaac, Oregon, myocardial infarction.

Hardy, Hattie, 86, 4645 Lewis, cerebral vascular accident.

Harris, James, 46, Windham, Ohio, cancer.

Harris, Willie, 63, Detroit, coronary artery disease.

Haynes, Raymond, 42, 4332 Hunters, pending investigation.

Heineman, Martha, 89, 6101 Fallen Timbers, Maumee, myocardial infarction.

Hernandez, Raquel, 56, Wachneta, Fla., diabetes.

Herzig, Barbara, 63, 6027 Larchway, cancer.

Hincher, Richard, 78, Bedford Township, Mich., acute renal failure.

Hinojosa, Jose, 45, 749 Utah, sepsis.

Hockaday, Jeanine, 78, 131 North Wheeling, myocardial infarction.

Hoffman, Justin, 84, 2556 Portsmouth, hyperlipidemia.

Hogan, Audrey, 88, Bedford Township, Mich., congestive heart failure.

Holben, Joan, 84, 4111 North Holland-Sylvania, chronic obstructive lung disease.

Holzscheiter, Justin, 89, 5718 Home, myocardial infarction.

Hopple, Loyal, 77, Tiffin, accident.

Horton, Mark, 20, Temperance, accident.

Horvath, Dorothy, 73, 4293 Monroe, heart disease.

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