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The Weekly Record: Michigan


Monroe County


Mercy Memorial Hospital


Christine and Duane Bruckner, Monroe, boy.

Maria Camacho-Lopez and Jose Hernandez, Monroe, girl.

Amy and Joseph Denby, Monroe, girl.

Ashlee Aldridge and William Harvey, Monroe, boy.

Kristi and Jeffery Kostoff, Monroe, boy.

Morgan and Quinn Shankleton, Temperance, girl.

Jennifer and Paul Thompson, Monroe, girl.

Amy and Christopher Williams, Monroe, girl.

Donna Russeau and James Anteau, Newport, boy.

Kasey and Steven Banek, Monore, boy.

Rachel and Patrick Cooper, Monroe, boy.

Lisa and Chad Cousino, Temperance, girl.

Ashley and Donald Denhart, Monroe, girl.

Renee and Ralph Griner, Monroe, girl.

Karen and Ronald Heiseman, Monroe, girl.

Sharon and Daniel Jennings, Monroe, girl.

Theresa and Yacy Kunkeli, Monroe, boy.

Heather McGee, Monroe, boy.

Mandy and Brian Marut, Carleton, boy.

Angela Russeau and William McCarty, Monroe, boy.

Tacey and Gains McDonald, Monroe, boy.

Ronda and Matthew Michaud, Monroe, boy.

Terri and Clyde Pennington, Ida, boy.

Marlana Hall and David Plummer, Monroe, boy.

Jamie Finley, Monroe, girl.

Stephanie Wallace and James Richards, Monroe, boy.

Bambi and Allen Shelley, Monroe, boy.

Elizabeth Apperson and Timothy Smith, Monroe, boy.

Amy and Jeremy Steinman, Maybee, girl.

Michelle Smith and Mario Tucker, Monroe, boy.

Mary Ann and Terry Williams, Newport, boy

Probate Court

Real estate transfers

Michigan Log


Richard and Barbara Bale to Todd and Kerry Reaume, 145 Virginia, June 30, $130,000, warranty deed.

Rudolph Dotson, Jr., 2900 E. Creek, June 30, sheriff deed.

Barry and Mary Ann Kamasky to Douglas and Gayl Bunea, Sigler-Indian Trails, June 29, $90,000, warranty deed.

Nick Gasvoda to Jason and Sarah Moore, 379 Center, June 28, $168,000, warranty deed.

Mark and Betty Durocher to Mark and Betty Durocher Trustees, 10151 Grafton, June 28, trust.

Dennis and Leslie Randall to David Randall, 13210 Parkway, June 27, family sale.

Betty Meyer to Rodney Roberts, 2901 Ready, June 22, $163,000, warranty deed.

Leon Siegel and Marion Robbins to Lauren, LLC, Telegraph, June 21, $750,000, warranty deed.

Randy and Joy Griffith to Monica Lams, 12732 Mathews, June 10, $167,000, warranty deed.

Marie Bitel Alta to Derek Digna, 12743 Mill, June 6, $126,700, warranty deed.

Wesley and Christine McFall to Robert and Garnet McKnight, 11670 Grafton, June 3, $169,900, warranty deed.

James and Jennie Burzynski to Kevin Irey, 12117 Crossman, June 3, $165,000, warranty deed.

Tami Langton to John Damron, 11200 Exeter, June 2, $206,500, warranty deed.


James and Diane Smith to James Hill II, 3122 Lennox, June 30, $270,000, conventional wd.

A. L. Sulier Homes to Theodore Perry, 2439 Sutton, June 30, $158,635, conventional wd.

Verna Luttrell Trust to Jeffrey Managhan, 7483 Monroe, June 30, $129,000, conventional wd.

Diane Adams and Robert Cooper to Timothy and Jennifer Hicks, 2515 Sandpiper, June 30, $285,000, conventional wd.

Melvin and Kathlynn Shook to Bruce and Felchia Hotchkiss, 521 Pickard, June 30, $154,900, conventional wd.

Calvin and Laura Mae Gess to Troy and Amy Travis, 1150 W. Temperance, June 30, $149,000, conventional wd.

Daniel and Christi Eshman, 8165 Monroe, June 30, sheriff deed.

Wehrle Decker Development Co to Aziz and Ami Brihoum, 424 Sunfish, June 29, $35,900, conventional wd.

Wehrle Decker Dev Co to Antonio Gonzales, 7517 Savanna, June 27, $39,900, conventional wd.

Thomas and Ondreya Witmer to Relocation Advantage, LLC, 6941 Stockport, June 25, $180,000, conventional wd.

Wehrle Development LTD to Matthew and Krista Virost, 7453 Tallgrass, June 24, $190,550, conventional wd.

Fornwald Fine Homes Inc. to Iain Frost, 1367 Andrew, June 24, $62,900, conventional wd.

Vicki Van Deilen to Salvatore Parisi, W. Smith, June 24, $78,000, conventional wd.

Eileen Sniegowski to Thomas and Evelyn Monaghan, 3140 Mindy, June 24, $180,000, conventional wd.

Harry Vanden Doleweert to Robert and Victoria Holmes, 7585 Chapel View, June 24, $167,000, conventional wd.

Todd and Jennifer Ridner to Dail Debruyne, 8987 Woodside, June 24, $145,000, conventional wd.

John Karmol to Mike and Becky Honingford, 9027 Crabb, June 24, $160,000, conventional wd.

Washington Mutual Bank FA to Department of Veterans Affairs, 1143 W. Sterns, June 24, foreclosurer.

Scott Klostermeier to Scott and Callie Klostermeier, 4131 Hill, June 24, conventional qc.

Bret Gulch to Jennifer Gulch-Harsh, 3644 Consear, June 24, spouse to spouse.

Clara Delahamaide to Mark and Clara Delahamaide, 3660 Knepper, June 24, survivorship deed.

Thomas and Pamela Huner to Jeffrey and Michelle Monhollen, 492 Webber, June 23, $235,000, conventional wd.

Gregory and Cynthia McGough to Kenneth Liverance, 2745 Hasen, June 23, $134,000, conventional wd.

Jacquelyn and Anthony Purcel, 3335 Springdale, June 23, sheriff deed.

Timothy and Linda Bellfy, 692 Seminole, June 23, sheriff deed.

Carol Johnson to Carol Johnson Trustee, 8850 Douglas, June 23, trust.

Ronald Novak to Ronald and Bonnie Novak, 2627 W. Samaria, June 22, conventional qc.

M V Properties LLC to MV Properties, LLC, Minx, June 21, conventional qc.

Charlotte Vergiels to Charlotte Vergiels, Secor, June 21, conventional qc.

Jo Ann Finley to JoAnn Finley, 1064 Cherry, June 21, conventional qc.

Charlotte Vergiels to Charlotte Vergiels, Secor, June 21, conventional qc.

Charlotte Vergiels to Charlotte Vergiels, 11193 Secor, June 21, conventional qc.

Charlotte Vergiels to Charlotte Vergiels, 8258 Secor, June 21, conventional qc.

Decker Building Co. to John and Carrie Phillips, 7447 Savanna, June 20, $184,900, conventional wd.

David Alexander to Gary and Jill Petersen, 878 Hickory, June 20, $265,000, conventional wd.

James Basile to Timothy and Amy Dawes, 7516 Westchester, June 20, $134,900, conventional wd.

Jennifer Huntley and John Aurandt II to Thomas Mack, 7300 Elmwood, June 20, $159,000, conventional wd.

Ellen Spencer to Robert Metzger, 2142 Stoneybrook, June 20, $350,000, conventional wd.

Gerard Midworth to Michael and Heather Byrd, 1052 W. Samaria, June 20, $189,500, conventional wd.

Autoway Investors LTD to Township of Bedford, 7016 Lewis, June 20, $535,000, government sale.

Anthony and Angeli Niewkoop to Anthony and Angelita Nieuwkoop Trustees, 10514 Lewis, June 20, trust.

Cornerstone Home Builders Inc. to Clarence and Idonna Sprague Trustees, 7535 Conifer, June 17, $49,900, conventional wd.

H & J Christiansen Trust to Thomas and Shawn Poprocky, 8340 Waterford, June 17, $248,500, conventional wd.

Alberta Nulton to Nichole Giudici, 7288 Danforth, June 17, $156,000, conventional wd.

Richard and Barbara Linzie to James and Andrea Gentry, 3749 St Anthony, June 17, $180,000, conventional wd.

William and Dorothy Samonides to Lisa Hinkle, 6838 Yorktown, June 16, $190,500, conventional wd.

David and Joan Leitner to Richard and Barbara Wallace, 7873 Tomahawk, June 16, $147,000, conventional wd.

Lavonne Mowery Estate to Kent Schlatter, 6750 Fortuna, June 16, $136,500, conventional wd.

Dean and Jodette Roberts to Jodette Roberts, 6716 Bennington, June 16, family sale.

Mortgage Electronic Registration Sys to Bank of New York, 3800 Section, June 16, conventional qc.

Gloria Mack to Gloria Mack Trustee, 7710 Seneca, June 16, trust.

Wiley Mavis to Wiley Mavis Trustee, 3010 Consear, June 16, trust.

Lindon and Dawn Bowling to Judith and Marshall Yacks, 8037 Wiseman, June 15, $84,000, conventional wd.

Mace Stuart to William Koback, W Sterns, June 15, $47,000, conventional wd.

Jamie McMullen to William McMullen, 8685 Tamarack, June 15, divorce.

Decker Development Inc. to Joseph and Sandra Northcutt, 6852 Lexington, June 14, $39,000, conventional wd.

Wehrle Decker Development Co to Wehrle Development LTD, 401 Sunfish, June 14, $38,900, conventional wd.

Wehrle Decker Development Co to Roxanne Peckham, 7448 Tallgrass, June 14, $32,900, conventional wd.

Edwin II and Mary Kulczak to Oussama Barakat, 6946 Kenilworth, June 13, $190,000, conventional wd.

Jerry and Paula Pyle to Scott and Julie Mapes, 866 Eagle, June 10, $186,500, conventional wd.

Diane Lafreniere to Jeffrey and Chandra Brown, 4231 Renshaw, June 10, $525,000, conventional wd.

Ralph and Dorothy Makulinski to Kenneth Parks and Raymond Bunch, 713 Miami, June 10, $185,000, conventional wd.

Douglas and Sharon Langford to Patrick and Jennifer Bryant, 1210 Hackman, June 9, $228,500, conventional wd.

Craig and Pamela Bloomheart to Craig and Pamela Bloomheart, 7159 Summerfield, June 9, family sale.

Lauretta Wulf, 559 E Erie, June 9, sheriff deed.

Jeffrey and Julie Turi to Sheree Norris, 1251 Brandywine, June 8, $245,000, conventional wd.

Kevin Meade to Tracy Meade, 9030 Legacy, June 8, spouse to spouse.

Randy and Lisa Berns to Randy and Lisa Berns Trustees, 8960 Tanglewood, June 8, trust.

Lorraine Shaw to Kenneth Shaw III, 1106 Hackman, June 7, family sale.

Decker Development Inc. to Decker Building Company Inc., 6857 Lexington, June 7, conventional qc.

Wehrle Decker Dev co to Guenter and Carmen Buchholz, 7487 Savanna, June 6, $38,900, conventional wd.

Michael and Julie Borman to Steven and Sandra Oxer, 2251 Stirrup, June 6, $253,000, conventional wd.

Michael Williams to Zachary Griebel and Elizabeth Ping, 8512 Lewis, June 6, $140,000, conventional wd.

Angela Stahl to Ronald Stahl, 9133 Oakridge, June 6, divorce.

Timothy Csurgo to Timothy and Lila Szozda, Summerfield, June 6, conventional qc.

Cornerstone Home Builders Inc to Denise Kremnetz, 7559 Conifer, June 3, $54,900, conventional wd.

Robert and Mary Hendricks to Scott and Jennifer Foster, 1615 Huntcliffe, June 3, $175,000, conventional wd.

Kenneth and Dolores Lucitte to Ronald Sr and Terry Good, 7642 Bridgeway, June 3, $199,500, conventional wd.

Premier Property Group LLC to PTL Inc., 9053 Castlebury, June 2, $44,900, conventional wd.

Forrester Wehrle Homes Inc. to Mark and Shanna Wamsley, 6973 Forest, June 2, $53,900, conventional wd.

Premier Property Group LLC to PTL Inc., W. Temperance, June 2, $50,000, conventional wd.

Sherill Puppos Trust, 7249 Brookside, June 2, sheriff deed.

James and Sherri Clemens to Washington Mutual Bank FA, 1143 W. Sterns, June 2, sheriff deed.

Fred and Margaret Eastman to Margaret Eastman, 2659 W. Temperance, June 2, conventional qc.

William and Janet Nunn to William and Janet Nunn Trust, 6726 Summerfield, June 2, trust.

Eileen Tucker to Eileen Kaye Tucker Trust, 7195 Edinburgh, June 2, trust.

Patricia Irvin and Lisbeth Salach to Trudy Wells, 6777 Lexington, June 1, $199,900, conventional wd.

Robert and Trudy Wells to Michael and Elaine Gains, 1296 Rutledge, June 1, $203,500, conventional wd.

Mira Samson f/k/a Mira Reaume to James and Sherri Hayes, 7104 Stockport, June 1, $160,000, conventional wd.

Diana Mounts to Richard and Diana Villhauer, 3250 W. Samaria, June 1, joint deed.

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